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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 10, 1974, High Point, North Carolina 4c High Point Enterprise thursday october to 1974 Cape Point tops for fishing the Point at Cape Hatteras was a wild scene. Hopkins lures were flying every which a Way. Fishermen were standing so close together in the crashing surf that they could have passed a wad of bubblegum too Yards Down the Beach without using their hands. A school of giant bluefish had moved in on Cape Point and the big choppers were hitting everything anybody threw out. Some of the fish were 18-20 pounds but most averaged about 12-14. Earlier there had been a few striped Bass around and some of those big Fellows were undoubtedly pushing 50 pounds though nobody landed one that Large. One is tempted to Call it a typical late fall or Winter Day at Cape Hatteras but that a not True. Not even Hatteras is that Good All the time. In fact i have been skunked at Hatteras. On one trip All i caught was a Stingray. But Day in and Day out through the Peak of the fall fishing season id rather try my Luck on Hatteras Island than anywhere in the world. Even when the big blues and stripers Are missing there is often Good fishing for smaller bluefish sea Trout and flounders not to mention a variety of other sporty numbers. The last time i fished Hatteras the fishing was considered just Ken Lauer who guided my wife and Young son said that wed probably get a few Small bluefish and perhaps a Spanish Mackerel or two since these fish had not yet departed for warmer Waters. Well of curse Ken was right. That Sall we got but i have never found bluefish in the three to four Pound class Boring nor did my family. Last year there was much weeping and wailing from certain anglers who were disappointed with the mild Winter. In late october and Early november surf fishermen could hardly get a line out without snagging a two Pound flounder. The floor of the Ocean was carpeted with them. This disappointed those seeking giant blues stripers and sea Trout but in a not sure you could accurately Call it a a poor fishing. The Point in a trying to make is that even when fishing is just a a fair for the Hatteras regulars the Angler who is visiting might consider it out of this world. Even for Hatteras there is no Way to be absolutely sure you la catch fish but the Best Odds Call for a late fall trip. If you can time your trip no earlier than late october a november is usually Superior a then your chances of catching most of the sought after species is better. You have trouble finding a place to stay As there Are plenty of motels on Hatteras but Advance reservations Are a Good idea. By All Means take your four wheel drive vehicle if possible. You la need it to adequately fish such hotshots As Cape Point false Point and most of the other Good places. There Are several fair to excellent restaurants on the Island but prices tend to be rather High. One Way to Cut costs is to rent a room with a Kitchen and Cook your own breakfasts and make your own Noonday sandwiches. Your Choice of tackle for Hatteras depends upon what sort of fishing you re planning to do. A nine foot surf spinning stick in medium to heavy action is a pretty Good All a round Rod. Your reel should have 15-20 Pound test monofilament if you plan to do a lot of Bottom fishing with bit. You can also use the same outfit for giant blues if they show up by merely substituting a big Metal squid such As a Hopkins for the Bottom Rig. If you plan to plug with lighter lures for such species As sea Trout or Spanish Mackerel you la need an extra spool for your reel containing 10-12 Pound test monofilament. You can urn Cape on 5c 4 Alligator hide shipments Are uncovered six persons have been arrested and More than 509 american Alligator hides seized in one of the biggest cases involving the shipment of Alligator hides Ever uncovered in the United states. Lynn a. Greenway director of the department of the Interior s u. S. Fish and wildlife service has announced., the seizures and arrests carried out by special agents of the fish and wildlife service pursuant to search and arrest warrants took place at the Adams tanning corporation in Newark new Jersey. A Mon ago a similar operation in new Orleans resulted in criminal charges being filed against three other men and the seizure of approximately 260 Alligator hides. J preparing for the first flight an Early morning chill wont keep these Duck Hunters from working to bag a Duck or two. It might even get warmer up in the Day especially during the season now in this week. That a Correct this year North Carolina has a split Duck season. The first half opened wednesday at noon and continues through saturday. Part of our heritage then the second portion of the season opens at noon nov. 27, and continues through january 16. Also North Carolina this year is going by the Point system on limit of waterfowl so Hunters should understand this system before facing the Chilly Dawn. Will Chestnut return by Jim Dean a chestnuts roasting on an open fire.,�?