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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 7, 1972, High Point, North Carolina First half summarized Washington a a Good evening ladies and gentlemen. This is Howard Lowell and we re at halftime at presidential election stadium where we Are witnessing one of the duller political football games Ever played before a nationwide to audience. A the Mcgovern team is behind by 28 Points in the polls and the Nixon team seems to be running at will. This is particularly interesting because Nixon has not even been in the Ball game. He a been sitting on the Bench and sending in plays to his assistants. This has enraged the Mcgovern team who claim they came to play Nixon and not his flunkies. Put Nixon has said it is unprofessional for someone in his position to go out on the Field and mix it up with the Mcgovern rabble. A in the first Quarter the Mcgovern team got off to a had Start when Mcgovern s Star running Back. Tom Eagleton fumbled the Ball. Mcgovern backed Eagleton in the Fumble but a few minutes later substituted Sarge Shriver in the Backfield and sent Eagleton to the locker room. A this caused great consternation on the team and they were penalized one month for unsportsmanlike credibility. A another thing that caused the Mcgovern team to lose yardage was that although Mcgovern is the quarterback everyone on the team was calling a different play. A when Mcgovern would Call for a pass Shriver would run with the Ball. When Mcgovern signalled for a punt several of his linemen went Over his head and tried an end run. It took almost the entire first half for Mcgovern to persuade the fans he was calling the signals and Many people still Are not convinced. A the Mcgovern team was selected to play in the White House bowl because of their new Brand of football. But As we have seen during the first half they Are playing the same style of football As previous teams without i might add much Success. A there has been a great Deal of recrimination about this contest. The Mcgovern team claims the Nixon team bugged the Mcgovern locker room and stole the Mcgovern game plan. A Nixon had one of his assistant coaches look into these charges in what he called the a most thorough love Stag Yon in football the assistant coach concluded no one on the Nixon team had anything to do with the bugging of the locker room and was appalled that the Mcgovern team would make an Issue of it. A the Mcgovern team also has claimed that one of the reasons it Hasni to played Well is the Lack of Money. Their helmets Are dented their shoulder pads Are torn and a few of the players have no shoes. They maintain every time the Nixon team Calls a timeout the water boy Maurice stans brings another bucket of Money onto the Field. A Money does seem to be a problem in this game but that a Only part of it. Lets face it folks George Mcgovern is no Joe Namath. His plays have been unimaginative his Ball handling suspect and As far As the fans Are concerned his passes have not been on target. A the Nixon team with its huge Lead is playing it Safe using up the clock with runs Down the Middle. The name of the game As far As Nixon is concerned is defense. A and that about summarizes the first half. The teams have now come Back on the Field for the second half. A there is Mcgovern and Shriver screaming at Nixon to get off the Bench but Nixon is ignoring them and instructing Spiro Agnew where to kick the copyright 1972, los Angeles times High Point Enterprise saturday afternoon october 7, 1972 Page 2a for tax purposes farm land below value Greensboro Guilford county commissioners indicated Friday they feel farm lands throughout the county Are pegged at below Market values. However they added that Guilford county is not alone in this problem. Commission chairman Dale Montgomery told Board members meeting As a Board of equalization that Guilford kiwanis officers installed the High Point kiwanis club installed its officers for the coming year at a meeting Friday. In front Are j e. Wall left the installer and Joe Patterson the new president. Clarence Keever left president elect and Lawton d. Dutton treasurer Are in Back. Stiff photo by Mark Austin College Day k,wanjan5 install program is planned officers for year a program for prospective College students is planned for oct. To at a High Point Church. Junior and senior h i g n school students their parents and pastors and Church leaders from the Thomasville and High Point area will meet at 7 30 . In the Sanctuary of Ward Street United methodist Church. The theme of the meeting is a new generations for a new said the Rev. Kenneth r. Moore of Ward Street United methodist. A film carrying the same title As the theme of the meeting will also be shown. On the program too Are speeches by representatives from United methodist colleges in North Carolina informal discussions a period for questions and answers Ani distribution of materials. Colleges expected to Send