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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 7, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Finds Way to South to the weather by Holger Jensen associated press writer Danang Vietnam apr chinese communist freighters Are circumventing the . Mining of North Vietnam by floating Rice ashore a but a lot of it is winding up in the wrong hands. Seventy five tons of Rice in Waterproof bags marked a Peoples Republic of China floated into Danang Harbor with fridays incoming tide . Informants said the Rice was in 1,500 separate bags specially rigged with plastic floats. I n0� Sut shirtsleeves football weather sf-As.h0re a�?zm0nt.1? continues this weekend. 0.ilj from Nat iou Al of Alum Seh Voct. Noaa diet of Commerce forecast Piew m Shaw Low Tempo Taurat fico cod until Inda i�l�t4 precipitation not indicated conceit local of a. Sappers stage raid on phenom penh by Lee Rudakewych their country s Flag sym hours after his admission . Out at least three of the com dump at Prek pm Noel 5 Miles phenom penh apr com idolizing recapture of the town Monist sappers Early today which fell a month ago the Sai staged their most spectacular gun command said attack on the cambodian Capi Allied officials said most of Tai since the Start of fighting in the More than too attacks in the country i years ago. South Vietnam were Small the assault came while most scale and they saw no imme of the City a residents were still Diate threat to Saigon. But the in bed on the morning of a a fighting continued to keep higher Holiday. The fighting was Way 13 about 20 Miles North of officials said. The attack capital came on Mande ered vehicles in the City North of the capital but no Cambodia Sis treets and destroyed another damage was reported. For the second fleeing from the City on High consecutive year on the morn ing of the chum ban Holiday when cambodians Honor their ancestors. Way 5. While the fighting was going on some cambodians opened the fighting drove hundreds sidewalk stalls and sold Tea and of cambodians from their Homes. Most of them took along the enemy sappers blew up a their possessions including 500-Vard Concrete Bridge Over heavy furniture which had to the tonic sap River during the he abandoned later in the Clear pleasant ago on the coast near Hue 45 Miles North of Danang. Temperatures Are expected to climb to 70 degrees this precipitation is to per cent today and near Zero tonight and sunday. Continuing Well after Dawn in Saigon blocked for the second morning darkness. The bodies streets some residential areas just a Day. Of 42 dead or wounded were four or five sappers entered mile from the City Scenter. However Field reports late found lying in the nearby he French embassy com at least 19 persons were re today said the Road had been streets when fighting around Pound. Cambodian officers ported killed and More than 60 cleared by troops and air the Bridge ended six hours lat said. Nearly a dozen personnel wounded including several strikes and civilian traffic was or. Carriers were lined up in front children in a Hospital Accord moving South with armoured one of our prisoners taken of the embassy compound and ing to cambodian sources. Units guarding parts of the said 200 vietnamese comm they poured machine gun fire in South Vietnam mean Highway. Hist commandos took part in at the buildings perforating while communist forces it was in the fighting around the raid on the Bridge which is Valls smashing windows and launched widespread attacks the Highway that Brig. Gen Ess than j to Miles from the acceding to one Western a. Source a making a shambles of cigarettes As bullets raced overhead. At a hotel about a mile from the fighting tourists casually swam in the Pool As explosions and gunfire were heard in the background. Temperatures will drop into Friday and today that reached Ronald j. Fairfield jr., 53, of Hea of the City. What Lmh de lat it by a afternoon and the prospects the 50s tonight and Clear skies a four month High and also Minneapolis minn., was the riders als Stoe so a residents of for rain anytime today or Sun will accompany the cooler wounded an american general wounded in the Back and left or Noredia personnel carriers and \0 casualties were reported villages and Day Are Sejm weather. Bul Saigon sources said they by shrapnel during a Morve them through the Cap from inside the compound and Propri ated by coastal fishing villages and Havare dim South vietnamese authorities Here decided to let them keep it. It is not known How much the Rice has been floated ashore to by the associated press natures with the Dossi Bilitz of their Way Back into the District hospitalized for five Days be Cor Hng to officials in Rah v Oxnam n hic Factor. Uanno Muica min me Pussin Iury of. K. Government Felt a North Vietnam gathered orphanage in the Philippines. Said. The p r o b a b i i i t y of temperatures by the associated press 24 hours ending at 7 . Est station h l or Asheville cloy 70 57 Augusta Clear 83 56 Charleston cloy 79 67 Charlotte Clear 75 58 Columbia . 