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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 12, 1972, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper Randii b. Terry p a Derf co pub Ohee m 5. Cd Lockwood vie pres. David a. Pawley a. V a pres. . Pawley up pubs Fer Joseph p. Rawley . Joe spawned a or Page 4-a thursday oct. 12, 1972 thoughts for today Jesus mid a let her alone let her keep it for the Day of my burial. The poor you a Brey Bere with you but you de not always Here a John 12 7, i. I thank Fate for having made me born poor poverty taught me the Val in of the grits useful to France Freace of Oveirt forget your freedoms one Day in september Donald Sadden of it. 4, Lexington took pen in hand and. As thousands of americans do every Day wrote a letter to the editor of his local newspaper. The letter was published in the Lexington d Patch on sept. 30. week. Sadden was fired from is Job As an attendant with the Davidson county ambulance service. County manager Jimmy Varner said Sidden was dismissed for writing the letter to the dispatch and because he failed to Promise not to write any More such letters. A i done to think a person in Public office should criticize other agencies or individuals in this manner a Varner said. As if to emphasize his Point he issued a directive after Siddens letter was published to the effect that disciplinary action would be taken against county employees who write such letters to the editor in the future a the employees of Davidson county Are not in office to criticize our local citizens a he repeated. What did Sidden write to set the county manager off on such a tangent0 in his letter Sidden commented on the service available in the emergency room at Lexington memorial Hospital and offered his suggestions on How the service might be improved. The hospitals emergency room service is of concern to some people in Lexington because previously the dispatch had commented editorially about the problem. In signing the letter. Sidden gave no indication that he was an employee with the county a ambulance service. He merely signed his name and listed his address As just another american citizen expressing his opinion to the editor of his newspaper. For exercising his right As a citizens Den has been fired from his Job and a gag Rule has been imposed on other county employees by the Davidson county manager. Davidson county employees Are citizens who pay taxes like everyone else vet they Are being told they cannot express themselves on Community problems without endangering their jobs. They can express their concerns to the county manager however who says this is the a proper procedures for them to follow. It May seem proper to or. Varner but it seems to us to be More the w a things Are done under a totalitarian form of government where no one is allowed to write letters to the editors or voice concerns about anything. If or. Varner fails to see the impropriety of his action and sex Post Facto directive then someone in Davidson county ought to make him be it and throw his gag Rule out the window at the same time. Apolitical like almost every other candidate for state office Republican gubernatorial candidate Jim Holshouser wants to take politics out of the state Highway commission. The roads should be built according to the need Holshouser says. Not surprisingly the need always seems to be where the votes Are. Holshouser made his latest pronouncement on roads in a vacant lot beside Highway 52, which runs Between Winston Salem and Lexington and which has a lot of Republican voters living on both sides of it. You bet they listen three or four newspapers according to the last count we saw decided at the conclusion of the Eagleton affair to cancel their contract with the Syndicate that distributes Jack Andersons daily column. Their decision was not endorsed by the hundreds of others who make Andersons column the most widely distributed in the nation. That Anderson made a monumental error is not to be denied. The fact was documented and re documented. But his columns of the past few Days have brought us to consider the loss that would have been suffered by this nation had All of us leaped to that a window dressing decision. There is apparently nobody else in Washington prepared or willing to Tell americans about the special interest tax Bills see column of oct. To or the projecting the news junk eting congressman and his female entourage oct. 6 or the deals Between manufacturers and defense spenders oct. 8. Virtually All of the capitals columnists choose to operate at some Point other than the muckraking Levels. But Anderson has said As we Are fond of quoting if there were no muck there would he no need for anyone to Rake it. He does just that and he does it with great expert Ness. One Pentagon officer said in private conversation that there is no telling the things that would go on in Washington but for the fear that tomorrows first Call might come from Jack Anderson or one of his staff. Eliminate