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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 8, 1972, High Point, North Carolina The Cecils h Henredon for a limited time Only in cooperation with Henredon we offer this Opportunity Quot on All Henredon upholstered furniture 1400 decorator fabrics to choose from Sale ends october 14th saying goodbye to children is traumatic experience Al i s ii i emf in to tvs a 4 Nam a a Ratett a in i .111 a i a a a for years Edith Irving s ufos was a Giddy Jaunt Between the Jet set capitals a Majorca Paris Zurich new York London. This year her Lite has been a Nightmare of despair a of forced separation from her husband Clifford Irving and their two infant sons Nevsky and Barney. Because of her complicity in her husband s Quot hoax of the Century Quot the phoney Howard Hughes autobiography she has spent two months in Nassau county jail on Long Island new York several Days in preventive detention in Zurich and now awaits trial by a Swiss court on charges that could keep her in prison for is years. What follows is the first of five instalments from Edith Irving s prison diary obtained exclusively by women s news service. By Edith Irving Nassau county jail by. Was it is monday morning 19th of Jure 1972, eleven of clock. It is time to say goodbye to my children Nevsky 4, and Barney 2. I have to go to jail a still an abstract word a horrible situation which just cannot happen to me. To others yes to me no. And Row the knot builds in my stomach the knot gets heavy and spreads into my Throat. My lawyer Phil lorber stands at the door. A very slow controlled voice which it mine sends Nevsky and Barney upstairs to friends. I cannot say goodbye to those soft Sweet babies. Cliff their father will have to answer their sad continuous question a where is Mommy Quot i lived with my Little boys for five months in a Small two room hotel suite. I have become the Center of their world with the unhealthy Security that i am always there. Unhealthy because terrifying to them when in mall at once gone although i told them ill go t o Switzerland to sell my paint a Ings. I Hope they wont miss me to the Point of crying and wetting their bed. Who have done wrong much wrong but who Are not dangerous to the society of that world who have proved in the Long three months before sentencing that they wanted to repair the Money damage caused to a publishing House the Only damage done in this crime besides the Hurt feelings of half a dozen people who were proved foolish and possibly greedy by preparing not to ask too Many questions in order to get a highly profitable product a masterpiece of a Book which would sell like fresh bagels because it had the name of Howard Hughes. Rather a sick world and a very naive Cliff who believed those people would laugh when they would hear it was a hoax slap their author on his shoulder and feel Content getting their Money Back and then try to publish a the masterpiece a their words about the Book a As a great novel by Clifford Irving. But that a not our world any More. Cliff worked from morning until he fell exhausted to bed to write a what really happened a to fill the big Gap of debts which has opened since we came to this country with the belief of understanding with the Hope of forgiveness with the Confidence that the people concerned would believe the truth the Story of intelligent people who acted stupidly of to to View Ait to h now i have to leave for jail. May the pharisees who enjoy our punishment have the guts to watch and question themselves before they throw the next stones and explain to me the Justice of this world to punish two Little children. May they listen to their sobs. I curse a world which knows no better Way to punish people a a i y w of. 0 a to of a of v letter from sons Check fiber labels when buying fabric super schmucks who took $750,000 in Exchange for a Book which is a hoax a of an idealist sentimentalist idiot who believed that Art will always be forgiven and the work done in this Long hoax year would prove that he did not intend to steal because there was a product for Exchange. It is now twelve of clock noon on monday. I wait at the marshals office at Foley Square to be taken to jail. I hugged Cliff when i left and the tears running Down inside my face strangle my Throat and my heart. Cliff is crying. He is a Man of 41 years. God let happen a wonder. Marshal you look kind. You have Good eyes. Say a the judgment has been changed. Go Home Edith. Cliff will not go two and a half years to jail either. You will work instead six hours a Day in a Hospital without pay for two years. Stay with your kids teach them not to be i look up and there stands at the door re Verdin the lawyer for the Swiss government who has to fight for my extradition to Zurich. He hands the marshal a court order for wednesday for the extradition hearing. When terror struck it is first disbelief then an unheard scream of a no no have mercy a i have gone through the agonies of fear for my children and my future. I have lived five months in a vacuum in which you cannot make plans where the future is a colourless Ball round Slithery untouchable. I have been sentenced for my crime done to commit the inhuman action of putting me in jail for the same crime. Switzerland my Conn try done to put your daughter i who has lost her Home her i reputation her belief in her husband who has to work years to repay the debts which have reached the i compre j sensible sum of $1,600,000. I know it is unfair but in my mind or. Re Verdin because the merciless persecutor who kicks the woman the woman who lies helpless and broken on the floor. Go to Switzerland. Or. Re Verdin and Tell them to exercise mercy before inhuman Law. The car doors close. In Mon my Way to Nassau county jail. During the one and a half hour drive i see nothing i feel nothing. I am like a Beetle fallen on its Back and paralysed after the hopeless attempt to get Back on its feet the prison Gates the first orders a a stand against the Wall. Move. Undress All strip naked. Bend Down. Spread your legs. Move like this up and Down. A now i am dressed in a Blue sleeveless Sheath and an old Blue jeans jacket. A you can Wear your own underwear it in a Given a Brown paper bag with a piece of soap and a comb and one envelope paper to write a letter a Toothbrush toothpaste towels a Nightgown a thin Bathrobe. A How do you feel a i break Down crying. A did you have your dinner a i shake my head. A tray is brought. I cannot Swallow. In a brought to a cell. There is a Gate then a corridor with six cells each cell has bars and a door with bars then comes this corridor in front of the cells then other bars then another corridor then windows with bars. The windows Are opaque. You cannot see through them. Two Black girls Are in this corridor of cages. They cuddle in front of my locked door. One sits on the floor Between the legs of the other one who greases and Cor Rolls her hair. They smile As they talk but in a too upset so they just sit there for company. Next or. Irving await trial. Bedspreads by Kingston Many patterns and colors to choose from a no Iron a easy care a machine washable a rounded Corners a i 00% Cotton twin a 78�?� x 108�?� a full 96�?� x 108�?� Queen 104�?� x 120&Quot regular value $14 95 newspaper woman loses 84 pounds. 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