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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 10, 1976, High Point, North Carolina On 1today show is. Walters successor will Start work soon by Jay Sharbutt a television writer Jane Pauley a whom millions now know Only As who a a starts monday As the new first lady of no cd so today a facing both viewers and inevitable comparisons to her predecessor Barbara Walters. Indeed this weeks Newsweek Magazine which has a picture of miss Walters on its cover Calls miss Pauley a a an eerily look alike talk alike facsimile of her still miss Pauley 25, with Only four years in broadcast news the last year As a reporter and co Anchor at Abc owned a May in Chicago arrives virtually unknown to the National television audience. And viewers and to critics Alik Wili be making their Owr judgments on whether she is just a younger miss Walters when she starts her first regular a a today morning with Host Tom Brokaw. Producer Paul Friedman has her scheduled to join Brokaw 36, in an interview with sen. Walter f. Mondale d-minn., the democratic vice presidential candidate. She is also to interview James t. Farrell the novelist with Gene Shalit a a today arts critic. Its doubtful she will Ever interview the much interviewed miss Walters 44, who As the nation by now knows made her debut last monday As co Anchor with Harry Reasoner on the a Abc a evening miss Walters left a a today and Abc last Spring after 16 years. She exited in a Blaze of publicity that heated up again when she began her new Job. Miss Pauley whose a a today work will pay her about a tenth of the $1 million a year miss Walters is getting from Abc is one of six women Abc considered for the show after miss Walters departure. A native of Indianapolis ind., daughter of a food Salesman she began work in her Home town at station wish to in 1972, shortly after getting a political science degree from Indiana ask pay increase Raleigh a a proposal for a two step 20 per cent pay raise for teachers has been presented to a state Senate committee with a spokesman for a teachers organization saying he had a no apologies for a program heavy on or. A c. Dawson teacher association executive director presented the $300-million-plus pay hike request Friday As the first official step leading to possible general Assembly acceptance by next Spring. The request was for a an across the Board to per cent pay increase for All professional school personnel in each of the next two years. A another increment added to All established salary schedules. A a longevity increment added at both 20 and 25 years of service. High Point Enterprise sunday october to 1976 13a legalized gambling Atlantic City asking for casinos by Peter Mattiace associated press writer Atlantic City n j. A the Home of the Boardwalk the miss America pageant and monopoly. Atlantic City is asking new Jersey voters to approve a nov. 2 referendum that would allow Casino gambling in the City. Supporters say Only casinos can reverse the Long decay that has left the City a once gracious beachfront hotels virtually empty and the famous Boardwalk stripped of its strolling crowds. A group of City officials and business Leader Are running the committee to rebuild Atlantic City the focus of pro Casino efforts. Resorts International a Florida based corporation with hotels and a Casino in the Bahamas has contributed $50,000 to the committee and has spent another $50,000 on its own resorts International also has purchased the i Ooi room Chalfonte Hadden Hall hotel and announced plans to build a , $50 million hotel on the Boardwalk. Resort International has been under close Federal scrutiny because of alleged underworld connections. But no charges have Ever been filed against the company there is opposition to the gambling proposal and it is led by new Jersey churches. The largest group called a casinos no Dice a objects to Casino gambling on moral grounds and says that Atlantic City would become a Haven for underworld lawlessness if gambling comes to town a recent poll by the Eagleton Institute of politics at Rutgers University showed the november ballot measure has the support of 59 per cent of the states voters with 36 per cent against and 4 per cent undecided. Supporters say they done to want another Las vegas in Atlantic City. Rather they foresee a Monte Carlo like atmosphere to stimulate the sagging tourist and convention business and bring in new investment. A Atlantic City very sorely needs a Brand new attraction to add to the ones that Are remaining Quot said Albert a. Marks jr., executive officer of the miss America pageant and an investment banker Here. A i think Casino gambling will attract new capital Here which is perhaps the greatest need of All Quot he said mayor Joseph Lazarow cited the City s High unemployment rate which some contend approaches 25 per cent in Black neighbourhoods during the Winter in explaining Why he supports passage of the referendum. The decline of Atlantic City s convention business because of a loss of our first class hotel rooms is another reason for his support Lazarow said gambling would mean new hotels and More conventions. For Rhodesia plan pro Western by Arthur l. Gashon associated press writer Washington apr an american British plan to keep a Black ruled Rhodesia tied by Money and politics firmly to the West for a Long time emerged in some detail saturday. It was designed to insure that the failure of the Western Powers to counter soviet cuban intervention in neighbouring Angola is not repeated in the emerging new state of Zimbabwe the new name chosen by Blacks for Rhodesia. The plan according to diplomats of three key nations involved forms the dollars and cents costs of trying to induce Blacks and Whites in the