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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 16, 1974, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise Washington merry go round an Independent newspaper Randii b. Terry president co publisher d. A. Rawley co publisher David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice pres. Joseph p. Rawley Gen. Mgr. Joe Brown editor oklahoman s loan shows a cozy tie up 4a wednesday october 16, 1674 Justice Lake amp or. Morgan since he became the democratic candidate for the u. S. Senate Robert Morgan has had to worry about two events from his past political career. One was his service As the manager of the Campaign for i. Beverly Lake for governor in 1960 and again in 1964. The other was his support for the controversial a speaker Bank Law at the University of North Carolina in 1963. In both instances Morgan was opposed by the More Liberal elements among North Carolina democrats. They have raised both issues again in the democratic primary and now in the general election. Morgans response in his Campaign for the Senate has been to respond in generalities and to insist that his thinking has changed. Potentially the most damaging of his past associations could be that of his direction of the Lake gubernatorial campaigns and his role in those campaigns and his role in those campaigns has been played Down by Morgan. The past relationship could cause trouble now because or. Lake campaigned for the governorship in support of the maintenance of segregation in the Public schools in North Carolina. The memories of those campaigns could turn a considerable number of Black voters and even White voters against morgans candidacy for the Senate. The Lake Morgan relationship has been pushed to the front of the present Campaign by or. Lake himself. Now an associate Justice of the North Carolina supreme court. Justice Lake has written a letter to a number of supporters in which he asserts Morgan shared his views fully in 1960 and 1964. But Justice Lake adds further he cannot support Morgan now because of his insistence he has changed in his own thinking. Justice Lake suggests that his supporters seek to form their own party to promote their own political interests. The Impact of Justice lakes disavowal of morgans candidacy is unclear at the moment but it probably will not be much. For one thing Justice Lake also said he could not endorse William Stevens the Republican candidate for the Senate. For another influence of Justice Lake upon North Carolina politics at this time is questionable. He lost in his two efforts for the governors office although the second time he was a Factor in the Victory of Dan k. Moore. Gov. Moore for his part appointed Justice Lake to the state supreme court. It would seem that the political debts have been settled by All. The propriety of a supreme court Justice injecting himself directly into a political Campaign should be questioned by voters. Justice Lake does More than just try to set the record straight As he remembers it he also tells the people How to vote or what they should do before they vote. There is neither propriety nor Merit in such conduct by a supreme court Justice. The people of North Carolina have two competent candidates to choose from As their next senator. Stevens is articulate and responsive to the issues if somewhat colourless in his statement of his views. Morgan is better known and More controversial because of his Long service in political affairs. On some Points he says his views have changed a transformation borne out in part by his term As the states attorney general. It is on that basis and what he says his views Are now that Morgan should be judged not by what Justice Lake has to say about him. Ruling on a thin margin British prime minister Harold Wilson and his labor party came out of last weeks elections in far better shape numerically than was the Case when they went in. Wilson a government has held Power with a no majority in parliament in recent months and voters gave them that majority this time. But it is a thin one. Of somewhat less measurable composition is the mandate that Wilson got a or thinks he got. His party actually won Only 40 per cent of the popular vote which presumably Means that 6 out of every to residents of great Britain Are unconvinced by labors plans to recreate economic strength for the nation. Labor campaigned on the general platform of nationalizing much of the remaining private Industry a reconsideration of Britain a membership in the european economic Community and a Promise to tax the wealthy a until the pips in Short the Promise it made to the nation was to take another giant step to the left. Projecting the news you Are what you eat by Jack Anderson United feature Syndicate Washington Oklahoma a soft spoken sen. Henry Bellmon a Republican and Fanner in that order pushed hard to get a Federal land Bank Bill through the Senate. Then he snapped up a whopping $475,000 loan under the legislation which he had helped pass. On the Federal land Bank a Board of directors is h. C. Hitch whom the senator sup those of us who Champion free Enterprise and