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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - October 15, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Allegations most damaging yet to r i ii n m d i i enters stories on 2b on the re this occurring is o6v quests Offradi stations councilmen voting nos and mfr to Appeal the appe3lbased their Milc Rousseau decision to the sign that North Carolina court of hearings could be appeals the two station and that they had Bldr managers said that they Rousseau that the Case made the request on behalf of not be appealed North Carolina Assn of it is highly onh it funded Tod ii that has left Baptist resulted torn la tuesday afternoon october 15 1974 Section b Man testifies of beating by Forrest Cates Enterprise City edit pfc of alleged police brutality was injected monday into hearings in a five month investigation of the High Point police dept a Greensboro resident took the stand to Tell of How he up on a minor charge Here then beaten brutally while in jail by the Jailer and a High Point police officer Rufus Driver testified Thane arrested on a violation of the prohibition Law Here on sept 19 by an officer named Madden the arrest occur Redas he emerged from a rest Rorri at Welch motor co on s Hamilton Street about in the afternoon he stated he i admitted to saying an opened pint bottle 6ffyhiskey in his car at he said he later pleaded guilty charge of violating the prohibition Law but while he jail he he was charged and Dit Bijay with assault on an f f i s Tion by the jailers and a member of the High Point police dept while incarcerated in the assault he testified his left hand was broken in two places when Fargis appeared before the Council his left hand and forearm were in a cast he stated that he contacted Luke Wright who conducted a five month investigation of the High Point police dept for the City Council on advice of police friends in Greensboro Fargis named two persons one a Jailer last name Thomason and a High Point police officer named Jacobs As the two who assaulted him while he was in jail he said that he was arrested by an officer named Madden who held him while he was beaten the assault occurred he stated1 after he had refused a cup of Coffee after being placed in a cell with two other he said As he was being transferred to another cell the officer named Jacobs attacked him with a night striking him on Man on 3b if to Wirf redhed it with re Laturin he tis Marid permitting Dru Hajen Council torn other physical fyn the Basic police vice unit As Well sprite but the Ever heard from it was from watched one House but d withpuj1 n have Gambl forr Igaz Iii flied air pure capt Inland mobster involvement Inthis area Hie w sjhce1946 Jerp Greensboro of of one fit bom t turn since Tolfe Nati a gifts largest Gambl Iegan Point to Winston results it a win Sopfe Bijj Ftfe Stig a on sports 4nto the events the Syndicate was Neyer saw in response to Avau Stibi gambling her Leverett said that is Only a part the whole said is big moved1 to High members of the additions at Ragsdale twp recently placed Mobile class Jurhs vocational or As soon As wiring and school soon As they Nec Essav facilities Are installed school As they facilities Are instated Are located along the in classrooms Between the main building and were j Vav Airway Between the main building f conditions building v Hedgecock by former Sequr Roomi carrying handling More than 100oqo a Vocase took the Bat Fiand Odds quoted narration of by Telephone precise dates and events Nia there were 10 people in right ear scar t chief has visible protruding in tieback of Liis head behind the right Rena tobit of inform Sibri was Given to a City Council hearing monday Man who has seen the scar several times a week the past Fiir years his Myca health club masseur it Wash elicited from James Earl Gates to tie in with earlier a abroad shouldered Sand haired Man had been observed at a gambling Tablet the Rac n Cue a n Mam parlor j miss Linda Collins had testified last week that when she was employee at the Rac n Cue in 1968 she saw such a Jan whom she believe to be Pritchett at a backroom poker table a scar on the right Side of his neck would be the she said Gatei testified monday that the Mark on Pritchetts head is Jat the hairline and is slightly larger than a Nickel with Normal Iskin coloration he said he cannot the Markis visible u Pritchett is a patient at n c treatment of proper Jay Busi Ingv lumber Jand Fiat organized crime he said like other officer who testified Leverett he Only knew a hand Finlof fellow of firs whom he could Trust asked did you Ever go to the City manager with information you had received no because there were very few pople i trusted in City or in the Leverett answered including the City manager interjected 0 Arthur Kirkman Leverett responded this he had received 1000 demerits from Dur ing investigation of a murder Case and Therewa no Appeal fr0ma boldfaced lie he Wentni i decided i sell my Home inthe mall he received a unmarked single Forrest cafes City a editor evidence of bad blood Point police chief Laurie Pritchett arid mayor Paul Clapp surfaced in testimony in police depart ment investigation hearings monday a former police officer Pugh testified that Pritchett once tried to get him to trap Clapp into Mak ing damaging statements on tape Pugh said he was urged by the1 chief to persuade Clapp 10 repeat statements he had made about the chief in private and to make a recording of the conversation he wanted me to gelt then City Council mail Clapp to gambling the Rac of Cue and he wanted a photog Ralfph of or Clapp handing mean invitation to a gambling he fold Council members Vav Pugh said he pretended i6 agree to the taping ruse bit never carried it but remarks he made to one of Pritchett to