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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 11, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Age four Sec. Bite men Point Enterprise Piedmont enter of Industry a Hatch to invt. North Carolina wednesday october la 193i Haring i1 Law in Sibalic far Heek nil a a a e and there Bison Drill hard for Greensboro tilt rec. Friday night Battle first in Chapel Hill saturday like has a Lovely football team in fact one of the love jut some of the boys Are going to lose their shirts this by giving Pitt two or three touchdowns. Done to forget itt is still Tough. Food note the National Dairy ii w Hose business is to push the Sale of Dairy pro i recounts with All seriousness that a butter diet sent Shams Baltimore outfielder batting average up 235 to .313 in one season. Pass the butter Pappy the Sedgefield Hunt is listed with All the rest of the int clubs in a the chronicle a the Huntsman a Organ is published in Middleburg a. Tally to. They longer worried about a a How to keep them Down on Irma in Maine. Their problem is to keep the Bull in the Woods. The big animals have been leaving goods and invading villages in Northern Maine and on i occasions a three Day open season was ordered to them out. A this is the answer for Bill Terry a indiscreet and oils a Are the dodgers in the league a Larry Mac ii disowned in new spam i that tailed let it list tin its Iii t Tir league standing now ii wants to know Hants Are in the league. Yeh they re there but be the reds. So what. Just saw an old head a reds Bank on hidden Power.�?�. I a. Mal Lens who coaches the v v i football team for his id and Beans even goes further. His 225-Pound in Bill Helmcke was suffering from a knee injury season. He underwent an operation to strengthen a this season Aid the surgeon was or. Mal Stevens a rueful he. Another football minded Medico Llu a or \ i. 1ii1.1 is invented the Minnesota shift Way in 1909, and won eight big ten championships be retiring to practice Medicine. In conference shifts May be made Iii present High Point Iii Eli school Backfield by Bill Currie or. Coach june Scott is working the Black Bison into a lighting scrapping unit in preparation for the locals opening of their Western conference d rive against the present champions the purple whirlwind of Greensboro Friday night. The local Backfield composed of Hussey hucks Short and Homey although it has performed creditably in the past May be in for a major change. This a still a doubtful fact. However the Bison mentors Are rumoured to be considering a change in the Backfield and also one in the line that will prove to strengthen the Bison offence and defensive Power greatly. Some official announcement in regard to this Range is expected to be forthcoming in the Days still remaining before the Tussell. Yesterday afternoon the Bison went through some plays that have just been added to the Bison list of offensive thrusts and these new additions Are said to he of a nature new to the Bison. That is they will not be so much of the dazzle dazzle Typo for which the Bison have become famous. The scr Stimage that the locals took yesterday afternoon marked the first since the he s big trouble maker for Carolina mid a i 4v Nav Ber encounter. The Bison came 1 1 through last weeks fracas pretty e is an athletic Skeleton banging around in a local Wen except for Frank Amick How do we know Well some brass hats called in a a who writes some items and told him that hereafter Borts would have to be censored by them the brass there a something about the place Quot we done to want to he papers a they naively explained. A come on and Well probably find out anyway. Cd get Mem Ive 39. There Are now 1800 skeet clubs in Amer spared with Only three such organizations in 1926. Ready for the War me be. Paul Derringer and a key Are going Hunting together this w inter. The Cin red chunked growled a a wait la i get him in the. With my that a one Way of break Yankees. Bisher says that Stirnweiss is better George Caf ego and Down at Furman i hey say they i t Trade Roten Shetley for the Volunteer one Man i he states most prominent sports w Riter muffed inuit Thi morning. He got ii letter asking an inflation of this play a team a kicks off the Ball into the end zone without being touched by any b player team a player comes Down fast and rein Hall. What is the ruling a. The scribbler. That s simply a Touchback and the Ball is Yghi out to the 20-Yard line and Given to team b.