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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 8, 1972, High Point, North Carolina A Wop Jim him. Nov Forrest Cates if somebody steals your ear you better not report it to the High Point police department. If you report the theft to those Guys the first thing you know you la have your car Back whether you want it or not. Somebody stole my ear last week. Ile took it about noon at the shopping Center. At Midnight i got a Call from one of the Nice sounding lady dispatchers at the police station. She wanted to know if id mind going to get my car. They had found it at a place out on the Thomasville Road. Just sitting there sort of leaning against the curb like it always does after it is parked. I was overwhelmed by the Speed and efficiency of the police in locating my car. I had envisioned it rolled into a Small Ball somewhere or loping through the cacti out in Wyoming or some place like that. This is a new experience for me getting my car stolen. I Felt that somehow i should communicate with the gentleman who took it since wre have shared a common experience if from opposite ends. Since he neglected to leave his name and address but remembered to take my dad blamed car keys after he parked the Carthe Only was i know to get a message to him is through this column. The following is directed specifically to him but might be of interest to anyone else who is a car thief by profession or avocation. Dear sir since w e have shared my car just the car a not the payments feel that we should also share some thoughts about that Noble Steed. You have no doubt become aware of the delightful idiosyncrasies of my automobile. For instance i am sure you noticed that the car has a bad Case of what the Guy on television would Call a a hesitation in the interest of Selling his gasoline. I think that you would agree with me that what that car has ainu to hesitation. I mean coming to a Filiti Stop in the Middle of an intersection and backfiring Borders on rank obscenity. You May also have noticed that the car has Jack Rabbit tendencies. Remember those sinking sensations when the car would make Little playful leaps toward the Side of the Road while you were Riding serenely along. And of course there is that mysterious rattle which moves around under the dash. Aggravating Wasny to it0 first just a Little tinkling then a crashing tangling sound like something was trying to come off of yes and the matter of the air conditioner. The switch on the air conditioner keeps going bloody and i keep having it fixed. It was rather warm the Day you helped yourself to Rev car and i regret that the air conditioner Wasny to working. Rut it would have been just As bad if it had been cold. The Heater Button does no to work either. I done to know whether your pleasure drive in my car took you past the local liquor store. It it did von undoubtedly experienced difficulty in keeping the car from turning in. This perverseness on the part of that car developed while it was in Possession of the previous owner before i not it. Or vice versa. As you probably have determined for yourself owning that car can at times be somewhat trying. Which sir brings me to the Point of this message. The hard truth is that if there had been one damned ounce of decency in your sorry Arcenious body von would have run that car Over a Cliff. Enterprise poll shows voters favor elected school Board by Ray Hubbard Enterprise staff writer by More than a 3-to-l margin a Cross Section of High Point voters favors an elected school Board to run High Point Public schools. The preference for an elected school Board is indicated in the results of the first of two election year postal card polls being conducted by the Enterprise. More than one third of the 265 cards mailed on sept. 19 were returned with a preference marked for the proposition a i would vote for against an elected rather than appointed City school a total of 86 cards were returned. On two of the cards however both husband and wife indicated preferences to various propositions. Of the total responses 81 indicated preferences on the school Board question. Of those responding to the school Board Issue 62 indicated a preference for an elected Board and 19 indicated satisfaction with the present system of appointment. The High Point Enterprise sunday morning october 8, 1972. Page 2-a hungry youngsters go through one at Fairview Street cafeteria staff photo by Mark aug ten food service to be displayed by Ray Hubbard enu Prim staff writer you Are what you eat. That is the theme of National school lunch week being celebrated across the nation this week and in High Point school food service workers will attempt to show parents All about what Johnnie eats in the City schools. Open House will be held at t. Wingate Andrews High school from 7 to 9 p m. Tuesday to provide parents an Opportunity to find All about High Points most prodigious feeding operation. Mary Dillard food