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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 8, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Personality profile mrs. Arthur l. Johnson of High Point by Robert Marks Enterprise staff writer Many people get tears in their eyes when they hear a band playing a the Star spangled mrs. Arthur l. Johnson gets tears in her eyes when she talks about the Constitution of the United states. For two years mrs. Johnson has been thinking and talking about the Constitution almost every Day in the week. As chairman of Constitution week Observance for the Alexander Martin chapter of the daughters of the american revolution she has been the ramrod for observing the week in High Point. Last year the Alexander Martin chapter was Winner of the Gertrude Carraway award for its Observance of cons Titu on week. This year the Alexander Martin chapter and several other chapters in North Carolina Are competing for a National award Given to states for outstanding programs during Constitution week. Talking about the Constitution and getting other people to talk about the Constitution come naturally to mrs. Johnson. Her family genealogy reaches Back into the group of Barons who forced King John to sign the Magna Carta at Runnymede. She had ancestors at Jamestown and on the Mayflower. And one ancestor in colonial America or. John Johnstone served two colonies at the same time. He was on the Kings Council in new Jersey while serving As mayor of new York City. It is this family background that gives mrs. Johnson membership in the daughters of the american revolution the daughters of the american colonists the Jamestown society and the society of Magna Carta Dames. Mrs. Johnson is also known in High Point for her work As a portrait artist. A number of High pointers has had portraits painted by her. Mrs. Johnson was born Gladys Estelle Peck daughter of tyrus William Peck and Isabella Ellis Carter Peck in Perth Amboy . She has a brother tyrus w. Peck ., who lives in Colts neck . She graduated from Perth Amboy High school and studied Art at the Newark school mrs. Arthur of Fine and Industrial Art the Art students league in new York City and at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She was working As a color stylist and Interior decorator when she met Arthur l. Johnson who was a chemist employed at the same company. The Johnsons have two sons. Roger Allen Johnson who lives in Metuchen ., and Richard Arthur Johnson who is with Phillips Foscue corp. In High Point. The Johnsons have been residents of High Point since 1958. He is retired from Mobil chemical co. They make their Home at 1208 Greenway. Johnson shares his wife a Devotion to the Constitution. He watches Over an american Flag which they Fly every Day the weather allows from a pole in front of their Home. They Are members of first l. Johnson sum photo by Sonny Modoc Ocic presbyterian Church in High Point in Observance of Constitution week sept. 17-23, mrs. Johnson arranged for Assembly. Programs at the three Junior High schools in High Point conducted an essay contest among senior class students in High Point and Thomasville and encouraged promotion of the Observance among merchants. Civic clubs and churches in the City. A to me. Constitution week this year has been the highlight of my life a mrs. Johnson said. A to have reached so Many people particularly the school children with the message that we must protect and cherish our beloved Constitution and not take for granted the freedoms we now have was overwhelming. If we wish to keep our freedoms they must be guarded and protected with every strength we an editor s notebook one born every second by Jenkin Lloyd Jones these Are the Days when the Midway Pitchman and the carny people having started with the state and county lairs along the Canadian Border in july Are nearing the end of their migration in the deep South. Soon the a honest games with their huge percentages and the Gaffer joints with their hidden pins and magnets will be packed away with what a left of the slum. The agents and drifters one outside men and shills will take it slow in Balmy trailer courts dabbing a Little new paint on the wheels and maybe Gimmi King the throw Down cats with a bit More Lead on the Bottom. Mark Twain once cynically r e in a red Quot let us be thankful for the fools. But for them the rest of us could not some of us might resent that. But the carnies would agree wholeheartedly. In be been Reading John Scarness a Complete guide to gambling and the fascinating chapter on carnivals explains Why in be never been Able to Knock Down those milk bottles or pitch the ring Over the glittering watch or hit the pin on the return swing of the Bowling Ball. The Bottom milk bottles Are weighted. The wooden stand holding the watch is Bevelled to defy All but vertical drops. The Bowling Ball Hung from directly above the pin illustrates the physical Law of the compensating parabola. Alas to be smart so late the bewildered mouse that hesitates above the Hole on which you be bet suddenly goes elsewhere not necessarily out of perversity