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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 13, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather warmer saturday Mora data on Page 3a 88th year a no. 287 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. C., Friday afternoon october 13, 1972 30 pages Call us circulation. 882-1719 classified ads. 885-2177 Al other departments 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every s a lotto o. How much did the Astor dowdy towers Cost me and my associates Are thinking of building one and we would like to know. We know the Cost is up at least 25 per cent and can you put that in your action line. Maybe we will know something. Anon. A. Brace yourself. The Cost was $1,834,020 27. Built during 1967, the building was accepted by the housing authority in february 1968. Director Don Hubbard adds a Good Luck a a girl scouting q. Who can i get in touch with to let my Little girl join the girl scouts anon. A. The number is listed in the Telephone directory or you can write the girl scout office the tar Heel triad Council in movies q. I was at the theater today in High Point and would like to say something about it. The sanitation is not very Good and i found a Roach under my seat the Popcorn was spilled. Why Don t the Heaters have sanitation and a clean theater and what can be done about it a. More to the Point Why done to theater goers have better habits and Stop dropping food All Over tire floor making it a Bug Haven have you Ever fed Mem we shall relay your message to the theater manager who might graphically illustrate the sanitation problem by placing a Days sweepings in a see through Container outside the Entrance. A out of town Gas o. I realize that the police officers in High Point May still live outside the City limits however is it necessary for us the taxpayers to have a City motorcycle to be used for transportation As i have observed the last couple of weeks a policeman s motorcycle parked at the Jamestown apart ments in Jamestown. A. Traffic capt. John Staley says that it is Standard procedure for traffic officers assigned to motorcycles to take them Home. The equipment is placed in 24-hour care of the officer. The gasoline it takes to drive the motorcycle from the City limits at Penny Road to the apartments can to be too much of a Strain on taxpayers. Duck deodorant o. A bought Soma pillows rectally and they contain crushed Duck feathers. We have noticed that they have a very offensive odor and we re wondering if there was anything that might be done to get this odor out of the pillows. It s impossible for us to return them to the place that we purchased them. S. B. A. A local dry cleaner said Feather pillows can be dry cleaned. They can to guarantee All the odor will be removed in fact a dry cleaning odor May linger. They keep them quite a while in the a dry House to eliminate that As much As possible. It Chicken in the Flowers 0. Of a neighbor had chickens and they destroyed your Garden and Flowers and i have asked that they keep them up and they do not is there anything you can do about it a. There surely is if you want to sign a warrant. A City code Sec. 4-3 prohibits owners of chickens and certain other two and four footed animals from letting them run Loose. They can t be cooped up within 40 feet of any dwelling other than the owners either. It it i Waverly amp Woodruff q. When Are they going to pave Waverly and Woodruff Avenue out Here in front of Forest Park apartments As it has been curbed and uttered and we All out Here have to eat that dust. Anon. A. There is presently no petition for paving this Block. If the property owners involved will petition for it the Street will be put on the list for paving. H in tire action q. I saw the article in the october 3rd Issue of the Enterprise about the nude lady that dressed in front of the window and i find it hard to believe. Id like to know if you could put the address so i could go see her for myself. Red blooded american boy. Q. About the girl that dresses in the nude in the could i get an invitation to that neighbors House Man. Q. My husband wont let me pull the curtains. Woman. Sound off q. The High Point museum is trying to set up a display on we orld War i. Military items pertaining to that War Are needed particularly a Gas mask. Persons willing to participate Are requested to Contact the museum at 885-6859. For future exhibits male and female costume display mannequins Are desperately required. Thank you. John d. Hamilton director. Edmund s. Muski Muskie remembers sabotage1 by Lawrence l. Knutson associated press writer Washington a sen. Edmund s. Muskie says his Campaign for the democratic presidential nomination was riddled with an a astonishing series of incidents of apparent espionage and sabotage. Though sidestepping accusing specific individuals the Maine Democrat and his staff suggested thursday that republicans were to blame. Muskie said he has not ruled out the possibility of filing suit against the committee for the re election of the president and certain White House officials linked in published reports of alleged sabotage. The occurrences labelled suspicious by the Muskie staff peaked during the period the senator was considered the front runner for the nomination subsequently won by sen. George Mcgovern. The incidents dropped off when muskies Campaign faltered. The list released by the Muskie staff included possible cases of wiretapping stolen documents forged Campaign literature false news releases and bogus Telephone Call arousing voters in the Middle of the night. The list was prefaced with the admonition that the incidents had not been thoroughly investigated and were a not intended at this time As charges against any individual or John t. Mcevoy the senators administrative assistant said the incidents a were not undertaken in the spirit of fun. They were undertaken to destroy a Muskie said. A Over the past see Muskie on 2-a what s inside amusements.7b Bridge. 16b classified ads i-15b comics. 13a crossword. 16b editorials. 4a financial. 