the Hest of All government watchdogs because of one serious misstep never beatles Golden oldies London a in England a nation of a entire Enta lists there is More nostalgia today for the beatles than for the Empire. Both Are defunct but the Rock group burst into prominence Only a decade ago. John Paul George and Ringo made their debut on British television oct. 17, 1962, and issued their first hit record a love me do a the same month. The rest As they say is history. The beatles revitalized the moribund idiom of Rock music inspired a craze for All things British and helped to Foster the slightly spurious notion of a swinging in february 1964, Barclays Bank rated the foursome a National asset noting that through the Export of their records they had made a major contribution to Britain a balance of payments. And How their records did sell she loves you yeah yeah yeah sold one million copies and i want to hold your hand five million. On the beatles first tour of America in Early 1964500 too people applied for the 728 seats available for their appearance on the de Sullivan show. That one program earned a Nielson audience rating of 72.7 per cent the highest Ever recorded to that time. Success did not come easily to the beatles. The nucleus of the group was formed in 1958, when John i Ennon met Paul Mccartney. The following year these two were joined by a third guitarist George Harrison and by drummer Peter Best. Known successively As the Quarry men skiffle group the Moo dogs the Moonshiner and finally the beatles because of their insistent four four beat the quartet played in various clubs in their native Liverpool and in Hamburg Germany. Then in August 1962, Ringo Starr replaced Peter Best As drummer and the beatles were on their Way. An endearing innocence and directness helped to propel the group to the top of the pop culture Heap. Young people everywhere adored their cheesiness. Asked after their first new York appearance if they had chosen a leading lady for their new film George replied a a we re trying for the Queen. She it last forever though. Some pop cultists say that aug. 29, 19g6�?the Date of the last live beatles concert marked the beginning of the end. Possibly they had become too Rich their life styles too artificial. A Beethoven is a con just As we Are now a said Lennon As the group began to Drift apart. The death in 1967 of Brian Epstein the a roup a manager was a shattering blow. Even More unnerving was the appointment in May 1969 of Allen Klein to manage the beatles firm Apple. At that time. Each beatle was reputed to he Worth from $5 million to $9 million. Mccartney the most business minded member of the group refused to Trust Klein with apples finances. Klein was later ousted from his Post while Mccartney married an heiress to the Kodak Fortune. The beatles have since gone their separate ways George John and Paul Are recording on their own or with their wives and Ringo occasionally makes movies. A except George Are Over age 30. When editorial research reports telephoned Apple in London a spokesman said a they done to want to be called beatles anymore and have withdrawn All information on their a so once again i ii prove that thee will Huv a used War from me a it s payoff time Washington for the special interests Campaign time is payoff time. They re expected to show their appreciation for political favors by contributing to the right Campaign v most pressure groups play All the sides and All the angles of the Federal Triangle. Some of the same fat cats who have donated to the republicans to re elect president Nixon for example have also Laid out Cash for powerful democrats on Capitol Hill. Consider the huge Campaign Kitty that the Bankers and builders have raised for sen. John Sparkman a Ala. Most of them Are staunch Money in the Bank republicans. Yet their contributions to Sparkman since his is one of the key Senate races this year could help the democrats keep control of the Senate. The kindly courtly Sparkman who began politics As a populist this year promoted an ant consumer banking measure written word for word by the american Bankers association. He also delayed efforts to Reform the scandalous multimillion Dollar real estate settlement costs. Now the fat cats Are showing John Sparkman they care. In an earlier column we reported that 70 per cent of Sparkman s Campaign Money As of september 12, had come from the industries and unions that look to him for legislative favors. Here Are More details the Bankers Campaign Arm known formally As the National banking political action committee gave him $5,000. Senator Margaret Chase Smith r-me., More scrupulous about where her Money comes from turned Down a $3,000 offer from the tame source. The mortgage Bankers political action committee gave Sparkman at least $2,000. The same amount was collected for him by the effective government association a political affiliate of the Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner and Smith brokerage firm. Both