�?�. I sort of suspected it was an error but i always i tin plumber when the pipes get stopped up. Bunn Iney one of Dixie a finest football officials was the Iber in this Case. And the answer is far from in Imback. A a it a a tour n Down a Bunn says. And it its As much As if the Ball had been carried Over. Uro Linn shorts who suffered a broken leg. This will Lessen the reserves for the 1 left end Post however the indl-1 cation now is Mijat the Bison j May have a new face in their lineup at this position when they line up against the whirlwind. The Forward Wall of the locals j will be in the Best shape of the j season this week and will be j the deciding Factor in the game j since the Bison offence is Fine and the defense will determine i whether the locals can make a 1 bid for Western conference honors this year or not. Sports Roundup by Rudik Biti it new York oct. La up a Charley Keller will be among the first four hitters in baseball next year for any amount you want. Judge Vav. G. Bramham the minor league Czar lost his brother it Mason c. Bramham of Newburgh n. A Tho Day before the worlds series say the wildest ride in the world is the 78-mlle dash from a tul be afternoon game in new Orleans to a l. S. Ii. Night game in Baton Bouge. One of the give i pm parser in hip country big cd Boell will pitch for new York Ulve Zolty Ami George Stirnweiss will hurl for not the Carolina again when the intersect tonal rivals clash at t Hap i Mph october 11, in what should la one of the greatest Aerial Battle of the season. Bord who weigh Isol and also pit Lien for the Violet nine Mills Home j a a completed is of Ith passes in two seasons at v y. I. For the amazing record of Vogt or cent completion. New York i. Just threw 14 Aerial at Carolina last car with Hoell completing la of its it hut Stirnweiss who will Duel with the new work Star this year hit Tim Hull s Eye Oxer the goal where Hoed did not and Carolina won 7 to 0 Aerial Heel. Hallie for % nil Violet it Iaroli a w ill fit 8tiru-Wcis. And Lalanze against de Buell Pel Hil. Ort. La North will carry into its inter-1 Headliner with n y. C Pel Hill saturday one of St impressive punting a Ever compiled by a tar even. Not one but f Carolinas Hooters will in v a me with a better 0-Yard average. At Harry Junkie hard hit it Pound s Pho More full setting the Pace with a .3 average a total of 370 in Only eight hoots. George Stirnweiss who d out of the Virginia tech be to injuries but who la Start against the new ranks second with a 43.7. Slimy has totalled is on seven attempts. Reel Lianne brings up the h a Cool 41 6 Yard aver thing 02 4 Yards on 15 the tar heels will need toys for n. Y. A s nig cd tag just As powerful a toe in a hand. The Violet who is More noted for uses averaged 4 5 Vard on pts in the opening game Holgate recently. Or. Evens evidently Felt the yay about Buell an coach Alf did about Stirnweiss in last weekend for he allowed who was Hurt in the i game to play Only five k against p. M a. Watched the entire game with Virginia tech from the sidelines. Sweet Atlantic in already putting in a Strong hid for High scoring Honor in the Southern conference this season ,. The handsome i in mind quarterback understudy to general Stirnweiss a scored five touchdowns in three games Ami is Only six Points behind Carolinas High individual total of Tel made by halfback George badman last schmon., High individual scorer in the Southern conference for tin Pant two Scorton Lias been v I colourful Paul Situ hut the Cadet Star has been slowed up it injuries this fall and is lagging ,. Wake Forest bed m Arite try who led the scorers prior to last saturday s games is still High Man wit Hill mini. Miry Berry made twit of Wake forests five touchdowns in the 88-0 rout of University of Miami Friday night. A y. U. Which invades the South for the first time since 1933 to play North Carolina at Chapel Filiti saturday in one of the intersection Al attractions of the week. Used a total of 50 men in trouncing Pennsylvania