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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - October 15, 1974, High Point, North Carolina 1 1 m weather scattered showers More data on Page a Mth year no 287 High Point n c tuesday afternoon october 15 1974 42 pages callus Circkot Irv other depth i daily Loc sunday in invites palestinian extremists United nations by a Yasir Arafat to the israelis a master terrorist and to the arabs a Freedom fighter is expected at the United nations Early next month As the first outsider to speak to the general Assembly since Pope Paul i in 1965 the Assembly monday approved 105 to 4 a Resolution inviting Arafat Palestine liberation organization the Plo to participate in its debate on the Palestine question the Plo would be treated As the representative of the palestinian people the Resolution said Only the United states is Rael Bolivia and the dominican Republic voted against the Resolution sponsored by half the 138 in members led by Arab and communist governments Twenty countries abstained Yosef Tekoah israels ambassador condemned the vote As the surrender of the United nations to murder and barbarism he charged that Arafat Heads not Only the Plo but also the Black september group extremists who claimed responsibility for the murder of israeli athletes at the 1972 olympic games in Munich the israeli contended that Arafat personally radioed commands for eight Black september terrorists to kill us and belgian diplomats in Khartoum Sudan last year us ambassador John a Scali said the United states favors Justice for the palestinians but is concerned that the invitation could have the ultimate effect of working against the interests of a palestinian settlement he suggested that allowing a no government representative to take part in an Assembly debate might create a dangerous Prece Dent which May return to haunt this organization perhaps cripple its effectiveness minutes after the vote a Plo representative Nabeel Shaath told a news conference that a Plo delegation at the highest level would participate in the palestinian debate expected to Start on nov 7 there is quite a see in on 2a for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one help for family q this family has a need of one Gas stove the father works four Days a week and he has been sick he Doest make enough Money to pay rent and Light Bills and buy groceries they cant keep warm because of no heat in the House the social service told the Mother that the father makes too much Money to get Aid from them but they dont have anything to eat if you can help this family please go there Are three children in school and they Are sick sometimes because of Lack of heat the stove they have is disapproved by the City building inspector because there is no Glass front on it please help any Way you can thank you q i wanted to talk about throwing this stuff out of the Freezer and i know a lady and she and her husband have no children and her husband is sick and cant work she has taken his Brothers children where the Mother died and there Are three of them to raise and she would be glad to get that food if the woman is going to throw it out she Doest have any work next week and is out of work All next week and she would appreciate any food you could give those children and she would use the food if the lady is going to throw it out a Urban ministry of High Point tries to help in cases like these but they do request that the family in need Contact them directly so please Call Zeke Ellis at the Pitcher and cup 885 0191 proof for Stamps q id rather not give my name because i want some information that is very embarrassing i keep Reading in the paper about food Stamps and that just a Small percentage of people that Are eligible Are taking advantage of it i think i would be eligible for it with my limited income in not on social Security but i would like to get some information printed about it As to do they Call your employer what kind of records do they have to have to find out whether you Are eligible or not anon a the records you would need to bring to the dept of social services Are social Security card pay stubs or statements from employers rent receipt or record of mortgage payment records of other income records of Bank accounts income tax records and the names Ages and income of everyone living in the household dont be embarrassed to Call them As they Are looking for those who Are eligible counselling available q where can a year girl turn for help when her Mother is inflicting mental cruelty on her her Mother suppresses her she tells lies on her and escorts her everywhere the girl now on the verge of a Complete breakdown the Young girl is a Christian a Good student and her friends Are too but the Mother seems to be trying to be her sister instead of her Mother those close to the situation feel that the Mother is us ing her daughter for personal reasons thin is urgent i am very worried for the Young girl there certainly must be some Law to protect children from a sick Parent anon a the girl can go to the family service Bureau or the youth services Bureau both agencies have Counselor to help with family problems surveying the land q what it the proper procedure for getting a Mcvey of a lot and have purchased a Home and