service director said displays of equipment demonstrations of food prepare tits techniques samples of the finished product and experts to explain How it All is put together to make a nutritionally balanced hot lunch for Volmie All would he available during Hie open Bouse. A i done to know How parents will respond to this sort of thing a mrs. Dillard said a but we need their help to make the lunch program do All the things it is supposed to do and i think they will be better equipped to help if they will come out tuesday and see what we Are doing. A we Are doing More than just feeding one meal a Day. That a for sure a mrs. Dillard continued. A we Are providing the child with one third the daily nutrition requirement and we Are helping develop sound eating habits that will follow the individual throughout his life a she said. A we particularly need the help of parents in encouraging children to eat All of the lunch provided every Day. And to eat every Day a mrs. Dillard continued. Between 8.000 and 8.500 of tile 11.000 students enrolled in High Point Public schools eat tile hot lunch each Day. A the number eating varies with the weather the menu and whether there is a Home game a mrs. Dillard said. Over the years there has been a gradual increase in the school lunch and a gradual acceptance of a wider variety of foods. A Only this year did we serve cottage cheese for the first time a mrs. Dillard said. A we prepared one ounce portions of cottage cheese As a protein supplement on a Day whim we had sausage As the main meat item. About 50 per cent of the kids ate it. Many of the others had never tasted it Lief re and left it on their plate. The next will try nearly one half of those eating the school lunch this year receive free meals paid for with Federal funds. Part of the Cost of All meals is paid for from Federal tax Rescue is. And the . Dept of agriculture provides a varying amount of food stuffs for the school pantries. An idea of How monumental tile school feeding program is can be perceived from the amount of flour used in the baking of a wide variety of products. A last month we used More than 10,000 mrs. Dillard said a and there still seemed to be not enough biscuits to go the poll provided for a breakdown by age groups and of those under 35 years of age the tally was 18 for an elected Board to 4 against. In the Over-35 group the tally was 40 for an elected Board and 17 against. Two of those responding to the school Board proposition did not indicate their Ages. Voter registration lists Are being used to conduct the poll. Voting strengths in each precinct and democratic Republican minority party ratios Are determined. Cards Are mailed according to these strengths and rations. No attempt is made however to define voters living in High Point but not in the High Point school District. This would be Only a minute number however. Although the Enterprise has conducted polls each election year in the recent past the school Board Issue has not been included. But there have been in the recent past indications that there is considerable sentiment for an elected Board. This has been particularly True during the past three years when school integration has had the greatest Impact on High Point schools. Citizens for Justice a nonprofit organization formed Here three years ago to contest school desegregation decisions handed Down by . Middle District court circulated petitions caning for an elected Board. The petitions were circulated on the Eroneous Assumption that if 15 per cent of the electorate called for a vote on the Issue that a referendum would have to be held. Such is not the Case and the matter died without it Ever being disclosed How Many signatures were obtained. But the matter of an elected Board did not die there. Some fat groups including the fat Council dealt with the Issue but All stopped Short of pressing for an elected Board. The Pat Council apparently actually decided that an appointed Board is Best for High Point and took action to head off a possible Campaign for an elected Board. The Ita Council prevailed upon City Council to ask the North Carolina general Assembly to change the City charter provisions dealing with the school Board in an attempt to make it a More responsive to the the charter was changed to reduce the term of office for school Board members from seven to four years to prohibit More than one consecutive reappointment to insure that at least one and not More than see voters on i a by Faye Marks around City tax payers ahead of schedule of High Points taxes Brooks said. At the end of september 1971, tile county had collected $1,194,122 cd in High Point Hubert Quick rocking Greensboro Guilford county had collected 35.55 per cent of the 1972 taxes due to the City of High Point by the end of september according to a report prepared by c. R Brooks tax supervisor. Brooks reported that the county operating under an agreement with High Point collected $1,775,621 % for High Point through the end of september. Die total Levy for the year is $4,994,445 33. Collections this year Are somewhat better than they were for last year at this time when the county had col letter 31.03 per cent of the City of the High Point Enterprise established 1884 published to try afternoon and sunday morning an Inoc of Noe it newspaper published by the High Point Enterprise inc. 210 Church Vartou High Point . 