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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 9, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Page Ttoe Sec. The High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina monday. October 9. 1939 Luther league holds meeting representatives from 3i churches gather for Thomasville Iota mention Serrial loth enl Freri Thomasville. Ort. It. Rep or Pintat Ive from .34 lutheran churches in the Eastern District of the North Carolina Luther league organization gathered at the Grace lutheran Church sunday for an All Day conference opening with a Sermon at la of clock in the morning by Rev. Charles r. Patterson pastor of Grace lutheran Church. The Church auditorium was filled to capacity by the visiting delegates and local Luther league members. A lunch picnic style was served following the morning Sermon. The meeting again opened at 3 of clock in the afternoon with Dolan Calhoun of Thomasville president of the Eastern District of Luther league. Presiding. The devotional was led by Paul Cobb followed by the address of Welcome by miss Margaret Ritchie and the response by Evy Wilkins. The theme for the meeting sunday was a Christian youth. His Church and his state a an address on a his Church was delivered by Rev. Ii. Boyd a min of Kings Mountain and an address on the subject a his state was delivered by Hon. Bismark Capps of Gastonia. Following the addresses various routine business was transacted by the organization. A a Macaroni and Vanilla were introduced to the United states by Thomas Jefferson third president. Headache Relief Stan Bau Doc hot Lavt Tou spilt m2 serial Story working wives by Louise Holmes copyright. 1939 inca service. Inc. Cant of it h \ ii it to is Marian Harkness a a working wife. Dan Harkness Lur Hun hand. Dolly hark Ness Dan w Ido cd Imei lit Law. Sally Blask a an ambitions Young stenographer. In saturday Dolly arrives As Marian prepares to leave for the Hospital. Marian explains everything her Hopes of regaining Dan s love her efforts to repair the wreckage of their marriage. Then she asks Dolly to fall the doctor. A a it a going to happen very chapter xxx it was after Midnight. The Hospital was quiet. The corridors were dark except for shaded lamps on the nurses desks. Now and then a red Light flashed Over a door reflecting itself in the shining floor. In a brightly ii clued room Marian was being listed to a rubber tired cart. She was Pale her eyes Black with suffering. She caught Dolly s hand. A a you la go with me a Dolly raised her eyes to Tho still genial face of or. Moss. A May i a he nodded. Marian said. Quot in a going to he Brave. Dolly. But if i should forget myself if i should hog for for Dan done to weaken done to Send for him. In be explained How i feel about Dan. F want to be ready for him. Promise a i Promise quota a and if anything should happen a she hit a quivering lip. A yes a Tell him that i was Brave. Tell him that i was Happy to have his baby. Try to make him understand How much i love him a How much i have always loved a a you la Tell him yourself Darling a Dolly held her hand As the cart was trundled Down the quiet Hall. She stood by staunchly. When Marian cried out a Dan a Dan a she soothed her gently. After that there was blessed oblivion for Marian. The Sun was making a rectangular Patch on the carpet when she awoke. She stirred and Dolly went to the bed. She kissed Marian s while Cheek. Quot it s All Over Darling a she said. A a girl a a yes. Or Moss says that she is the most Beautiful Little a a Beautiful Little girl. Her name is glad Gad Marian s Long lashes fell she was asleep. She looked very Young and Small in the High White bed. They took glad Home after two weeks. Randy and Dolly and a strangely shaken Marian took her Home. Randy had been doubtful about the Small apartment. He had suggested larger quarters and nurses a Fleet of them he said. Marian had re fused. A one Quot she had said a a glad a father is supporting trying weeks followed. Marianas strength was slow in returning the baby s food formula had to be changed and changed again. The summer heat came Early Long scorching Days humid nights. Steadfastly. Marian cared for the baby letting the housework slide resting when the baby slept. Her love for the child was something like worship she watched her development with a half fearful Awe to Marian the tiny infant was a Miracle a god Given Miracle. Tandy and Dolly came every Day. They quietly installed comforts. An electric refrigerator which the apartment did not afford. Fans Linen sheets which were