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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 14, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Ica High Point Enterprise monday october 14, 1974 time answer to previous Puzzle across i sixty minutes 44 ten years 5 Twenty four 4ft timing device hours 52 greek War god s twelve months 53 negative word 12 55 first olass<2 do 57 Story a Universal language 59 Day of u we a it so fictional dog 61 Swiss River 62 German battleship 13 pub drink 14 Hodgepodge 15 William a statesman 16 poetic contraction i communists 18 feminine name 20 topics 22 revoke a legacy 24 Spring month 28 poisonous inflammable Gas 32 sea Sand 33 seines 35 masculine name 36 satisfy completely 37 sit it seconds 41 Rose essence 42 referring to birth to your Good health j Down 1 Chance a archaic it 2 Spanish cheers 3 Arm Bone 4 tear asunder 5 marked with specific time 6 4th Calif of islam 7 tit yesterday Siet i 8 time gone by 9 Klement Arv Ahi 10 assistant 11 Betsy maker 19 adjective suffix 21 her majesty s ship lab i 23 Bam ionian deity 24 Gibbon 25 tropical tree 26 Branchi a Biol 27 press 29 present month lab i 30 trim 31 feminine name 54 Indian weight .18 German conjunction 39 tapeworm 40 latin conjunction 41 entire 4.1 Mage person 44 facts 45 epochs 46 ancient european 47 bewildered 49 Hor a1 feed 50 Brilliant stroke 51 leg joint 54 harem room 56 Mariner s direction i 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Roll 12 13 14. 15 16 17 18 19 a 20 21 i 22 23 i 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 i 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 3 40 41 i 2 43 i 44 45 46 47 i a 49 50 51 52 53 54 a a a a 55 6 57 58 59 so 61 62 14 the meaning of a blood profile by George Thosteson . Dear or. Thosteson what is disclosed by a a blood profile Quot prescribed As part of a physical examination. Does it indicate cirrhosis diabetes venereal disease High cholesterol Etc a . Depends on what kind of a blood profile because a a blood profile Quot is a group of appropriate tests designed to reveal or Rule out problems in some Organ or organs or to identify special chemical abnormalities. These profiles Are made possible by automated methods of chemical analysis of blood. This permits specified groups of tests to be done readily and at lower Cost. A a liver profile Quot would give a clue to cirrhosis. A lipid fat profile would show the situation As it concerns cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood a important to know. For diabetes a glucose tolerance test rather than a a profile Quot would be in order. And specific tests for syphilis and gonorrhoea would be used in a search for venereal disease. But they would be specific tests not a a blood dear or. Thosteson what would cause a hissing sound in your ears it sounds like steam hissing. My doctor checked my ears and blood pressure and said he did t know what would cause it. Jacoby on should Trown re air Quot a a a a a a a a a a d j Pricill play be automatic by Oswald amp James Jacoby Jim a last week we wrote about squeeze plays in North a j74 a 832 a kq83 a q54 West 4 1096 t kq6 a 10974 a 962 South id 4 aq832 t 107 4 j 2 a a j8 14 East 4 k 5 v aj954 4 a 6 5 a 1073 West pass pass East West vulnerable North East 24 pass pass pass South 14 44 opening Lead it eluding the so called automatic Oswald Quot i suppose you want us to get around to other plays which should be Jim a the automatic false card is one of these. South a jump to four Spades is a mild overbid. He has to get away without losing a Trump trick to make his Oswald a the defense starts with three rounds of hearts. South ruffs the third Lead and probably leads a Diamond. Dummy a Queen Falls to East s Ace and a club comes Jim Quot South wins in Dummy leads a Low Spade and finesse his Queen. At this Point it is up to West to false card and drop the nine Oswald a the could also drop the to. The important Point is that if he drops the six. South a Only play to make his contract will be to Lay Down the Ace and drop the King. If West plays the nine or to South May go Back to Dummy Lead the Jack and Hope to bump the King and the other intermediate card beaten by Best Claude Akins who is starring As a Good Guy in Abc tvs new series a a moving on Quot has been noted for his to and film roles As the heavy he a been beaten up by Jack Palance and hit with a Pitchfork by Jim Amess. Crowded closets. S c a a it borage a Llano Vla Moi is i i q i i am also under an allergist for weekly shots. He told me the shots would not cause this sound. Can you help me mrs. . Ill have to admit that these Odd ear noises quite a common annoyance sometimes can to be traced to any particular cause. Other times they can. High blood pressure is often involved a but you be been checked for that. Medications can cause it and aspirin is one of the commonest offenders. Do you take much aspirin As to the allergy shots your allergist would know whether other patients have trouble from the shots a and he tells you they do not. Sometimes some defect in the ears is involved perhaps not an obvious defect so you have the option of seeing an ear specialist. You might get a bit of help from my Booklet a year noises their causes and if you a like a copy Send 15 cents and a Long stamped self addressed envelope to me in care of the High Point Enterprise. Dear or. Thosteson would it be possible that in the future something could be added to the drinking water so that nobody would become pregnant then when they wanted to become pregnant they could take pills. This would eliminate All birth control devices and abortion and All the trouble attached to