27261 member of the associated press rates it Mau pay a by in Advance i or 6 to. 3 to. I to. Doily and sunday $31.20 sis.60 $7.80 60 sunday Only $13 00 $6.50 $1.15 daily Only $23 40 $11.70 $5 85 $1.95 by Carrier wkly $.60 monthly $2 60 or. $31.20 mail tuba option in . Subject to 3% a aut tax. The associated Preu is entitled to the use for reproduction of Oil local Newt printed in this newspaper of Well is Oil a Newt dispatches entered As second class matter at the Post office High Point. N c. Under act of March 3, 1879. Second class postage at High Point . All carriers dealers and distributors a Independent contractors and the High Point Enterprise inc is not responsible for Advance subscription payments mad to them or their representatives. For Home delivery Rule Contact your local Corner. Ward Griffith company Naho nol advertising taxes. At Hie end of september 1970, the county had collected 28 54 per cent of taxes due for that year to Hie City of High Point. Brooks reported that collections of Guilford county taxes for the current year reached 34 76 per cent of the 1972 Levy. He said his office had collected $8,135.788 77 of the Overall Levy it $23,404.34 8 32. A year ago. Tax collections for Hie county had reached a 26 her cent or $8.370.669 29, Brooks said. Tile Levy that year was $23,085,500.92 at the end of september 1970, Brooks had collected 34 65 per cent of the taxes due the county. Chair City y slates programs Thomasville the Thomasville family Myca on c u i b r e t h Avenue has announced two new programs to begin next wednesday a a Ballet class for children and a Christmas decorations class. Mrs. Robert of Connell will teach the Ballet class to be held wednesday afternoons from 3 30 to 4 30 for eight weeks. The Christmas decorations class which will last nine weeks will lie taught by mrs. Kathleen Russell. Registration details Are available at the y office. In a starting a one woman Campaign to get More Rock in our school system. No in a not suggesting that rolling stones replace tile classroom teacher. In a just advocating the idea for a rocking chair for each classroom especially in the primary grades. In be experimented with one this year in a third Grade classroom and it has become the Best relaxer the Best Calmer Downer the most favorite spot for Reading in the room. This particular Rocker did no to come from any High style furniture ancestry but then most school furniture does no to. I bought it unpainted last summer from a mail order firm because it was something i had always wanted in my classroom. Rockers Are warm rockers Are cozy rockers spell love like when you were a baby and mama rocked you. Rocking soothes tattered nerves Hurt feelings and Short tempers. My Little Rocker was painted Olive Green at no Cost by a generous fourth grader. A Little Pillow with a cat face from a Church Bazaar completes the picture. The total investment for me was about fourteen dollars. The total investment intangible speaking seems limitless. The children love to sit in the Rocker and its just big enough for them. One Day i looked up and spied a child who Hadnot seemed very thrilled Over anything else in the classroom rocking away intently Reading a Book. She was somewhere else lost in that Book and rocking and pleasure was written All Over Hor face. They done to always read while rocking. Sometimes they just Rock happily. One Day a Little boy rocked himself to Greg Garner Jill Harris chair All things to children sleep and i just let him sleep for to minutes or so. Its not unusual to see the a cat Pillow behind a head or cuddled in arms. It has become a natural thing in the classroom to dry away tears in the rocking chair to Rock when you done to feel Good Rock when you re mad Rock when you re Happy Rock when you re tense Rock when you just feel like rocking. It looks so peaceful and appealing that sometimes the teacher regrets that her 126 pounds will not fit into the Little Green chair. Tile role of peacemaker the Rocker holds was illustrated by a note i found on my desk one Day. A Elf you la meet me River at the Rocker at Brake time a it said a i got some bad news to bilk John f. Kennedy considered his own Rocker indispensable. When he had important decisions to make he often thought them Over in his Rocker. Strategy for Many a project was probably conceived in just that manner. And in a primary classroom strategy plans Are forever going on. Its fun to make them if the children a faces Are any clue just rocking away in an Oil rocking chair. A

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