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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 15, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather Clear cooler More data on Page 4d 88th year a no. 289 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation. 182-1719 classified ads 885-2177 High Point n. C., sunday morning october 15, 1972 124 pages All other departments 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c football scores Carolina. 31 Kentucky. 20 n. State. 42 Wake Forest. 14 Duke. 7 Clemson. 0 East Carolina 27 Citadel 21 s3 s-205 per answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. No souvenirs Here o. My sister and i Are Here from Wilmington del., visiting friends and relatives in High Point. I knew High Point was called the furniture City of the South. We have hunted for souvenirs and have not found one to be sold. Instead of disappointing our friends i guess we will have to take Back Home Pinto Beans. All i can say is Quot Wake up High Point you re slipping Quot . And . A. Can we ask first what the Dupont offer for souvenirs in Case we visit Wilmington perhaps a Gilt edged Security suitable for framing it is demoralizing to think our City a image is reflected in a Pinto bean. If we have nothing to offer visitors for mementos Short of a plebeian postcard then we must arise and do something about it. Plymouth has her plastic pilgrims Marine land inflatable dolphins. High Point might logically have souvenirs of doll sized furniture even hosiery for the undernourished leg of a Barbie doll. Time was when graduates did t feel graduated without their miniature Lane Cedar Chest. It would seem that some enterprising soul could produce Small versions of what is manufactured Here for the doll Carriage Trade. The scraps of Wood and fabrics Are plentiful they would be relatively inexpensive and easy to pack. And As a status Symbol it would beat the Heck out of a Pinto bean. It in h Pine seedlings q. What address do i writ to in Raleigh to Gat Whit pin seedlings and what do they charge for them thank you. Mrs. Bell. A. County forester John Spivey jr., says that White Pine seedlings Are available through the . Forest service nurseries for $11 per thousand delivered. Their seedlings Are grown for reforestation purposes and the minimum order is 500. In this area White Pine is not recommended for reforestation As loblolly Pine will outgrow the White Pine on Piedmont soils. Spivey says individuals wanting to use White Pine As an ornamental species in their Yards should Contact one of the local nurseries. A Shower Shock 0. Wharf you Taka a Shower and have a Light up in Tho Shower will it Shock you a. We re not Clear on exactly where Quot up in the Shower Quot is. The Point to remember is never to touch an electrical switch or outlet or appliance when you re wet or in water or the Shock might be fatal. In it it sound off q. I think you will agree that our children see entirely too Many murders shootings gunfights slugging. Etc., on to. The following code for the use of television in the Home was published recently in six British newspapers. Please publish it in Adion line and maybe it will save at least some of our children from a life of crime. Thank you. Signed a teacher and a Mother. Quot i. Children should watch television no More than two hours a Day. 2 horror programs should be forbidden at any age. 3. The idea should not be promoted that All members of a family have equal rights to watch a programs. 4. No to during mealtime. 5. Parents should agree beforehand on programs they consider suitable for their children. Parents and teachers should protest objectionable programs and commend producers of worthwhile programs. 7. Parents should demand program time for children that respect the order of family use and that Are shown before Normal bedtime Hourin Between ., Russia new pact expected to increase Trade by Lewis Gulick associated press writer Washington a after what president Nixon described As Quot some very hard negotiations a the United states and the soviet Union saturday signed a maritime agreement hailed As opening the Way for vastly expanded Trade Between the two superpowers. The three year pact is the first to be completed of the three major economic agreements being negotiated. It provides that a forty ports in each nation will be opened to easier Access by the others merchant ships. A each country a ships will carry up to one third of the seaborne Trade Between them. The pact was signed As an executive agreement rather than a treaty which would have required Senate ratification an Lith hour addition to Bargaining terms stemming from the huge Grain Deal held up final signing of the agreement which had been under negotiation for most of this year. The billion dollars Worth of soviet Grain buying from the United states has driven up world freight rates sharply. Administration officials already accused by some with a Quot Giveaway on the Grain Deal wanted to revise the maritime pact so Taxpayers subsidies would not be helping the soviets. Secretary of Commerce Peter g. Peterson reported the soviets who have been anxious to get the Wheat agreed to up their share of the higher Shipping costs. Peterson gave figures indicating that the Government subsidy to american ships for carrying the Grain to the soviet Union could Range up to nearly $40 million. The additional costs to the soviets for the More expensive Shipping his figures indicated might run up to some $13 million. American ship rates Are far above world Market prices. Peterson said too the Trade would be creating thousands of More jobs for americans and significantly helping the Foreign Trade balance. Toll highest Ever 172 believed dead in soviet air crash by Stephens Broening associated press writer Moscow a in what May have been the worst disaster in civil aviation history a soviet Airliner on a Friday-the-13th flight from Leningrad crashed near a Village called Black Earth killing everyone aboard it was