80 65 Greensboro Clear 68 57 la greenville.s.c., Clear 77 58 Raleigh Clear 7263 .18 Savannah p c. 85 60 Wilmington cloy 76 65 .01 the Outlook for the coming not appear to be related to tar attack. Two of his staff Tal s streets. They exchanged i. A. Machine gun and Bazooka fire week is much the same As the the attacks on phenom penh. Were also Hurt. Weekend forecast. There la be despite the enemy surge Fairfield a senior military he and Clear skies and mild temper South vietnamese troops fought adviser was expected to be residential areas a Mic about mid week. Capital of Tien Phuoc 40 Miles fore returning to duty. He was South of Danang and raised up and moving around just forecast peace talk is called speculative by Lewis Gulick associated press writer Washington a the White House has left open the possibility of significant movement in the secret Vietnam negotiations Over the next few weeks while Labelling two current peace stories a totally presidential press Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler applied the Label Friday to published reports from Saigon and London but did not Issue a Flat denial. Official policy is not to com three Day forecast North Carolina rain Northeast portion ending this1 morning otherwise parti Cloudy and Windy today. Highs mostly in 70s. Fair and cooler tonight with diminishing winds. Lows upper 40s and Low 50s mountains ranging to upper 50s and Low 60s along the coast. Sun seven hostages flee kidnappers by Ian Mccausland associated press writer Melbourne chips to miss Gibbs and girls Christine Ellery the to Day sunny and mild. Highs in a a a i in 7flc no non in nor Fille anal Lnu Australia Lynda Conn 9. And her sister North Carolina extend the 70s except upper 60s and Low or 7 a p1, 20-year old Helen 6. And three Sisters rubbed Outlook monday through 70s mountains must Eacher real in it Quot was it a Howarh j Quot an a and wednesday Chance of showers South Carolina partly a now or never a kicked about mid week otherwise fair Cloudy Windy and mild today. Way out of a smal1 Van and led her Denise 5. Back at the school six Young pupils to Freedom parents reported to the police Early today after two gunmen that tile teacher and their weather. Daytime highs in the highest mid 70s to around 70s, except mostly upper 60s in gearing and cooler tonight and Elt them Daught ers Tate sapped Quot Al the mountains. Let is at night lowest around 50. Sunday 2 million Ransom. Most simultaneously Ai 40s in the mountains ranging mostly sunny and cooler. To the 50s elsewhere. Highest mid 60 to lower 70s $8.5 million Grant health education centers planned simultaneously an Mary Gibbs and her six girls Anonymous Telephone caller escaped from the Van. Parked told a Melbourne newspaper re-40 Miles North of Here at Dawn. Porter that a Ransom note had 15 hours after being abducted been left in a desk at the twelve Miles away Victoria school state education minister Lind the Ransom note said a we say Thompson waited in a to will not waste time making lice car with the Ransom in threats hut any attempt to a suitcases in the trunk. But the pretend us will result in the an kidnappers failed to show up to Nihi lation of claim it. A rendezvous was arranged government troops knocked s3 million suit filed in . Against Fischer new York api a new York firm has filed a $3 2 million suit against world chess Champion Bobby Fischer because he refused to let his title match in Iceland with russian Boris Spassky be filmed. Chester Fox and co. Filed the worried snit in Manhattan supreme court on thursday contending that it had signed an agreement with the icelandic chess federation for exclusive rights to make motion pictures and videotapes of the Fischer Spassov match last summer. The suit said to had entered into numerous contracts based on the agreement and that Fis Cher a refusal to permit filming of the match subjected Chester Fox and co. To a substantial financial the company said that Fis the French would not allow newsmen inside nor would they comment. One sappers body was found outside the com found Wall sources said. Other attacks occurred at the suburban Community of