� sings Nat King Cole. Ifs a wonderful song but it always causes a Pang of regret. You see i be never actually seen a Chestnut roasting on an open fire and i think in be missed a part of my heritage. Almost everybody knows what happened to the american Chestnut tree. Back about the turn of the Century a Strain of Chestnut blight was accidentally introduced from the Orient and it spread from new York throughout the appalachians until it had killed every mature Chestnut tree. But Many people have forgotten a or were born too late to Ever know a what the american Chestnut was really like. Few people realize just How important this tree was. The american Chestnut was the most numerous single species of Hardwood in the appalachians from new England to Alabama. Chestnuts accounted for anywhere from one third to three fourths of the Hardwood forests. In other words there were More chestnuts than Oaks or hic Kories Maples or beeches. The Chestnut dominated the Forest not Only in numbers but also in size. It grew taller reaching Heights of 80 to too feet and it was thicker. One Chestnut growing in Francis Cove n.c., had a stump that measured 17 feet across. The Chestnut was considered the most nearly Santee fishing is slow but waterfowl abounds Santee . A random sampling of various stretches of Good fishing water along the some 500 Miles of Shoreline on lakes Marion and Moultrie this week revealed one optimistic report a the Duck Hunting in Santee Cooper country should be excellent this season. The search for fish or even a Good fish tale however went in vain As Chilly winds continue to sweep the lakes. The Are plenty of ducks As Well As Canada geese coursing from the swamps to the Cornfields that abound Here so when the season opens on november 20, Wing shooters will have lots of action. But anglers presently Are out of Luck. Only in the most sheltered coves of Lake Marion s potato and Ivy boo creeks or Eutaw Springs Are they Able to beat the wind and fish for poorly feeding Large Mouth Bass. A few Bass Are also hitting deep running Crank baits at the Mouth of the diversion canal and in the cuts nearby. In these same sections Crappie Are biting in fair numbers along the stumps. Most pan Fisherman Are timing off to logs jutting out of about 15 feet of water and Are working medium minnows where they will not be buffeted by the wind. A few Small schools of striped and White Bass continue to congregate in the Scotts Lake area just above the . 301 Bridge in Lake Marion each evening. The winds subside around Sunset for an hour or so and some anglers Are picking up a few of these fish on surface lures such As the Striper sniper but at Best the chances of filling a Stringer in this manner Are rated poor. In the meantime the ducks grow fatter. Perfect tree. It grew almost anywhere except on swampy ground and its lumber was excellent for construction and paper making As Well As furniture. Chestnut was practically indestructible and Fence posts and rails outlasted the men who placed them. The Wood and bark was Rich in Tannin making it valuable in making leather from animal hides. The american Chestnut grew rapidly reaching saw log sizes in about 50 years. When Cut new sprouts Rose out of the stump and reached As High Asio feet in the first year thus making it unnecessary to Plant seedlings. The Trees were never Frost killed because they bloomed in late june or Early july and therefore there were always plenty of nuts. Wild turkeys Deer bears squirrels and other game animals and Birds fed heavily upon the Many nuts that fell from these Trees each year. At the turn of the Century populations of some game species were quite Low. There weren to Many Deer. The Turkey was in trouble. Bears were getting More scarce. This situation has been largely blamed on the massive logging Forest fires and virtually unrestricted Hunting that was going on in the Early 1900s, but it seems More than just a coincidence that this was also when the see will on 5c the two investigations Are part of a continuing crackdown on illegal traffic in endangered wildlife. The american Alligator is protected by the endangered species act of 1973, which prohibits the interstate transportation or Sale of endangered animals. The Lacey act also prohibits the interstate transportation of illegally taken wildlife. Arrested at the Tannery in new Jersey were Jacques Klapisch a hide broker and his two sons All of Leoma new Jersey John t. Kelly and his wife Barbara of Breezy Point new York and Martin Dara of Brooklyn new York. They were brought before . Magistrate Harry Lane or. Of Newark on charges of violating the endangered species act. The endangered species act carries a maximum penalty of one year in jail and a $20,000 Fine for each violation. The hides seized in the Newark Case had been transported to new Jersey from new Orleans. Averaging five feet in length the skins Are estimated by special agents to have a value exceeding $45,000 or $17 a foot. Also seized in the operation were two vehicles used to transport the hides and filing cabinets full of records. The arrests last month in new Orleans the result of a lengthy investigation by fish and wildlife service agents took place at a warehouse. They were assisted by the . Marshals Bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms agents of the Treasury department and officers of the Louisiana wildlife and fisheries commission. The shipment seized in new