representatives to speak to potential College students Ere Brevard. Greensboro. High Point. North Carolina Wesleyan and Pfeiffer. High Point College will be represented by or. Murphy m. Osborne assistant to or. See College on 5 a j. E. Wall District director of internal Revenue in Greensboro installed officers of the kiwanis club of High Point to serve for the 1972-1973 year at a luncheon meeting at the top of the Mart Friday. Wall is lieutenant governor the 3e division of the kiwanis Carolinas District. A i can to help but suspect that kiwanis members wanted me to be kept too Busy to follow my usual occupation and thus elected me to this office a he said. Joe b Patterson is the new president. Clarence Keever is president elect j. D. Dobbins is Secretary and Lawton b. Dutton is treasurer. Installed As directors were Thomas c. Eubanks jr., or. K. Arnold Gill Robert f. Coff j. Frank Goforth. William b. Hall jr., Edward m. Knox or. And Charles m. Mendenhall or. Robert a Lindsay director of advertising for the Enterprise. Was introduced As a new member of the club. Awards for perfect attendance at meetings were made to those who had achieved such a record covering the last year. L. B. Dutton headed that list with 29 years. Sloan d. Gibson or. And Gilbert Marsh were close behind with 24 years each. George w. Grant or. Had 19 years Tom d. Blue 16 and Cecil e. Haworth to. Lesser numbers of years earned mention for r. Marion Boling Nat m. Harrison jr., Clarence Keever Joe b. Patterson a. J. Simeon c. M. Smith or. Clyde Vaughn and Ronie a. York. Wall charged the new officers to give their Best Effort to their duties. He said a you men have been chosen and singled out in a very special Way. Your influence will extend far beyond the boundaries of this Patterson responded for them and said. A i assure you that i will give it All i Homecoming the Public is invited to a Homecoming Celebration at fair Haven Baptist Mission at 200 w. Springdale ave. Sunday afternoon. The Rev. C. I. Sechrest pastor. Will conduct the services and there will be a special singing after lunch. County Isnit the Only place where farm lands Are undervalued but that a a it Sall Over the during consideration of tax value of $25,000 set on a 144-acre tract in Greene township commissioner Robert Shaw said a Why that a less than the value on a House and a half acre lot in Green Valley in and commissioner Percy Sears said a the sad thing about it is that a we All know that there a not much land in the county that will sell for less than $1,000 an Montgomery said that the commissioners a a should t penalize a Farmer though just because he keeps his land up and spends Money on fencing and part of the problem was a result of rules commissioners adopted for the revolution Buckley Speaks out for Helms Winston Salem a sen. James Buckley of new York says a i made a personal decision to go to Bat for a few of the possible Republican senatorial winners and Helms was at the top of the Buckley spoke on behalf of Jesse Helms. North Carolina Republican senatorial candidate at a $100-a-person reception and a $10-a-person dinner Friday night. Buckley brother of nationally known columnist William Buckley accused Helms democratic opponent Nick Galifianakis now a congressman of a trying to sabotage Nixon administration policies. Buckley was elected As a conservative party candidate two years ago but is now a registered Republican. Two convicted of drunk driving Thomasville a High Point Man and a Thomasville Man were fined $100 each and Given four month suspended sentences Friday in Davidson county District court after being convicted of Drunken driving the two Are Melvin Cornelius Dickenson. 20, of High Point and William Cramer Gallimore 43, of it. 2, Thomasville. Others tried Friday included William Carl Mcmanus 31, of High Point and Herbert Lee Conyers 21, of Douglas drive. They had Drunken driving charges dismissed with leave to re open. Housing building program now grinding to a close. The rules included a schedule of valuation for farm lands which included the following standards for open and cultivated land the schedule allowed $120 to $125 per acre for poor land up to $310 to $350 for excellent land it authorized $150 to $250 for pasture land it allowed $100 to $250 for Timber land after Chase and it set $40 to $60 for waste land. Home Sites were set at $1,000 to $2,000 and Road frontages were set at $200 to $2,000. During the Day Long session commissioners reduced valuations in 14 cases. They accepted recommendations by the revaluation firm in 14 More and they denied changes in 27 others. Police officer Given demerits an off duty police officer who was charged with exceed ing a Safe Speed after his vehicle was hit in the rear by a pursuing police car was Given 200 demerits Friday by police chief Laurie Pritchett. In a memo displayed on the department bulletin Board Pritchett said the action was taken on recommendation of his second in command maj. Stewart Hartley. Hartley