poem Len Tong which was hit by ten i rockets and at a military fuel the people to know. The place to go. Save on new amp rebuilt automotive parts for All makes and models phone 885 s047 or 885-5048 sides Auto Supply co. Inc. 312 e. Washington drive Southgate cafeteria under new management now open Southgate shopping Center Thomasville i formerly Mayfair cafeteria location \1 a a a a a a a a a a i sunday special Fried Chicken i vegetable salad pie Roll drink 45 health education centers the drama started at 1 30 at a Post office and Thompson Cher had a evidenced his de Friday afternoon when miss went with the police and the sire prior to the match to Gibbs and the girls aged be Money to wait. Have the championship series tween 5 and la were playing in the Van miss Gibbs tried with Spassky filmed by Fox. Musical chairs in the one room to keep the girls Calm. The kid the suit a set contends Fischer Chappy Hill. No. Apr professions the area health school at Farady 70 Miles Napers allowed them out of the demanded and received Money ment on the private plans for a statewide system of education centers will support nor h of Melbourne. Ivan twice. From Fox the amount was not new programs to provide Pri the music stopped As the two then the kidnappers said specified in the suit. Mary medical care in areas men 0ne armed with a sawed they were going to collect the currently designated Asun off Shotgun came in the room Money. A they said they would deserved a the University said. One of them said a school is be gone for about three hours a resides making it nos Sihle Over. You Are All coming with and would be Back at Dawn a to train dental nursing Public us you Are Weir kidnapped a miss Gibbs said. Carolina at crawl Hill. Health and pharmacy students miss g bus said Quot at first the Quot when they did no to come Back Chancellor Freebee Taylor n addition to medical students ? Fly Lou by Quot As a practical by Dawn i thought it was now Fiance dior re Renee 3 Community hosta is joke we were scared terrified or never and began kicking the described the Grant As one of. Fin when we realized this was door helped by the two eldest the Saigon account a United t received by the u # ii serious girls a pass International store attrib a y crease the number of interns Nitro to Seltzer University and announced that s n d residents trained. The men a Quot 1�?o in of a the scarch fihe urea 10 inform eur sources Arnno Henf la Etal a the an of a red Van and drove us to a is continuing throughout tin said the allies will , the project would deeded but the an plate a payed stat a a Ixia and Descry tween presidential adviser Henry a. Kissinger and Hanoi sle area t due Tho. Under an $8.5 million Grant off the record other adminis from the National institutes of traction sources used stronger health were announced Friday language to discount the stones University of North while acknowledging that ele j ments mentioned in them May have been involved in the secret talks in Paris. Serving hours i on. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Fri. Sat. Sun. Tit 11-2 11-2 11-2 11-2 am am 4-8 4-8 4-8 4-8 4-9 -8pm -8pm continuous serving saturdays a sundays i 3 private dining rooms for reservations Cau television log cd a my Greensboro 4 Wunch station jowls Roanoke 3 a Btu Charlotte 0 a Gap High Point of Xii Witto Rosalon go soc Charlotte peace offer before the nov. 7 by Glenn Wilson associate nou Cement said. A the existing election the new offer Dean for Community health evidence clearly indicates that according to the account would services in the ung medical residents trained in a Cut mum Call for South Vietnam s presi school. Nity Hospital tend to stay in the Dent Nguyen Van Thieu to re the University said three Community in which they Are sign and Fen North Vietnam to area health centers will be set trained. End its infiltration of the South. I up during the first year of the the Story sent the Stock mar retract with Community Hosp Ket shooting upwards during tags at Roanoke rapids. Rocky the Day and led democratic mount and Tarboro forming the presidential nominee George Pasis for one Center with a Sec Mcgovey to Jay he d a gladly Ond to established at the sacrifice this election if we can new Hanover memorial Hospi end this War one Day Taj in Wilmington and a third at the London times pictured it i Charlotte memorial Hospital in Broad Washington Hanoi agree Charlotte ment for a settlement to take a. ,. The plans also Call for setting night. Lions of the two men have been the kidnappers gave potato circulated throughout Australia Williams Flowers a Quality Flowers a