would like to know How i can get a Survey on the lot thank you a new resident a if you bought the Home through a real estate Agency they can Tell you or you can consult one of the surveyors listed in the yellow pages under turkish Aid ban Dies House upholds veto president Ford after veto message a wire photo Washington a the House failed today to override president Fords veto of Congress cutoff of military Aid to Turkey kill ing the cutoff the vote was 223 to 135 to override 17 Short of the two thirds necessary House appropriations chairman George h Mahon the committee would meet later in the Day to redraft a new emergency funding Resolution for a number of Federal agencies the Resolution died with the veto because the Turkey Aid cutoff was attached to it the House vote was con Gress first on overriding any of Fords vetoes and the House began recording it on the electronic voting counters on each end of the chamber almost immediately after Fords veto message was read there was no debate opponents of the turkish Aid said optimistically Mon Day that spot checks indicated they might be Able to Muster a two thirds House vote today to override Fords veto of the Aid cutoff but the opponents agreed with predictions of leaders including Senate Republican Leader Hugh Scott that the alcohol causes deaths rather than marijuana Raleigh marijuana nor Ltd has killed a North carolinian but alcohol directly or indirectly killed at least 3000 tar Heel citizens in 1973 that a conclusion offered by drs Page Hudson and a thur j Mcbay in the current Issue of the North Carolina medical journal what they say is that alcohol is the states predominant killer drug the two physicians examine All North carolinians who die of unnatural causes Hudson is the state medical examiner and Mcbay is the chief Lexicology is in the deaths attributed to alcohol 175 persons were directly killed by the sub stance in 1973 at least 3000 More persons in North Carolina were killed by alcohol related diseases such As cirrhosis of the liver or by accidents in motor vehicles or drownings or misuse of firearms heroin an illegal drug killed four persons in the state last year they reported but marijuana or Ltd didst kill anyone whats More they said in cases where marijuana or Ltd use was listed by police As indirectly causing As an Auto revealed alcohol was in the bloodstream of the victims the state physicians also Point out that nationally fewer than three or four deaths have been reported to be directly caused by the toxic effects of Ltd there is one dubious Case attributed to marijuana prescription barbiturates sleeping pills counted for 35 deaths in North Carolina during 1973 the article said with nearly All of the victims taking an intentional Over dose the Trade name drug called darvon pain credited with 21 deaths from intentional or accidental overdose another 28 persons were killed by other Legal drugs with six of those cases being aspirin overdoses teenagers in 1972 died mostly from accidental death the doctors reported inmost of those cases alcohol was involved they said the accidental deaths were mostly by Auto wrecks firearms accidents and drownings six Young people died from sniffing air plane glue or freon from Spray cans during 1973 Mcbay and Hudson reported in an interview Hudson said the state should put More emphasis on alcohol abuse than on drug abuse alcohol is where the greatest problem is and its what needs the attention it is substantially More dangerous than marijuana the dangers of marijuana have yet to be demonstrated Liddy released on Bond Washington a g Gordon Liddy the silent Man among the original watergate defendants was released today on Bond after serving 21 months in jail he had been the Only one of the first seven defendants still behind bars serving a minimum sentence of six years and eight months us District judge Gerhard a Gesell released Liddy from the District of Columbia jail pending Appeal by Liddy on two convictions one for the june 17 1972 breaking at the democratic National committees head quarters and the other for conspiracy in the Usberg breaking Case Senate will sustain Fords veto whether the House overrides or not a presidential veto can be overturned Only by a two thirds vote of both House and Senate i Congress has postponed its Campaign recess for a week to act because the Turkey Aid cutoff is in an emergency Stopgap funding Resolution for agencies whose Legal spending authority expired sept 30 denouncing reckless acts Ford said in his veto message monday that Congress Resolution to Cut off Aid to Turkey is entirely destructive to us efforts to bring about Cyprus peace negotiations the president also said the Aid cutoff might imperil us relations with Turkey arid weaken us in the crucial East Ern Mediterranean it directly jeopardizes the nato Alliance he added1 Nixon withheld facts says Ehrlichman lawyer Washington a John d Ehrlichmann lawyer accused former president Richard m Nixon today of deliberately withholding information about watergate to save his own neck William s Prates said in his opening statement to the jury trying Ehrlichman and four others for conspiracy in the watergate coverup that president Nixon who knew the full Story withheld it from John Ehrlichman and prevented Ehrlichman from making a full