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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 7, 1972, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper Randall b. Terry president co publisher mrs. Cd. Lockwood vice pres. David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Page 4 a . Rawley co publisher Joseph p. Rawley . Joe Brown editor saturday october 7, 1972 the Story of a party where the i issues Aren t from the Winston Salem journal dominoes in Kernersville a major argument advanced against the $30 million shopping office condominium project South of Kernersville was that it might Lead to strip business development. Stratford Road style along 1-40. The Kernersville Board of aldermen rejected that argument among others this week when it granted land limited of America zoning for the huge Complex. Ironically at the same meeting the aldermen also approved rezoning for or. J. L. Turner a town planning Board member who evidently plans some sort of development for his tract which happens to be almost next door to the land limited site. Whereupon another property owner who lives next door to Turner announced his intention a to be next in meanwhile a Short distance East still another shopping Center is to be built at the intersection of 1-40. And n c. 66. Not to be outdone Greensboro is also getting a huge new mall near the death Valley area where 1-40, 1-85 and a handful of other assorted highways grind together. It will be quite a mall too for those Drivers skillful and Lucky enough to get in and out of it alive. It is beginning to look As if Kernersville and Greensboro should have enough malls Between them to satisfy the shopping needs of the whole state. We Only wonder if people Are going to be interested enough in keeping All these shopping centers going to drive in from Asheville and Wilmington to shop there. A plan for the orderly development of Kernersville once envisioned new business construction near the heart of town but nothing even remotely resembling this sudden suburban shopping Center Boom. The plan is barely a month old and already it is riddled with unanticipated development a with the blessings of the town government at that. But Good planning rarely prevails against the Domino theory of development. Rezoning Breeds still More rezoning and business inevitably spawns More business next door. The budding 1-40 strip is sure to join Stratford strip corporation clog Way and Peters creeks Burger Boulevard As yet another Neon spangled example of runaway growth. Of course Kernersville must keep up with its neighbors in the development race. As Roger Swisher town mayor put it Quot if we do not make ourselves economically Strong Well be eaten True enough. But when Greensboro Kernersville and Winston Salem finish growing together one Domino development at a time along the spine of 1-40, who will be in the Middle who will be a beaten up then from the St. Louis Post dispatch those were the Days the five cent package of Wrigley s gum has gone the Way of the Nickelodeon and there is unhappiness in the land. One by one the old durables have fallen prey to the appetite of inflation leaving Only the superannuated Hermit in the mountains smug and comfortable. With chewing gum Selling for a dime How credible will a father be when he tries to explain that All the goodies Well almost All could be had for a Nickel in the old Days. Cotton Candy ice Cream Cone Licorie Pony ride. All the things peculiarly and greatly american. About the Only thing the Nickel is Good for today is to pay the sales tax for a banana split. No wonder there is a great nostalgia from the great White Way of Broadway where an orchestra seat for Quot no. No Nanette is going for $15, to a Small diner on St. Louis a twelfth Street where Coffee is going for five cents a cup. From the Southern Pines Pilot the costs of up it looks like gis will be going Back on up but just about everybody except members of the House appropriations committee appear to be agreed that it is not Quot character building As most people will recall the Quot new army set about doing away with Kitchen duty for soldiers hiring civilian workers for the mess Halls instead. The House committee decided the other Day however that the $125 million which was being spent for these workers could be Cut from the budget and let the gis go Back to peeling potatoes and washing dishes in making the slash they said something about up duty being Quot wholesome and character building a there were loud cries from soldiers All Over the country and one retired army colonel said that obviously no member of the committee had Ever served up duty. He called the work Well. We agree that up is not on building character but we Are convinced that a lot of gis did no to hate it As As they said they did. Indeed there was nothing like a warm mess Hall on a cold Rainy Day when everybody else was out sloshing around in the mud. Potato peeling was a lot better than the obstacle course on a Day of sleet and Snow. Besides if the mess sergeant and the first Cook were in a Good mood there was something special for the Guys when they finished scrubbing the pots and pans. On bad Days a lot of Guys on the outside would look inside at the poor devils on up duty and mumble to himself Quot Why can to i get a Good Deal like that Quot from the Jacksonville Fig times Union simplified contusion a helpful guide penetrating bureaucratic gobbledygook May solve problems for businesses mystified by the Legal jargon of requirements for government purchasing contracts. The handbook entitled "1972 government contracts guide Quot promises to explain technicalities in important areas