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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 11, 1972, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper imm it. In fn�e4 Randii b. Terry prudent co pub i hts mrs. Cd. Lockwood View pres. David a. Rawley jr., Vuk a pres. . Rawley co publisher Joseph p. Rawley . Joe Brown editor Page 4-a wednesday 0ct. La 1972 planning the Windfall everybody appears to favor Revenue sharing. Disagreement comes Over what is to be done with the Revenue to be shared by the Federal government. Up and Down the line from Congress to City Hall the argument is growing Over control of the Revenue and what shall be done with it. The argument has now come to High Point. Under a Revenue sharing Bill expected to be passed by Congress High Point will receive s1.2 million from the Federal government during the first year of a five year program. Apparently there will be few restrictions at least initially by the Federal government on How this Money shall be spent. City manager Harold Cheek has indicated that he would like for the Revenue sharing funds to be allocated to a capital using the Money toward Street water and sewer improvements would Cut Down on borrowing to finance such projects Cheek said. A different View comes from the High Point Model cities commission. In a position paper which it adopted last week the commission urged that speedsters done to think for a minute just because they engage in strange games such As Cricket and Rugby and have no understanding at All for baseball and football that those Jolly britishers Are in the dark Ages of sports. You May have missed the item in our television log commentary tuesday but it reported that one Day last week a bbl afternoon feature was a the Twenty seventh annual african Hippopotamus Golly Ned its a wonder they Arentt still watching the Twenty sixth one. Opinion of citizens be sought As to How the shared Revenue should be used. A the resources to be made available to Deal with the Many problems faced in the communities should not be expanded without the input of citizens within the Community a the paper asserted. Or. Otis Tillman chairman of the commission was even More emphatic. A i done to think one Man should sit behind a desk and decide to take this Money and put in some More sewer lines pave a few streets and lower the tax rate while ignoring such problems As drug addiction a he said. A the drug problem has multiplied three fold in the last year and we ought to begin to do something about or. Tillman overlooked for the moment that something is being done in High Point about the drug problem. The newly formed drug action Council is working with youth unlimited to do something in one example about the drug problem in the City. But or. Tillman and the Model cities commission have raised a valid Point. Everyone should be concerned about Revenue sharing funds and their Best utilization in the City. City Council will have the responsibility for determining the use of these funds when they do come to High Point. So far. To our knowledge. Council has been silent on the subject. But the comments from or. Tillman and the position paper from the Model cities commission Are warnings. Revenue sharing carries the expectations of the people for lower tax rates and improved Community welfare programs. If City Hall is not ready with advanced planning to meet these expectations. Then in time the Federal government will move to do so with detailed guidelines on the Revenue it is sharing with local governments. Is it automatic the Senate armed services committee has voted 16 to 0 to recommend the approval of Gen. Creighton Abrams As the new chief of staff of the army. Favourable action by the full Senate appears assured. Gen Abrams will thus succeed Gen. William c. Westmoreland the Man he also replaced As the american military commander in Vietnam in the army Stop Post. At a time of change for the army it is still encumbered by its leadership during the vietnamese War. Whether this is Good for the army is doubtful. The succession of Westmoreland by Abrams is in the traditional pattern. Gen. Westmoreland who directed the american buildup in Vietnam was appointed chief of staff by president Johnson. Gen. Abrams who directed the american army a withdrawal from Vietnam is being appointed chief of staff by president Nixon. It is to the credit of both men that in the crunch they acquiesced in the orders from their civilian chiefs in Washington. But they must both share the responsibility nevertheless for the futility of the american intervention in Vietnam. Gen. Westmoreland cast the army into its search and destroy role in Vietnam which became responsible As much As communist attacks on their villages for the alienation of the peasants from the government in Saigon. When the projecting the news tet offensive erupted a surprised Gen. Westmoreland could respond Only with the plea for 200,000 More american troops. It was Gen. Abrams who urged the a a incursions into Cambodia the major result of which w As the open widening of the Vietnam War into the Indochina War. Gen. Abrams was also the senior american commander in Vietnam when air Force Gen. John Lavelle ordered unauthorized air attacks on North Vietnam. The armed services committee said Gen. Abrams was not to blame for these violations of orders however. So Gen. Abrams As Gen. Westmoreland before him. Has been a a a Good Soldier. But the army More than the Navy the marines or the air Force has been deeply affected by the vietnamese intervention. There is dissatisfaction among officers and enlisted men Over the shape and condition of the army and its standing in relationship to the country. Now the army is being cast into an All Volunteer Force which will further change that relationship. The consequences of the Vietnam involvement and the challenges of an All Volunteer standing Call for new leadership and new thinking for the army. Suh factors should be considered by