professional service 7017 English re pm 817-4161 using night watchman clock and door seals will dirt ten you Ano mom fill Rev i cd. I Mott y 24 hours i oat Davis patrol amp watchman service equipped with 7-wav radio for better service Security guards phone 886-4025 6 30 anything you can do 7 00 Lawrence Welk show 8 00 alias Smith and Jones a Gap to place after the election. College from Page 2-a Wendell m. Patton president of pc. The meeting is being sponsored by the College co ordinal my Council of methodist supported institutions i n Charlotte. A the participants have been instructed to Tell it As it is and to give factual reasons of Why they chose private Church related higher education and give Good reasons of Why they Are glad they did a said or. James Vav. Fowler jr., executive director of acc in a letter he sent to the Rev. Melvin d. Mcintosh minister of education at memorial United methodist Church Thomasville. Up additional centers during the second and third year of the Federal Grant probably with other hospitals affiliated with the unc school of Medicine. The goal of the area health education centers unc said. A is to improve the Quantity Quality and distribution of health manpower throughout the state. The new centers will emphasize training programs to meet the health manpower needs of the service areas surrounding the a in addition to providing undergraduate graduate and continuing education for All health Flowers for All occasions High Point s loading Elon Grace Flower shop North Wronn $1 Wal win phone Iii-40bs and ib7-i6i7 a Park in lot or on Broad Street us first citizen s Back door now opon 9 til 5 a Simi i hymn Jihyuk 136 South mom St. Attention Archdale residents City of Archdale special clean up Days Ward i october to Ward 2-october 11 Ward 3-october 12 these dotes Are on regular garbage pick up Days. Ail tree trimmings must be tied in bundles not Over 4 it. Long. No lumber or masonry products will be picked up Henry 5. York sr., mayor there s one going on every Day in the classified Section of the Enterprise get the Best buys in furniture right Here in the household goods Section of today s classified ads. 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Main dealer 1840 phone 885-5171 4 00 . 3 3 news d8i Porter Wagoner 4 30 . 3x3d news a anything you can i to to news 7 00 . 3 Hee Haw 3 Tommy fade a cd Lawrence Weik to Klub Wiz h news 7 30 . 3j gun smoke to police surgeon 12 Arthur Smith i . 2i All in the family 8 alias Smith amp Jones thu emergency 1 30 . 3 3/ Bridget loves Bernie 7 00 3x5 Mary Tyler Moore i8i by rebut of Waii r in fiasco 3 to 12 saturday night movie f 30 3 Bob Newhart 3 Parent game 10 00 . <2d3 Mission impossible 8j sixth sense 11 00 . 3x3, news of a news he news 11 30 . 2 late movie is Shock theater to movies cd a news sat. Night at the movies 9 00 pm a a a marooned starring Gregory Peck Lee Grant 11 45 pm a passage West starring John Payne Arleen Whalen capsule views of today s evening programs 7 . 2 Hee Haw guests will be Hay Price and Sand it Posey. 1 Lawrence Welk a Harry Warren americans one Man musical 8 . 2 All in the family Gloria poses a Riddle with women a lib overtones that not Only puzzles the family but stirs up an argument. 8 alias Smith amp Jones armed with Clementine pretending to be Curry a wife Heyes and Curry retire to the safety of Santa Marta Only to find their idyll soured by Curry a jealousy. 12 emergency four persons including or. Brackett and paramedic Johnny Gage become afflicted with a mysterious illness cd in space due to misfiring of rockets during re entry. 1 30 . 9 30 . 2 Bridget loves Bernie a after several reject a Bob Newhart a after tons and against his better judgment As a writer Bernie is persuaded to write a play drawn from observations among his personal acquaintances. 9 . 8 san Francisco an out of town conventioneers picks up an attractive girl and becomes a suspect in her murder. 12 saturday movies a marooned a with Gregory Peck David Janssen Gene Hackman Richard Crenna Lee Grant and James Francisco. The whole world holds its breath while the ironman one and its Crew Are strand years of feeling guilty Bob decides to Tell his Mother something he has never told her before. To pm. 2 Mission impossible a Robert Goulet guest stars As a Syndicate crime Leader who is convinced by the if that his wife has been unfaithful As part of a plan to free a captured undercover agent. 8 the sixth sense a girl is terrified and her life is threatened by visions of a murder which happened while she was in her mothers womb

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