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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - October 16, 1974, High Point, North Carolina High Enterprise october ii 1174 in or Robbins has lifelong interest in what Bones tenancy von Herrmann Buncg news Bureau Greensboro the Bones Tell ail said or Louise bobbins a physical 1st at the univer sity of North Carolina at Greensboro every stress the body is to leaves a Mark on the Bone if one hits the Shin Bone against a table it makes a knot on the Bone which stays forever or when one has a fever Bone growth and this can be deter mined by using rays she said finding out just what the Bones Tell has become a lifelong interest for or Rob bins who is one of Only 25 female physical anthropologists in the country she joined the unc g faculty in August As an associate professor of anthropology the researcher is particularly interested in analysing the Bones of prehistoric american indians and is currently involved in excavating buried skeletons on a periodic basis in Kentucky and Ohio often her work involves crawling through dark murky caves As she searches with hard hat and miners Light for promis ing excavation areas the work in Kentucky and in Ohio takes place on weekends and involves about 15 other scientists and assistants they spent several months this summer bagging remains part of which were brought to the Laboratory at Buncg for analysis we used to rely on Eye analysis solely but now there Are much More Means of analysis which give us a truer picture she said the use of rays provides a Means of studying Bone growth and other scientific at work or Louise Robbins of Buncg examines an ancient Skull in her Laboratory she is one of Only 25 women physical anthropologists in the us analytical techniques Are also employed to find out about the Uptake of Trace minerals in Bone we resort to atomic absorption and Neutron activation methods and work closely with analytical chemists explained or Robbins we also work closely with microbiologists in doing Electron microscopy some of the skeletons which or Robbins has uncovered in Kentucky Are approximately 7000 years old from such remains she seeks to determine what the individual ate How he lived and what caused him to die i dont study Bones just for the Sake of having something to study she quickly pointed out in interested in what we can learn from them and How it can be applied to Mannow the White coated pert redhead moves excitedly about the Laboratory explain ing what she has found in one Corner a Large piece of paper is covered with thousands of minute fragments from this she is sorting five or six smaller piles of similar pieces one is an assortment of fish Bones another a pile of nut fragments the site of Kentucky is one of archaic Peoples who lived from 5000 to 7000 years ago she stated previously we had thought that they ate primarily shellfish but using a water filtration process which separates very Fine particles which we would miss using our hands we have Dis covered that their main diet was Hickory nuts and fish indians occupied the Ohio site about 1000 years ago this people had developed agriculture and Corn was the main diet or Robbins has found that the people in Ohio had a higher rate of disease and a lower life expectancy than the nonagricultural population in Kentucky in Ohio there was an in crease of death at All Ages and disease was widespread among individuals she noted in the Kentucky remains if an infant survived to the age of three he would normally live to be an adult but we did not find this True in Ohio there was a High frequency of sub teen deaths prevalent in Ohio was death due to Perio Stitis a Dis ease of the Long Bones she television log 2 Wpm Greensboro s Wal Raleigh 11 Wavd Durham 3 a Btu 8 a cup High Point 12 Xii Hinston Salem i Wun Calv station soc Chrlotte 18 a cab Charlotte to hols Roanoke Wret Charlotte Abc promoting new am show by Jay Sharbutt a television writer new York a the Abc television network held a meet depress powwow the other Day to show off the stars of its new am America morning program which starts Jan 6 it also emitted an announcement the announcement was that sen Sam Ervin dec who int seeking reelection and former us atty Gen Elliot Richardson will appear As guest contributors on the show once every other week Abc already has said former new York mayor John Lindsay also will be a guest commentator on the show but on a once week basis the stars of the two hour show Bill Beutel of wac to Here Stephanie Edwards of Kabrt v in los Angeles and Bob Kennedy of awls to in Chicago spoke among other things of their Hopes for the shows Success miss Edwards who for several years has co hosted a local morning program on Kab sought to quash rumours she might play the trombone which she played in High school on the new network show she said that would be silly and besides she int in shape she also said she finds it embarrassing when someone asks if she thinks Shell be better than Barbara Walters of abcs durable today show that also is silly she said Sally Quinn was among the Gaggle of Scrivener taking All this Down miss Quinn faced the same Willy beat Walters nonsense in August 1973 when she signed to cohost the lbs morning news Only to leave in january and return to report ing for the Washington Post i guess i should have asked her How things Are going now but Abc had the floor too Many journalists Are interviewed these Days and weekend abcs new late night Magazine program is airing a Story saturday called