of Public contract work such As eligibility labor Rule from the Charlotte news and final payments in Plain language. The guide includes checklists of required and permissible contract clauses along with relevant Legal cases. The Commerce Clearing House in Chicago was Clever to produce such a simplified work the Only problem is that their Quot Short Cut is 916 pages Long. Pretty Money a congressman from new York has proposed abandoning the present Dull Green u. S. Money for brightly coloured a pretty Money Quot with different shapes for different denominations. Its a commendable idea though perhaps not for the reasons the gentleman suggests. The principal argument for a change would be to make it easier to Tell the different Bills apart. A Bright red Hundred would certainly stand out from a Dull Gray five just As a Square Twenty would be easy to Tell from a rectangular ten. The theoretical advantage especially for Blind people who Are baffled by the present one size Bills is obvious. In practical terms though there Arentt Many people who have to worry about from the Durham Herald getting hundreds confused with ones most of the people we know who have Ever captured a Hundred Dollar Bill have framed it. And thus can Tell it quite easily by the weight. On a More serious note the congressman also thinks that the mechanism of the changeover could provide an Opportunity to uncover the hidden fortunes of gangsters and Weed out untold numbers of counterfeit Bills now in circulation. In general he said the new currency would be a Boon. No doubt it would. Though most folks would say that getting any currency a new old or Confederate a would be a Boon. And a congressman with a plan to solve that problem would indeed be sitting pretty with the voters. Sparing two Points come to mind about Goldsboro Community College president Clyde Erwin a stunt of sitting on a flagpole this week the Reward at last report $650 for scholarships seems a trifling return for the time spent and neglect of other duties. If the president can spare a weeks time from his work to sit on a flagpole one wonders if the College get along without a president. No family affair by Milton g. Rector North american newspaper Alliance new York a on a Bright september morning this year. Emanuel Cammarata reputed member of the mafia Quot family of Joe Colombo was leaving a bar on the West Dixie Highway outside Miami. Suddenly. Cammarata crumpled to the ground with six slugs in him. His assailant who was hiding across the Street dropped a 30 Caliper carbine and ran. Miami police called the killing Quot a professional few people knew Cammarata. But millions read of his death the 19th in a recent series of Gangland slayings. And among these millions were Many who Felt a glow let the hoods kill each other. Americans would feel less secure if they knew that the death of this highly placed underworld figure a a close associate of Colombo Joe Procacci and Guiseppe Magliocco a will not in the slightest impair the activities carried on by this Man or his cohorts. Organized crime is like a corporate Structure in Sofe respects. When one Man in the mob disappears another promptly takes his place and business goes on As usual. In fact one can reasonably conclude that when one Hood drops his assailants grip on the territory May become stronger so gang warfare and Cammarata a passing Are no cause for cheer. On the contrary. If America is going to rid itself of organized crime it wont be through some form of gang suicide. It will Only happen if millions of americans Are informed enough and willing to act. Ralph Salerno former head of the new York City police department s criminal intelligence unit and the country s top mafia watcher puts it this Way. Quot people have got to Stop buying the goods and services that organized crime few realize it but organized crime makes its huge profits principally by providing people with what they want and can t get legitimately. Gambling for instance. Drugs prostitution and Loans which no legitimate lending Agency would reasonably make Are other organized crime services. The bettor who Calls his Bookie to put a fiver on a horse or a ballgame May refuse to acknowledge it but he is providing the mob with its greatest source of Revenue. No Bookie with a substantial play can avoid being plugged into the organized crime network. And once a Bookie is in business he has got to pay police or Public officials to continue his business with a minimum of interruption. This is the entering wedge of corruption. Will a cop who is on the Quot pad Quot Stop with a payoff from a Gambler or will he be available for other accommodations a meanwhile making it Tough for the great number of state lotteries new Hampshire new York. New Jersey Pennsylvania plus operations like new York City a off track betting corporation. Even the prestigious committee for economic development whose membership is a Blue Book of american corporations. Now recommends a extensive e x p e r i mentation with governmental ownership and operation of gambling this is not a Case of Quot if you can to lick Mem join it is simply seeking a Way to accommodate the ingrained habits of millions of americans with the least socially destructive Side effects. By Ralph Novak newspaper Enterprise association new York a when they Tell you about presidential campaigns in civics class they done to Tell you about fund raising cocktail parties. Maybe it is just As Well. Take the a publishing people f o r Mcgovern party they had Here the other night. It was held at the tavern on the Green a sort of Jet set Mcdonald son the Edge of Central Park. The place was jammed with nearly 1,800 