break away British Colony to live and work together in what could become an Independent thriving Rhodesia after Power is transferred. It foresees the set up of an International consortium. Ultimately with Between $15 billion and $2 billion to spend for development Aid and other forms of support Over roughly the next generation. Helping the United states and Britain with projections and analyses of a Black ruled Independent Rhodesia s Likely needs have been the South africans although they have declined to contribute to the scheme they have provided the americans and British with their own View of what the country will need the moment leaders of the six million Blacks take Over command from Premier Ian Smiths regime which rests on the support of 270,000 Whites the american British plan which is Likely to have the backing of about a dozen industrialized pro Western nations will not be dumped on the negotiating table in Geneva oct 21 when talks for a rhodesian constitutional settlement Are formally opened by the British. Instead they will be kept ready for Momenta Tion if the conferees who will include Smith agree on the formation of an interim or caretaker government. This government will have the Job under a Black prime minister of leading the country through election to Independence no later than the fall of 1978. Thus it will be up to that interim government to ask its american and British sponsors for help. The scenario already will have been written american and British envoys will say in effect a yes we happen to have some ideas ready and Here they one British authority explained a we done to want to appear As if we Are thrusting our program of Aid and development Down the throats of the emerging new state of Here is the Way the International consortium will work according to american British anti South african informants a Between now and the Day an interim Black dominated rhodesian regime is formed the americans and British will rally pledges of support from Friendly nations which already have been sounded about their willingness to cooperate. They include besides the americans and British France West Germany Belgium Holland key scandinavian countries Japan Australia Canada new zealand. Most have agreed in principle to consider pitching in without committing themselves to precise amounts. A Between now and the time for decision various big companies will be asked to Ponder what they Are prepared to contribute toward a program of concerted Aid Trade and development. A the objective will be to raise anything Between $1.5 and $2 billion that would be available not Only for investment and development but essentially As one British authority put it to insure a a smooth transition from White to Black a parallel objective will be to encourage As Many As possible Rhodesia s White civil servants. Technicians Farmers and others with talents to stay on in the country not to quit As refugees in order to make their talents available so that the new state of Zimbabwe will have a fair Chance of an orderly transition. A senior British Diplomat summed up the Over All objective by recalling what British prime minister James Callaghan a statement last March 22 a Many african leaders have reiterated their Strong desire that those europeans who Are prepared to put their Faith in Rhodesia should remain in that he told parliament. A a settlement would go a very Long Way towards reconciling african aspirations and european Callaghan signalled about a year ago that Britain would be ready to pitch in with something like $100 million although not necessarily All at once Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger has estimated that the . Contribution could be in the Oater of $500 million which would require congressional approval. Officials who took part in a two Day meeting in Washington this week and will resume their talks in London next week have formulated a series of priorities that require financing. Beef import lid imposed by Ford Washington apr Little consumer Impact is expected from the limits on beef imports imposed by president Ford on saturday but farm experts Hope the move will be a help to cattle producers an agriculture department economist said that because of the Large Supply of beef on the Market the import restrictions should have Little or no effect on retail prices currently about 20 cents a Pound below last year s Levels. But he said he Hopes the quotas will help producers to sell their beef by eliminating at least a part of their Competition maos from Page i a the International equation pursuing Mao a policy of detente with the United states and the West it also suggests that Mao a line of opposition to the soviet Union is not about to be drastically hanged in the near future. This could have been part of tile bargain Madame to Hiang Ching s people struck with the moderates in agreeing to Hua. The possibilities for disruption which preceded Hua s selection As party chairman seemed immense at the time of Mao s death sept. 9 at the age of 82 Huas oration at Mao s funeral and last tuesday s address by foreign minister Chiao Kuan Hua to the United nations general Assembly gave no clues to the direction of the struggle Between the two party factions was taking but it did indicate that Hua was carrying on with Confidence. His personal political Triumph against Many Odds makes him a fascinating subject for chm watchers to study but the chinese have maintained More than usual secrecy about Hua s origins. Little is known of his life before the mid-1950s, when he gained Mao a attention by performing Well in Rural projects in the late chairman a Home province of Hunan. Nothing official has been said even about where he was born. 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