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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - October 15, 1974, High Point, North Carolina High Point Enterprise tuesday october 15 1974 Tenn pfc of meting u a dream paid off for Charlie Rich monday Jimski Puac Luc Sutty Cloder Charlie Rich wins top country music award 41yearold Silver Fox read from a crumpled piece of paper on which his wife Margaret Anne written As he won in re i Anne Naa written ass fat come True Singer Ryterband Leader the Frank pee wee11 King and Millsap gets vocalist of year award presented by Canadas singing Star Ann Murray a wire Holo recording executive Owen Bradley tied in balloting for the country music Hall of Fame it was the first time that two personalities instead of one had been chosen for country music immortality Ronnie Milsap a new Comer to country Tuic recognition was named Cha male vocalist of the year Milsap Blind since Watt beamed i love you All be accepted the award australian Olivia new Toad John fresh from a sirt Fol hits was named female vocalist of the year miss Newton John accepted bar award in a videotaped message from London Richs Honor Caire after a barrage of hit records and successful Road shows during the last two years his very special love song was named album of year in 1973 he won the cams top male vocalist top album and top single awards accepting his award for top album Rich rhymed i thought 73 was the year for me whoa but 74 and this much More before being named top entertainer Rich Sang a Medley of his greatest songs starting with lonely weekend and mohair Sam and ending with his latest hit the most Beautiful girl in the world Kings Tennessee Walt is counted among the greatest country Western songs Ever written Bradley Pioneer studio began what has since he come Nashville music Row Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty won vocal duo honors for the third consecutive year miss Lyno was the first female of us year in 1972 Moonay Cash entertainer of Ike year to hosted the to Oil show nationally from Tfaye grand Oie opry House in Etta in a tax Rock coat and glittering knee High Cash introduced a dazzling array of country music stars among those presenting awards were Roy Acuff country Charlie Pride George Jones and Tammy Wynette Anne Murray and Ray Stevens the show was interspersed with singing performances by Cash Rich Hank Snow Kris Kristof Ferson Johnny Rodriguez and Kitty Wells Cal Smith and writer Don Wayne worked together on the hit single country bumpkin for which Smith won top single and Wayne won top song Danny Davis and the Nashville brass were named Best instrumental group for the sixth consecutive year the late Don Rich was named top instrumentalist a Rockefeller recall May be postponed Washington a a Senate rules committee decision on7 reopening its hearings on Nelson a Rockefeller nomination As vice president May be delayed until a postelection session of Congress a committee aide said it is be arranged in the Short time senators Are expected to be Hereinbefore scattering for a Campaign recess supreme court j Goldberg said he has told sen Howard w Cannon Nev the com Mittee chairman that he regards further hearings As essential Goldberg said he would Welcome an Opportunity to testify about a derogatory Book published about him in 1970 when he was running against Rockefeller for governor of new York disclosure that Rockefeller brother Laurance put up to finance the Book also has brought other demands that the hearings be reopened sen James b Allen d Ala a rules committee member said monday that Goldberg Laurance Rockefeller Victor Lasky author of the Book and the House Ite be called for questioning Allen also said that recipients of gifts and major political contributions from Nelson Rockefeller ought to be brought before the com Mittee to testify Rockefeller has reported to the committee that he made gifts totalling to 18 present or former Public officials or staff members while he was governor of new York also has reported outstanding Loans of to three of the 18 Allen said that an exhaustive investigation must be made and All leads pursued if the Senate committee is to fulfil its responsibility in american Farmers Are urged to unite Fayette Iowa a the head of the National Farmers organization wants to unite Farmers who produce 30 per cent of americas food he also wants to set cattle hog and Dairy prices which buyers would have to meet its just As patriotic for Farmers to Price their products As for manufacturers to Price their products and labor to strike Oren Lee Staley told about 300 Farmers Here monday if buyers balk at the Farmer set prices then there will be an automatic holding action when members will be advised to hold their production on the farm until those prices Are met Staley warned need help Fod our preyed will Pray for you no attached it is our Way of serving the lord no Lone will Coquet you unveils you specially request u it would be foolish for cattle and hog producers and Dairy producers to continue to take these current prices said Staley the meeting was one of 160 similar sessions across the nation monday night the threat of a holding action comes at a time when agriculture experts predict lower yields in Basic crops because of a difficult grow ing season in the nations breadbasket through much of the Midwest this year Rains washed away Spring plan Tings summer Sun and drought conditions baked replanted crops and Early Frost nipped immature Corn and soybeans acting on Rockefeller nomination Cannon could not be reached for comment on Allens statement but he was quoted earlier by Tan aide As saying there was a Good likelihood that the com Mitte would decide Torre