them. Mrs. J. A. Sorry but that a a Way out idea that would hardly be practical or Safe. And pretty wasteful too if such a chemical could be found to put in water. For starters How could you avoid the harmful effects which putting the stuff in the water would have on some people including babies old people ill people men. And others who might be sensitive to the medication As it is some women Are unable to take a the so they done to. But your Way would Force the medication on Ever body. For another thing you would have no Way at All of regulating the amount Given to people it would depend on How much water they drank. Just forget the idea. Dear or. Thosteson could you explain Why in diets one is always told to use soft boiled eggs instead of the hard boiled ones i prefer is their value changed in any Way a . The calorie or food value Content is not changed and for most purposes it does no to matter whether the egg is soft or hard. An invalid or a patient without Teeth might find a soft egg easier to eat but that a the Only difference. I can think of two cases in which a hard egg would he preferred. Someone with hypoglycemia May want to carry a protein snack with him and a hard egg obviously is More convenient for that. The other kind of Case yours a because you prefer the egg hard. Dear sir do you pronounce your name Thosteson or Tosteson red. I pronounce the a eth Quot a Thoss the son. Although cholesterol has been implicated in heart attacks and other circulatory troubles it is also vital to human life. For this reason or. Thosteson has entitled his Booklet a control your cholesterol for a copy write to him in care of the High Point Enterprise enclosing a Long self addressed. Stamped envelope and 25 cents. Reunion of the Smalls sunday. October 20, 1974 a 12 30 . A Quot Dati Adaam ,1 to a Umu family Art Mvi Sadita Yaat Kray a pm two % Stratham s Matt Aam of Teadt a. 1 ,t a twill Al Gran Tara an h a a t79 s a in whew it i ? alcohol Content higher Raleigh a Consumers will be seeing More alcohol based Antifreeze this fall than Ever before. This is due to the critical shortage of ethylene glycol a Petroleum product the base of most commonly used in Antifreeze. The office of consumer services North Carolina department of agriculture urges North Carolina Consumers to be aware of the properties of the alcohol based Antifreeze before using it. According to assistant state chemist Robert t. Teague a the alcohol base has a lower boiling Point than the ethylene glycol base. It affords greater freeze Protection but does not prevent boil Over. It therefore should not be used As a summer coolant and probably should not be used in vehicles with thermostat settings greater than 170� two injured on motorcycle a motorcyclist and his passenger apparently escaped serious injury after the vehicle they were Riding went out of control and left the Road Friday afternoon. According to High Point police Harold Edward Patrick 24, and Susan Lee Patrick 23, both of by. 5, High Point were proceeding South along 1-85 near the Surratt drive exit when the 5 . Accident occurred a tractor trailer truck in the right Lane next to the motorcycle moved into the left Lane causing the motorcycle to run off the Road onto the median the police report stated. Driver of the truck Robert Vendall Sloan 33, of Greensboro told police he did no to see the motorcycle coming around his truck. Sloan was charged by police with a Safe movement violation. Officials at High Point memorial Hospital reported that the Patricks were not admitted. Damage to the motorcycle was listed at $30. Three persons were reported injured Friday none seriously following a two car Accident on s. Main Street. The injured were Edward croon 25. Of Leland James w. Breedlove 22, and Gloria m. Breedlove 20, both of Juanita Street. The police report said croon s car was struck from behind by another vehicle As croon attempted a right turn into the Burger chef on s. Main Street about la . The second car was driven by Phillip l. Kneisley 48. Of Springfield. Ohio who was not reported injured. Kneisley was cited for failure to reduce Speed. Damage to both vehicles was reported at $150.____ bring your next prescription or have it phoned to elder drug formerly Hoffman drug 1001 i Green St. Phone 888-4222 so year mime location a tame phone number a Tam dependable service free delivery _ elder drug formerly Hoffman 1001 East 888-4222 9 a a with a perpetual 7 l/2 % certificate you double your Money in 9 years. That s right double your Money in just 9 years. Perpetual 71/2% certificate is All the interest the Law allows. There Are certain requirements 4 years maturity $20,000 minimum interest compounded daily for an effective annual yield of 7.79%, paid quarterly of certificate and dividends Are left to compound Over the 4-year period this is How your Money will grow. I How savings i grow perpetual a $20,000 certificate i 4 years $26,996.34 i 8 years r 36,440.12 i 12 years i 49,187.52 i 16 years 66,394.16 i 20 years 89,619.98 put your Money to work perpetual Psi Inhofe Vii by is and loan association High Point s oldest financial institution 645 n. Main in High Point a 3033 s. Main in Archdale o Westchester mall Utu Tumino it inv pc a Htay i Ort of a rung ii a i their a it i prior to maturity and the earnings on a with Oroal revert to the Para Toufic rata a Tai you la probably be seeing us # camper covers too units on display All sizes styles amp colors free installation available i Alum i num 2411 North main St., High Point a phone 869-6106 5816 High Point Road Greensboro a phone 299-5350 if Yoc drive a pickup

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