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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 10, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Woman s brains go awol when her Mouth s open High Point Enterprise tuesday october to 1972 7a Edith Irving s prison diary dear Ann i am writing in reference to the Young lady whose Mother objected to her going to the . Because it was a pickup spot for Low class servicemen. Well i am one of those a flow class servicemen she spoke of. I am not Happy in the military. In fact i would be much happier going to College but like Many servicemen i joined the service because i did no to have enough Money for College. I joined so i can get veterans benefits when my time is up and then go to school. If it is Low class to Trade four years in the service for a College education then i am Low class. The civilian populace consider All servicemen guilty of committing War crimes and such. I realize it Isnit considered Cool to be in the military these Days but for some of us it is the Only Way we can see to get ahead. I Hope the Young lady smother will let her go to the . And be a hostess. For servicemen it is a very important place to rap since most civilians done to want anything to do with us. I agree with you Ann. That Mother owes several Hundred thousand servicemen a n apology but in a sure not going to hold my breath waiting for it. Sign me a Low class Serviceman at Keesler air Force base dear Friend i in Lute you for a letter that tells it like it is. As for that Mother she sounds brains Mouth goes on Active duty. Like the Type whose go awol when her with me. I feel this would be wrong. Do you a mine and not thine dear thine yes i do feel it would be wrong. Somehow i just can t condone taking something out of someone else s Home _ even if you Are certain it was stolen from yours of you should see the figurine on display you might ask the hostess where she got it because you a a mislaid one similar and would love to replace it. Perhaps Shell offer to give you she l.63v6s jail for courthouse following is the third exclusive instalment of the diary that Edith Irving kept while in prison. She is now awaiting a new trial in Switzerland. By Edith Irving Nassau county jail n. Y. Was a wednesday june 21. 5 30 . A do those dikes have Energy first thing you hear is their laughter and their jokes. Now i truly wish to remain a Beetle hidden under my Gray slightly stink dear Ann last weekend my husband and i gave a party for his new Boss in our Lovely new Home. There were about 40 people most of whom i had met just once or twice. I saw one of the wives pick up a China figurine and slip it into her purse. I decided to say nothing. The next Day when i told my husband about it he was furious at me for not calling her or it right then and there. To be Frank with you Ann i just could t do it. Next week we Are going to that woman a Home for a similar party. My husband says i should look around for the figurine and if i see it take it Jacqueline still causes quite a stir dear Ann my husband died 20 years ago. I was in my 30 s then. At that time i bought a cemetery plot consisting of four Graves. After being a widow for six years i married again. Would it be proper for me and my second husband to be buried alongside my first husband7 or should i sell these plots and buy two plots elsewhere a looking to the future dear Locking you Don t say whether or not you have children. Nor do you say How your present husband feels about being buried alongside your first husband should he predeceased you. Of you predeceased him How would he feel about burying you alongside your first husband also you re Only in your so a and you might marry again. My advice is to sell the lots and buy two others and Don t try to second guess the grim reaper. Actress and unc professor has role in movie by Bruce Vilanch today Paris a several quiet blocks from the Eiffel Tower Europe a second biggest tourist attraction was gliding Down the Street in a Black limousine looking for All the world like someone who did no town All the world. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was returning Home from lunch. She does this nearly every Day but not always in the same place. That a because Jackie 0 has so Many Homes and so Many planes and so Many ships that its hard to Tell just which one she might return to on any Given afternoon. Currently she a maintaining residences on new Yorkus fifth Avenue on scorpios and an Island in Greece which she owns on Christina a yacht which can often be found in the Mediterranean and in Paris elegant Kleber District. In a sure is. 0 was expecting nothing special when she pulled up in front of her apartment building nothing except maybe 700 photographers and newscasters and reporters and women swear daily proofreaders on vacation. Jackie has a corps of Jackie watchers who follow her everywhere a except the private Island of course a and she has been known to cause a minor Rush hour in some quarters of Paris when she makes one of her appearances. But there was no crowd today. Just two people standing and chatting in front of the building. And one of them was me. Jackie o did not know this of course. How could she my corps of photographers and newscasters and proofreaders had already gone Home. But she did know the other fellow. He was Marcello Mastroianni. Last year he came to Chicago and made a film in which i had a part. Mastroianni lives in Paris with his girl Friend. French actress Catherine Deneuve and their new baby. were renewing our acquaintance in front of his apartment House when o Limo pulled up. It discharged a tall dark haired woman. This was Jackie o. She was followed by i a Short Man in a White Linen suit. This was not Ari o. It was Emmanuel u. More later. Eur kissed to on both Cheeks climbed Back into the limousine and it sped off. To removed her voluminous Black sunglasses and headed for the Doorman. Then she spied Mastroianni. A Ciao Marcello a she cried. A Ciao. Jackie a he returned. He walked Over and began speaking with her in a combination of italian and French both of which they speak although not simultaneously. A my i said to the Doorman a a that a Jackie he looked at me As if i did no to like snails. And he began waving his arms which is a typically French reaction to any English sentence. She walked Over with Mastroianni. were introduced. A a pleasure a she said in that voice which still sounds like the soundtrack of an Early Marilyn Monroe performance. A likewise a i replied. A a in be been looking Forward to meeting you for quite some the air was thick with possibilities. Should i pass myself off As a Friend of Ron Galena Lenny Bruce Irving shul Man Fred Sparks or should i put in a claim As a relative i gave up. A i thought you were living in Greece now a i said. A yes i am. But my husband and i keep an apartment Here. Actually in be flown up to Paris just for the Day to buy some clothes from a marvelous new designer. i took this As a Coy joke since Emanuelle Ungaro has been designing clothes for Many years. The White Linen suit was one of his biggest coups. A ooh a i replied jauntily a i thought you bought All your clothes at Loehmann this was my Coy joke. Loeh Mann a is a discount clothing store in the Bronx. In the old Days they used to buy Couturier fashions and rip the labels out then stash them on the Racks at slashed prices there was a pause a Cha. A. Has Jackie 0 said. Quot i gather you Are from new no joke is too Coy for her a Well i must be off. A hand kissing All around and she was gone. Paris was not burning. Discover How to be Date bait without falling Hook line and sinker. Ann Landerss Booklet a dating does and done to a will help you be More poised and sure of yourself on dates Send 35 cents in Coin along with a Long stamped self addressed envelope and your request to this newspaper. Tuesday 3 . A preschool swim class 3 30 . A tap and Ballet 4 a swimmers swim 5 . A swim team 6 15 . A a amp p club 7 30 . A karate 7 30 . A poodle grooming. 7 30 pm. A advanced Bridge 7 30 . A intermediate sewing 7 30 . A exercise 7 30 . A adult swim class 7 30 . A scuba diving 7 30 . A needlework wednesday 9 . A her committee meeting 9 30 . A Tennis 9 30 . A exercise 9 do . 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A the does no to want them put in a Home and the humor of the tale is entered around the children a efforts to cover up the fact that he is she describes her role As a a North Carolina Mountain Millers wife a a neighbor who inquires after the father. A a in a not sure this is the real me a said the elegant mrs. Hardy a but at 7 . I done to need any help to look homely. A i did no to actually expect to get the part so after i tried out i went Home and forgot All about it a she said. She went to Charlotte this Spring on the recommendations of some friends to read for a part for director Billy Graham of the Radnitz Mattel production company. A during rehearsal at a unto these Hills in Cherokee this summer i got a Call. They wanted me to come to Boone for a few Days to shoot two scenes in the film a she said mrs Hardy was the Only adult actress in the film who had not worked in either new York or Hollywood. She said she has not heard a word from the company since the scenes were filmed so she does no to know How much will be used. A a in la have to go see if in a in she said with a smile. Although she had never made a film before