the Senate when the appointment of Gen. Abrams comes before it for confirmation. Revenue sharing ironies sharing of Federal tax Revenue with s ate and local governments is an idea that has been kicked around for a dozen years and is on the verge of becoming a reality. A House Senate conference committee recently reached agreement on Revenue sharing legislation and approval by both houses of Congress is virtually certain. The irony is that the Federal government has a greater need at this time for additional funds than do the states and localities. Andresen amp co., a new York investment House calculates that the fiscal 1973 Federal budget deficit will reach $33 billion. On the other hand the firm says state and local governments will record in the aggregate a $7 billion budget surplus in Calendar 1972 and a $4 billion surplus in 1973. The primary reason Why state and local governments Are in such Good shape on the whole is that they already receive a Large amount of Federal aids and Revenue sharing will swell the total. State and local receipts from taxes and other sources have mounted steeply Over the past decade but Federal Grants in Aid have More than kept Pace. Between 1962 and 1972, these Grants grew from $8 billion to $41 billion. The country a first significant venture into Revenue sharing ended in disaster. A Law passed in 1836 provided for distribution of a sizable Federal Treasury surplus among the slates in proportion to their representation in Congress. The surplus had been placed in 80 Banks which regarded the deposits As permanent Loans and had inflated credit accordingly. Calling of the Banks Loans to provide funds to meet the Treasury a d a mands helped to bring on the panic of 1837. American Commerce finance and Industry did not fully recover until almost a decade later. The Morrill act of 1862 is now regarded As the progenitor of Federal Grant in Aid programs the Type that now provides funds for highways health care and other purposes. By that Law the Federal government gave Federal lands to the states to Aid in developing colleges for the teaching of agricultural and mechanical studies. Modem interest in Revenue sharing dates from a june 6, 1970, speech by economist Walter w. Heller. He argued that an agreed share of Federal income tax receipts should be diverted to the states with no strings attached to Ward off recurrent Federal budget surpluses. Using surplus Revenue solely to reduce the National debt he contended would produce a fiscal drag a or economic stagnation. Will the real Richard Nixon please stand up. To me a reluctant hosts Washington a the greeks Arentt As enthusiastic As they re reported to be Over the arrival o the i. S. Navy in Athens. The sixth Fleet has adopted the ancient athenian seaport of Piraeus As a Home port. For the past month. Navy families have been pouring into Athens with their baggage and belongings. Most of them arrived clutching a a Welcome aboard pamphlet prepared for them by the Navy. This told them of a Cooling breezes off the Mediterranean in summer Days on end of glorious Sunshine the gaiety of a Taverna by the sea Rand the Basic goodness of the greek people a the new assured the pamphlet a has worked cooperatively with american representatives in Greece and the u. S. Citizens stationed in the country Are very courteously the greek dictatorship indeed is delighted to tighten its ties with the United states by inviting the sixth Fleet to make Athens its Home away from Home. But the greek people have some unpublicized misgivings. Both the u. S. Embassy and Navy have picked up quiet rumblings from individual greeks who Are apprehensive Over the Impact the naval invasion will have on greek life. There is an underlying hostility to the appearance of american sailors particularly Blacks in the a quiet neighbourhoods. Dirty americans a some athenians Quot claimed one written protest a Are already Selling their Seaside Homes because they want to have nothing to do with negro or White americans who May live nearby. A these athenians judge from a few supposedly select military personnel already serving at the american base in Athens who Are foul dirty noisy and in Short barbarous who threaten to resort to violence when asked by neighbors to respect Basic rules on quietness and other protesters have charged that Black servicemen have brought violence to european communities where they re stationed that the influx of thousands o americans will in up rents and prices and that the american warships will pollute the seashore. A typical tenant complained that his Landlady raised his rent from 1,500 to 2.500 by Jack Anderson drachmas <$50 to $75 with the explanation a a Young american lady is already waiting outside to take Over if you the Navy selected Athens As a Home base for the sixth Fleet at the same time it was pretending to study other possible Sites. Five months after the Navy had decided upon Athens a cover up Story was issued saying italian ports were still under construction. This w As intended to Calm criticism that the 1 states favored a dictatorship. This Little finesse was discovered by reps. Ben Rosenthal in. A. And Lee Hamilton d-ind., chairmen of the House european and Mideast subcommittees which have been investigating u. S. Relations with the greek dictatorship. Misleading poll they also discovered that the state department tried to mislead them about a controversial Gallup poll taken in Athens about greek fondness for the United states. Assistant state Secretary David Abshire informed the two congressmen that a 1970 poll by a Gallup affiliate sponsored by the state department found that greek respect for the United states had gone up since the greek dictatorship came to Power. A about one third of the persons polled in 1970 indicated an increase in their respect for the United Abshire told the congressmen. A total of 70 per cent he said had a Good opinion of the United states. Rosenthal sent a staff member to the department to