military College 43-0 last saturday. After rolling up four touchdowns in the first half coach Mal Stevens used his second third and fourth elevens and part of a fifth team against the pennsylvanians during the second half. There is an epidemic of he Hal nose on the Campus of Man Diego state College. Benson ism carnage lie hoax weight fighter has enrolled a a freshman and has i men handed the Job of boxing coach. The Yankee double play combination of Joe Gordon and Frank Cro Quot Cutti will get lots of footage in the new american league film Lew Fonseca is shooting ,. Lew says its the Best double play duo lie s seen since Roger Peckin Paugh and Sanley Harris were in their prime at Washington. There Are three sets of Brothers in this year s Nebraska squad Sam and cd so Hartkopf and Ray and Boh and Royal Hauler Sara and Jerome Prochaska. N. Y. Scouts report North Carolina is tougher than in four years. Rich Mon i. To it. La tiie Clish of urn Lefe ill be n Roluna in d new be irk i n Chi y too Ballie am at cd ape i in. C., is it Utu a will brag to the to 0 of he Ding aet to p 0 Post f to in a East a ii Tidi Hie. Georg 0 1 if i in we lid i Lalanne Art Auk de an u j 4&Quot a emus a 8 toss in in the them c one Nice t my it t m i i Cli 5 % i w our la is h nil t h s tit til year around t hese Binu y. A s Pas sit in a be is by g f be a Ell who comply Ted i 4 t if a 1 i Olds 17 of Terhi a add i a Jiye i in the e the r Hee a w oni �?�0 while pol Ishing the or Pata cd. Tiie i a he Els h ave been Ompha six ing a -9 d r the fourth me Etin g wit h Tivi Olds. It w ill the fit St n 1 a trip soul h sine 6 i 93 3. C or we a is i my f rank o h Tull w i the l Ala at unite r i in Yeste Day s Drill Duke s Blie Dev los Wio trav to Pitts Burg h Ano the Mona Misi it in. I have Iso i concentrating t in d dense Higa in tin pan t he n rum and p As int i Gam e. Tiie shut id rail it w a rid son Friday at Davidson a i i a Quot rim in age was planned today i against a freshman team running a meet it cd pin be. I Carl Givler worked at guard i for Wake Forest in place of the injured Louis Trunzo. Marshall i cd w Are s and Tony Gallovich a1 Ternate i at halfback with John i j to i Ansi i red Mayberry and Jim j Kinggo d in the no. I Backfield j i As the deacons drilled for n. I state. Protection of the kicker i on Pun t plays came in for con-1 i Sld Erab e attention at state five j i Wolf a k punts were blocked last i saturday y furn Tan went Back to Funda i mental in preparing for a con i Ference i n Quot t l Quot ii 1 debut at the Citadel. Football fans Carolina meets n. Y. U. Saturday afternoon and state Wake Forest at Nite Charlotte oct. La. A up a preparatory activities today indicated saturdays big five football Chapel Hill Raleigh doubleheader might product some of the seasons most daring Gridiron tactics. Aerial fireworks appeared in store at the state University As coach Ray Wolf strengthened his air defences against n. Y. A s vaunted passing game and at the same time tutored his charges in adding receptiveness to their own overhead Maneu vers. He warned that de Boell of the violets ii one of the games great passers. Stirnweiss Lalanne Radman and of Hare were doing most of the tossing for the tar heels. Polish attacks Wake Forest and n. State polished running attacks for their night contest at Raleigh with Mayberry Gallovich and Polanski showing the Best form for the deacons and Rooney. Fehley and Pavlovsky shining for the Wolf pack Carl giver was at guard for the baptists in place of the injured Louis Trunzo. Coach Newton at state worked overtime correcting the weakness in state a punting. Failure to protect the punter caused five a pack boots to j be blocked fully or partially last wreck by Clemson. Dukes Blue devils got a lengthy workout on pass Defenso and running plays to use against Pittsburgh in the Smoky City. Pitt offensive Maneu vers Wei a Given another thorough going revived red Mayberry a attempted punt to set up the Stag for Over with the freshman team c Arolina s fifth touchdown. A Liloth Roke through frequently j running the Panther plays the to smear Citadel and Virginia tech backs for losses ranging 11 cd was in Good physical confront two to nine Yards. He prepped at Oak Ridge. Cd 11 Ion and