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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 13, 1972, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper letters to the editor Randall b. Terry president co publisher mrs. Cd. Lockwood vice pres. David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Page 4-a . Rawley co publisher Joseph p. Rawley . Joe Brown editor new question on Leonard St. School Sale Friday october 13, 1972 twisting the Laws we Are Here to discuss zoning of Peoples property and other matters that affect the Public Well being. We have no intention of allowing the Public to listen to our discussions and consideration. Their business is not in effect any of their business. We As government officials will decide what is Good for them and when we Are ready to let the people know what is going to happen to them and to their property we will Issue an a official government version so they will know. Those were not the words he used but those were precisely the sentiments that High Point mayor Bill Bencini expressed in a mortifying reaction to news reporters wednesday. With his response to newsmen seeking to report a joint meeting Between members of the City Council and the Davidson county Board of commissioners in Lexington the mayor was saying that he had no use for the precepts of democracy that he is quite willing to twist the wording of the Laws of North Carolina to suit his own devices and the Public be damned a possibly More faithful report of his exact words when he took control of the situation from his hosts might be something like a this is not an official meeting heh heh. Why we re just Over Here to discuss the crops and the weather heh. Heh. We re not going to take any action heh heh. This is purely a social visit heh Bencini took a proffered copy of the open meetings act of North Carolina and read from it skipping blithely past the opening statement which says a whereas the commissions committees boards councils and other governing and governmental bodies which administer the legislative and executive functions of the state and its political subdivisions exist solely to conduct the Peoples business it is the Public policy of this state that the hearings deliberations and actions of said bodies be conducted instead he found a sentence in the Law which says that a any social meeting or other informal Assembly or gathering together of the members of any such body shall not constitute an official meeting unless called or held to evade the spirit and purposes of this wednesdays meeting was called and announced in Advance for the purpose of the City Council of High Point and the Board of commissioners of Davidson county to discuss the problems of extra territorial zoning the proposed extending of Legal land use controls by the City of High Point into those portions of Davidson county adjacent to its Borders. And that is official business. It is not a social affair. By mayor Bencinic a wont to twist the Law to suit himself it is obvious that if for some reason the Only loophole in the open meetings act specified that three ring circuses were exempt. He would declare h i s meetings to be three ring circuses. He could then further flaunt his contempt for the general Assembly of North Carolina which has declared that the jeffersonian principle of publicly handling the Public a business is affirmatively the need in this state. On ending the War sen. George Mcgovern has pointed out to the american people the Road they must travel to come Clear on the other Side of the bog that is Vietnam. There can be disagreement Over some of the guideposts along the route but not about the Road itself. What sen. Mcgovern proposes is that the american people become the masters of their policy in Vietnam and that policy be one of immediate disengagement and withdrawal from Southeast Asia. This is a Clear Cut and decisive alternative to the present policy of the american government which is tied on one Side to negotiations in Paris on another to a fruitless bombing of North Vietnam and finally to the Thieu regime in Saigon. The democratic candidate for president outlined his proposal in an address tuesday night. What Mcgovern said then was new Only in that it brought into focus what he has been saying All along about the american intervention in the vietnamese conflict. Simply stated the Mcgovern position is that the american intervention in Vietnam was based on faulty premises from the beginning and the longer that intervention continues the More damage it compounds and the More difficult it becomes for the United states to resolve the conflict and its role in it. The Mcgovern plan differs sharply from the policy being followed by president Nixon. Mcgovern would halt immediately the bombing of North Vietnam. At the same time he would begin the withdrawal of the remaining. American forces and military equipment in South Vietnam. He would Send the vice president to Hanoi to negotiate for the return of american prisoners of War. When this was accomplished he would then withdraw american forces from Thailand and out of the Gulf of Tonkin. Projecting the news not surprisingly the Nixon administration has denounced the