Learned saturday. An official at Moscow a Sheremetyev Airport said he thought the Ijyushin-62 Airliner was carrying 162 passengers and to crewmen when it plunged through heavy rain and crashed near Busy Leningrad Highway the worst previous air Accident was the crash of a japanese Airliner last year which took the lives of 162 persons. A Western airline official said soviet Airport officials told him the scene was Quot horrible with pieces of bodies scattered a Over the among those on Board were 38 chileans. A chilean embassy official who reported this said he was not certain whether they were tourists or officials. The French embassy said it had been informed that one Frenchman was among the victims. A Embassy official said he had been told there were no americans on Board. Chartered from Aeroflot the soviet airline the plane left Lebourget Airfield in Paris at noon on Friday. It stopped in Leningrad and made what an i tourist official said was an Quot extra a or unscheduled flight to Moscow. Israelis get blame for bombs Cairo apr israeli in ten Pence agents were accused saturday of mailing letter bombs to jews around the world since the Munich olympic incident. The israelis blamed Arab terrorists. The new accusation came in a Long report by the Center for political and strategic studies of the egyptian newspaper Al Abram. It said it made a comprehensive on scene Survey in several cities where letter bombs were found talked to palestinian resistance leaders and reviewed israelis history of bombs by mail. Only one of the Many reported bomb letters exploded and that was the one which killed an israeli embassy attache in London. The Center contended that Israel was behind the terrorist acts because it said Only Israel could Benefit from them. The study lists reasons Why Israel would Benefit. It went Down less than seven Miles West of the Airport near the Village of Chernaya Graz which Means Black Earth. Just a couple of weeks ago a soviet Airliner with 80 on it crashed near the Black sea resort of Sochi. The worst previous soviet air crash occurred last May 18, when a plane went Down near the ukrainian City of Kharkiv killing 158 persons. The Tass announcement of the crash said Only Quot a passenger Airliner which was on its Way from Leningrad to Moscow crashed in the area of Sheremetyev Airport on october 13 at 21.50, it is announced Here. Both the passengers and the Crew lost their uves. Quot a government commission has been appointed to investigate the cause of the the Ilyushin-62 can carry up to 186 passengers on an All Economy flight. The plane is powered by four engines hooked in pairs on each Side at the rear of the fuselage. It is the soviet Union s most advanced civil transport aircraft. Last August an il62 of the East German inter lug airline crashed on Takeoff from East Berlin. All 156 people aboard perished. President Nixon flew in an Ilyushin-62 during his official visit to the soviet Union last Spring. One of them developed engine trouble at the Moscow Airport causing the president and his party to change planes for a flight to Kiev. Insult let Kay Linig City boosted. Page id Campus ii Cates on 2a editorial. Page 4a women a news. Section b sports. Section c 18 it 17, 18, 19 b 4 i 4-20 i the soviet merchant Marine minister t. B. Guzenko joined in the amiability at the presidents White House office. Quot i know these men had some very hard negotiations a Nixon said As the americans and russians posed for picture taking. Quot i am Happy they have worked out an in a news conference Peterson said Quot i done to see How anybody can fairly say we have been snookered on this the Commerce chief called the pact Quot an in dispensable first step in beginning of a new Era of Commerce with the soviet Quot we appreciate the cooperative attitude of the soviet Union in helping us share costs in what clearly is an unprecedented situation a he said. By the end of this year Peterson said he expects the United states and the soviet Union to have concluded a Broad Trade agreement. The third economic Accord in the works a settlement of soviet lend lease debts is reported near completion. Newsmen were told no russian merchant vessels have called at East coast and Gulf ports since 1963 and that no Ameri Ltd merchantmen Are engaged in Trade with the soviet Union. Under the new agreement which is to take effect next Jan. I the amount of Advance notice that vessels of each country must provide before entering 40 ports of each has been reduced to four Days. Previously the United states required a 14-Day Advance notice on soviet ships and the soviets had a 30-Day Advance no Tice Rule for american vessels. Peterson gave this picture of the situation on . Subsidies which Ore aimed Al compensating american vessels for the difference Between their higher costs and the world Market rates the current Government subsidy to american vessels for Surplus Grain shipments abroad amounts to about $19 a ton Negotiators originally agreed with the soviets to Supply that portion of the Grain going to the soviet Union on american ships at a freight rate of $8.05 a ton. At the time that was negotiated the world Market rates were much lower around $6 a ton. So the soviets were agreeing to pay a couple dollars a ton extra for the american shipping costs. After the Grain Deal the world shipping rates jumped to $9 a ton Early this month. U the $8 05 rate had been left untouched the soviets would have benefited then from a lower than Market rate thanks to a Subsidy. The soviets agreed to pay a higher rate when the world Price goes to $9 a ton or above. This rate on the Grain carried by Vessels will be to per cent above whatever is the current Market rate. Thus with the going rate at $9, the soviets would pay $9 90. Aunt sue is 102 today a wire photo old hands learning How to use Pencil by John Van Gieson associated Pratt writer two egg Fla. A Susie Hatfield 102 on sunday is teaching gnarled hands that used to drive the fastest mules in All of two