a a expected to be in top form for Dick Cassiano and company. The team will entrain thursday for Pittsburgh. Wildcats Drill at Davidson the wildcats worked at a fast Pace for Friday a encounter with South Carolina at the Sumter 8.c a county fair. A Frosh outfit using Gamecock plays gave the varsity considerable trouble. Passes were flipped with abandon by the a cats on offence indicated coach Gene Mcever will rely mainly on the throwing Arm of Granny Sharpe. Neither the cats nor the Birds have tasted Victory so far this season. Chief trouble maker among the Reserve linemen on the University of North Carolina squad this season is Bill Farrcloth of Clinton a who understudied Asheville Roy Abernethy jr., at right guard. A Sophomore Faircloth turned in three Hue defensive performance in the Citadel Wake Forest and Virginia tech games. In the Wake Forest contest he blocked and re sex traffic cop Bowser laments now Navy coach Pitt s reserves Bison soccer team wins 4-1 open Guilford w till Triumph Guilford i nil league Over swede Firson did t see middies Blay single Home game last fall by John To hover Annapolis. Md., Ort la a i pm move Over Cinderella you be got company a major ornery k. Swede Larson jumped from directing football traffic in 1938 to head coat h of Navy football in 1939. Last year Marly killed the swede. He commanded the in s. Marine detachment at the naval Academy. The marines direct stadium traffic on football saturdays. Larson s duties As Boss traffic cop kept him from seeing ii Home game. The picture of the modern coach As a cold blooded big Bastile Man calculating a a Pawn Looker bears no resemblance to the big Marine. Larson at a1 football game is a whirling Dervish with the itch. He fakes j his football hard. He a a unorthodox As a fan dancer in red flannel underwear. It s a coaching convention to i moan about prospects. I Irson startled the fraternity by announcing his Prospect were swell and his material tops. He j More afraid than of out Hon coach worries about Fame i till Blue Devil saturday to by John Campbell Pittsburgh. Lid of under Confidence or Confidence. He gave St weights on his head i take her Bowling a he la Killjoy it too make a Bowling a a Date your wife or sweetheart will enjoy it a much a you do. Take her to the Arcade amusement company a Friendly alleys. Free instructions to beginner. Arcade amusement company Aiu add building Harold Scherwitz san Antonio Tex Light a of Ruif Page headline scream a Latvia signs with Rod a. He can All we Hope i Pittsburgh tomorrow after the return of Junie b running Star at a amp he Nguoi Lee cheered the general in preparation for South we Captain Paul Shu and son s injuries were reported re v. M. I. Backfield Hamp hop and i heir a Stern Helby 1y for cd by it linemen. Most coaches surround Bem Eal the Magazine. Ring accepted authority on boxing will say in tis next Issue that contrary to the opinion of referee Benny Leonard and a Washington judge. Harry Jeffra was the Winner of that featherweight title match with Joey Archibald to Days ago. Tom so Ope of the Cincinnati Post has a stiff neck from taking Hows for the Way he handled the press at the world s series. Nifty est arrangements Ainee 1936 when this Bureau began bouncing about. ,. Plans Are afoot to have Jack Dempsey and Joe Louis demonstrate their favorite blows against each other for the movies. Pat Cobiakey is being groomed for a Winter bout with Johnny Paychek. The Oiler Day East High school of Green Hay is., xxx on its Duilid fool Hall game Iii a Row. Its a new Wisconsin record hut what they want to know out there i How far they be go logo to heat the National High school Mark. Best one xxx ran find is 80 straight and still going at orb neb., High. Of you Knox a a Heller Streak drop ii a line injuries were reported ready for heavy work again As the key dets made ready for Vanderbilt. Dewitt Arrowsmith South Carolina fullback who was also a september casualty will make his first appearance against do fur it look like fat High is going on xxx inning forever. A a a. Tommy Richardson president of the Eastern league is one of the Best after dinner speakers and masters of ceremonies in the country. No charge for the and Butch the worst n. State has Ever Defeated Wake Forest in football was 76-0 in 1908, although the Wolf pack took a 7 2-0 Victory in 1914. Wake forests greatest margin Over state was 21-0 in 1918. The Deacon baseball Mentor John Caddell was Mascot of the 1908 outfit. Coach Sam Smiths 1939 edition of the Black Bison soccer squad opened their Guilford league race yesterday by taking a decisive Victory from the fight ing eleven of Guilford. 