Mcgovern proposals As a a a surrender to the North vietnamese. Mcgovern a proposals come closer to meeting what the North vietnamese have proposed for ending the War than what president Nixon has offered. Whether this is a a a surrender or not is debatable. To talk about surrender is to talk about the goals of the United states in Vietnam. Is that goal to Stop communism is it to insure the Independence of the Saigon government is it to fulfil a treaty obligation is it to halt aggression but these questions no longer Are valid a if they Ever were a when we Are Selling wheat to communists in Moscow when the relationship of the Saigon government to its own people is suspect and when questions about treaty obligations and aggression founder on the sandbars of what is a civil War. President Nixon says he wants a peace a with Honor in Vietnam and the Safe return of the american prisoners of War. But Honor is lost when american planes ostensibly bombing a military targets three Miles away. Bomb the French embassy in the Center of Hanoi. And concern for the safety of american prisoners of War seems weak indeed when More americans Are being made prisoners of War through a policy that daily sends More of them flying Over North Vietnam. What sen. Mcgovern proposes to do if he is elected president will not bring peace to Southeast Asia nor end the Travail of Vietnam. Neither will the policy of the Nixon administration. But what Mcgovern will do is restore american policy to the american people which i s something that has been denied them through two previous presidential election campaigns. The no growth oldies growth is a six letter word that is taking on the connotation of a four letter word in some localities. Cities and states that once courted new residents and new industries have come to the conclusion that growth brings More problems than Progress in its Wake. As a result proposals to retard or halt growth Are gaining an increasingly sympathetic hearing. California the country s fastest growing state since world War ii is in the forefront of the think Small movement. At an aug. 7 news conference. California attorney general Evelle j. Younger said the state was prepared to sue local governments to prevent people from being allowed to move into areas where they would contribute to air pollution overload sewage facilities or otherwise degrade the environment. A a City is like an apartment House a younger said. A if it is filled there should be no Effort to bring in any More people. The concept that a there a room for one More just does no to a similar View was expressed by John Tooker. Californians director of planning and research on sept. 18. Testifying before the state Assembly committee on e environmental Quality Tooker said that essential services May have to be withheld in some areas of California to head off unwelcome population growth. Local governments that routinely approve developments to expand their tax bases a would be he added at How Little extra Revenue they receive when the Cost of providing additional services is taken into account. The los Angeles City Council and planning commission in a july 16 report to mayor Sam Yorty recommended a 4.1-million ceiling on the number of people who could live in the City by 1990. Around 2.8 million people now reside within . City limits but present zoning regulations would permit a theoretical population of to million. Three weeks later the planning commission went beyond the report by adopting a 20-year rezoning plan designed to limit population to 3.4 million. To the editor Are you aware that there Are children in this City who Are not allowed to go to school did you know that the same superintendent of education who says that we a do not need Leonard Street school tells the parents of handicapped children that there is no room in the special education classes mentally retarded children Are not even considered for the existing special classes until they reach eight years of age and then Are Only accepted on a space available basis. Presently there Are five children eight years old or More at the High Point kindergarten for the handicapped there Are More than thirty five children of school age. Their parents pay tuition for the kindergarten and taxes for the schools which do not provide classes that meet their needs. There Are Many other children the Kin a yeah i know. X of re another one of the Gin Nixon ent Oxer to bomb la to Freedom. Drug source Aid Washington a at a recent narcotics conference. President Nixon declared dramatically that keeping narcotics out of the country is a just As important As keeping armed enemy forces from Landing in the United the president then announced sternly that he would Cut off Aid to countries whose leaders a protect the activities of those who contribute to our drug predictably these bold words Drew election year headlines for the president and warm approval from a Public alarmed Over the drug danger. Yet classified documents in our Possession show that the president has refused to Cut off Aid despite evidence that certain foreign leaders Are protecting the drug smugglers. The smuggling operations in Laos for example illustrate the difference