a system that incorporates individual incentive must observe the British condition with sadness. No matter the Bright Little stories that flow from Scandinavia there is much that is wrong with the Type of socialism that has spread in that part of the world. Granted capitalism has not in itself been Strong enough to keep great Britain at the top of the International Heap but it is doubtful that the direction of its declining Power could have been changed by any Strong alteration of its economic philosophy. Too Many other factors have worked against it. When All else is disposed of Britain still stands As the most consistent Friend America has known in its 200-year history barring the first two or three of course. We would Hope that Wilson does not judge his mandate so Strong that the March leftward becomes irrevocable. Ported for his Bank Job. The Bank quickly approved the loan at rates lower than Bellmon would have had to pay a commercial Lender. The loan was recommended by an old Friend and neighbor Lin Trueblood who lives less than six Miles from the senator. Trueblood happens to be the Tri county director of the Federal land Bank. Bellmon and both his friends in Long talks insisted that it was All on the up and up and that the senator got no More consideration than any other Farmer in the Oklahoma cattle and wheat country. The Story began in 1971 in the Senate agriculture committee where Bellmon is a respected member. At Issue was a Bill to let Federal land Banks raise the permissible mortgages on farm land from 65 to 85 per cent of the value of the land. Bellmon not Only was one of the sponsors of the Bill but a if you can to spare a Penny from your food budget a president Ford said in his economic address to Congress you can Cut the food you waste by 5 per a simple Way of achieving that goal is to eliminate meat from ones diet. Those who decide to become vegetarians join a select company that includes Bob Dylan Paul Newman Joanne Woodward Dennis Weaver and Bill Walton. They in turn followed in the footsteps of George Bernard Shaw Albert Schweitzer Gandhi Shelley Ami Thoreau. The vegetarian movement comprises at least four major sub categories of non meat eaters. The most common Type of vegetarian in the United states today is the Lacto vegetarian who eats no meat fowl or fish but who does eat animal products milk cheese eggs. Another group known As vegans eats no meat or meat products italians abstain from meat meat products Plant seeds grains legumes and nuts fruit Arians eat Only fruit. Vegetarians offer three major reasons for abstinence from meat ethical ascetic and nutritional from the first millennium b.c., people in Asia and the Mediterranean began refraining from eating meat As a matter of ethics. Pythagoras of Samos c. 530 b a is the first recorded greek vegetarian. Plato Plutarch and epicurus among others recommended a vegetarian diet on moral grounds. In India buddhists and jains adopted a meatless diet for ascetic reasons and the King James version of the Bible contains these words a and god said behold i have Given you every Herb bearing seed which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed to you it shall be for with the Advent of Western european humanism in the 17th and Lith centuries interest in vegetarianism revived a an interest More specifically he personally helped push it through the committee. A i sure worked for it a he acknowledged candidly. Subsequently Bellmon tried to get a private loan on some of his land holdings. But Money was tight so he turned to the Federal land Bank. Last june 17, the senator and his wife were granted a $475,000 loan according to records of the Federal land Bank in Wichita on 1,319 acres in Oklahoma. The Bellmont Are paying a Low 8.5 per cent interest far less than they would be charged by a commercial Bank even if such a huge loan were available. Trueblood who contributed $150 to Bellmont current Senate Campaign sees nothing wrong with his approving the loan. It got the final approval he pointed out of the Parent Bank in Wichita. Hitch who contributed $4,-000 to Bellmont a Campaign said Bellmon had Little if anything to do with his appointment As a land Bank director. In any Case hitch insisted he never knew Bellmont loan had gone through the land Bank. It is the nature of Bank employees of course to give favourable decisions on Loans for the friends of directors. The senator insisted there was a no connection Between the loan and his friendships. A a that Sas clean a loan As you can find a he said. The killer to Lead them to the narcotics Kingpin. The plot according to discomfited drug officials showed Federal narcotics agents in a bad Light. The new York cops shared their information with the a Feddie teddies a As Kojak called them but the feds cooperate with Kojak. Kojak got his Man by Locking the head fed in a room while he arrested the Pusher killer. In the process the feds were made to look Petty and ineffective. Two Days before the show was aired across the nation the drug enforcement administration s Public information chief Vince Promuto was tipped off that the episode would be a a detrimental to the