4-1. Displaying a Superior punch from the first the lot Al marched Down the Field four times in Quick succession to score on the hapless Guilford a a Harry land i and Carl Bailey stood out on the owner is taken unexpectedly defense while Williamson Hedrick and Surratt were outstand Baltimore oct. La. ,4�?T> a my on the offence. Williamson ral Farr 62, the turf Man who paced the locals when he scored owned a Derby Winner but said two of the four goals. He liked the insurance business the local Reserve Power is better than racing died unix greater than it was last year or pointedly last night. Ives with a Dock of assistants. I a soil Cut his staff to three. Larson was picked on Walter amps second All America team at Center in 1921, the year he j captained Navy. 1920 Kentucky Derby Winner t. up a Chunky Charley Bowser who took Over or John Bain Sutherland a Job As head coach of i itts Golden panthers insists he inherited also the Reserve double that plagued the scots a a dream team last fall. A a Lack of Reserve Gist worry a he commented after Pill licked West Virginia. 20-0. A a we ouly have one quarterly k a Why do you know i had halfback calling signals when Ben Kish came a but coach you used 30 Meu nearly three full so but most of them did no to go in until the last few Minuter perhaps we seemed to be using lots of subs but they were the same boys running in and Pitt plays Duke Here saturday in what is regarded As the first real test for both one of the Days Fop contests. The local betting fraternity j sprung a mild Surprise by installing Duke at Only 7 to amp to cop the verdict. Earlier Odds of As High or two to one on the southerners had been mentioned. Wake Forest has not beaten n. State College in football Ainey 1936. The Deacon edged out a is our big-19-0 Triumph. State won the 1937 contest 20-0 and 1938, 19-7. An ordinance to prohibit parking on Wmk Kast Side of North Wrenn Street la e t w k k n w Ashington and fire station no. I wildcats misled by Fine press notices be it ordained by the City Council of the City of High Point Section i. That it shall be unlawful for any person firm or corporation to Park an automobile or other vehicle on the East Side of North we Renn Street Between teams and Washington Street and fire station no. I. Section 2. That any person firm or corporation found guilty of violating the provisions of this ordinance shall be fined the sum of 15.00. Section s. That this ordinance shall be in full Force and effect is by Law provided. By order of City Council october 4, 1939. Lois Wei born City clerk. 10-11 any time in the immediate St. Astel hucks and Davis owed great Promise of he cont a real varsity contenders for regular position. The lineup Williamson in n it t Steele r. Hedrick Hullo or in of in i. Rich la of of a a a Frazier a Hedrick a Nance a Brown a Saunders land substitutions hucks. Davis Hassell parrs Black White and red Silks the oldest Active colors registered with the new York jockey club were up when Paul Jones won the Kentucky Derby and the Belmont suburban in 1920. Rut Parr once said a my horses Are nothing More than hobbles. What in a chiefly interested in is my so. A. A ass a we. Wake Forest and n. State. This week s opponents have met on the Gridiron 31 times since 1907, the Wolf pack holds a de Evanston ii. Oct. pm there in t a newspaper clipping in a Carload of Northwestern University football players these Days. The wildcats touted As potential National champions and co favorite for the big ten title Learned saturday from a Strong Oklahoma team that the game is played on the Field and now Here else. Elsp pointed As he was Over the showing of his team. Coach Lynn Waldorf figures the team May Settle Down now Aud give the remainder of their opponents a real tussle the first of which is Ohio state in a game at Columbus saturday. Quot i guess