Between what Nixon says in Public and what his intelligence documents show in secret. To prop up the Souvanna Houma government he has poured in More than $200 million in military Aid annually. Yet his reports from the Cia and other agencies give him every reason to Cut off this Aid. Says one document a a Broad spectrum of lao society is involved in the narcotics business including generals princes High level bureaucrats and province governors a the Cia specifically advised that laotian generals Are providing the transportation for drug smugglers. Incredible As it sounds the planes and trucks used to carry the narcotics Are provided by the u. S. Military programs which Nixon has sworn to Cut off. The secret documents make Clear that the president is putting his military policies in Asia ahead of drug invasion. A the difficulties of undertaking such drastic action As Aid Cut offs cannot be declares another document on Laos. A since the risk of jeopardizing some part of the military Effort is in Cambodia president Nixon also continues to bolster an unstable dictatorship with $240 million Worth of . Aid a year. Yet Cambodia is an important transshipment Point for dope. An intelligence document explains Why Nixon however has no intention in Cambodia of carrying out his threat to Cut off Aid a if us Aid were withdrawn the governments ability to withstand communist aggression would be weakened to the Point of collapse. Saigon smugglers in South Vietnam As Well the documents attest to a the corruption among government civilian military and police officials some of whom have been actively participating in the narcotics traffic but again there is no real thought of cutting off Aid. The secret documents bluntly give the reason a it is not in us interests to implement an Aid Cut off. Even to punish Viet Nam for failure to control president Nixon a double talk on drugs is nowhere More apparent than in Thailand which gets Over $100 million in . Aid a year. A we believe that major punitive measures such As withdrawal of Aid denial of most by Jack Anderson favored nation status Etc. Would probably undermine our cooperative relations with Thailand and jeopardize ongoing Security says a . Intelligence document. The presidents threats could also be carried out in Iran which the Cia fears May soon become a major supplier for . Drug traffickers. But the Cia reports a the Shah has spoken out on Only a few addiction and rumours persist that some members of the Royal family and parliament Are narcotics users. Swiss authorities recently charged an iranian Prince who accompanied the Shah to Switzerland with having transferred pure opium to throughout latin America the same look the other Way policy prevails. President Nixon for instance praised Paraguay for extraditing a notorious French narcotics smuggler Auguste Ricord to face trial in the United states. What Nixon neglected to mention was that Ricord was relinquished Only after we wrote a series of columns about Paraguay a government backed drug smuggling and after democratic congressmen began talking of cutting off Aid to Paraguay themselves. If the president really wants to do something about Paraguay he has Cia reports that two paraguayan generals and the chief of its secret police Are abetting the drug traffic. However insiders says there is no real move to end the $12-million-a-year Aid to Paraguay. In Panama which gets $18 million annually in Aid the president has intelligence reports saying a one of the More glaring examples of official corruption is the country of Omar Torrijos and president lakas appear to be controlling factors in the narcotics All Over latin America the intelligence documents say a the greatest detriment to effective enforcement is corruption. The corruption goes All the Way to the top of some latin american but in latin America too. President Nixon a vows to Cut off Aid to offending lands have been ignored. The documents says explicitly a coercive measures such As reduction or termination of Aid have proven to be footnote the stack of documents in our hands also tells similar tales of rampant drug activity with various kinds of government collusion or inaction in Afghanistan Pakistan Mexico Lebanon India Peru Bolivia Hong Kong and Syria. Hergarten is unable to serve and these children and Thier families have nothing available to them. The association for retarded children has brought suit against the state of North Carolina to Force state officials to provide an education for All handicapped children retarded Blind deaf crippled and emotionally disturbed. There have been two precedents so the outcome of the suit is fairly sure. It will take nearly a year however to obtain a ruling and then at least another year of dawdling by Public officials before these children receive by Grant what is theirs by right. The Leonard Street school is not an Ideal solution to the problem but it would be a marvelous improvement Over the nothing these children now have. Please bring this situation to the attention of your readers and help us to secure the Leonard Street school for additional special education classes. All children deserve the Opportunity for education and to realize their fullest