cooler than Muslin. Marian grew thin Blue shadows made her eyes enormous her hands were rough from daily laundry work. Dolly expostulated she begged she even became angry. Randy talked earnestly to Marian. They were friends. What were friends for anyway head Send a maid. I two maids better still he d and i an apartment near the Lake. Marian stood Arm. Wearily she reiterated the old theme Blissful a Dan says to stick it out. Dan i her bed says if you accomplish a thing yourself you have Pride a but Dan would Send you More Money if he knew a Randy argued. A a you re losing weight a you la be a but glad is gaining she s a1 Quot shed gain faster a a a Cdr. Moss says she is Marian Laid a beseeching Hamd on his Arm. A did crawl on my Knees to ask for help if the baby needed it. But she does no to. Dan and i Are providing for her. Please let me do this. Please let me do it the hard they let her alone after thai standing by Reudy. July was a Nightmare of burning heat and parched winds. Toward the end of july. Glad developed a heat rash she fretted and had a Little fever Marianas hollow eyes became frenzied pools. That was when Randy and Dolly stepped in. Dazed and terrified. Marian did not argue. Someone packed her things. Someone helped her dress. She and the baby were bundled a protesting into a closed car which was cooled by dry ice. Marian Lay against the cushions a nurse watched Over glad s Basket. Dolly had said crossly Quot i guess you can pay a visit to your Best Friend. I guess Dan would t mind they drove for hours finally stopping at a White cottage in the tool darkness of deep Woods like Michigan danced and sparkled beyond the Trees. A fresh Little Breeze rustled the leaves. Marian stumbled As she stepped from the car and Randy carried her to a Cool Green and White by Droom. Doing so he muttered. A and we did t get you Here a moment too soon Young lady. In fact hardly soon Marian did not know when the nurse undressed her and put an ice pack on her head. A Uncle Ray s Corner How can i by Anne Ashley Many claim Columbus j4s native son All school pupils on this continent and Many on other continents. Study the life and deeds of Christopher Columbus. It seems Well provided that norsemen or Vikings reached North a America almost 500 years before Columbus sailed the Atlantic. Since that is so the question comes a Why do we look upon Columbus As so important when he made his discoveries Christopher columbian from Capriolo portrait. Long after i Jeff Ericson and his men a the answer is Clear. The norsemen tried to Settle the new land but failed. Their colonies died out. We Are told that Columbus May have Learned about the work of the norsemen but this never has been proved. It is Likely that he knew nothing about it. Most persons in the time of Columbus believed the Earth to be Flat but some sub Lara had read the words of Ancle n t greeks who had Given Good reasons to believe in the roundness of the Earth. One reason Given by the ancient greeks was this at the time of an eclipse the Earth a Shadow on the Moon is of rounded form. That reason is used As prior to this Day. The Best proof however has come from actual tests. Columbus led the Way Westward across the Atlantic and Magellan followed some years later. A number of Magellan a sailors finished a trip Clear around the Globe. Columbus gave us our mistaken name for the natives of the i new world. Supposing he had j reached India or islands near a India he called the people �?oin-1 Columbus is one of the famous men in history but Many facts about his life Are not certainly known. For example we Are not sure where he was born. A dozen cities and villages in Italy have claimed him As a native son. Genoa perhaps has the Hest claim since we know i hat he spent at least part of his boyhood there. Another subject in dispute is the year in which Columbus was bom. When he crossed the Atlantic in 1492, he probably was not younger than 41 nor older than 46. I for history or biography Section of your scrapbook of you want a free copy of the illustrated leaflet a cities of Europe a Send me a 3c stamped return envelope in care of this newspaper Uncle Ray. Tomorrow plans of Columbus. Q. How can i tint my curtains economically a. Try using crepe paper pouring boiling water Over it. Allow it to stand until All the colouring is removed. Use As much of this coloured water As required to give the Correct Shade. Q. How can i make attractive Mats for Flower pots a. Use the unworn parts of oilcloth or linoleum for making Mats for pots containing plants and Flowers. And if these Mats Are enamelled