2a obituaries 14a sports .3-4b television. In women s news. 7-11a weather 3a Nixon certain to sign Bill Senate vote could Start Revenue sharing flowing by Edmond Lebreton associated press writer Washington a the Senate tentatively scheduled a vote today that could Send $2.65 billion the first instalment in a $30-billion Revenue sharing program lowing to states cities and other local governments. If the Senate passes the Bill As is expected president Nixon is certain to sign it. The five year Revenue sharing measure is a key element in his a new federalism program. The Treasury without wait ing for passage has been working for weeks on preparations for mailing 39.000 checks scheduled to go out before the nov. 7 election. The sum to be distributed immediately represents half the $5.3-billion allotment for 1972. The other half is expected to be paid in january. By a 265-110 vote thursday the House passed the Bill in its final form a Compromise Between versions earlier approved by the two Chambers. Opponents who contended the Bill violates Good governmental procedures and would social Security Bill causes delay Congress expected to quit next week by Joe Hall associated pres writer Washington a inching toward final adjournment Congress planned to tackle several major Bills today but it appeared Likely two of them would delay the end of the session until Early next week. The legislators had intended to adjourn the 92nd session by saturday. But no settlement seemed probable before monday or tuesday on the social Security welfare Bill now in a House Senate conference committee and the $250-billion spending ceiling president Nixon had requested. Both houses extended the thursday sessions into the night in an Effort to whittle Down the last minute crush. The House passed the Compromise $74.3-billion defense appropriations Bill one of the largest in history. The Senate planned to vote on it today and Send it to the president. The House cleared the Compromise Revenue sharing Bill and sent it to the Senate which plans to pass it on to Nixon this afternoon. The measure would distribute $30 billion in Federal funds to the state and local governments Over five years. The spending ceiling measure thursday was cleared by the Senate finance committee for floor debate. The panels 8-8 tie vote blocked efforts to put restrictions on Nixon a Power to Cut Federal programs to stay within the $250-billion ceiling he seeks for the current fiscal year. The legislation was scheduled for consideration by the full Senate this afternoon. Democrats said they would continue the fight to put some limits on the Bill a Broad Grant of authority to the president. As the Bill passed the House the president could Cut any program by any amount he chooses to hold spending to the $250-billion limit. Sen. Russell b. Long a la finance committee chairman said he believes the social Security welfare Bill would Force the session into next week if nothing else did. Conferees today were to conduct their third meeting in an Effort to resolve conflicts Between the House and Senate versions of the 989-Page Bill. The Louisiana senator head if the Senate conference delegation said Many decisions remain but that an agreement seemed Likely by monday or tuesday. The Senate shelved a bitterly disputed anti using Bill thursday and thus shunted aside one of the biggest obstacles to adjournment. A third attempt to shut off debate on the Bill failed to Muster the needed two thirds majority and democratic Leader Mike Mansfield moved to put the measure aside. His motion carried 59 to 26. The Bill passed by the House aug. 18, would have put an end to almost All busing for school desegregation purposes. Tim Senate thursday night passed the final Money Bill of the session a $5.2-billion Catchall appropriations measure and sent it to conference with the House. Kissinger reports to Nixon at breakfast in wit Ite House map Wir pm it to Kissinger briefs Nixon mrs. Mcgovern in Hospital Washington apr president Nixon arranged to get a breakfast briefing today from Henry a. Kissinger amid continued administration silence on whether his intensive negotiations made headway toward ending the Vietnam War. Also summoned to the White House meeting was Secretary of state William p. Rogers just returned from meeting with foreign ministers at the fall session of the United nations. Kissinger flew in from Paris thursday night after four Days of talks with be due Tho and Xuan Thuy in the presidential advisers most extended session with Hanoi a negotiators in the 19 secret meetings since the Start of the Nixon administration. Was Washington a Eleanor Mcgovern wife of the democratic presidential nominee was reported today to be feeling a much better after being hospitalized thursday night because of abdominal pains. She was taken to Georgetown University Hospital where an aide said tests Are being made. The aide said mrs. Mcgovern a doctor has indicated her situation is not serious. A spokesman said mrs. Mcgovern 50, complained of acute pain thursday night As she wound up an eight Day Campaign trip with a speech at Frederick my. The spokesman said mrs. Mcgovern was examined by her physician or. Lawn Thompson who admitted her for observation. The doctor said mrs. Mcgovern was resting comfortably in the Hospital. Tons Are at a sensitive against this backdrop. Senate Republican Leader Hugh Scott thursday predicted that the United states a warlike participation in Vietnam will be Over by Jan. 20. The White House silence on the secret negotiations matched by Hanoi a silence has set off flurries of speculation that a peace Deal is near at hand but some rumours also portray the rival envoys As still far apart. The announced circumstances suggest that the two sides have gone into each others peace terms in considerable detail perhaps refining differences in a Way to allow leadership decisions on the next negotiating move. If so Nixon could be weighing options brought Home by Tho was reported heading Back to Hanoi presumably to of re a a give his version of the Paris of lit a Jumson ulc Parley to the North vietnamese leadership. Kissinger accompanied by his chief assistant Gen. Alexander m. Haig would say nothing to newsmen As he arrived at Andrews air Force base. The