mrs. Hardy said she had no trouble adjusting to the techniques because of her work in television. Under the direction of Paul Nickell of the radio television and motion pictures department at unc she has played several television roles including Eleanor of Aquitaine in a the lion in Winter a which was shown statewide on University television a each scene is shot from Many different she said a and you have to be careful to say a line the same Way each time. I also Learned not to laugh at the end of a line because there is no Way for the editor to Cut it if he needs mrs. Hardy a interest in the theatre started when she was 15. Growing up in Oklahoma. A Branch of the Moscow Art theatre came to her Hometown and she attended every performance. 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Perhaps somebody would pick it up and shake it out a underneath a tree. I could fall on my legs crawl into the tree and stay there forever. A Edith Irving get ready you have to go to in the outgoing cell i get stripped searched. I May put on my own clothes. I wait. They take me downstairs. A stand against the Wall. the Federal marshal a Driver and a woman Are waiting. A comfortable car a drive through rain the courthouse. Another cell then my lawyer. Harold Weinberger comes. I have three lawyers. have half an hour to talk. First the knot in my Throat makes me silent. He understands. He Waits. talk about the Case. Are brought upstairs to the court. There is re Verdin the lawyer for the Swiss government. And i started to shake. He begins his arguments for Why i should be extradited but it goes slowly he does not find his right papers. Everything is pointed out even How i talked a bad German in one Hank Good German in another Hank it is endless and the press people Yawn. It started at 10 30 at noon a one hour break then it goes on at four the judge adjourns for the next Day. In a brought Hack. It Rains. I shake from cold the Driver shuts off the air conditioning they give me a cigarette. The prison this Gray fortress of last Hopes. Gates strip naked open buttocks Bend Down get dressed. A Are you hungry7�?� an earthquake goes through me. They bring me Val us and a hot cup of Coffee. A a it a not an easy thing for anybody to be in they Tell me. A try to take it i stutter. A a it a not you the jail its the Swiss the inhuman torture one cannot serve a prison term and then go through court procedures to be extradited Only to be torn apart still again and judged for exactly the same the girls Back in my tier surround me. A we saw it on to. Done to worry i sit and wait for tomorrow More court hearing More re Verdin. In a Back at court. After two hours the plea and speech of re Verdin is Over. I m scared. In All the hours of hearings there was not once mentioned the name of Clifford Irving or Dick Suskind the a big shots Quot in the crime. Or. Veleff Tho Zurich District attorney wants me. Me alone. In a the Only one he can get. The others Are protected by american Law by which you can be judged Only once for the same crime. I will be alone in Switzerland they will blame All on me or. Re Verdin spoke of 15 years in prison that i can get in Zurich. In a scared. Scare has another effect than terror. You scream. I scream at my lawyers a remind the Swiss of Pestalozzi the Swiss who founded the first orphanages remind them of the red Cross which protects humans from torture you must help Back at jail the routine is not any More so humiliating i mutation of the brain is luckily quicker than body mutation Birds take hundreds of years until their beaks change to adapt to get food from hidden places. It took me Only three Days to find the hidden food in my soul to accept the new circumstances. The a a gang Waits. They Only look and shake their Heads. I explode. A those bloodhounds they re out for a kill a a Welcome to the they slap me on the Back so that i nearly lose balance. A you learn Quick. That a what the fuzz is after a just to the biggest of a lesbian Trio screams a you know they be taken my shoes Quot she had sandals which made the most nerve breaking clacking when she walked and they Are gone. Somebody must have got rid of them during the Day when i was in court and poor a. Has Only found out about it now. A i want my Mon Era a she screams. Again. I am a Beetle wanting to hide under a Rock. I fall asleep thinking of my children and my family in Germany to whom i have brought so Many sorrows and Cliff a it Breaks my heart to think you will be locked away from your kids for certainly Over a year. The lights Are on my face and a slow feeling of acceptance of the worst creeps into my system. It makes the Beetle turn to its Side. Next. 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