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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 8, 1972, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper tax prospects Randall b. Terry president co publisher mrs. Cd. Lockwood vice pres. David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. . Rawley co publisher Joseph p. Rawley . Joe Brown editor Page 4-a sunday october 8, 1972 an empty Promise last Spring when the . Supreme court was composing a landmark decision which said in effect that the insistence that news reporters violate the confidences so necessary in their ability to get and report the news is not a violation of first amendment rights some consoling words were offered. Those words by Justice Louis Powell came to nothing last week. The Justice had said paraphrasing that anytime a newsman was called by a court or grand jury and asked for information a bearing Only a Remote and tenuous relationship to the subject of the investigation a then he could get Relief in the nations top court. The court had contended then that the cases before it involved in formation that newsmen had which was vital to the cause of Justice and was not available elsewhere. Justice Powell was trying to soften the blow when he spoke of Relief from imposition of the Law in unimportant events. Last week a new Jersey reporter was sentenced for contempt of court because he would not respond to a grand jury a general fishing expedition on what he might or might not know of corruption in Newark. When his lawyers sought a stay of sentence from the . Supreme court it declined to order a delay. So much for Justice Powell a Promise. As one observer pointed out following the decision the court seems not particularly concerned with first amendment guarantees the Nixon administration is at Best a fellow traveler and at worst a promoter of that unconcern and the american people Are rapidly being lured into line. Most people Are Little concerned with whether newspapers Are Able to get and report the news just As they Are not particularly bothered by other trespass on the rights guaranteed by the Constitution a until that trespass happens to step on their own toes. Unless there is some trend reversal we All will Wake up one morning and find that powerful government has steadily ground the freedoms we enjoy into bits and that the loss affects not just the fellow across the Street but every Man among us. It May then be too late. Power of Competition City councils Battle Over Beer which resulted in last weeks vote to lift the ban on sunday sales is a min lesson in the push pull of business Competition. It is unfortunate but no less realistic that issues which some consider to be in the moral Arena cannot be decided wholly on their own merits. Many a Small town and Small county in the state of North Carolina is in the Abc store business today not because of How they happened to feel about liquor sales but because of what their neighbors had done. There is one Small county in the Eastern Quarter of the state that has had liquor stores for decades. The stores were voted into being Over a decidedly negative opinion because the country a Small trading centers were convinced their very economic life depended on blocking local citizens from going across the county line to visit the Abc stores and while there doing the rest of their shopping chores. This has not until now been so True of High Point. There has been no groundswell of business opinion to protect the City a economic Well being through this particular device. When the county was considering imposition of the fourth cent on the sales tax rate there was some retail Community noise about the possible detrimental effect on business especially since the county was taking the Lead for the area while adjoining counties appeared to be shunning the four cent proposition. But the county went ahead and imposed the extra cent and the Small amount of protest dwindled away. That is Why the fact that plaintive pleas of some very Small retailers resulted in changing some of City councils minds on the sunday Beer Issue seems so paradoxical. The key vote was that of councilman Sam Burford. He said he had switched his opinion to favor repeal of the Long standing ban because of the unfairness of its application when Small groceries just across the City lines both in Guilford and Randolph counties get an economic jump on their in City competitors. In the past the City Council has turned an a hearing ear on other merchants who have protested that general retail sales on sunday in neighbouring cities Are hurting their sales Levels. There has been the same sort of response when any sought to use the business lever to encourage Abc store establishment. There is no pleasure to be had in the contemplation of the comparisons which naturally arise. It Only Points up the difficulty of decision making which any men and women shoulder when they seek and win seats on City god in three tenses Quot from him who it and who a and who it to re. 1 4. Not Only is our god one in three persons whom we Call the holy Trinity but he is also the god in three tenses past present and future. He has ruled this universe in three periods of time yesterday today and tomorrow All of which to him is one vast eternity. But to us according to our almanacs and calendars there Are these three portions of time and we use constantly such terms in our daily language. So from the human viewpoint let us take a look at god living and Labouring in these three time zones. Our god was from the beginning so Long ago in years and centuries that no Man can number them and no sensible Man tries. The whole Bible gives us a deity that ruled when there was no Earth no Sun no Moon no stars no planets in Yon Distant heavens. As we turn the pages of Hie scriptures we see him at work