disclosure of the facts that Ehrlichman recommended at that time Over and Over again Frates thus Laid out Ehrlichmann defense that Richard Nixon deceived lied and used John Ehrlichman he said that at the same time that Nixon was calling Ehri Ichkhan one of the finest Public servants he had Ever known he was deliberately withholding information covering up to save his own neck As Frates spoke Ehrlichman who had been Nixon number two aide until he resigned four months into Nixon second presiden tial term sat at the counsel table staring fixedly at the jury his lawyer said it was not easy for Ehrlichman to make such charges against the Man he served so Long Frates asked the jury of nine women arid three men to treat each defendant separately in making their decision at the end of a trial he expected to last three or four months he referred to the White House tapes that Nixon fought so hard to retain in the White House the tapes obtained after extended court fights and a supreme court decision will be played for the jury in the course of the trial the tapes might have done some people Frates said but they Are the greatest thing that Ever happened to John Ehrlichman Frates made the first open ing statement for the defense lawyers for two other defendants Robert c Price of human body rises with inflation Evanston 111 a like Many other things nowadays the stuff that makes up the human body has risen steeply in Price or Donald t Forman Esti mated monday that the in organic components of a person weighing 150 pounds Are now Worth about in inflated dollars the Northwestern univer sity biochemist in 1069 figured the value at in 1936 it was estimated at 98 cents More than 60 per cent of body weight is water about a third is fat and protein Ash and minerals in the Skeleton and body fluids make up about 57 per cent of the body weight Forman calculates principal among these Are sodium potassium Calcium magnesium Iron phosphorous Chloride and Fulfur there Are traces of Copper Cobalt molybdenum Mang anese Zinc chromium iodine and fluorine and there Are even More minute traces of barium strontium Lead Nickel Mer Cury Gold and Silver just since january the prices of chemicals listed in Cata logs have gone up 10 to 13 per cent he said inflation was really rapid he said he added that this rather than the rarity of any of the elements is responsible for the increase Forman a faculty member at Northwestern medical school and director of biochemistry at Evanston Hospital said he first calculated the chemical value of humans because i was asked by a newspaper and he adds of his tedious calculations i dont want to do it anymore its a pain in the neck whats inside amusements6b bridge6b classified ads611b comics8a crossword6b editorials4a financial2a obituaries3b sports45b television 9a women news67a weather3a Richard Benveniste walks to courtroom a wire photo Mardian and Kenneth w Parkinson were to follow the other defendants h r Haldem Anand John n Mit Chell reserved their opening statements until the prosecution cases end the first witness was to be John Dean Iii the first White House insider to accuse Nix on and his closest associates Dean was to testify to a jury that had been told by government prosecutor Richard Benveniste on Mon Day that Nixon once suggested Dean be Given to investigators As a sacrificial hours maybe they wont come Back for the main course quoting from tape Recor dings to be made Public for the first time in the trial Benveniste told of conversations among the former president Haldeman and Ehrlichman in april 1973 about the threat posed by Dean then spilling the watergate Story to prosecutors of april 14 Benveniste said the three men considered a pushing Dean outside the Circle of wagons around the White House it was then he added that Nixon suggested sacrificing Dean a self admitted participant in the coverup the president recognized that if Dean was guilty that half of his staff could econ Side red guilty Benveniste Iteld the jury he said1 Nixon made a Strong suggestion that Dean has Gotto took Down the Road and realize there is Only one Man who can restore him to the prac Tice of Law after its All Over but by then Dean already had gone to prosecutors with his Story when that information was brought to the presi Dent by atty Gen Richard g Klein diarist Benveniste said the discussions turned to How the situation should be handled Haldeman Nixon chief of staff and Ehrlichman his Domestic Counselor resigned april 30 Dean who had issued a Public statement april 19 that he would not become a Scapegoat in the watergate Case was fired april 30 j other than disclosures from the tapes the Story Benveniste outlined in his3 hour 10minute statement was a familiar one it began with the meetings at which Mitchell Jeb s Magruder and Gordon Oliddy Al lege Day tie watergate breaking through its execution and the Ever More frantic efforts to bottle see Nixon on 2a hello e w minis a do court guard greets h r Haldeman and his wife to top photo and John Ehrlichman Bot Tom photo during a luncheon break in the watergate coverup trial monday following Are his daughter Susan partly shown and Frank Strickler one of his attorneys behind Ehrlichman is William Frates one of his two lawyers

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