the water will not soak into them. Q. How can i add More Iron to my diet a. Some of the foods containing a Good proportion of Iron Are spinach lettuce milk roast beef Rice Oatmeal eggs prunes cabbage celery turnips apples and cereals look and learn by a. C. Gordo cranium crackers events of n new War if you be followed recent news you will be Able to and wer this questions about the new War in Europe 1. What Region of Europe which voted in Post War plebiscite for return to Germany became a ionian s land in the new War 2. What port on the Baltic sea is no longer called a a free cd Tyr 3. What British warship was sunk by a submarine in Early weeks of the War 4. Along what River did poles make their stand in defense of Warsaw 5. What nation planned to repel German invasion with water answers on it Lassitter Page 5. Rhode Connecticut. Island Delaware ant 1. Who was known As the a Square deals president 2. What is the most essential element in supporting life 3. By whom was the line written. A a Otis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at All a 4. What la a thesaurus 5. What Are the three smallest states in the Union wow ers 1. Theodore Roosevelt 2. Oxygen. 3. Alfred Tennyson a in Mem Priam Quot. 4. A dictionary of synonyms. A \ the morning after taking Carters Little liver pills the flavor that no bread other can offer ii Hays mrs. J. Watson sigh Kley Quality ingredients combined with baking skill gives Mel 0 Toast a cake like deliciousness you la like fresh to the last slice id tin like Mold Toast i a read. The delicious thin slices make it easy to serve them a a tween Cal snack that is healthful and Fillitin it. To it for Toast and the crispy Golden slices will make a Welcome addition to your breakfast menu. 111 Mel of Toast bread is All that a Good Loa from tile finest materials Rich in milk vitamins in necessary to health. You la that Mel of Toast remains moist t Kight Dow n to tue \ Ery l of bread should it gives you the Marvel when you Ender soft and i St slice be. Made healthful discover la Vor Ful used exclusively by mrs. Shockley High Point Enterprise cooking school baked in High Point by Robertson a bakery inc. August Days were like a dream. Marian Lay in it sleeping rousing to look j i with contented eyes at the baby i i who under the Able Mtnlstra-1 Bons of the nurse lost her rash i and fever immediately. After a j few Days Marian moved to the wide porch swing there to idly j Hope and plan and dream. The weeks hurried by and she awoke each morning to new strength. She could feel Energy and vitality humming through i her veins. She swam and rested. The tanned a Beautiful Brown. Rich color dyed her Cheeks and j lips. Often Dolly and Randy 1 would he gone for Days at a time. Marian scarcely noticed their going or coming the baby was a rollicking Piniy and White bit of with the coming of september Marian realized the time had come to think about the Long trip to Portland. Marian wanted to go she was Well and Strong the baby was old enough to travel instinctively she shrank rom going it meant so much. Hat journey to Portland so very ouch Dan s letters had not shown one sign of interest had Given her not one shred of Hope. A St on sept to Randy chauffeur took them Back to the apartment Dolly had made it ready. There was food in the refrigerator the rooms had been a leaned and aired Marian set a Day for her leaving and she worked toward it it reliably. A few new riot hrs for glad who bad outgrown everything. A few conveniences for it Vel. Site had her own old dresses hanged a bit and the hum. She advertised her furniture and spent the last week getting rid of it. On the last night with nothing left but a bed and one hair these to be called for on the Morrow Marlin sat in the Bare emptiness the baby in her arms. Quot we re going Tel see your daddy glad a she said softly. The baby crowed and kicked and threw her Little arms about. She had a straight Strong Back and straight Strong legs. Marian often likened her to a Rose Bud if a Rose Bud could have shinto Blue eyes. Her hair was definitely Reddish and Marian loved Duck tailed engage thick and Silken and hugged the Mckenney on Bridge gift trick induces opponent to shift Lead avoids finesse no we. K. Mckenney Secretary. American contract Bridge league second of a tides dealing Cal plays with i of syr six a Vologi a 10 5 4 a q j 5 a k j 3 863 kq92 �k73 8 7 k j 9 4 j873 a 8 a q9 6 5 4 10 5 2 6 a a 1096 4 2 a a 10 2 a q 7 duplicate neither South weal North i a i in t 3 a pass 4 a opening k. Vul. East pass pass Queen of diamonds South wanted to avoid having to