Agency a image. He was told that an sex narcotics agent served As an adviser on the show. Promuto made several inquiries discovered no adviser existed and dropped the matter. A they have a right to put on whatever they want a he told us. The shows top writer Gene Carney explained that the plot Quot was invented to give the show a solid a antagonist the Story was not based on a any specific incident and Quot was not intended to harm the reputation of the Federal agents he said. Kojak caper top Federal drug officials Are in an absolute Tizzy Over a recent episode of the popular a a Kojak to series. Kojak is a Tough new York cop played by actor Telly Savalas. In the september 29 episode entitled a a very deadly game a he was in hot Pursuit of a police killer and narcotics dealer. He wanted to move in on the police killer but the Federal drug agents wanted pork project sen. James Buckley c-r-n.y., once amazed fellow senators in a closed door meeting by hassling them on the Money they waste on pork barrel projects. Buckley was slapped Down by his seniors but refused to give up. Now. It appears he will win a Battle to get a three Man Board appointed to review pork barrel deals before they get into the hands of the army corps of engineers. His Bill would open up the pork barrel and perhaps even save a few Hundred millions of dollars. A word edgewise a Walter Miffy adventure that failed that has carried through to the present Day. The vegetarian movement is strongest at present in India great Britain and the United states. Secular and religious groups have been established there and elsewhere to persuade people to adopt flesh less diets. Contrary to what was once believed the protein found in meat is readily available in no meat food sources. Vegetarians maintain that the Healthiest Way to obtain protein is to eat a flow on the food chains a that is to bypass the eating of animals and instead ingest Beans grains and Dairy products. The no meat eater moreover avoids the Hazard of consuming the chemicals and pesticides that much of the nations beef pork and poultry contain. The current world food shortage has provided yet another argument in favor of vegetarianism. Raising cattle for meat yields less food per acre than raising say protein Rich legumes. Thus it is argued Only a privileged minority of Mankind can Ever afford to consume As much meat As do for instance americans or new sealanders. With the recent Steep increases in the Price of meat interest in vegetarianism has reached new Heights in the United states. The food sections of newspapers devote More space than formerly to recipes for meatless meals and publishers have found a growing Market for vegetarian cookbooks the ancient ethical ascetic and nutritional justifications for vegetarianism Are As valid As Ever. It remains to be seen whether people forced to become vegetarians because of inflation will become True converts to the cause by John p. Roche King features Syndicate every so often an event occurs which leaves one at least temporarily derailed. For example i made three Calls to Washington before i believed that someone named Alan Greenspan does exist is chairman of the presidents Council of economic advisers and did say that stockbrokers Are bearing the Brunt of inflation. Similarly last year my mind boggled when i heard that William f. Buckley or. Had been named a u. S. Delegate to the United nations. It was rather like learning that i had been made an honorary vice president of the Palestine liberation organization. Over the last 20 years Bill Buckley and i have engaged in a number of ideological duels. To take one subject i have never been Able to make sense out of his concept of conservatism. As i would be the last to agree and he the firs this May arise from my imperfect perception of a highly sophisticated logos. Yet even though it May violate some unwritten Law among columnists to say so i find him writing perversely delightful. When it comes to spotting Sleazy Liberal logic of which there is a bit now and thence wields a Peerless rapier. Above All he hates Mush. Before i get accused of applying for admission to Young ? american for Freedom i should Tell you what triggered this uncharacteristic display of cant is Bill a latest Book a United nations journal a delegates Odyssey Putnam. At a time when political humor is in a sad state Buckley a account of his tenure at Turtle Bay is a witty tour de Force. Beyond that it is a first rate Case study of what i recently called an anti democratic conspiracy the political universe at the United nations. Mitty ism opening it. The first question one naturally asks is a Why was he offered the Job a he Hasni to the foggiest idea. Second you want to know Why he accepted it. Here he is refreshingly candid a it was he writes the Only experience i Ever had in pure undiluted Walter Mit Tyis. I saw myself there in the Center of the great Assembly at the in holding the delegates spellbound As i read to them from Solzhenitsyn As i described the latest account of concentration Camps in Mainland China. I would cajole wheedle Parry thrust mesmerize dismay seduce intimidate. Letters to the