Orleans was valued at Over $15,000, or $12 a foot. Agents also seized a 40-foot refrigerated tractor trailer that has been used to ship the hides from North Carolina to new Orleans and another vehicle also used in transporting the skins. The two principals in the new Orleans Case Daniel w. Small or. And Robert Pruitt both of North Carolina Are charged with a total of 18 counts each for violations of the endangered species act and the Lacey act. Both men Are liable for a $300,000 Fine and 18 years in prison. In recent years increasing Public interest in the environment has caused a greater see Alligator on so by Stan Davies now that the Price of gasoline and diesel fuel has soared in the Wake of the shortages earlier in the year the Cost of fuel can be a major consider Ion in boating. It takes a lot More Energy to propel people and things Over water than it does Over land As there s More friction. There Are Many misconceptions among boating enthusiasts concerning costs of operation As related to horsepower engine size and fuel Economy. This is particularly True with outboards. For instance Many out no spark -7 or Only a poor fall coastal fishing hard to beat by Tom Higgins fall in the Carolinas is a lot of things. Flaming foliage. Flamboyant football weekends. Frost flecked mornings. Perhaps Foremost of All though fall in the Carolinas is coastal fishing. Sure Spring is the season when the sports sap rises. But fall for the most part is when a majority of fishermen a highest Hopes of harvesting fantastic catches Are fulfilled. There was a time when almost All anglers in this area trundled their tackle to the attic around labor Day for storage until the Robins renewed their singing. No More. Autumn is where the action is at. Its the time when the years greatest crowds of casters Are attracted to the surf and Ocean piers. When anglers in Small boats gather in Armada numbers around Bays and inlets. When those who wish to troll or bump the Bottom with bait far offshore aboard sleek sport fishing Craft Are required to Book reservations Well in Advance. What a behind this Phenomena Veteran kure Beach pier proprietor Bill Robertson a keen observer of Saltwater a fishing for fun for almost three decades has this explanation a i think the awesome popularity of coastal fishing in what once was considered the a off season is directly traceable to the vast travel improvements we be seen in the relatively recent past. A in the late 1940s and Early �?~50s most folks a including fishermen a would come Down for their traditional summertime visit and then go Back Home for another year. Then As our roads got better it enabled them to run Down from Distant Inland Points for a weekend and still get Back to the office Mill or whatever by working monday morning. On some of these fall visits they found More fish than they a Ever seen in summer. They Learned in the most impressionable Way possible a through jiggling Rod tips and boxes full of fish a that the stories about great fall migratory runs they a been hearing from coastal residents weren to the figment of some local characters imaginations. A they came Back and brought anxious Angling buddies with them. The a bandwagon snowball became the Avalanche of autumn anglers we see but enough of background and behaviour patterns. Providing him a Small Supply of self addressed cards to Post when a run begins. The preferred place to go trolling depends mainly on what the fall Fisherman wants to catch. For White Marlin and possibly a Blue by far the Best bet is Oregon Inlet in september with Hatteras second. For what about the fabulous run to be had this fall during King Mackerel Morehead City in october sits atop the the heavy migration runs of everything from spots to striped Bass Mackerel to Marlin where to fish when How generally these Are the answers Best Overall site for a Chance at some furious fishing action should be the fabled a Point of the Cape at Hatteras. During the past few Falls that general area has produced catches of both bluefish and striped Bass unprecedented in Quality of size and in Quantity. An example of their feeding ferocity when they move into the Capers surf is the fact that Trout weighing to six pounds have been chased onto the Sand by the marauders. Peak period for fishing is late november through january and Elbow room is Likely to be extremely scarce. For the most part fishing at Cape Point is almost totally restricted to surf casting. Other highly recommended locations for this Type Angling Are the nags head area Oregon Inlet drum Inlet and Cape Lookout on the Core Banks Carolina Beach Inlet and Murrells Inlet. The succulent flounder is among the Bounty to be found at each. In the pier fishing category Morehead City is something of a cutoff Point. Piers to the North probably offer the Best Chance of big Kings blues stripers and throne. Southport boats Are the draft to charter if the Quarry is to be bluefish which have wintered the past couple of years at nearby frying pan Shoals. Beginning in late october Wrightsville Beach and Carolina Beach Skippers tout Trout because of their proximity to tremendous concentrations of the species which gather on the fort fish rocks in mid september. Little River and Murrells Inlet captains for