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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 9, 1974, High Point, North Carolina House Hussey said. Quot i saw or. Pritchett All the Way at the Back of the restaurant. I was in a Booth about Midway. He was talking with a Man or. Hatcher. I knew both of them at the time. They were sitting Down. They had been eating. Quot i did not know the other Man was or. Hatcher until they came by me a Hussey said. Quot they came right by me. They went up to the counter. Or. Pritchett signed something and they went out. A a i have been in the Rac n Cue a Hussey testified. A i went there during the furniture show in october 1967. I was told that a furniture buyer had leased a car and he was at the Rac n Cue. There was a pretty Good crowd up there. I went right in just like anyone else. A i asked the woman at the counter to find this Hussey continued. A emr. Hatcher was there but i never spoke to him. Someone came out of the room at the Back and i just slipped in a suddenly i was in the Back Hussey continued. A i wished i was not there. They had two card games going. There was Money on the table. Over to the right some sort of Dice game or wheel game was going. I had never seen something like that before in this part of the country. The Only time i had seen something like that was when i was in the Marine corps in Nevada. A i found the Man i was looking for. I left and was glad of it. A a in be been to the Hatcher House on Lansdowne a Hussey continued in his testimony. A it was in october 1970, during the furniture Market. A i got out there it was raining. Cold. Like to have got dog bitten. Man came to the door and asked what i wanted. I told him i was looking for Jimmy Malpass. There were about four cars in the Yard a i went into the House downstairs. have gotten All the people in four cars. There were 20 to 35 people there. They were playing cards. There were chips no Money on the tables. No Roulette wheels. That is the Only time i have Ever been to or. Hatchery a prostitution occurred in the Motel adjacent to the Steak House Hussey testified a i m sorry to say it. But yes sir i was in a room with two women in the nude and other people were there. A police officer came in this was in 1967. One of the men there went under the bed when the officer came in. But he went right Back out. A the said not to worry done to get excited Fellows. Nothing was Ever done about it a Hussey said. Gambling took place in a Back room of the Steak House Hussey said. He was questioned about this by councilman Frank Wood who said he had been to the Steak House Many times and never saw anything unusual going on. A there was no set up like a gambling Casino a Hussey said. A it All took place in a Back room. You could come in through a Back door or through the front Hussey said he had also delivered a new 1969 Model Bonneville station Wagon a with everything on it you can think of a to Pritchetts Home. A we talked about his Job in High Point. He introduced me to his wife. I talked with her in the Den. He put Money in an envelope sealed it up told me to take it Back to my he was working then with the former Neill Pontiac Dealership Hussey said. He testified further that he had been told by Al Boling himself about Boling s gambling operations. A the told me about having to pay out Money a to keep people off my he insinuated he had to make payments to the police department four times a year during the furniture markets a Hussey said. Is Caudle testified she worked As a baby Sitter for Hatcher and his wife after she responded to a newspaper advertisement sometime in the Early Spring or summer of 1969. A i went to work for them in 1969 and i quit during the furniture Market in october 1970,�?� she said. During this time the watchers moved into the House on Lansdowne. A a Man by the name of Frank Marino came and set up his residence in the Home of the watchers. He worked during the furniture markets. Prior to october 1970, another Man came up from Columbus. two girls from Texas came to the Hatcher House also is. Caudle said. She testified that during the Market in october 1970, she was asked by mrs. Hatcher to stay at the Home with the Hatcher children. A she wanted me to do this while she worked the Market a is. Caudle said. She testified that she stayed at the Hatcher House from 6 . Through the night. A i slept on a Couch in the living room near the door to the children a room. There were sounds from the basement sounds like i have heard on television gambling Roulette wheels Dice. A food was served and drinks. There was a combo and a nightclub act. A lady from Page in did her changing upstairs. Mrs Hatcher would come up to her bedroom from time to time during the night. She had Money she would carry to her miss Caudle said she quit before the week was out a because things became so a raid on the Rad in Cue on nov. 27, 1970, was described by t w. Haas a former police officer who is now a Baptist minister and pastor of a Church. Haas said he conducted the raid on the Rac in Cue because Bingo was illegal in High Point at the time and he had information that gambling was going on there. Haas said he Felt under pressure within the police department after the raid. Questioned by councilman s. E. Burford about this Haas said a you can be in Good standing and suddenly you Are left out by yourself. This was not my imagination. My supervisor did not have anything to do with me for several subsequently he gave a statement about the raid to Pritchett and attorney Rossie Gardner a critic of Pritchett Haas said. A both have used my statements to their advantage a Haas added. A but i feel i have done my part. I do not want anything else to do with this police department or this the advice some people Dole out should be accompanied with carefully printed directions. Out was o02a/ cd Jlia. Cd . Chi 9.0j Burtn Maxs. 410 Brentwood St. Phone 883-6517 plenty of free parking big values Means big savings hours Mon sat 9 til 9 Sun. 7 30 am-10 30am 1-6 . Supermarket Brentwood Plaza shopping Center Sweet milk United Seq Borden v u 3d sea test fer Callon pringles 79 i twin pack chitterling $4.99 to lbs. A 303 can Luck s giant Limas 3/$1�5 Scott Viva paper towels big Roll 47 each Libby s whole Kernel Corn 3/83 trend washing powder 64 giant size Boneless beef Stew $109 la. Tender Young pig ears 49 4 la. Favorite preacher contest top contenders 1. Rev. . Andrew 3. Rev. R Coleman 2. Rev. La. Macon4, Rev. Floyd Collin Rev d d a Orf tie elder e h. 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