egg How to write. Quot i love it a said the tiny centenarian. Quot ainu to no better thing than known How to use a aunt sue As everybody Calls her attends adult education classes two nights a week at nearby Greenwood elementary school painstakingly printing her letters in dogeared workbooks designed for youngsters the age of her 14 great great grandchildren a plump slightly s twined woman who stands shoulder High to the average Man aunt sue has a nimble Alert mind and Speaks in a Clear warm voice aided by the fluttering gestures of Active hands. Aunt sue had a special purpose in learning How to write she wanted to invite sen. George Mcgovern to her 102nd birthday party. The letter dictated to teacher Esther Dickson but signed by aunt sue in bold print letters scrawling All the Way across the Page was mailed last week. Quot i live at two egg Florida and i will be 102 on oct. 15, 1972 and i sure Hope you will be my president a aunt sue told Mcgovern. Quot i like All i hear about you. I am glad you Are going to help the poor people and the old people because i am born in 1870, the first child of freed slaves aunt sue can sit in the old Green rocking chair on her front porch and watch the red evening Sun meld into chinese doctor comments acupuncture promising by Alton Blakeslee a science writer Washington a american heart patients May some Day Benefit from treatment with chinese Herb medicines and acupuncture too a visiting chinese physician says. For in China the traditional medicines Quot Are sometimes quite promising when used alone or in combination with medicines used in the United states or. I yen Shan a cardiologist among the to chinese physicians visiting this country said saturday. Further acupuncture Needles stuck into Points on the forearm sometimes relieve pain of angina Rectoris he said. The National institutes of health have a program for studying chinese Herb medi Cines As Well As acupuncture for anaesthesia said or. Robert q. Marston Nhi director. The delegation spent much of their second Day listening to Scientists discuss the natural history medical and surgical treatment and attempts to prevent coronary heart disease the main killer of americans. But they also took part in the sessions asking More questions than Friday at the National cancer Institute in a mood still More relaxed with exchanges enlivened by flashes of wit and humor. The chinese Rode out in a bus to the big government health Complex in Bethesda md., after being greeted in the morning by president Nixon. Late this afternoon they went to Capitol Hill for conversations with Sens. Mansfield and Scott. The chinese followed the talks by the americans with keen interest. And or. We Wei Jan group Leader Drew rueful smiles when he went right to the Point to ask hard questions. One was whether grafting new blood vessels into ailing hearts really significantly expands the life Span and another whether changing the patterns of diet and lifestyle really helped prevent initial or recurrent heart attacks. Or. Donald s. Frederickson of the National heart and lung Institute replied that Long term results from heart surgery still Are being studied and that Quot we Are simply not yet sure whether altering diet or lifestyles a would be Strong preventive measures. Chinese and americans alike said they Are learning from one another. Marston said Quot we would like help from you As we go further in studying chinese Medicine. Quot we Are much armed by the knowledge we be Learned today and we will convey it to our colleagues a said we. He presented Marston with a foot High rubber mannequin demonstrating acupuncture Points and charts detailing where acupuncture Needles Are inserted for various purposes. Americans taking part in saturdays presentations included or. Stephen e. Epstein of the National heart and lung Institute or. Richard Gorlin of Peter Bent Brigham Hospital in Boston and or. Frank c. Spearer of new York University. The Trees where the country Cabin where she was bom once stood. Quot i just think More of two egg than anyplace m this world a she said. Quot in be been to Pensacola and in be been to Sneads but this two egg town is the Best town in be Ever aunt sue tends a Large Garden. Producing collard greens English peas butter Beans and snap Beans. Quot i love to work a aunt sue said. Quot i Wash i Cook i Iron i clean my House i do it Quot i want to pick Cotton but the White folks Tell each other done to hire me in a too old. I wish you All could have seen me when i was Young a lowing that mule. They had to give me the fastest mule in the envelope explodes injures one new York a an envelope from Malaysia exploded in the hands of a postal worker As he sorted mail in a Bronx Post office saturday. The worker William Figueroa 26, was in fair condition at Fordham Hospital. Bomb fragments Tore into both his hands. Police said the 8-by 10-Inch Orange envelope was so damaged they Tell to whom it was addressed. A two hour search failed to turn up other letter bombs. Booby trapped envelopes from Malaysia were received Here last week by two women Active in the zionist women s organization Ila Dassah they did not explode. Letter bombs blamed on the palestinian terrorist group Black september have been received in a number of cities around the world. One killed an israeli Diplomat in London. But in Cairo saturday the Center for political and strategic studies of the egyptian newspaper Al Abram blamed israeli agents for the bombings. It said it based the charge on a comprehensive on scene Survey in several cities where letter bombs were found. The report published by Al ashram also said no Arab guerrilla group including the Black september organization had claimed responsibility for any of the mailings it said private talks with palestinian resistance leaders supported the study a conclusion that it was All the work of israeli intelligence agents Bent on destroying efforts at building a new Arab image

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