guess j which Way to take it if possible. Letting West hold Hie first Spade might discourage him from i leading a second round because i of Dummy s holding and the a play lost no trick since the losing seven of clubs could be discarded on the Ace of Spades later. The ruse was successful. West shifted to diamonds on the old time p re n o i p i p of a leading through Declarer subsequently lost a heart and a club but that was All in addition i to the first trick. Is Flowers a ii i by of on the stage cooking school selected by or. Shockley from us we furnish Flowers for every occasion we Telegraph Flowers anywhere Elliott Floral co. Sheraton hotel building phone 2585 in the hand discussed today the Declarer nonchalantly played a Small Spade from Dummy on the opening Lead the idea of Thi extraordinary play was to try to induce West to shift to diamonds. Declarer saw the danger of losing a heart a Diamond and two clubs. While there was a two Way finesse against the it. The ends Bigly. It was she laughed Small body. It Quot Ynck la see your daddy in a few Days a she repeated a ooh glad. Will he want us you re to be my offering my precious Ift for # Randy and Dolly took them to he train. Lifting tile baby from Aln Ria its arms Randy said. A a you be got something Here. Marian a she laughed a naturally i think to herself she said. Quot i have done one Perferi i thing. It is enough to make up for All the things i didst do a to by gov in Lio modern etiquette by Roberta Lee o u it possible for a girl to determine a Young Man s character by the perfect Way in w hich he wears his clothes and his suave manner a. Not always. Remember that a the ass is still an ass even though he wears a Lions hide appearances Are sometimes deceiving. O in t it poor taste for a Man to come to the table in Bis shirt sleeves a. Yes. Of course a Man is entitled to be comfortable at Home ult his family but when there Are guests he should Wear his oat. O How should the Forks be arranged Ai the plate when setting the table a. The Fork to be used first is plated at the extreme left of the plate this is usually for fish or entree second towards the plate. Place the meat Fork third nearest he plate the salad Fork. A three Days cough is your lessons in English danger signal even if other medicines have failed you May get Relief now with or emulsion. Chronic bronchitis can of treated and you cannot afford to take a Chance with any Medicine less potent than or emulsion which goes right to tile seat of the trouble to help loosen and expel germ Laden phlegm and Aid nature to soothe and heal raw tender inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Or emulsion blends Beechwood creosote by special process with other time tested medicines for coughs. It contains no narcotics no matter How Many medicines you have tried Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of or emulsion with the understanding that you Are to like the Way it quickly allays the cough permitting rest and sleep or you Are to have your Money Back. See that the name or emulsion is on the bottle and you will get the genuine product and the Relief you want. Or emulsion for coughs Chest colds bronchitis by w. I j. Gordon words often Mia sued use like a when referring to a contingent j event regarded As probable As Quot it is Likely to Snow use liable when referring to a possible event regarded As disastrous As. A you Are liable to fall of you arc not often mispronounced column. I pronounce Kolum not Kol Yum. Often misspelled breath i noun i. Breathe verb synonyms talkative loquacious volume. Word study a use a word three limes Ami ii is let us in crease our vocabulary by mastering one word each Day. Today s word arrogant u n d u i it j p r o ii d overbearing Haugh a Praise has different effects. I makes a Wise Man modest Btl i fool More Felthan London Boom. Theatres expect a War it the a unit Corfi Duncan phyfe dining room furniture will Grace the stage of the Paramount theatre during the sessions of tile High Point Enterprise cooking school. These furniture selections were made by mrs. Shockley who had this to say a simple dignity can be readily achieved with a modest budget Rood Well made nationally advertised furniture costs no More than cheap s dining room suite of Dunean phyfe design Aud you have something that will always he in Good taste. You eau always find the Best in furniture at our store. Newest styles highest Quality and fair Price will always be our aim. Cut rate furniture co. 615-11 East Green phone 2819 use our budget plan

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