in nature and in the hearts of men and throughout the boundless universe every moment of passing time through Long and painful years piling up his labors into centuries innumerable. In All that past the most High has been continually at his divine tasks planning a glorious end. He has used every passing Day for the accomplishment of some specific Effort for the Well being of Mankind. All we Are today goes Back Back into the fathers past and each of us is the product of his strenuous labors Day after Day. Tom Wolfe declares in one of his famed volumes that each individual is the product of forty thousand years. I say that every Man is the product of forty million years and much much More than even that. Have no doubt my friends that the ruler of this universe has been from the beginning on your Side and exerting himself for your Good. Yes god has lived grandly in the past. This supreme Power that worked in the Days of Abraham Isaac and Jacob in the time of Moses David and Elijah in the age of John Peter and Paul is today keeping up his worthy labors in the behalf of every Man living now. The old song we used to sing a this Eye is on the Sparrow and i know he watches me a is True to the facts of our Faith. Today is gods Day and every flying minute belongs to him even this present one that we treat sometimes so carelessly. The father of All is intensely concerned with the thought and efforts of our states governor and our nations president As he is with the movements of those millions of worlds out yonder in space. He is this Day and hour very present in the Cradle with that tiny new born infant and in the orphan child without a Home As he is with rotation of this Earth in its orbit around the Sun or the movements of that Constellation Orion in the Distant skies or the great dipper pointing men continually toward the North. Yes the now is vital to the mind and hand of the eternal deity who never for one moment takes his thought off the molecules and atoms of All created things. If he should for this present minute let go of his interest for one single thing this vast universe would Fly to pieces and All would be annihilated. Thank god for his continual presence in this moment of time and for his watchful concern today. The god who is to come a the future is also his As Well As the past and the present. Tomorrow is another Day yes and it is a Day in the hand and purpose of the almighty. What a Hope is ours and within that Hope lie All our dreams and plans All the Good and great purposes of our lives and efforts. Tomorrow will be better yes it must be better than today. In it lies the Hope for each individual for every family for All races and colors of men for that brotherhood of which the incarnate spoke and challenged us for world Unity and Universal peace among the nations for that brotherhood that is in the mind and heart of the eternal All such glories Are there awaiting our decisions and labors. The future gives us every one the Promise of higher ideals and holier Aims for a grander Day Here on Earth As Well As for Many a destiny in the great beyond. To that end we Pray and Lay our petitions before him who is awaiting our personal resolves. What a divine purpose awaits us in the heart of the god who is to come. May those future Days and years come to All of us who make ready to receive the most High in his future tense and in the name of him who said a Flo i am with you cer by capes Waynick gov. Scott is predicting the necessity of increases in state taxation for the near future. This is an interesting prophecy for a Man about to go out of office especially since there is a Good Chance for his successor to be a Man who made As his principal Campaign Issue the solemn pledge that there would be no increases of taxes for the state during his administration should he be elected. When asked How he proposes to keep his Promise nominee Bowles pointed to the tendency of the North Carolina legislature to respect a governors recommendation and affirmed in All positiveness that the full weight of his influence would be against any new levies or increases of the old. So we have conflicting opinions held by a Man nearing the close of a four year administration and one who expects to succeed him for the next four. History gives Scott a judgment the Edge but a heavily taxed people will Hope or. Bowles has the right of it. Taxation without representation was a Cardinal complaint of the colonists who set up the american Republic after bloody separation from England. It remains an Issue that gets easily out of control with representation who can predict the limits to which Federal levies will go the first months a social Security checks reflecting the congressional order for a 20 per cent increase have just cleared the mail and the conservative regards increased Washington spending with mixed emotions and uneasy wonder How far distribution of wealth can go and leave the budget in Safe condition. Apparently the old Micawber philosophy is obsolete discredited in government and just recently the president asked for authorization of increase of the National debt already sky High. Gone too is the kind of Resolution that inspired Andrew Mellon As Secretary of the . Treasury to trim the National debt from $29 billion to a slender Zed $16 billion. Some latter Days economists even contended that his pay off policy precipitated the 1929 crash. It is quite Clear that those in authority Are not risking debt reduction now a or even such a seemingly intelligent thing As a balanced budget. It seems to me that a bit of old Hickory policy is a definite american need. A. I perhaps you did no to understand me. I said i was proposing to you. Hello. Hello. Quot our big spenders Washington a the nations top generals and admirals trooped up to Capitol Hill last month to explain to troubled