authors editors publicists and editorial assistants who had paid $7.50 apiece to get in thereby raising something like $13,000 for the Mcgovern Campaign. That is enough to buy 162,500 eight cent Stamps for mailing out literature make 972 three minute Long distance Calls from Washington to Hollywood to discuss strategy with Shirley Maclaine or provide 13 people with their $1,000 Grants under the welfare Reform program Mcgovern does not advocate any More. Those attending the party also had to pay for their own drinks ill for a Glass of Beer. $2 for a mixed drink but that did not seem to inhibit Many people. The main attraction was the Chance to Cee a lot of famous writers in person. The Advance list of authors expected to attend included Kurt Vonnegut jr., George Plimpton Joseph Heller Jimmy Breslin Bruce j. Friedman. Gay Talese and just about every other Well known writer in the history of the English language except Clifford Irving and William Shakespeare who had previous commitments. Most of the writers even showed up although the part goers despite considerable Neek cranking and whispers of a who is that Quot be sure they had seen any of them literary anonymity being such that you can to Tell the authors even with a scorecard. The a a guests themselves milled around As As the cramped quarters allowed greeting old friends rattling ice cubes and ardently avoiding discussing the issues. They wore a wide Range of clothes from Ultra formal to Ultra casual from the floor length gown worn by a very waspish lady with the Quot end White racism Button to the Blue jeans and Halter top worn by a very attractive Young female publishing person. There were also some guest sneakers. Robert Bernstein president of random House and the program m.c., pointed out to the crowd that they had actually paid the $7.50 admission mainly to listen to people asking them for More Money. But it did no to matter since nobody could hear what he was saying in the Din. Former . Attorney general Ramsey Clark spoke first discussing his trip to North Vietnam the first amendment to the Constitution and the Nixon administrations responsibility for everything bad that has happened in the universe since Jan. 20, 1969. Then came John Leonard Book review editor of the new York times who started out by saying he Wasny to a Good Public speaker but forged on anyway and proved himself right reaching the Peak of a Low keyed near hysterical tirade when he said. A we Are seeing the Constitution being turned into a since the crowd did not need any convincing that president Nixon is the greatest villain since Genghis Khan nobody objected to this and the next speaker Mcgovern a political director Frank Mankiewicz followed up with a vaudeville so routine filled with tooth Lessly biting jokes the Best of which was Quot would you want Nixon to install your Telephone Quot Eugene Mccarthy concluded the speeches with a relatively gentle attack on the republicans that was interrupted Only by the real thing a genuine Little old lady in Tennis shoes who yelled Quot shut up Quot in the general direction of the bar when Mccarthy a voice became altogether inaudible. The crowd did not seem to notice when the speeches ended and Bernstein closed the program. They All just kept on doing whatever it was they had been doing during the speeches which Wasny to listening except for a Man wearing a knit sports jacket in a Tiger skin pattern who rushed up to Mccarthy and asked him to pose for a photograph. Would anybody be surprised if at the same time there was a Republican fund raising party going on somewhere perhaps with the Quot advertising people for Nixon Quot or Quot Yak trainers for Nixon or Quot wheat brokers for Nixon Quot let us just Hope that wherever he is news of this kind of goings on does not get to Thomas Jefferson who once wrote Quot i know no Safe depository of the ultimate Power of the society but the people showdown in the . Corral of crime amp punishment afternoon by Holt Mcpherson Enterprise editor emeritus Rome Italy a delayed in the several . Election years Good afternoon has happened to be in Europe the perspective has been quite interesting and often different from what a heard Back Home. In 1936, we recall two italians with whom we were Riding on a train in Northern Italy ventured the thought that we Quot must be Happy to be out of the United states during the election Campaign with All the shooting and the that was you la readily recall the year Franklin Roosevelt romped to easy re election in what was generally speaking an uneventful Campaign. Again in the 1964 Campaign when Lyndon Johnson swept to easy Victory we found americans in Europe so bitterly opposed to him that one woman from Texas too stood up barefooted on a table at the Swank Mitt Ersill club in Austria breathing alcohol and Defiance As she shouted where All the guests could hear Quot go do Lyndon this year the republicans and some democrats abroad Are stronger More vociferously and outs Okenly supporting Nixon and assailing senator Mcgovern. If the election were held Over Here now it would be a Nixon landslide. And yet there Are some who Are outs Okenly for Mcgovern but they usually wind up with shoulders pinned Down by argumentative Nixon ites who accept not at All representations that with him political morality is a strange business. The International Herald Tribune has a letter from a fellow named Shaw who assails the Quot morality Quot reflection As reflecting a Heady nostalgia for the Kennedy years of Camelot which he says the . Can ill afford at this time. Quot we All remain captivated in measure by the image of the presidency and America a before the fall