his encounter with j the chief and the plot to tape the v conversation j comm pitted to it Tommy Haj Mitt while he was cat a Savage store by the latter to Gerhing a conversation he unfold him vice Bulbe stopped in this town and that the mayor was talking about it and that the mayor could get Anin citation being passed furniture Market pig said night he said Ham Mitt and it came to my House and said the chief wanted to see me he said he accompanied the two offices to Pritchetts House an talked to the chief while related in the patrol care chief1 came out of the House an wanted to know what the mayor Clapp had fold on him Pugh said he told him of rumours concerning the Rac n Cue stating its a fact and you ought to do something about top according chief replies Weil Rego ing to earlier different about the encounter at his said the two officers brought Pugh to his House at pughs request and that Pugh i offered to tape a conversation with Lapp he he declined the offer the plan As devised by the chief of according Pugh f or Pugh to talk to Clapp obits Idellie off ice at Cresce rtt and Park arid Talce p he testified mayor Plapp and told r High what was happening i told him to stay away from Pugh said i never aimed to get the tapes several times after that Pugh said Pritchett called him and inquired of he had made the recur digs none pc Casieri Vrej said the chief Thath Jerould get a dining suite which he had admired at Ham mitts Sayage previously 4ijyou get this Job done Pugh stated Pugh Saidh always stalled by Clai Hting that the recorder he had borrowed from a store in which another police by City manager Vav y by Hpward Enterprise y v Man a Ger a sir o 1 d has tons and the High Point police frbzen1 until the inye5tigation v Cheek was not immediately available for comment to Day on Therea Sinfor the freeze especially officers on the department testified last week during the hearings which resumed monday about favouritism within the department on promotions and transfers officers have said they by passed on v democrats rep v president Ford to appear at i Levy v i r r i i t by Robert Marks Enterprise associate editor i three weeks before elec tips Day republicans and democrats alike Are marshalling their forces for the encounter at the ballot nov 5 republicans Are looking toward an Airport rally with Ford and democrats Are preparing for precinct tour with rep Richardson Preyer in High Point thursday rally atthe regional Airport will be the Only Campaign appearance by presi Dent Ford in North Carolina this fall appearing with the president will be Republican candidates William Stevens Campaign 74 v for the Senate James Carson for attorney Geneca and Steve Ritchie Fate Congress from the sixth District Tufey hope1 that the appearance of president Ford on behalf of their Qadi Diracles will d for them what president Nixon did in a similar rally for Jessie Helms and James Holshouser in 1w2 Holshouser won the Gover Norship and Helms was elected to the Senate that becoming the first icons to win election to those offices in North Carolina in 72 years from no que Milford county and other icon cities in the i Region will is scene doled for about2 Oman for the gop in High Point said Guilford Nance Rodi Ingham for Syth arid Davidson counties Are expected at the rally candidates Are calling individuals and groups inviting them to come and hear the president she said the party turnout a Good candidates and workers Are also calling voters cast their ballots on 5 registered i Republican voters and Independent being reminded of the election and urged to vote Ort said Stevens is Tobe the speaker at a dinner meeting of the Republican Tusk an trunk club pm at the embassy club in Sedgefield other events in the gop Campaign Are personal appearances by gov Holshouser Stevens and in Lys hopping Center on oct 29 High Point Wilf for a Fop Cahir Lake Park on to Puiesi rallies for Feyer scheduled thursday night in High Point Tjoei rough pets tons i Oher tyo four eight at Frankv the 1101116 of Phyllis 5havit highpoint said today f 20 and i8at 6ils att Heliome we Are calling these p5p pie who have voted Coin listen try in the last several elections and urging their Home of Donna Faye Amos and 21 Home of mrs1 John Anisun participation on nov 5 he said Wyatt reported the High Point township democratic executive committee is to 1609 Valley Brook precincts three five six seven and 12 at at the Home of Clayton Mays 1001 w College or precincts 19 and is James Mattocks s Maina Street ext Charlie Webb a Democrat seeking reelection to the statehouse of representatives from Guilford to is Ald favored Stiffe Fop tax v ing the Price of a weeks groceries and an added four per cent tax on top of ing prices is too much for the citizens of this county to so Dimock ats on 3b promotions have said they were from one the department to another and Given what to punishment details it also that a recent promotion made within the has been ruled void by the civil service com Mission Ken executive for the com Mission said today that the promotion of detective Bill Rich to sergeant was cancelled Ife cause th0 eligibility list containing Richs name was out of Date according to Wood promo Tion eligibility lists Are Good for 24 months and the list on prospective Serge ahls had Days prior to Ftp car promotion which Ven Tirita effect sept 29 Richs promo ton and that of it Larey pie dry to Cap Tain we remade by police chief Laurie Pratchett before he took a sick leave about two weeks ago Wood said that Pendrys promotion was proper since the eligibility list for Captain Lessie pm a year old at the time the promotion was made Richs return for the rank of detective was apparently not related to Cheeks Deci Sion to freeze promotions

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