senators behind closed doors How Gen. John Lavelle was Able to conduct unauthorized raids in North Vietnam for three months without anyone in the Pentagon discovering bombs were being dropped in violation of presidential orders. One after another the big brass assured the senators of their undying allegiance to civilian authority. The senators emerged from the final hearings full of Confidence that there had been no military revolt against civilian control of the armed forces. Yet the fact remains that for months the civilians never knew that the top air Force general in Vietnam was ignoring president Nixon a directives and making his own bombing rules. Indeed much goes on right inside the Pentagon that the civilian Bosses Arentt told. We have dug our details of the of Iii Story for example which May startle some of the civilians who thought they were in charge of the program. The of Iii is the swing Wing problem plagued fighter plane that is now Back in Vietnam after four years of reviews recalculations and repairs. Two dozen of the planes have been lost half of them for unknown reasons. Of the first six sent to Vietnam in 1968, three crashed. They were recalled but now they re Back again. On one of their first missions another full mysteriously vanished from the radar screen and they were All temporary grounded again. Full Story a the full is an outgrowth of former defense Secretary Robert Mcnamara a passion for Cost effectiveness. He tried to save a billion dollars by compelling the air Force and Navy to Combine their overlapping requirements for two separate air planes into one design. The f-111a Wras supposed to become the Workhorse of the air forces tactical Wing. The nearly identical f-111b was to guard the Fleet against Surprise attack. Mcnamara fresh from Detroit ruled that the similarities in the two proposed aircraft outweighed the differences and that the tw0 should be wed. The two services obediently spent eight months trying to reconcile their differences and to evolve one aircraft design. On August 22, 1961, they reported that Mcnamara a idea Wasny to feasible. But they did no to reckon with his single mindedness. Merry go roundly Jack Anderson ordered Back to their drawing boards they began scheming to thwart their civilian chief. Some of the strategy sessions were held at the old Jack Hunts restaurant a naval hangout near the White House. Mcnamara a a plane they decided would die by degrees. The Navy raised objection after objection to the air Force design features. Most critically they insisted that the f-111b was too heavy for Carrier operations. They also worked through Grumman aircraft the principal subcontractor for the f-111b. Grumman a dominance of naval aircraft procurement and its astute use of retired naval officers in winning these contracts has Given Rise to a fraternity known in naval circles As ring knockers. Quiet operators a ring Knocker is a naval Academy graduate. Those employed by Grumman were also mostly retired naval pilots. Their value to the company was measured in proportion to their submarine like ability to a run silent run deep a that is to influence their Active duty Brethren without attracting attention. The f-111b, thanks to Mcnamara s commonality wound up 5,000 pounds heavier than it would have been As a plane designed Only for the Navy. This brought bowls from the Navy about the a onh factors not invented Here. But alas like cinderellas step Sisters there was no Way that the f-111b could become As svelte As the Navy wanted. In this atmosphere Grumman a ring knockers persuaded capt. Joseph Rees the f-111b program manager to award a secret $1,750,000 contract to Grumman for a redesign of the f-111b. By Holt Mcpherson Enterprise editor emeritus Villard de lans France a delayed a we paused from our travels Over Europe Over half of it crowded into Austria and Italy a to spend a restful weekend with friends at this world famous ski resort which we find attractive even Between seasons. It was the Center of the French resistance movement in world War ii the rugged mountains providing cover the germans could t penetrate despite sending heavy forces with tanks which the resisters kept pinned Down most of the time the germans occupied France. It stands High above Grenoble the bustling and colourful French Mountain town where the 1968 olympic events were run with More eclat than Ever. Our friends Al and Livia Van Den dries known delightfully to the Many High pointers they have escorted on pleasant travels through Europe have purchased a couple of condominiums Here and have transferred their base from Paris to this spot High in the French Alps. Ski devotees they had visited most of the resorts Over the years but when they came to Villard de Lana they concluded this was it. They bought their first residential condominium and then added another which they rent. The promoters of the project were so delighted to attract the Multi language couple he Speaks seven languages and she six. And they Are the Only full time residents who speak More than French and German a that they wanted Al to take the presidency of the company. But since his occasional travels following his partial retirement from Active travel guidance that takes him away for sometimes weeks As in our own Case he declined so they prevailed upon him to accept the vice presidency of the new project located in the heart of this breathtakingly Beautiful resort where the Sun shines almost every Day and the View is out of this world. He feels strongly that investment in property is better than Money in these Days of depreciating currency. He owns also investment property in Paris. As this is written we Are just returned from a trip through the Gorge de la Bourne which affords some of the most rugged scenery anywhere in the world. We lunched at Ponten Royans the