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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 17, 1974, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper Randall b. Terry president co publisher d. A. Rawley co publisher David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Mrs. H. Lockwood vice pres. Joseph p. Rawley Gen. Mgr. Joe Brown editor Good afternoon furniture Mart has its big Job Cut out 4a thursday october 17, 1974 Little gambling big gambling from a couple of elementary school kids Matching pennies to the tuesday afternoon Bridge game in which the ladies blushing by put up 50 cents a Corner a to the several government sanctioned state lottery operations gambling is a Way of life that like Beauty is very much dependent on the Eye of the beholder. Who is to say that a Little innocent gambling for off hour diversion by furniture Market visitors for instance is a really bad replacement for other evening amusements of which the area is so devoid that sort of question May be passed off As rhetorical unless one is willing to ask some More questions. At what Point does gambling become corruptive is there anyone to deny that a a Little harmless gambling is a major Factor in the disintegration of an effective Law enforcement system in High Point but basically does the willingness to Wink an Eye at a Little gambling fertilize the Fields for a big gambling we cannot remember when a Little gambling Wasny to with us. Back in the 1940s and 50s police and Allied agencies kept the trails hot for the a butter amp egg networks which made it possible for people a mostly poor people a to get a daily vicarious thrill for As Little As a Quarter by guessing what the next mornings commodity Market quotation would contain in its last line. Football a a cards which offer big Odds for multiple right guesses on sports scores were once As available As a bottle of Beer at the majority of Pool Halls and country grocery stores. Arrest attention has appeared to dwindle in recent years although if we Are to believe a Veteran policeman a testimony the sports score gambling system takes in up to $100,000 a week in tile Piedmont triad alone. Following capt. George Leverett a testimony to that effect an ski agent was asked if big time organized gambling is indeed in full swing in the area. There is no doubt he responded that organized crime is deeply involved in gambling drug trafficking and other illegal and highly profitable activities in the triad. One major problem he said is that the states Laws and the courts approach tend to keep such activity thriving. North Carolina has what lawmen Call a no Teeth Laws and courts Seldom impose maximum punishment for those caught. The ski Man said a we have arrested some gamblers to to 12 times but the courts wont do much about it. Some of them could get $200 fines or two years in prison but usually they Are fined about $25 and costs and turned Loose. If a Man is taken to court and fined $25 for gambling and he just made $8,000 from a lottery operation he is not going to the lawmakers and the courts cannot be blamed if they tend to Mirror the general attitude of the people toward what they fail to recognize As any threat to society. Thus the failures within the police department Here Are to an extent the failure of All of us. By Holt Mcpherson Enterprise editor emeritus today Well forget the moment politics the Energy crisis food supplies watergate and even Wilbur Mills caper a and Millstone a As the fall furniture show a described by ony authority As definitely the Industry a october Melody a prepares for its opening Friday morning. Buyers May meet decorators painters and other artisans coming out in the morning but that a Normal the question on every Tongue is what is this Market going to be like its Clear that attendance always heavy will be greater than Ever. A variety of nifty new offerings will be evident All through the bigger than Ever showrooms and factories Are As hungry for business As they Are for the profit margins that will enable them to operate while making Money. Real concern shows about Ole miss gazes at Boston Marc Knight Schogol who writes for the newspapers presents the apocryphal picture of a group of students at the University of Mississippi discussing the school busing controversy in Boston. They recall the school integration and civil rights milestones in the South Little Rock the Freedom riders the sit in demonstrations James Meredith at Ole miss itself and All the other countless encounters Over the past 15 years when the barriers of segregation were broken. A a lot of Good people died for this cause a one of the students says. A what the hell was it All for if we be got to fight All Over again a the Ole miss students head North for Boston and the civil rights struggle in the North. The irony in the Boston busing controversy is obvious. It certainly has not been lost upon the South that Many of the leaders of the old struggles below the Mason Dixon line were from Boston. When people in Southern cities resisted first court ordered integration and later court ordered busing for integration Public opinion and political pressures from Over the country were marshalled against them. The South now has the right to wonder Why Boston should do any less. The Boston situation is not entirely similar to the experience of the South. The resistance to school busing in South Boston is being encouraged not by the local or even the state government but by the Federal government itself. In the South the Federal government was the villain in Boston the Federal government is the Friend. The government is divided against its courts and president Ford has Given his Covert encouragement in Public statements and attitudes to the Defiance of the court ordered busing. His position is not surprising. In the projecting the news president of court House of representatives Ford favored curtailment ordered