examine the poll and bring Back a copy. However it was stamped he was allowed to see it because he had a Security clearance but he Wasny to permitted to make a copy. Actually the poll had been declassified months earlier. A greek exile journalist Demetr Copoulos obtained a copy not Only of the controversial poll but of a covering state department memorandum for us. A the Reader is warns the memo a to interpret the findings with particular care because of a the possible influences of the present political climate in there May be a some hesitancy on the part of the Athens Public to express controversial opinions a added the memo. A some anti american attitudes might be in other words greeks May have been afraid to answer the questions honestly for fear of government retaliation. This caveat was omitted from the information supplied to the two congressmen. Not until my associate Les Whitter called Abshire did he straighten out the misinformation. He got off an immediate letter to the congressmen explaining that his previous response had contained a a serious a neither i nor my staff were aware of the warning that the poll might not be accurate he wrote. He asked the congressmen to a please accept my defenceless by Ernest Cuneo North american newspaper Alliance Washington a Ever since Ferdinand Magellan set foot on philippine soil on March 26. 1521, the worlds great Powers have tried to gain control of the strategically based islands. Spain held control for about 300 years mostly thanks to the efforts of the roman Catholic Church which moved in quickly after Magellan screw reported on the existence of the islands and converted most of the filipinos to catholicism. Serious revolt broke out in 1870. Led by Emilio Aguinaldo. Spain put Down the revolt after fierce fighting but it sprang up again in even fiercer dimensions in 1897. Spain Stop this one. However. Before it could be put Down the revolt it was embroiled in a he War. The United states enlisted Aguinaldo Aid in defeating the spaniards apparently promising to turn the islands Over to him after the War was won. On May i. 1898, the u. S. Fleet wiped out the Spanish Fleet at the Battle of Manila Bay and a subsequent peace treaty was signed in Paris. The United states received Possession of the islands for which Spain received $20 million in return. Aguinaldo returned to assume Power in the islands but found that any promises he May have received were no longer valid. The United states would now Rule the Philippines. A new revolt started on feb. 4. 1899, when Aguinaldo and his guerrillas attacked Manila. It was a Savage War. When it ended in March 1901. 4.000 americans and 20.000 filipinos had lost their lives. But the United states was now in full and firm control of the Philippines. The United states at once instituted local elected democracy built roads and opened schools. Today the philippine people Are More than 80 per cent literate highest in the Orient. By 1907, the United states instituted a philippine Assembly by 1920, the Philippines had virtual Home Rule and by 1934. Commonwealth status. Full Freedom was granted in 1947. The Philippines in the sea Road South to the incredible riches of the great islands of Indonesia and Java were the Center of 20th-Century Power plays from the first. Before the United states entered Aguinaldo asked help of a japanese Admiral. It was declined. At that time Japan had bigger fish to Fry. It had annihilated the chinese Fleet at the Battle of the Yola it had still to obliterate the russian Fleet at the Battle of Tsushima Straits. But Japan watched the Pacific with a jealous Eye it growled deeply when the United states took Over Hawaii. It was not Japan however but Germany which showed the mailed fist when the United states took Over the Philippines. Great Britain was utterly delighted Whitehall imagined and indeed successfully contrived a British american japanese sea Alliance holding the rim of Asia. Naturally enough the Kaiser a expanding Germany did t like this one bit. So hardly had victorious u. S. Admiral George Dewey a flagship Olympia cast Anchor when into Manila Bay sailed a German Fleet of Superior firepower. And hardly did it heave to when there appeared off Corregidor her Brittany majesty Queen victorians Asiatic Squadron. Kaiser Wilhelm who was far better at counting guns than his blessings apparently counted the combined British american guns and counted it a Blessing to be Able to get out rapidly. The United states thereupon entered into one of the most ambivalent and unique imperialism of All time. Its missionary teachers a the to masites who took their name from the transport on which they arrived the u s s. Thomas had schoolhouses flourishing in no time. During the american Rule. The average life expectancy in the Philippines Rose from 16 to 46 years. As the Philippines were a Colony of the United states the various provinces of the Philippines were colonies of the Manila Federal government. The philippine president controls the budget. From earliest times the first duty of any filipino is deemed to be his family. Taking Public funds for relatives is deemed not Only proper but not to take care of ones friends and relatives is regarded As unthinkable. As one filipino president declared a politics is by professed Western standards therefore. Philippine politics Are corrupt beyond description. All of this however is beside the Point and the Point is that the Philippines Are no More Able to defend themselves now than they were when the British american German japanese naval showdown took place after the Battle of Manila in 1896 now the United states is pulling out. Great Britain is gone. Germany is gone. This leaves the Philippines to either red China by land guerrillas or Japan by sea. O Wahr no i. Quot writing sermons marrying people counselling folks sometimes i feel like chucking it All and becoming a Jesus Freak Graffiti f m Syfu at in a

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