Call Rockefeller the House judiciary com Mittee which will conduct its own hearings on the Nomi nation does not plan to Start them until after Congress re turns after the november elections Seminary president is fired st Louis a the Rev or John Tietjen the suspended president of con Cordia Seminary in suburban Clayton has been fired the st Louis Globe Democrat and radio station Knox say the Globe Democrat and Knox said monday that the Concordia Board of control had apparently found the Rev or Tietjen guilty of several charges including malfeasance in office and heresy the Rev or Tietjen rallying Point for moderates in a bitter controversy that has All but split the 28 million member lutheran Church Missouri Synod declined immediate com ment his suspension last Jan 20 on charges of allowing the teaching of false doctrine red to the establishment by dissident Concordia students and faculty members of a Seminary in exile conservatives who control the Church demand literal interpretation of the Bible and believe it is heretical to teach that some of its events May not be historical fact Titt cute this 4111 a recorder will re Yew j not Datko it you than your life for phone 4m4511 or write prayers answered p 0 Box 154 Jamestown n c 27282 w4 301 i Omin Oft you can go to the coast and new uav1 High a Chat fresh seafood Buffet each wednesday pm 900 pm Fried Fri Clam strips no mm11c Danone Niti iut urn Kwh Imuta of Oil 10ije4 mrs Batiste la agrees version Washington a breaking a we Klong a fleece the woman involved in a bizarre incident with rep Wilbur o Mills has backed up his version and complained that the press is trying to destroy a great Man or Mills said was exactly what happened the 38ycarc4d argentinian and former dancer said in a Telephone interview monday Nighat Ste reportedly worked As a stripper in a Washington nightclub and was billed As Argentine firecracker speaking in a soft slightly accented voice and sounding at tames close to tears an Nabel Battist Eua said that accounts of the episode May also ruin me my chances of going Back to school1 but she expressed con i deface that the political career of Mills chairman of the House ways and Means co Manittee would not be ruined by the episode which took place in the predawn hour of oct 7 i Atn sure when be goes to Arkansas he will be Awe to talk to his people like he used to site said mrs Battist Eua refused to elaborate on Mills state ment at Mut the events of oct 7 beyond saying it was a but she differed with us police accounts in at Leadbon aspect x Polione said she jumped into the Basin a Backwater of the Potomac River after police stopped Mills speeding unlighted car and he emerged smelling of alcohol and with a bleeding face a policeman pulled mrs Batti Tefta from the water i didst jump into the tidal Batin i fell she said i got hysterical because the officer was drowning me i didst need Bis help i am an expert Mills stated that he had arranged a Bon voyage party for Gloria a Cousin and House guest of mrs Vistella v4io was returning to Nixon illness is responding Long Beach Calif tap former president Richard m Nixon is responding to treatment for phlebitis is handling his recuperate pm Well his doctor says Hes cheerful said or John c Lungren after exam ining Nixon at the former presidents Seaside Villa in Sao Clemette on monday after the summer skilfully cleaned revitalized her native a Argentina he his wife Polly had a broken robot and insisted that he take the party out1 while she stayed Home mrs Mills went out with us All the time mrs Battistella Gaid we were always with other people never alone Mills said in his statement that after a few refreshments mrs Battistella became ill and i enlisted the help of others in our group to assist me in see ing her safely Home of the Way Home with the car being driven by another Man mrs Battistella at tempted to leave the car and i attempted to prevent it Mills said in the ensuing struggle her Elbow hit my glasses and broke them resulting in a number of Small cuts around my nose asked about those details mrs Battistella said in not going to say any More 55 Speed gets Ford support Washington a president Ford has urged state and local officials to join in a coordinated Campaign for enforcement of a 55 mile per hour Speed a motion the nations highways in an Appeal monday for Energy saving measures Ford also urged them to eliminate outmoded regulations that keep costs of goods and services High and enforce regulations that and Vance efficiency health and safety Ford said the two recommendations were among a 10point program proposed by the nonpartisan voluntary citizens action committee to fight inflation which met with him saturday at the White House Tsie panel is headed by Syndi rated columnist Sylvia Porter he pledged to pass on to the nation All of the 10point program when he Speaks to the future Farmers of America in Kansas City to tuesday night Fords Appeal to state and local officials was made in telegrams sent to All Gover nors 150 mayors and 30 county executives electric heat install electric i and guarantee it at Long iat you live in Preterite Home no extra charge if heat Ever needs tote replaced one Day vie on wiring Mobile Homes dryer and Gen Era repairs Call Sears electric 8859280 Day or night whatever damage has been done is enough she was reluctant to Dis cuss her dancing career saying i Haven been a dancer in a Long time Only one month this year both mrs Battist Eua and her husband Eduardo who was interviewed in Buenos Aires Argentina monday night said they had been Good friends with the Mills for some time but they disagreed on whether mrs Battistella had Ever worked in the Arkansas democrats office first my wife