busing for integration. As president he said last week he disagreed with the court ruling in the Boston Case. He has declined to dispatch . Marshals to help local and state police maintain order. He said this week he will not order Federal troops to Boston because the state of Massachusetts has not exhausted All its Means for maintaining order. Gov. Francis Sargeant meanwhile has put the Massachusetts National guard on Alert. Busing is unpopular in the South As Well As in the North. Politicians in both parties and from both sections of the country have rallied campaigns and won elections on their opposition to court ordered busing. In the Congress they have proposed legislation and even constitutional amendments against such busing. Such opposition per be is not the Issue in Boston now however. The Issue in Boston As it was in the South so Many times is compliance with a Federal court order. President Ford is skirting dangerously close to demagoguery in his criticism of the courts and his not so Subtle encouragement to those who defy that order and the local authorities trying to maintain order. Kevin Phillips says Boston has a right to protest a the raw injustice of moving children in Pursuit of artificial racial balance and likens the Defiance to the Boston Tea party 200 years ago. Such sophistry is very Loose in its use of the words injustice and tyranny. The courts have ruled in the Light of facts precedence and what is the Law of the land. The injustice and the tyranny lie in the reluctance of the executive to insure the integrity of the courts ruling. The students at Ole miss and elsewhere in the South do have a message for Boston a and for president Ford. The olympic spirit the International olympic committee Mill meet in Vienna sunday to select a site for the 1980 olympic games and consider new rules on amateurism. Less than two years before the 1976 summer olympic games open in Montreal memories of the ill starred 1972 olympics still linger. The arb commando attack that resulted in the deaths of 17 person including la members of the israeli National team dealt a devastating blow to the olympic spirit and showed How deeply politics had penetrated the world of International sport. Montreal Host City for the 1976 summer olympics Hopes to avoid any repetition of the 1972 tragedy at Munich. Although final arrangement have not yet been made the it purity Force at Montreal May include members of the Canadian army the u. S. Fri and Cia Interpol and the Royal mounted police. There is Little that Montreal can do however to forestall the sort of Impromptu political demonstration that occurred at the past two olympic games. Many americans were shocked when Tommie Smith and John Carlos who f incised one three in the 200-meter dash at the 1968 games raised Black gloved fists on the winners stand to dramatize their concern about the Black Many a plight. Virginia Knauers release to Over 6,000 radio stations advising Consumers to defer furniture purchases that Aren t a absolutely the White House consumer adviser will be at this Market and is Likely to be asked Why for her anti inflation Campaign she singled out furniture along with autos and ranges when there Are so Many less necessary products she might nominate. Generally speaking most furniture factories went into the final Quarter of this year with shipments up for the year but with backlogs Down. Bullish Ness in stocks where too Points were added by the Dow Jones averages in a single weeks trading a could signal a carryover into furniture As interest rates ease a bit to encourage stocking goods for Early delivery especially items linking Well into the Bicentennial scheme of things less Federal and More Early colonial. Latest statistics show furniture stores generally Are Selling about As much furniture this year As they did a year ago but with Dollar volume approximating to per cent More under Impact of inflation. The Granddaddy of All furniture shows has its work Cut out for the next to Days. Furniture Folk who seek respite from pressures of business by turning to gaming tables would be Well cautioned that testimony in City councils investigation of its police department charges rigged decks of cards and other crooked devices in some gambling places in and about the City. Gambling is illegal in this area and some considerable embarrassment a As Well As losses if the past is any indication a has resulted and May be expected this time when police embarrassment shows gambling and crookedness More rampant than Likely to be longer tolerated. A i could have sworn he gave us a come on a letters to the editor High Points natural Gas supplier Piedmont natural Gas company is hoping that continued cooperation and conservation by local customers with help of a reasonably mild Winter May ease through the seasonal shortage without necessitating undue interference with Large users who contract for Gas on an in Terru Tible basis. The North Carolina utilities commission has made a Strong Case to overcome the 30 per cent curtailment anticipated it continues pressuring Gas suppliers but the line that brings natural Gas through the Piedmont Crescent area can move just so much and that has to be shared All the Way from Greenville. S. C., to Burlington. Gas is apportioned on the Winter of 1972-73 basis but last season local users of Gas Cut Back about 16 per cent thought Here is that if they can do As Well or even a Little better with conservation and encouragement of mild weather plants May squeak through with no great interruption of service. Assurance has been Given that Homes hospitals churches Small comic rival customers will not be interrupted although there is urgency that Gas saving be practice to the fullest. Ralph Frick manager of Piedmont a operations Here says a meeting will be held later in the month to go Over the situation in respect to what May be expected form the utilities commissions efforts