but perhaps because that escape route has been closed from beneath by Remote control. Beware the wheel of Fortune with the soft indicator that does no to go tat tat tat against the pins. It can make the action of a Brake imperceptible As the operator leans casually against the counter. Hence the term a belly beware the Bushel baskets out of which your Ball is always bouncing. The trick is in hit the Side first an almost impossible feat from where you have to stand. But the operator throwing from an Agle can make it look easy. And so through America go the Pitchman every year gently fleecing the kids and the Wise Guys with Dodges As hoary As the Snell game three card Monte and Bagatelle. Mostly the victims have in. Only occasionally As in the notorious business of enticing a fevered and loaded Mark into huge bets by progressively covering losing numbers is True grand larceny practice. But it tells something about us human beings a the fatal desire to believe the pleasant improbability if not the impossibility. We Are All afflicted in greater or less degree. This month of october 1972, is the most political of the 48 in the Quad Ennius. It might be a Good time to consider a larger and More serious carnival with Grimmer implications for believing in the improbable or impossible the ones born every second confuse their aspirations and their resources. They want to believe him who tells us we May have what we desire. They embrace the platform orator who describes our wants As a unmet you done to have to feel guilty if you Only demand a they like to think of government As the cure for All our sloth and cuss Edness. They love appropriations but dislike taxes. So what if the map widens Between income and outgo done to we owe it to ourselves a they claim to love their kids and blithely mortgage them up to their eyeballs. The ones born every second elect those who Debauch a he currency and cheer madly when they denounce the diminished purchasing Power of the Dollar. Millions can be persuaded that the Way to cure a bankrupt social theory is to throw More Money at it. Millions believe that what would bust men individually will somehow make them Rich collectively. In this month of october the spirit of the Midway is running. A step right up folks. You can to hardly lose a and inequality by Benjamin Fine North american new Pip a Alliance new York no matter How much Money is spent on our schools and colleges education will be unable to remove the inequality that exists among the various segments of our population. Inequality will always exist unless society itself changes. To expect schools to do the Job is asking too much. Those Are the conclusions reached by a group of noted educators headed by prof. Christopher Jencks and seven of his associates at the Center for educational policy research at the Harvard graduate school of education. Entitled a inequality a reassessment of the effect of family and schooling in t h e three year study supported by a $500,000 Grant from the Carnegie corporation maintains that american schools Are not doing the Job that they have set As their goal a that of ending inequality through equal education. Evidently educators Are not qualified to make these changes possible. The research that went into the Book developed findings that will anger Many diehards who do not want their own beliefs ruffled. For example the study notes that american society today is riddled with inequality in terms of income. Race. Occupational status and family standards. Actually americans by and Large. When pinned to the Wall will admit that they do not believe in Equality but Only in equal Opportunity the study says. As or. Jencks. Who is already a controversial figure in education because of his support of the a a voucher system which would give parents alternate options for the school attendance of their children Points out a most americans say they believe in Equality. But most americans also believe that some people Are More competent than others. This will always be so. No matter How much we form the Jencks report shows How unequal the schools Are in the United states. This is True at every level from Nursery to College. States and local communities spend disproportionate amounts depending upon the wealth of the local districts. The question of whether schools should depend upon the local property taxes which determine the amount available to education is now being challenged in Many states and will ultimately be determined by the United states supreme court. In the meantime there is unequal Opportunity it All depends whether you live in an affluent suburb or a disadvantaged ghetto inner City whether the school outlay will be $250 per child or $2,500. One finding bound to create angry responses from Many quarters schools do not make the difference in adult lives that Many people think they do. None of the evidence that has been reviewed writes pro Jencks suggests that school Reform can be expected to bring about significant social changes outsides the schools. Equalizing educational Opportunity would do very Little to make adults More equal. The