Are based not in Alabama but in Washington d. C. A sampling of other out of state financial backers include the savings association Public affairs committee of Lansing. Mich., $500 the savings association political Graffiti t 1972 m inc the Best n Juz. By Jack Anderson elections committee Washington dc., $1,080 the savings Bankers nonpartisan political action committee new York City and even the Little Kansas Bank political action committee $100. But much of the Money came from individual fat cats. Donations were recorded from financial figures from new York City to los Angeles from St. Petersburg to Baltimore. And the list of building entrepreneurs who contributed to the Sparkman Campaign runs for pages. In California alone there were $1,000 donations from Beverly Hills builder Lawrence Weinberg Hayward contractor Dennis Jordan los Angeles construction Man Eli Broad and san Diego builder r. A. Watt. There was even a contribution from Mills b. Lane who was listed simply As a but actually he s vice chairman of the citizens and Southern National Bank of Atlanta a Bank used by Sparkman a opponent Winton a a red Blount. Thousands of dollars reported by contributors incidentally weren t mentioned in Sparkman a own report As required by a new Federal Law. His office explained that administrative delays had made some of his reporting late. A spokesman added that the industries which had raised Money for Sparkman were a Cross Section representing about 65 per cent of the american Economy. The senator handling of legislation said the spokesman was based on Merit not contributions. Chinese advertising with the chinese american honeymoon in full Flower a trickle of chinese wine is beginning to find its Way into the United states. An initial tasting of the Shantung wine indicates it is More of a threat to the food and drug administration than it will be to the american wine Market. The bitter spiced wine of sold in the United states would violate every act on the Fra books against fraudulent advertising of curative. The Label designed for the English speaking Market gives this description of its Virtues a nutritious and Rob Orant promoting the brain and recovering the memory strengthening the organs and systems of the wine is supposed to be Good for a general weakness untimely senility kidney trouble neurasthenia sores in waists and backs overburden of the brain anaemia dizziness poor memory involuntary perspiration insomnia Pale faces poor whatever else the chinese have to be respected for trying to develop a mass Market As fast As possible for the a most precious three whip tonic wine a As it is called a May be taken at any time according to patients capacity for wine a says the Label a hard sell that would even make an american whiskey Blanch. afternoon by Holt Mcpherson Enterprise editor emeritus those columns written from Europe have caught up with us and we Are now Back to the old grind appreciative however of the Ruxi wards notes and Calls expressing gratitude for the International observations of the past month in this space. Really there Are so Many tracks to cover to get away and so Many other to be covered when Ore returns from such a trip that sometimes it causes the passing question of whether its Worth All that trouble. But that a a Price of living a and doing things a which we All have to pay. I be been picking up the lines checking the papers and talking to friends to Fred there a been plenty going on some of it in a nature id As soon be away from except that things have a Way of catching up. City Hall. For instance is undertaking a bit belatedly Don t you think to improve its Public image but the same Day that purpose was announced a contractor seeking a building permit for a Large manufacturing Plant addition cooled his heels for an hour and a half awaiting Opportunity to file his application and then the Man in charge dashed out shouting Back that he had to go to another appointment. Those things Hurt the image of a City government which you d expect to encourage and implement constructive expansion of the tax base rather than push around impede and frustrate those wanting to get along with growth on which tax eaters must feed now it Art in Tho midst of newspaper week when let s Hep american fully real ire that a Frea unlicensed Prasie the guardian of their right to know it is graced Here today by Vermont Royster the longtime Able editor of Tho Wall Street journal who retired last year to come Home As Kenan professor of journalism and Public affairs at Tho University of North Caroline at Chapel Hill. He i in position to speak but against deceit everywhere in this year when it seem everybody including Tho communication Modi is being assailed on one front or another As our political system h labelled a fraud when this nation primary need i for a violent revolution. This is a most opportune Lima for Tho pres to rededicate itself to that eternal vigilance needed in a truly free society. It is not enough to remind oneself of the