the players Are conduced now they can to gain by newspaper Waldorf said. A statistics show we lost cited margin of Victory Over the 50 Yards on running plays which Wake deacons 22 wins against 7 losses. Two games ended in 0-0 deadlocks. Means poor blocking the worst i Ever saw since i came to Soili Tia Iii Irbit i rid or a i in Joe v by Hugh s. Fullerton or. New York oct. La. Of a i Ninpha against other sections. Looking at things entirely from then there have been such equal the intersection Al Angle this is Likely to be about the biggest week of the 1939 football season and another one which will enhance the prestige of Southern football. On a percentage basis Southern teams still Are below the .500 Mark in their major encounters with Northern rivals hut in the matter of glory they re tops and apparently headed still higher. Duke Over Colgate Alabama Over Fordham la. State Over holy Cross. Mississippi state Over a Kansas and Vanderbilt Over re have been major Southern Tri a Stirnweiss and Jim Lalanne Fig by amazing affairs As he close scores of Georgia tech against notre Dame and Furman Centre and Virginia which did no to figure to win at All against army and Navy. This week s program looks like much the same sort of stuff although the East figures to get off to a head Start when Boston College apparently powerful though sheer Power still untried faces twice beaten i to Furman Florida on thursday. North Carolina with a wealth of Fine backs including those a touchdown twins Quot George urea to have the Best of new York University. Fordham does no to appear Strong enough Tulane at new Orleans the rams have been a one track team without the line to make their Power plays effective. Duke invading the North state should have a whale of a tussle and Texas a. And m., Apio Stop i patently the strongest of the so far i Southwest conference teams May get a real argument from Villa Nova s powerful outfit. Southern methodist which has t shown a great Deal yet is a Good posse should be Able to tackle Pitt s Billy to upset notre Dame which panthers at least on even terms has had two close squeaks so far. Although the game should differ i Texas Christian dethroned Cham vastly from last year s test of j pions Likely will find a Long trip Georgia off its loss Isnit quite Good enough to handle holy Cross unless All those injury stories from Worcester Are True. Bringing the Southwest into the argument Rice and Louisiana and a fairly Good Temple team too much to overcome. Another great tussle May he that Between Texas Winner of two important intersection Al games so far. And Oklahoma which tied s. M. U. And trimmed Northwestern. An ordinance authorizing try designation of area it on certain it keets of the itty of High Point As a play a re a Quot. Be it ordained by the Council of the City of High Point Section i. That the City manager be Aud he hereby is authorized to Issue orders designating areas of certain streets of the City of High Point As a play areas provided that no play area shall he designated on any of the principal streets or thoroughfare of the City. Section 2. That adequate signs shall be placed erected or installed indicating any Street or part thereof As a play Street or area and no person shall drive a vehicle upon any Street or portion thereof designated As a play area except Drivers of vehicles having business or whose residences Are within such closed area and then any such Driver shall exercise the greatest care possible in driving upon the said Street or portion thereof designated As a play area. Section 3. That no recreation or play shall be permitted in such area or areas As May be designated except w Here adequate provision i it made for watchmen at each end of the play area on the Street and under adequate supervision. Section 4. No such play arca shall be set apart and no play shall be permitted on any Street or part thereof except during Day Light. Section 6. That All ordinances or parts of ordinances in conflict with this ordinance Are hereby repealed. Section 6. This ordinance shall become effective from and after its passage As by Law provided. By order of City Council october 4, 1939 Luis Wei born City clerk. 10-11

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