experience of the past 25 years indicates that even fairly substantial reductions in the Range of educational attainment do not appreciably reduce economic inequality among adults. Answering the persistent question As to Why school Reform cannot make adults More equal. Pro. Jencks Points out that children Are More influenced by what happens at Home especially by television than they Are by the schools. The curriculum revision and Pupil reassignment that schools use to bring about change have less effect than the almost uncontrollable but More important daily relationship Between teachers and pupils. Moreover even when schools exert an influence on children the results Are not Likely to persist into adulthood. How then can this nation reduce the enormous Gap Between those who have and those who have not if the school cannot do the Job. As or. Jencks insists who can0 after All our founding father did not guarantee us happiness but a the Pursuit of our schools do not guarantee Equality but the Pursuit of equal opportunities. In this function our schools Are succeeding. Sunday accent election of a president by Robert Marks the election is four weeks away. Every measuring of Public opinion in every segment of the country indicates the re election of president Nixon. The polls show the president favored in the South among the catholics the jews and the Blue Collar workers. Some polls report that president Nixon is ahead even among the Young people who Are suppose to be one of the main groups of support for sen. George Mcgovern i have not seen any poll showing president Nixon favored among Black voters. Once again Black americans Are telling us about the profound fault that exists among us As a nation. We Are concerned about problems in our National life Only to the degree that the problem touches upon us directly. That president Nixon stands in such High favor among such a Large majority of voters is astounding and frightening. He has achieved that standing because of his response to the particular and the collective fears of the people. To the catholics he has promised some form of Aid to their parochial schools. To the jews he has promised military support for Israel. To the South he has promised a halt to school busing for a racial to the suburbs he has promised Law and order. Meanwhile the promises he made in 1968 remain unfulfilled. He has not brought us together As a people. He has not brought an end to the american involvement in the War in Vietnam. He has not brought inflation under control. He has not controlled the Federal budget. The War continues the budget deficit has grown by $10u billion in four years More than six million americans have gone on welfare in the last four years the cities Are continuing to fall apart the unemployment rate is a 5.5 per cent. One reason for the High standing of president Nixon despite the dismal record of his administration is sen. Mcgovern himself. Tile fault us not so much Mcgovern a directly however As the image which the people have of him. In the Public a mind he is Radical. This is True to a Point for what Mcgovern is proposing represents a departure in a degree from the course the nation has been travelling for the last 25 years. As i understand him what Mcgovern Means in his Call for America to come Home is a refocusing of tile nations energies upon the problems and aspirations of the people themselves. I do not think George Mcgovern would closet himself in the White House and Rule in effect by decree As Richard Nixon has done this is a crucial Point in this election. It is unfortunate that the issues As they have been expressed in the platforms of the parties and at times in speeches sometimes by the president mostly by Mcgovern have not been enunciated More fully and openly. But the deeper Issue in this election is the future of the role of the presidency itself under president Nixon the White House is More isolated than it Ever has been from the people from the Congress from the Cabinet. The president is even isolated from his own party. He is running his Campaign the Republican party is running its campaigns in the various states As Best it can. The candidates on the state level reach for the presidents coattails their concern seems of Little import to the president. Perhaps this is of no concern to the people the polls would seem to indicate so. Then we Are indeed in serious trouble. We Are abdicating our responsibility to a surrogate and turning Over to him our authority to Deal with our problems so Long As he does not trouble us with the solutions. The election is four weeks away. We should remember that we Are in the process of electing a president and not a ruler and that each of those who seek the office should be held accountable for what he has promised and not fulfilled for what lie has done and for what he has not done. Davidson dateline View from new apartment Sosby Ven Carver Thomasville a lessons Learned on moving in done to behave m front of your landlord As though he were the Spanish inquisition and you were one of the original sinners. Never Light a space Heater unless you Are wearing