potential whatever it might be. Catherine c. Ellens 711 Belmont or. He views Nixon As better Choice to the editor after running or. Robert Marks biased political column sunday and the editorial letter to the judge monday . I Trust you will give some space for an opposite opinion from or. Marks. Or. Marks would have people forget the unpopular things or. Mcgovern has done and said especially his far left proposals and silly accusations that or. Nixon is responsible for everything wrong in this world. I want to Point out a few things i do not want the people to forget first or. Nixon does not have to go around carping about the actions of or. Mcgovern and his Liberal socialistic friends because he is willing to run on his own record he has served his country about All of his adult life and we know where he stands not just by his words but actions. We have a president who has tried to put some dignity Back in the office of president. He does not drink and Tell jokes with reporters so Many of them do not like him and say a lot unfair things about him but thou he May be smart and Tough he is also very courageous and is respected even feared by some of his enemies because of it. Or. Nixon has proved he can Deal with All nations even hostile ones. He has tried to end the War As hard As any Man could and keep the Honor of our nation by adhering to a treaty not made by him and refusing to surrender to a ruthless communist two bit nation that has committed every crime known against their neighbors and people of their own blood which or. Mcgovern never mentions. I done to want people to forget How or. Mcgovern and his friends took Over the Democrat party organization. How Many of our real a Democrat leaders did we see at the Miami convention do we want the people that ran this show to fill the Cabinet and the other important offices to which Mcgovern could and probably we Ould appoint them do we want to give amnesty to the draft dodgers and deserters do we want our president to beg any nation for anything i think the polls show the True feelings of this nation certainly mine because i shall la vote for most Democrat candidates but there is just no Way any one can sell me or. Mcgovern who is just not my kind of Democrat. I think he is a dangerous Man and unfit for any Public office. Last i think those real democrats there Are a few Are being very naive by preaching party Unity against their real feelings probably thinking he will not be elected and they can go on bragging about their loyalty to the party for he can win and he cannot be controlled by the Congress or anyone if he is. I am going to put what i think is Good for America in front of loyalty to a Man that is a Democrat in name Only. Thomas w. Moore 806 Worth St. College official praises program to the editor one of the primary concerns of any Community is the development of its Young people. All of us realize this importance As it is an intricate part of Community life and the very essence of Community spirit. The City of High Point is very fortunate to have dedicated individuals who Are constantly involved with the development of our Young people. On tuesday october 3, and wednesday october 4, High Point Central High school and t. Wingate Andrews High school sponsored their annual College Day programs. Representatives from virtually All segments of Post secondary training areas were represented Many of our most outstanding colleges and universities branches of the armed forces nursing schools technical schools Etc. Made available representatives to talk with interested students concerning opportunities which exist for them after High school graduation. As i am often involved with these programs in various school systems throughout the state i was particularly proud of our High school programs. The organization and administration was excellent. Representatives from the various institutional areas As Well As students were provided with individual data which greatly increased the effectiveness and Overall efficiency of the College Day programs. The highly professional manner in which the programs were carried out is a credit to our Community and a great service to our High school students. On behalf of the Many individual representatives that participated in these two College Day programs and As an interested citizen of this City i would like to thank our High school personnel for a Job Well done Robert a. Wells or. Director of admissions High Point College the Enterprise welcomes letters expressing All Points of View. Sometimes because of unusual length it is necessary to condense them but we pledge our sincere efforts in such cases to retain the writers chief Points. We follow an unwavering policy of not accepting any unsigned letter or any that cannot be verified As to authorship. Each must be signed along with full address and names will be withheld from published letters Only upon our determination that such treatment is based on sufficient reason for doing so. Enterprise editors o Wihr Mia. Lac. A a it saved the government millions again i designed another plane that can t possibly be Mode before it becomes obsolete Quot i a 4

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