to gain More Gas Here. That new Plaza parking garage is approaching Peak use As the municipal facility will find its fullest use yet of its 347 spaces with this Market. High Point College president Wendell m. Patton was surprised to have two Young Deer Dart in front of his car As he started driving to work the other morning a and in the City limits at that or. Harry Whitmore longtime pastor of Thomasville a first presbyterian Church is celebrating his 93rd birthday by attending dedicatory exercises today for the new music building at peace College on whose Board he is an honorary member after 45 years of serving thereon. Mann drug company has opened its 26th store at Boone and plans shortly its 27th at Wilmington to spread that rapidly growing drug Chain All the Way across North Carolina. Clyde w. Pearson has re assumed presidency of Clyde Pearson inc., a division of the Lane company replacing Dan drunkard who resigned to enter business for himself. A direct escalator a another first Here a to to Hascon a third floor showroom Complex in the new Commerce Street Wing of the Southern furniture Market Center is something new at the Market into which Morasco has gathered its varied lines. A $1,500 donation has come to the furniture Library from the s amp h foundation on behalf of Lea industries. American Drew and Days rom furniture and the ten furnishings group in s l a which has diversified its operations by moving heavily into business services As Well As Interior furnishings. For 51 years Charles w. Perry whose death at age 80 takes one of this Community s dedicated citizens chose quieter ways of life in business civic and Church activities to round out a life of High service in every Field in which he had part. He possessed a great sense of the place of the Church and its historical ways of advancing the kingdom of god. He and his beloved wife did a masterful history of the first presbyterian Church Here another evidence of faithful service to the Church and Community. Teacher debates columnist s conclusions Vince Matthews and Wayne Collett one two finishers in the 400-meter dash at Munich fidgeted and chatted on the winners stand during the playing of the Star spangled Banner. Their behaviour struck Many spectators As being in shockingly bad taste coming As it did two Days after the Arab commando raid. If individual competitions fell free to vent their political feelings at the olympics the fault May lie with the countries they represent. For despite All the High blown talk of achieving brotherhood through athletic Competition the games have Long been viewed As a vehicle for enhancing National prestige. The nation by nation a medal county of golds Silver and bronzes receives More press coverage than Many individual performances. Medal mania cuts across ideological lines. Gen. Douglas Macarthur president of the u. S. Olympic committee when the 1928 games were held said in his official report a nothing is More synonymous of our National Success than is our National Success in and the soviet communist party newspaper pravda said in 1960 that a an important Factor in our foreign policy is the International relations of our to the editor enclosed you will find a a a rebuttal to or. Bill Noble tto a column of monday october 7.1974. As a teacher Mother and citizen who believes in the free press and the right of All citizens to Freedom of speech i feel it is a must that i not Only write this but that it be printed. Or. Noblitt presented a distorted picture of teachers and Public education and the other Side must be presented. It has been articles of this Type that have done so much harm to education and in the Long run it has been the students who have suffered. Mrs. Brenda Moon 3423 Imperial or. Enclosure dear or. Noblitt first let me establish who i am and Why i am writing you. I am a High school English teacher in North Carolina. I have taught for eight years in this state. I am a female in my twenties am married and have two Small sons. I went into teaching As a career Choice not As a second Job or something to do until i could get married. Later i chose to get married and five years later to begin a family. My teaching career is still As vital to me As Ever. Normally i do not react in a Brey manner to press articles but this tune i feel As a a professional educator a which although i realize some of my co workers Are not i definitely am that i must state the other Side of the picture. As to the reference made to the a a hypothetical $1,000, Given to teachers to spend most of us did respond As you stated but did you bother to find out Why first of All we would like to reach the National average for income of teachers. Secondly we realize that Ever time we vote for a fringe benefits or that the Money be spent on students that we never see any of this Money. Somewhere Between the department of Public instruction in Raleigh and the local school systems and finally the individual school this Money seemingly disappears. Also if legislators can give themselves a raise what is so disgraceful about teachers doing so we Are not even getting a Cost of living increase anyway As to the reference made to full time teachers making $12,000, a year As an average i have worked in this state for eight years and am on a a a go certificate and do not make $12,000 a year. I can make this Only if i stay in teaching to the maximum salary level of 13 years then i will make $12,-000 a year. Out of this $12,000., Ai being a debate coach spend a minimum of $500 a year on trips Entrance fees Etc. Not Only is my Money donated but so is my time an example of this is at least Twenty or More weekends out of the year i am on the Road with these students a coaching and judging. I could go into All of the other extra curricular activities i and any other effective teacher is involved in and this is typical of the Money that must come out of our pockets. As to Craig Phillips