two went directly to the White House for an initial report to Nixon. A Wiite House source said he knew of no immediate plans to disclose what has gone on in the negotiations. So far Nixon has said Only that a the Neotia Kissinger. A decision on the timing and scope of the next . Move would be up to the president. Meanwhile the Public Side of Vietnam peace diplomacy continued to find the rivals in deep deadlock. Both the vietnamese communists and the allies held to their Long standing positions at thursdays 163rd session of the weekly Paris talks. North Vietnam said the Nixon administration a Only prolongs the deadlock of the Paris conference prolongs the the Viet Cong again demanded a total . Pullout and ouster of South vietnamese presided Nguyen Van Thieu. . Ambassador William j. Porter renewed the . Call for an end to North Vietnam a invasion of South Vietnam. Swell the big Federal deficits pressed their unsuccessful fight to the end. A really we ought to have our Heads examined As we embark on this historical mistake a said rep. John w. Byrnes a wis. Byrnes the senior Republican member of the House ways and Means committee who is retiring from Congress this year broke with the White House to fight Revenue sharing. One third of each years allocation which would Rise gradually to $6.4 billion in the fifth year will go to states to spend As they please. Two thirds will go to the subordinate governments to be spent within Broad guidelines embracing most governmental areas except education. The distribution among the states and within each state would be governed by Complex formulas based on population tax Effort and need As measured by per capita income. The Bill also contains a limitation that would hit some states which have made maximum use of a program for the government to match three to one expenditures for social services to the disadvantaged especially welfare recipients. There is now no limit on the amount of Matching funds states May receive. The Bill would set a $25-billion annual ceiling and apportion the Money among the states by population. It also would tighten requirements that the funds be used primarily for welfare die in drug raid shootout new York a a Federal undercover agent and two men identified by officials As suspected cocaine dealers were shot to death in a West Side Motel thursday night when a trap Laid by narcotics agents backfired and a gunfight ensued. A supervisory agent was critically wounded. A Bureau of narcotics spokesman said the two men had agreed to sell the undercover Man to Kilos of cocaine for $160,000 but then in a double Cross tried to Rob the agent without delivering the drugs. The dead agent was identified As Frank Tummillo 25, who had been with the Bureau for four years. Officials said he had made Contact with the two men two weeks ago. They agreed to sell Tummillo the cocaine and a meeting was set up for thursday night. Border Camp overrun prime interest increased first a new York a National City Bank the Tiona a second largest commercial Bank announced today it will increase its floating prime interest rate to 54 per cent beginning monday. Citibank thus becomes the first major Bank to exceed the 54 per cent prime rate level to which Banks began moving in late september. Citibank a boost if it spreads would bring the prime rate to its highest level since july 1971, when it was 6 per cent. The move to 5vs per cent which was also announced today by a smaller Pittsburgh Bank with a floating prime Mellon National Bank amp Trust on the heels of government statements earlier this week expressing concern Over the recent Rise in interest rates. Arthur f. Burns head of the Federal Reserve Board and chairman of the governments committee on interest and dividends said thursday his committee plans to keep a close watch on Bank earnings in View of this upward climb in interest. The prime rate is the minimum interest a Bank charges its Best corporate customers. Floating prime rates Are linked to changes in Short term Money Market rates and adjusted automatically while fixed prime rates used by most Banks Are adjusted administratively. Saigon a North vietnamese forces today overran the Ben met Border Camp in the Central Highlands a legacy from the Green berets that had withstood years of assaults. A two Day attack drove South vietnamese forces from the Camp for the first time in the War. This coupled with increased attacks in other parts of the Highlands apparently signalled a renewal there of the offensive the North vietnamese launched 64 months ago. The Saigon command said that two Days of heavy shelling in which at least 1,500 rounds of heavy artillery rockets and mortar hit Ben Het destroying the defenders artillery ammunition and a food warehouse. Radio Contact was lost with the Camp thursday night after units of the 320th North vietnamese division launched a ground assault the chief spokesman for the Saigon command it. Col. Letrung Hien said. More than too strikes by american and South vietnamese fighter bombers and . B52 bombers failed to drive off the North vietnamese. Hien said about 140 of the Camp s 300-Man Garrison were spotted by observation planes map wire photo Southwest of the base and Contact had been made with them. Initial reports from the Field said that More than 60 of the Ben Het Garrison were killed and More than 120 wounded. Most of the men were montagnard a Mountain tribesmen a and Many had their families living in the Camp. The Mountaintop Camp is just East of the tri Border Region where the frontiers of South Vietnam Cambodia and Laos meet. It was established As an observation Post to track North vietnamese infiltration along the to Chi Minh Trail. Ben Het has been virtually surrounded by the North vietnamese for years and periodically the enemy has Laid siege to the Camp. But this is the first time it has fallen. When the Green berets of the . Special forces were in Vietnam they led and trained the Campos Garrison of Montag cards. The Camp was turned Over to the South vietnamese on Jan. 4, 1971, but most of the montagnard signed up As rangers and stayed on at the Camp

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