colourful old hotel Bonnard where old world cooking and service make it appealing to visitors As Well As natives of that Mountain area. It is a Long Story from that late afternoon in Paris in 1950 when we were seeking a taxi Driver who could speak English. We had flown All night from Tel Aviv propeller driven planes of that Era being far slower than jets today. We slept through most of the Day and around 5 . Asked the concierge to find us such a Driver. I knew the City fairly Well from prior visitation and directed the new found Driver about what we wanted to see before dark. By Nightfall he had shown us All that and More and with it our language coordination and communication clicked nicely at the outset his English was no More understandable than our French but that cleared quickly. We liked him so Well that we engaged him for the next Day and still another exploring some of Paris outer areas such As Versailles and Fontainebleau. So Well did he help us and so informed was he on what he showed us that we asked him to take us on a trip across Germany Austria Italy and Back through Switzerland to Paris. He replied that he was a Paris guide Only and undertake that although we knew he spoke German fluently from his five years As a prisoner of the germans and we were willing to go exploring with him inasmuch As we already knew fairly Well the countries we proposed visiting. Al took us to our hotel for lunch and came running Back in about half an hours at age 66 shortly he still runs As he did then a shouting a i can do it a a do what a i asked having put the possibility of his guidance out of mind. A take you on that he replied proudly adding that he had checked with the French Auto club and beef encouraged to undertake it. Well to make a Long Story Short we took off in the Early afternoon spent that night in Nancy and had one of the most wonderful and economical Tours perhaps Ever made for so Many Miles in a 12 h p. Ford automobile that walked not the least in taking the St. Bernard pass in the Alps. We had such a wonderful experience with him that we bought him a watch in Geneva and another for his wife who was Back in Paris. He recalled so pleasantly the encouragement i gave him to go to the guide school in Paris and shift from Paris to european guide which he did although it took four years of night study to win his diploma. It was. He said the turning Point of his life and nne Good thing i can take credit for encouraging although i had forgotten about it until he refreshed my mind. In our numerous travels with him. I have paid like any other customer and beyond that have assured every customer in be sent him that not pleased with his service. Id pay the Bill. Not one has come Back except with glowing account and full pleased with his service. Now he takes Only occasional groups in his own car a White Mercedes mostly folks who have travelled with him before although he can to begin to take All who wish to utilize his service. When we returned from that first trip with him i happened to mention him to Arnold Schiffman. The Greensboro Gemino Logiud who was planning a motor trip with his Camille through Europe. He said Al sounded exactly like the guide and Driver he wanted so he engaged him and had such a pleasant experience that Between the two of us we be kept Al in International guide work Ever since. His love of Paris was such that he did a lot of guidance there Between european trips but the City became so crowded that this year he decided to shift to the Clear air and uncrowded traffic of this Mountain resort where he and his beloved Livia Are happily based. Several years ago High Point customers brought him for a visit greatly enjoyed a Fine testimonial to the powerful ties developed Between him and those he serves. His wife had died meanwhile but in 1962 he married the Lovely Livia Hollos an internationally known Ballet dancer who was featured at the opening of the Lido in Paris. They came on a visit to High Point and Miami where she danced five years ago. Now Thev look Forward to yet another at some indefinite time when his new Community May Send him on an advertising tour for their friends Over this country Are legion. He a trying to slow Down but he took us on another great trip although we visited Only one new City on it. That was Monte Catini an italian watering place and spa celebrated for centuries and lauded by Many of Europe a famed medical practitioners it is located in the Lovely Val de Nevole on the Florence sea toll Highway a Short distance from Florence Pisa and via Reggio. It is an attractive year round resort beautifully located and offering some of the most pleasant and cleanest hotel facilities on the continent. It was the first visit too for Livia a now she wants to take her Mother there. Al will be 66 years old november 24, but he still ranks As one of the most knowledgeable of european guides whose customers swear by him and keep him lastingly As Friend. Al s Story is one in which we take Pride for by his faithful service he has come to the Sunset years of life Well situated to enjoy life As a result of his own efforts and friends All Over the world mainly the United states. He still likes to take his customers to out of the Way places where they get the flavor of life at country inns that receive him literally with open arms. He avoids what he Calls a tourist traps like the plague. And he gives his customers More for their time and Money a both important to people such As i a than any guide in be Ever known. Little wonder that he has friends everywhere mostly in the United states. Lets Hope that Al and Livia will somehow make the visit again to the City they both regard the Center of the universe a for things Are better when those two Are around this country or wherever

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