began working for mrs Mills As an assistant and then a year and a half ago she began working for Mills As a personal Secretary Battistella said they saw she was very Bright but his wife said i was not on his Mills payroll i did decorate his apartment i am not a professional Interior decorator but i manage very Well she said Mills paid her for the decorating Job but refused to say How much that is she said now open on sunday 12a 30 family Fry wednesday and thursday served with Gill fun a Fawn French met Huth puppies Cote Row Camren Voder v fac Tum by both m 1 of 8693013 Skippers seafood restaurant 3904 North main Street Julie terms watergate minor incident Philadelphia a Nixon Eisenhower says the watergate breaking was a minor incident compared to the coverup which left the Public More cynical and sceptical about politicians and politics mrs Eisenhower the daughter of former presi Dent Richard m Nixon is co hosting the Mike Douglas show being aired this week in taping sessions she said of watergate a tragedy for the nation that something As minor As a political bugging which has gone on since the beginning of time my parents Campaign plane in 1968 was bugged by the Hubert Humphrey Campaign that people in Power could make the mis take of trying to cover up something that was really unimportant and let this whole thing mushroom and balloon until it became what it dirt guitarist for Buck Owens buckaroos Rich was killed last Spring in a California motorcycle Accident the four Sutler Brothers were selected vocal group of the year the some 4000 Cha Mem Bers voted for the winners in each category the awards were tabulated by a private accounting firm and kept secret until announcement during the show French sauce Mayonnaise was originally a salad of fish or poultry with a sauce made of egg Yolks Oil and vinegar the Mahon Naise dish is said to have been invented by the chef to the due of Richelieu to commemorate the Victory of the French at Mahon 1756 crowded closets summer clothes 3t and save Call to report All drug pushers Call Day or report any facts to help identify a Pusher you dont have to identify yourself and Calls cannot be traced Potar Clit Fri drug e2u4 cd halts Galley 4542473 specialists in chinese and american fool Johnny Jung Host Beer wine Brown bagging 42jmmikct directions from High Point Taki to Albert pick Root l4ptumrlgh on Albert pick re Tai Stop sign turn right on to Dairy re jungs is located mile on television log 7up to advertise in liners by Jay Sharbutt a television writer new York us is along Way from adopting the metric system of measurement but a major soft drink company is planning a radio to Campaign it Hopes will make Consumers say take me to your liter the firm the seven up co of st Louis to says it plans to begin its broadcast and print advertising campaigns for liter and Hal Fliter bottles of product in 1975 the company apparently is the first soft drink producer in the us to take the metric step according to officials at the National soft drink association and the Glass con Tainer manufacturers Institute two major Trade groups and the step will be limited at first the radio to ads extolling seven up As the Leader in the liter wont be the Only kind set Loose says Lee Larkin the company director of Public relations he says just be one part of an Overall Campaign urging Consumers to simply buy the drink be it bottled by the liter or in traditional ounces and that the liter phase in will be gradual Larkin says bottled seven up primarily is sold in units of 16 and 32 ounces a Hal Fliter Wilt work out to 1691 ounces and the liter to 3382 ounces he says but he doubts therell be a slight Price Rise to reflect the extra sip provided Lite lovers there Are several reasons for giving the measurement a tryout says Larkin one is that we want to be the first to do it the next is that its a logical system of measurement and three its going to come sooner or later later is More probable says William Sadd president of the Glass Container association its going to happen but theres been no Industry wide move that i know of for the soft drink Industry to go metric at this time no legislation is pending in Congress to make metric mandatory if that Ever happened a Call for a shot of booze usually ounces might someday come out in a gun smoke episode As say miss Kitty give me 45 Mil utters of sad to say the seven up television ads for liners probably wont be much of a Home study Aid for Grade school kids to whom hundreds of teachers across the us now Are trying to explain the metric system Larkin who said Hes seen one of the proposed to ads says it Doest go into depth that is explain the difference Between the liter and the ounce its not an instructional Type of thing re Anake afternoon dealing for dollars yellow sky Gregory Peck Anne Baxter ugh pts capsule views of Todys evening programs b00 pm 29818 news 5111 news weather ii action news it triad today 36 Beverly Hillbillies 2311 lbs news 98 Abc news 11012 Abc news is Nazay aa4 the pro Fessor m Groer Pyle beat the clock 3 lbs i Rev Utu action i birr show 111 truth or quenches 9 world at War ii family affair 12 whats my line 18 concentration 36 Andy Griffith 211 Pyramid 3 name that tune 4 no news Confer Ance 8 wild kingdom 10 to Tel the truth 12 Hollywood squares 18 what my Ltee 36 Honaas heroes 2311 Good times 4 America 5111 Happy def 1111 strut Batail m Star Ink 2311 4 woman 5818 tuesday movie of the week 2311 Hawaii flve0 4 heritage of Hope 36 playhouse 34 930 4 woman 2311 Barmby Jones 4 sin off 5118 mtr Cui Welby my Lam Jujj 11111112 Newt weather sports n alfrt4 dial 91012 tonight show 3 movie 91012 tomorrow show

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