Quot he writes. A but is it really fair to the candidates to measure them against this kind of Standard How often does one find a president who can measure up to High moral standards and govern at the same time neither president Nixon nor senator Mcgovern Are running on the sainthood ticket although the senator has occasionally tried on the White Robe for size in the years ahead it will be hard enough to find a president who is competent to find fault with politicians because they show human failings is to miss the essential fact that statesmen can choose Only Between relative evils the Good in absolute terms is a brass ring which does not come by very often. Sometime in this presidential Campaign i would like to see a column which assesses four Nixon years in such terms to look at Progress made instead of measuring everything against the impossible Ideal or against unfurl billable and so would we a column that brings into focus political realities moralities and possibilities to be wisely pursued for a safer a peaceful and generally prosperous world. This thing has gotten bigger than the american interest for . Concerns now Are global and have to be dealt with As such. We got a Gander at the colosseum by Moonlight the Day we got Here and they closed the 1,892-year-old Structure because traffic vibrations weeds and Rainy weather All summer had caused chunks of bricks weighing As As 45 pounds to come crashing Down near where tourists had walked in recent Days. Now tourists Are allowed to go into the main Gate just far enough to look into the Interior engineers having concluded the place too dangerous for greater use until repairs to bolster the supporting Structure can be effected. It s especially sad Here where an ancient saying of pilgrims to Rome Long since held Quot while stands the colosseum Rome shall stand when Falls the colosseum Rome shall fall and when Rome Falls the world Quot the colosseum was built to stand forever but time and traffic and vandalism have taken their toll of that Structure which had been a Symbol Here for almost 20 centuries. A commission studying what needs and can be done to restore the eternal City a enduring and most famous Monument is seeking ways to keep its Quot integrity Quot As Well As its safety for those who will in future years visit it. The forum and the Palatine Hill were closed briefly a week earlier by the commission which found them. Too. Unsafe. But we were Able to go through there via Auto after a dinner at la Cisterna a remarkable old world eating place which is a roman festive spot from several centuries Back. We joined one again Tho throng visiting St. Peter s Here. They Tell you that some 12,000 daily Drift in and out of that great Stone Basilica but this was a Vintage Day when there were More. That centuries old masterpiece dominates Rome from the Sun swept Rise West of the tiber but it Calm a shaken earlier this year when Michelangelo s masterpiece the Pieta was attacked and damaged by a crazed Man. It will take As Long As three years to restore the 3,000-Pound carving to its former Grace and Beauty. A French Cardinal at the papal court wishing to leave some memorial to himself engaged the newcomer artist to make a Quot Pieta of Virgin Mary clothed with the dead Christ in her arms of the size of a proper Man for the Price of 450 Golden ducats of the papal the Cardinal died before seeing the work completed in 1499, and Michelangelo unwilling to quibble about its disposition mustered a group of friends who swathed the intricate statue in old blankets and smuggled it into the Vatican one night. Michelangelo had to overcome Many difficulties in carving his famous work. He wished to depict Mary As a Youthful woman her purity unmarred by age. To the son he allotted his full 33 years. The sculptor s Genius made the anomaly fit so Well together that it became his most famous masterpiece the Only work he Ever signed. That was because one Day in St. Peter s he was annoyed to hear a misinformed Lombard attributing the work to Quot our Gobbo from again under cover of night Michelangelo returned to the Vatican where on a Sash that forms part of Mary s garments he chiselled the inscription Quot Michelangelo Buonarroti florentine made widespread strikes hit Italy while we were Here As construction workers Airport personnel and Hospital doctors went on the most widespread work stoppage in months. However the anticipated nationwide general strike did not develop. Friends coming in by air had to walk Long distances and carry their own Luggage. But the worst manifestation was the forced turning away of hundreds of patients from the state run hospitals All Over Italy because there Wasny to personnel to handle them. The doctors staged a sit in to press a greater say in a Long planned government Reform of the National medical system. Rome s traffic is Worsa than avar which is saying a lot. Friends picking us up for dinner were half an hour late in reaching the Excelsior hotel because traffic was a shambles. Frustrated Drivers leaned on horns to add to the noise and confusion of it All. Only in Paris does a parking place come with More difficulty. Our Driver returning from the Vatican ran into the late afternoon Jam and after interminable delays decided to show them How Paris Drivers do. A Long time parisian who retired some months ago to his new condominium in the French Alps he soon had them scattering like scared chickens As he barrelled his Mercedes through to reach our hotel about on schedule despite the dense traffic. But Veteran Rome Drivers seem unable to break through that bottleneck As he did

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