National heritage or that the Bill of right specifically reserves the right of free speeches a prerequisite for continued Freedom. As Long As a free press stands adamantly in its demand that rights of the individual not to restricted by those who shout a changing times Quot As authority for creeping restrictions this nation will remain free. Oppressive governments and tyrannical rulers understandably fear a free press because it is the one instrument through which the people Are informed of the wrongdoings of their servants and the rallying Point from which those who have proved themselves unfit for office can be removed. National newspaper week then is More than an Opportunity for the fourth estate to snap its calluses prop is feet on the desk and exhort readers on the importance of newspapers As the vital guardians of Freedom. It in a time for american newspapers to rededicate themselves to the principles which have made it possible for this Republic although battered and at places dented to withstand the test of human frailties. Publisher n. I. A a Sandy Bienenstock of the Century old furniture world and the not As old furniture South Magazine got the Surprise of his life when the Fumi Mureland rotary club gave him a standing ovation following his presentation of the furniture Library Story. Not Many people know the Money time and Effort that Sandy and Bernice Bienenstock have put into that project which ornaments High Points position not Only As a Market but As a source of style in the furniture business. The rare books and other paraphernalia assembled there draw furniture designers and others interested in furniture from throughout the world. N. C. State University the University of North Carolina and Duke University recognize it As a source Center for students in furniture and Home decorating lines. The furniture Library is a tribute to and named for. The late h. Cloyd Philpott. An outstanding furniture manufacturer and state Manly individual who was headed certainly for the governorship of North Carolina had he not been Cut Down by a heart attack in the prime of life. De Hill has acquired the fixtures and inventory of Wright Womble Pitts. A menus clothing shop that has been a fixture on main Street since 1929. And is in process of changing the name while the old corporation is being dissolved by Jim Wright and Earl Womble surviving owners. Hill owns and operates the House of York formerly the late Ben Swartzberg a base which he will continue across North main Street from his new operation which will be Given a different name while drawing upon the fact it was formerly Wright Womble Pitts. Hill experienced in the business was in process of buying the firm when death of Reitzel Pitts one of the partners interrupted the negotiations recently completed. When former governor Den k. Moor was Here lest week for the meeting of trustee of High Point College he told Good afternoon that mrs. Moore is in process of writing a history of the former first ladies who have occupied the present executive mansion. One chapter will be titled a i remember a composed of statements from prominent and distinguished North carolinians who knew personally some of these women and would be Good enough to put such recollections into written form to become a valuable part of tar Heel history something that has been neglected far too Long. Many High pointers have Long enjoyed close association with the mansion and its occupants Hava vivid recollections that we d very much like to be incorporated into mrs. Moore s volume and if a can be of help in transmitting such it will be a pleasure. Innkeeper Ernest o Banion has offered the old House at 114 East Green just vacated As Don Conrad s base for the haunted House of this year s halloween Observance a and if those old Walls could talk the stories could make it the classic of All times As they prepare to Rax the House afterwards to make Way for Tho Holiday inn s 60-room addition. And the furniture Plaza building is getting a fact lifting preliminary to the fall show by chemical cleaning and waterproofing that brightens nicely the Whit face of that Structure. Sunday afternoon s paper drive will be for Benefit of the Mobile meals program with the 501th support battalion of National guard from Winston Salem supplying trucks and Drivers for the sponsoring Jaycees. Mayor Bill Bencini plans to proclaim november As drug awareness month. Over 20 contestants Are entered for High Point s Junior miss pageant to be held nov. 18eddie Albert showed several of his Many roles and faces tuesday evening a he gave Thi executives club one of its most soothingly pleasant programs yet. That Thomas built buses inc., Stock Issue of 450,000 shares has been temporarily deferred to await a Mort propitious time for marketing it certainly after the election and perhaps even after the first of Tho new year. The underwriters want several weeks of a Good Market before bringing it out

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