whatever happened to Sally Quinn a essay on former vice president Spiro Agnew is part of tonight special on hour version of abcs the Reasoner report a half hour show also seen Early saturday evenings alas the show has no More Luck in inter viewing Agnew than lbs news which Dis patched a reporter last week to attempt talk ing with him on the first anniversary of his resignation As vice president and plea of no contest to one count of income tax evasion All Abc gets out of him is a sardonic to what do i owe the Honor of this visit but the segment is interesting if Only As a curiosity piece that shows Agnew in private life and in stoic solitary silence when the cameras Are rolling the show also has longer segments on world hunger and White House photographer David Kennedy among other subjects truth or consequences life around us that my mama ugh pts i capsule views of today evening programs i pm 23818 news 5911 Newi weather sports 10 a Tom news 12 triad today of Beverly Hillbillies 2311 lbs news 58 Abc Newt to lilt Abc news 18 Nauy the professor m gamer Pyle 2 beat the clock s lbs 4 it Utu Hatim i Raym Wal m1i tort pc com 11 family affair 11 whats my Ltee 18 m Griffith 2 name that tune 3 new treasure Hunt 4 no people 8 life around us 9 Tea 10 to Tell the truth 11 Price is right 12 to Tell the truth 8 whats my line 38 hogans heroes 2311 sons and daughters 4 men who made the movies 5118 that my mama lilt world series baseball m Star trek 1118 movie of the week 2311 Cannon 4 Bernstein at tangle Wood 36 playhouse 36 2311 Man Hunter 4 festival films 5818 get Christie love 4 video visionaries 23589101112 news weather sports 36 Alfred Hitchcock lbs late show 4 sign off 5818 Wue world Spe Cial f1112 to Fht show 3d movie 91012 tomorrow show remarked there is a deficiency of Zinc in the soil at this site which apparently is the cause of the Perio Stitis she said the inhabitants secured no Zinc from the com the primary food and eventually died from Lack of support in the skeletal framework another thing that impressed her about the Ohio site was the Large number of dead infants she attributes this to some kind of cultural practice of infanticide since the scientists found As Many As six to eight infants lumped together in a pile but she pointed put that at the moment this is still a theory since Complete excavation of the site has not been finished in another Section of the lab sit reconstructed skulls on padded bases she picked one up and pointing to a big hold around the tooth exclaimed did this fellow Ever have a Toothache see where this abscess caused him to Chew with the front Teeth Only one table in the lab has been set aside to use in restoring Bones or Robbins painstakingly glues the individual pieces together after searching through Mounds of Bone fragments Teeth and dirt stored All around the room and filling any extra space Are bags of Well labelled material from the digs things i have yet to get to she explained or Robbins remarked that the study is a form of human ecology we try to deter mine How human populations used the environment and How the environment May have adversely affected them much of what we know about their life ways can be useful to us presently she said for instance the anthropologist is looking at nutrition and diet particularly As it relates to fond additives we would like to know if there is a difference in the health of people who rely on foods with additives As compared to those who use natural foods she stated further Are there elements in the food Chain which additives Are not helping she is also interested in correlating the disease process found in prehistoric Peoples As compared to the process now for instance we have found that the prehistoric Peoples were afflicted with arthritis although they do not appear to have been affected As Early age Wise than As now she said this disease is usually associated with the aging process but we really dont know much about it since we cant Experiment with living beings we can use skeletal remains to study the disease More closely human variation has always fascinated or Rob bins the ways people talk the Way they Are built influences their actions the human organism is truly amazing and Ive always wanted to study it i probably would have gone into Medicine but Early i decided i didst want to work with sick people so i chose dead people instead she explained with a sly Grin she both Bachelor and doctoral degrees from Indiana University As an undergraduate she majored in chemistry and minored in zoology the graduate work was done in anthropology and physiology she was interested in com ing to North Carolina because she knew very Little about the people who lived in this state even though she has studied most of the Eastern u s i will be looking at the state in general to see How the prehistoric people utilized the environment in the mountains As compared to the Eastern Seaboard she said i will also be looking at the differences in sizes and health of the people or Robbins added that she feels fortunate in being in Greensboro because there Are Many specialists on the Buncg Campus As Well As in the Piedmont area with whom she can work i think the time has passed when one scientist can select a problem and look at All parts of it him or herself she noted physical anthropologists cant master All the techniques available and will go to anyone who can help or Robbins also noted my work is a highly inter disciplinary Field project but that my 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