a he has done nothing since he came into office except sell teachers a Down the River As to local supplements there is nothing left by the time taxes get through with it because it is classified As a i teach in one of the More a a generous counties and out of the supplement i get about $300 a Vear if i am the ten month school has done nothing for teachers except cause problems for certificate renewal something teachers must do every five years at their own expense. The sick leave is less than other state employees get As to holidays yes they Are generous but we done to get paid for any of these personal leave a that a a joke a a teacher can take it if he applies two weeks in Advance and if he forfeits $20 for a substitute out of his pay. As to the 95% of teachers being women i think you had better look at the most recent Survey. It might be True on the elementary level but not Overall. One thing that has driven so Many of our Good men teachers either into administration or out of the profession is the Low salary. My own husband is a prime example of this. To sum up this article a no i am not a women a libber or a a militant teacher i am first a professional teacher secondly a concerned and informed Parent and thirdly a person who believes in Freedom of speech. I dare you to print this and not try to tear me up. Mrs. Brenda g. Moon 3423 Imperial or. Myths about the handicapped Jamestown bus plea to the editor concerning the Public hearing re High Point Public transit system on october 18 at 8 30 a m. At room 200, City Council building we have sent the following letter to or. Paul Clapp mayor of the City of High Point and the High Point City Council a we herewith would like to propose the reinstatement of a bus connection to Jamestown. A there Are Many reasons for the necessity of such a connection working people who need transportation to their jobs Jamestown citizens who wish to do their shopping in High Point a Benefit to High Point merchant visitors to Mary Field nursing Home and the presbyterian Home and finally a connection to the recreation area of the City Lake. A Elf the former bus connection cannot be sustained then it would be easy to extend the line of the Mon lieu Avenue bus on several runs mornings at noon and evenings to Jamestown the same As there Are several buses a Day now to the Westchester mall. A we also propose to have All High Point buses run later than 6 15 , especially they should run later on Friday nights when stores Are open till 9 p m. And Many High Point citizens want to do their shopping in the mrs. Richard Riemer 906 n. Hamilton St. To the editor during this week dedicated to hiring the handicapped i should like to take the Opportunity to dispel some of the fears that Many employers have in hiring the handicapped. The handicapped Are not looking for special favors or handouts but for that Opportunity to prove they Are capable of doing just As Good if not a better Job than their non handicapped counterpart. There arc several reasons employers offer for not hiring handicapped workers reasons that have Only one thing in common they Are myths. A handicapped workers will jeopardize our company a safety there is about As much truth in this statement As there is in the belief that handling toads will cause warts. In a study made by the Bureau of labor statistics the following was found i. Impaired workers Are As efficient As unimpaired workers. I. Impaired workers worked As safely As their unimpaired co workers. 3. The record on More serious injuries was better for the impaired than for the other workers. 4. In no instance had an impaired worker suffered another work injury to permanently and totally disable him. 5. No serious injury to the impaired could be traced to his impairment. A your insurance rates will studies by Dupont and . Chamber of Commerce have shown that in 90% or More casts no effect on insurance costs were reported. A handicapped people Are not As productive As unimpaired a study by Dupont revealed that 91% of the company a disabled workers rated average or better when com pared with the general workforce. These plus other reasons offered can be easily dispelled by checking the actual facts involved. Granted there Are instances of failure but no More so than with a no handicapped employee. Both High Point and Greensboro have an excellent record in this area but it could be better. Therefore for those who still have fears i Hope we have helped to ease them somewhat. Harold a. Teeter director High Point sheltered workshop about food Stamps to the editor your correspondent Christopher Wilson Enterprise oct. 15 demonstrates that he understands neither the food stamp program nor the current Effort in Guilford county to enrol those who Are eligible to participate. Food Stamps Art not another government Giveaway program. Persona receiving this food assistance Mutt meet prescribed eligibility requirements which Are administered and periodically reviewed by the department of social services Many recipients Are required to pay a portion of the value of the food Stamps in Cash at the time of Purchase. The local outreach Effort la not a door to door Campaign to persuade people to participate. It is an Effort to acquaint As Many people As possible with the program and to increase the opportunities for those who Are eligible to enrol. Neighbourhood enrolment centers and More convenient hours for the working poor Are the primary ways in which project outreach la attempting to accommodate those for whom the program is intended. These centers and hours in High Point Are As follows tuesdays -9 00-12 00, it 1455 West ave. Tuesdays a 2 00 4 30,�? 208 Vail St. Wednesdays a 9 00 12 00, 600 Wise ave. Social services workers eligibility workers and nutritionists Are on hand at these locations to assist applicants for food sumps. Wilton e. Hartzler 1054 Montue ave

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