editor tarred with an ancient Brush they said la a Iron Ziegler has done for government credibility what the Boston Strangler did for door to door salesmen.1 a political sour isl Art Ruth would. To the editor several years ago the establishment which was predecessor to the Cavalier inn must have been some kind of a swinging place. Or. Al Boling of the Steak House located As you know where the Cavalier inn is now established apparently had something going which involved both the restaurant and the Motel. This was Good for him but possibly not so Good for the Community. Since the probe into the High Point police department by the City Council articles have been written in the paper mentioning this property. This week we have had several Telephone Calls from citizens of High Point asking if the Cavalier inn and or the Steak House was still a place that catered to undesirables and illegal practices. In july Betty Sellers and i worked up an and announcing the Cavalier inn open under new management. After the furniture Market she and i will get together again on another and. In the meantime any write up in any Section of your newspaper would be greatly appreciated. I was under the impression the townspeople knew the Cavalier inn was no longer a Haven for undesirables but apparently i was wrong. We Are open under new management and have completed As of this Date reconstruction and refurbishing of All guest rooms and meeting rooms. Harry Haney general manager Cavalier inn Motel the press of the world would rivet its attention on the Case the american Delegate was making for human rights shortly he Learned that the american delegates were kept on a tight Leash particularly when detente seemed to be Blooming that according to the protocol employed by the u. A. A Good offence was not the Best defense. After being shunted off to a mass trivia by ambassador John Scab Buckley Contemp rated resignation. He decided against it on the old fashioned ground that it would be bad manners that since he was of sound mind when he took the Job he had no one to blame but himself. Quitting might have made headlines but under the circumstances it would be dishonest. So he suffered along not listening to the interminable saudi arabian orator Jamil Baroody arum planning the a a journal As a form of psychic revenge fun amp games on the historical Elvel Buckley makes the interesting Point that president Truman and Secretary of state Dean Acheson contributed mightily to the current in malaise when they got the general Assembly to end run the Security Council on the korean War. Today a body utterly transformed in ideological character the general Assembly can engage in All sorts of fun and games. Somewhere in the of my memory is the vague recollection of a French scholar arguing in 1950 that our employment of the general Assembly would set a risky precedent. He was right a although one could argue equally that nothing the general Assembly does one Way or the other counts in the real world. The anecdotes Are of course the Gist of the a a journal and Well Worth the Price of admission. My favorite is the bitter dispute in English Between chinese communist Delegate Chiao and his soviet counterpart Malik Malik the chinese pointed out a had no class a the chinese worldview Hasni to changed All that much a the Manchu foreign ministry was called the a shall of the Buckley also manages to delineate neatly the dreamworld of Quot unit is a a disease that afflicts most delegates and for obvious reasons Allun employees. They really think they Are doing something All in All a most enjoyable Book. Good word for radio to the editor i have just written a letter to radio station wipe congratulating them on their new format of programs. For a Long time there has been a need in this area for this kind of radio station. A Church a store of any kind a Hospital a school or any kind of institution that fails to fill a human need will find itself going out of business or close up. It looks like we Are in an Era of to versus radio and i am one of the multitude of Public listeners who is turning to radio. Why because radio is much older than to and radio shows More maturity than to is showing. Everyone did not go to College and does not like As much football As to is show ing on sunday. Most everyone likes sports in their proper place but to Start football on sunday morning at nine of clock and to keep it on or any other one Type of program All Day is too much sugar for a Penny. The whole human race is religious and will continue to be religious As Long As people continue to die and it does no to look like we Are going to Stop getting old and dying. We still will be religious. We will not agree but we will believe in something. I am among those that cannot find anything that will surpass the Christian Way so i say again tune in to wipe if you Are lonely if you Are old if you Are a cynic or an atheist if you Are lost. It will be Good spiritual Medicine for you. Robert m Hardee Greensboro a it 1174 by Nia inc. Guess whose wife is on the watergate Surv and he May not see her tor months Quot

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