some time have said a a six to anglers inquiring about the availability of Spanish Mackerel in numbers throughout the fall. Surprisingly the area most Likely to produce Blue Marlin catches this fall in the lower South Carolina coast. There Are two reasons for this i the giant billfish usually Start their southward migration in late August or september and Are Likely to be cruising the s. C. Coast of the Atlantic at that time 2 Charleston and Hilton head boat Skippers have demonstrated improved ability for finding and boating Blue Marlin this season. The Fisherman in his own Small boat probably has More autumn Angling choices than any employing of other techniques. That is he does if he knows what he a doing he can scoot just offshore to troll for Mackerel and blues fish Over wrecks and artificial reefs for Trout and flounder or Anchor in any of hundreds of inlets Channel Bass while those piers extending South along creeks Bays or sounds for the same species plus spots the grand strand Are More Likely to yield the greatest and Puppy drum. Hauls of species like spots and Whiting which Are often caught two at a time in autumn. During the past couple or three years the Peak pier fishing periods have fluctuated to the Point that predicting when arrive is almost an impossibility. Fishermen who desire instant information among the More accessible such Sites Are Lockwood Folly Inlet Carolina Beach Inlet Cherry Grove Basin and Murrells Inlet. There is of course a drawback to going fishing in Carolina in the fall be it surf pier Inlet or offshore. You be got to clean your catch. And sometimes this can easily attain it by either authorizing the proprietor could be a task lasting right through those Frost flecked of their favorite pier to phone them collect or by mornings into Winter Board owners believe that the bigger an outboard is the less economical it is to run. There is a cliche coined to support this belief something like this a when you be got All those horses in the barn you be got to feed one outboard manufacturer Mercury set out to disprove this old saw by exhaustive and objective fuel Economy tests. A 65-hp and a 95-hp engine were used on identical 16 foot boats. The results were very interesting. Fuel consumption curves showed that the less powerful motor enjoyed a slight advantage at Low speeds a up to 28 mph. From that Point on the 95-hp showed an Ever increasing fuel Economy advantage Over its Little brother. At 30 mph the �?o65�?� got 5.18 Miles per gallon. The �?o95�?� got 5.6. At 33 mph the �?o65�?� logged 4.4 Miles per gallon. The 95�?� got 5.4. At 33.7 mph full throttle for the �?o65,�?� it was getting 4 Miles per gallon but the �?o95�?� was still getting 5.2, and it still had a margin of 8 mph in Speed actually there is nothing surprising about these results. Its something that truly experienced boaters most dealers and engine mechanics have known for a Long time., a bigger engine operated at about seven eights throttle will run More economically than a smaller outboard going full bore. Ifs something to keep in mind if you Are buying an outboard or a particular boat under powering it May be false Economy. There is More to this very confusing area of boating As these questions indicate q i replaced the spark plugs in my outboard and it runs like new. Why do they make such a difference9 a. Ifs because lubricating Oil is mixed with the gasoline for two stroke engines most outboards and sometimes if the fuel does not Burn completely Carbon is deposited on the spark plugs causing them to Short circuit. Then spark a is produced. The plugs Are the most vulnerable part of an outboard motor. Keep them clean. Besides it saves Gas. Q. My boat Burns More fuel now and won t run As fast As it did in the Spring. Why a. There Are three a performance thieves which creep into a boat unnoticed. First is weight. Are you carrying extra weight in new acquired gadgets second is Bottom. Is the Bottom of your boat free from All Marine growth third is propeller. Are there Nicks gouges or bends in your prop q. Who rates the horsepower of outboards a. The outboard boating club of America Oba which is basically an organization of manufacturers. Tests Are run on motors in the presence of competitors. If the Obj rating on your outboard is 65-hp at 4,500 rpm you can believe it. Q i have a big inboard Cruiser. What s the relation Between Speed and fuel a. In general fuel consumption is directly proportional to Speed cubed or raised to the third Power. That is a boat which uses 3 Gallons an hour at to mph will use 24 Gallons eight times the fuel to make 20 mph. To make 30 mph or three times As fast it will take 27 times As much fuel. Q i bought a a hot plugs for my water ski boat thinking they would give me better spark and improve performance. They almost ruined the motor. Why a. The a a hot or a a cold Quality of spark plugs refers to the ability of a plug to conduct combustion heat away from the firing tip and has nothing whatsoever to do with the intensity of the spark you needed cold plugs because pulling skiers requires a lot of work from the engine and a lot of heat is developed a a hot plugs Are for Low intensity operations such As trolling

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