Asbestos underclothing. Done to try to convince your Mother your living conditions Are tolerable. If you were occupying the to mahal she would still insist that it is but one step from condemnation proceedings. Those laxative commercials during the dinner hour on the television newscasts Are just As revolting Here As they were in your old digs. Mcgovern looks like a loser no matter where your television set is located. Concoct a worthwhile excuse for not wearing a Beard during big sesquicentennial Celebration. Standard line i am an army reservist but that does no to always work since even the military allows mustaches now of the elderly lady next door Arches her eyebrows when you Tell her your wife won t be arriving anytime seeing As How you done to have one. Don a a give it a second thought. She knows All about bachelors living alone their wild parties their lust for the grape among other things and their Peculiar propensity for giving the neighbor Hood an unfortunate reputation. Never Tell the landlord that is before renting you Are unattached. He is As Wise to the Bohemian Bachelor life style As the Little old lady in the adjacent apartment for added insurance. Greet him with a furrowed brow and dour expression As though you have been married Long enough to regret it. Before moving to a different apartment find at least one Bachelor who lives the Way Jour re expected to. Robert Carroll chairman of the Davidson county commissioners was a Little perturbed about one of my articles that appeared several weeks ago. The Story was about the opening of Jim Holshouser a gubernatorial Headquarters in Thomasville in the account i mentioned that Carroll supported Jim Gardner Holshouser a primary opponent at the beginning of the Campaign. Not True Carroll said. He has been a Holshouser Man from the Start. A in a not mad or anything a the commissioner reproved a but it is a Little my face is also red two weeks ago i wrote a column about the necessity for Long Range land use planning in Davidson county. High Point City councilman Jim Pearce sent a letter saying he was in a Aioo per cent agreement Pearce acknowledged he had had differences with the Enterprise in the past hut lie indicated that on this Issue. The need is Plain a now is the time everyone had better lie planning for the Pearce said Quot its always easier to prevent a problem than to treat it after it has occurred a evidently there Are others who concur. Last week the Lexington chamber of Commerce launched a Campaign to secure county wide zoning a first step toward and use the Piedmont Harvest of the grapes l by Braxton Younts grapes by the ton that is the product of a father Sori combination at Southport. A Harry sell and Harry d. Sell. In other words the Sells sell grapes by the seashore but not to the general Public. Their Complete annual scup Pering Harvest is sold to a winery in Virginia and they Send the grapes out in 20-ton lots at a time. The senior sell a. Harry grew up in Monroe and for a Long while was a radio and electronics technician. He came to the coastal area to service those communications sets used by the fishing and shrimping trawlers. Several years ago. Sell said he decided to retire and grow grapes on to acres of land he had. Then As the Success in growing the grapes continued he bought More acreage and now has something like 8 to 10.000 grape vines under cultivation. This makes the sell operation one of the largest vineyards in the state. As the number of vines increased and the size of the Harvest was larger labor became More and More of a problem. Sell said that scupper songs must be harvested at just the right time when the sugar Content gets to the proper level. He estimated that it would take some pm labourers to Days to pick his present crop and the labor just Isnit there. So As the vines grew he realized that some form of mechanical Harvester would have to be the answer. Also As he got further and further into the grape growing sell travelled quite a lot especially in California. He was studying How to adapt California growing methods to his own situation. Now the Sells vines Are trained along wires stretched from Post to Post throughout the Vineyard. There Are no arbours As most Home scupper Nong vines grow on. The Harvester he has devised has an upright vibrating Shaker arrangement which makes the Ripe grapes fall off the Vine. They Are caught on a vibrating platform which makes them Roll into a conveyor in the Center of the machine floor. From this conveyor the grapes move to another which rises at the rear of the machine and allows the grapes to fall into a Large Bolike contraption which is towed behind the Harvester by a tractor. When this Box is full it is swapped for an empty one and the harvesting continues. Sell said that 1972 was an Odd year for his grapes. Due to a late Frost he will have two harvests this year where normally there is Only one. He was not sure when the second crop would mature but he was Busy harvesting the first one when i watched big Bronze grapes rolling Aff the vines into the containers

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