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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 11, 1972, High Point, North Carolina 4c High Point Enterprise wednesday oct. La 1972 Back in the Saddle again Rosq staubach its Muju amp Ftp in. La fee i stalled Craig to amp to Gate can Dallas ride to super bowl slow play irritates most professionals Napa Calif. Nea that old Debbie television is getting blamed again. The Issue now is slow play on the Golf course during professional tournaments. A a there a not a round goes by a says Bob Lunn the big Bear of a Man who swats a Ball As far As Jack Nicklaus a when the foursome in a playing in does t Start talking about How Long it takes to play a and How ifs getting longer All the since a pro like Lunn plays some 35 tournaments a year and plays four rounds each tournament plus pro ams that Means at least 150 discussions devoted to the predisposition of some players to linger endlessly Over the Pellet before striking it. And All the time we thought the rapping Between players during a round entered either on the sexual proclivities of the snug panted blonde behind the fifth Green or the pronation of the wrists to fade a shot with just the right calibration on a tree laced Dogleg right. So where does television fit into this act a it a says Johnny Miller with shining Bright eyes and Cotton hair one of the rising Young stars a is where they All learn to play slow. A the Young kids coming up they be been watching All the big names of Golf fussing Over their shots playing it real slow. So they figure that a the Way to do it any discussion of slow play leads naturally to Nicklaus who has often been accused of dawdling and has this habit of standing interminably Over his putts. A actually a says Miller a Jack Isnit one of the slow ones. Besides it does no to matter with him. He s always playing in the last foursome on the course Johnny grins tightly. The dictates of to always save the Best for last and since Nicklaus is generally leading the Pace of his play Isnit going to affect the Field. Lunn and Miller tuning up for the Kaiser open at Silverado As the Days of the tour dwindle Down for �?T72, Are genuinely concerned about the effect of slow play on the popularity of their game. They Are ironically part of the Tours younger generation whom they themselves have pin pointed As the major culprits. Lunn is 27 Miller is 25. A but we a says Johnny a Are already from a different Era than the Guys coming out of College now. Why i remember playing the National juniors in two hours and 15 minutes. That a because when we Learned to play Golf we afford to pay those Green fees so we had to sneak on the course Early in the morning before anybody got there or play late in the afternoon and we had to Hustle no one has to push the old timers like Doug Ford and Julius Boros. They just step up and hit the Ball. So does Lee Trevino. Of course a wily Gray head like Doug Sanders in t above slowing up his game to psyche an opponent. He played a to match with Miller and Johnny is convinced that Sanders deliberately twiddle Between taps to so slow on 5-c Dallas Texas Nea a would you want to turn Over the direction of your $15 million business to the Blithe spirit of Craig l. Morton now people think of Craig one of those tall sprouts from the Sunshine state of California. As Man pounded Down by adversity bogged in a morass of mediocrity ego bruised and personality negligent. So Here he is again starting quarterback for the Dallas cowboys super champions in quest of another title. As recently As this past March Craig descended from an aerie in the mountains of Colorado where he had retreated to reflect upon his future and indulge in some surreptitious skiing and put in a Call to Dallas collect to Tell coach Tom Landry that yes he would be Content to stay with the cowboys. Last year he relinquished the role of starting quarterback to Roger staubach and retreated to stoicism. But a quarterback approaching 30 has to do some self assessment when he has lost his Job and the cowboys were sympathetic. They indicated if Craig Felt head rather take his suspect skills to another team they a oblige him. A i thought about it a admits Craig a a a maybe for a month after the super bowl in which his successor the scrambling staubach steered Dallas to Victory. But it was never serious. You see in a convinced it takes two Good quarterbacks to win a super bowl. A i also Felt if i could have a Strong Arm i could compete with Roger. You see the Layoff last year did me Good. A also in be never been with any other pro team but the cowboys. I done to want to go anyplace it had taken Craig four years of apprenticeship to convince the cowboys he was equipped to play first string quarterback and then he Only got the Chance by default when Dandy Don Meredith discovered his Long suit was mouthing Bon Mots Over the air instead of in the huddle. For a couple of years Craig was the Field Leader and even got the cowboys As far As the super bowl in 1970. That was the year he also Laboured with a separated shoulder and an excruciatingly painful Elbow and had to get both surgically repaired. In the super bowl loss to Baltimore he was the Goat of an interception in the closing seconds which led to the Colts winning Field goal. Besides his Downs and ups As a player Craig a tenure in Dallas has been volatile for other occurrences. Some Guys Are Accident prone. Craig is incident prone. He has been apprehended by gendarmes at three of clock in the morning for stopping on a freeway to perform a natural earthy function. He was caught Skinny dipping in a local Pond also at three in the morning. Not alone by the Way. Somehow these reports done to quite jibe with the Placid soul of Craig Morton who can be gentle almost to a fault in the Milieu of his profession and who reacts with the same listlessness whether he has been sacked by a Tigeris defensive end or has thrown a touchdown pass to Bob Hayes. He Breaks a huddle with All the verve of a death Row prisoner taking his last walk. But the cowboys have him and he a their Man momentarily to put them on the route to super bowl Chi a Ever since Roger staubach took one step too Many in an exhibition game against the los Angeles rams and got his shoulder busted. Until staubach returns to full duty in maybe another month the Reliance is on Craig. A it Calls for a reshaping a admitted Tom Landry the computerized coach of the cowboys who matches Morton in excitability level. A your championship season was built on Roger As a scrambling quarterback no doubt about it. Craig a a different Type. It affects the nature of our either Way Tom still Calls the signals on every play via tight end messengers. Choosing the plays is a chore once delegated to Morton but no More. A a we be gotten Good results this Way for two years a says Landry. A Why change a Craig himself shrugs a we use the same plays we be always had. I done to think anything a Only his Job status. Sale ends saturday Carolina tire company lowest prices Ever on fir year poly Las its fantastic but its True you can buy the nations most popular tire at below off Brand prices save from 55.80 to 71.80 Power Belt poly Las Whitewall it takes too Long to play a round of Golf pros John Miller l and Bob Lunn contend is Namath s image for real by Joan Ryan Joe Namath a prude i believe it. Like Many of americans sports nuts i had read and believed in Joe Namath a image. The press had me convinced that this Young Man lived a 36 hour Day As the most swinging Bachelor who Ever suited up for football. I believed that a giant Tole Board would be required to tally his conquests. I believed that he garbled with Johnny Walker red to Wake up in time for practice i believed that his phones were tapped by Pope Pete because his friends were unsavoury characters. But when i heard him confess to Merv Griffin that he jolting Joe Namath super Jet had declined editor Helen Gurley Brown s offer t o appear in the Buff As cosmopolitan magazines first Centrefold nude i did a double take. Horrors Burt Reynolds was a second Choice. Joe lowered his eyes modestly As he explained his decision. A i just see it. I mean i like the picture they made but i see it for i know that Joe did no to like the popular Broadway play a i thought it was a dirty show a he had said. But somehow i see him passing up a Chance to recline on his famous Llama Rug stripped for arts Sake. I mean he took it All off for that razor Blade commercial. I called Dick Schaap Joe a ghostwriter for his autobiography a i can to wait until tomorrow a cause i get better looking every Day a to see if he thought Joe had fallen out of character when he refused is. Brown. A a Joe a not an exhibitionist a said Schaap primly. A the has a moral code like everyone else. The Only difference Between Joe Namath and other football players is that Joe is totally honest about what he if All this makes it seem there is a Whitewash Joe Namath cult creeping across the land it certainly Hasni to hit Bill Glass yet. Bill Glass a defensive end for Detroit and Cleveland before he retired to run an evangelistic group in the Southwest is hard at work beating the underbrush for evil. And Joe Namath is one of his targets. In a pulpit Type interview with a san Francisco newspaper preacher Glass who was Joshin Gly called a Elmer Gantry by less pious teammates during his playing Days said. In effect a Joe Namath should be concerned with setting an example for Young boys who try to copy the football heroes. And i done to think that living with an unmarried woman is a Good image for an athlete to that Namath had settled on one woman married or unmarried was news to me. And maybe if Bill had kept his revelation quiet it would have escaped the notice of a few million boys who emulate the lifestyles of football players As reported by the press. Schaap Pooh poohed Bill a charge. A i know Joe does have a Girlfriend. She a a very successful new York girl. But they have separate apartments at least at times they and he gave a Devilish laugh. But then Joe and his associates Are masters of the suggestive phrase As a defense of his flamboyant super stud image. Maybe they re afraid the Public will find out that Joe Namath is really Asse Namath on 5-c George p. 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