said he recommended that Harold Spain hour 25, of Archdale be Given the demerits because a on sept. 26 officer Spain hour was assigned to the operations Bureau for Light duty due to his having recently undergone a serious operation. He was subsequently assigned to be court Liaison officer a that he is presently on prescribed medication and was at the time of this incident on such medication a and further that despite his condition and requirement for medication and rest he was out late at night and by his own admission was drinking alcoholic beverages and driving while off duty a resulting in bringing of discredit to this department and the City of High Point through his misconduct. A i wish to stress that this action is recommended separately and aside from any matter concerning the actual charge placed against officer Spainhour or any matter concerning the actual Hartley said in his recommendation. A was previously stated it is the recommendation of this office that those matters be taken up by the police review Hartley said that the review Board would meet to discuss Spainhour when the court Case against my had been tried and completed. Officer Karl Lee Whittman 34, of Jamestown said he spotted the Spainhour car on s. Main Street travelling South at an excessive Speed. He said he pursued the car until it stopped at the traffic Light on s. Main at Fairfield Road. Whittman said he could not Stop his patrol car which skidded into the rear of the Spainhour vehicle. The incident took place wednesday night. Accident victims crowd Hospital residents of the area served by High Point memorial Hospital were More Accident prone last week than is the usual Case. Records kept at the hospitals emergency room indicated that from wednesday night sept. 27, through oct. 4, a total of four were killed As the result of traffic mishaps eight persons were admitted for treatment two boosts permits a spurt of new housing helped to push the total value of building permits issued during the past few Days by the City a inspections division to $603,768. Chief building inspector Freeman Hill issued permits for 27 new dwellings having a total value of $444,842 As Well As seven permits Worth $119,600 for business improvements. Hill also issued 19 permits major health problem driving is hazardous to health. By Bryan Haislip Assn. Of afternoon doilies Durham a a warning driving has been determined to be dangerous to your health and the lives and safety of that caution is not required to be painted on every car door but the fact is that the motor vehicle is a health problem of epidemic proportions. The american male Between the Ages of 3 and 30 is More Likely to die in an automobile Accident than from any other cause. Nationally some 55.000 persons Are killed and nearly four million injured each year on streets and highways. One bed in every eight in general hospitals is occupied by an Accident victim. A this epidemic places a serious Drain on our National health resources not Only by adding significantly to medical costs but also through interference with the scientific search for causes and prevention of medical said or. William Damaria of the Duke University medical Center. As with any other Hazard to health he added the medical profession must involve itself in the Effort to find solutions few laymen have thought about the medical aspects of Highway safety As it bears on the physical mental and emotional capability of the Driver. Inside the profession there Are those with a keen sense of responsibility to use their expertise in combating traffic Slaughter. Virtually every doctor at some time has asked himself whether a patient should take the risk of driving said or. Demaria. An obvious instance is the Case of the person who has suffered a heart attack. At what Point is it Safe for him to resume the stressful task of driving a Quot there is no uniformity of opinion among physicians. The doctors decision has to be based a lot on Hunch a said or. Demaria. What about patients on drugs which affect Normal driving performance those persons with personality disorders or emotional problems incompatible with the exercise of driving skills if driving behaviour is a key to Accident prevention As safety experts say it is or. Demaria observed then research must be directed to define the driving task and to identify the effect of medical and psychological factors. That is the objective of the National driving Center a concept developed Over the past decade by a committee drawing together state Agen cies the medical and Legal professions and insurance agents in North Carolina. Or. Demaria. A professor of paediatrics now is committee chairman and project director. The driving Center will be Triangle Park. The last legislature committed $500,000 to the project and fundraising efforts to secur some $5 to $6 million Are now in Progress. No such facility is yet in existence in the nation or. Demaria said. It would provide the Means using a specially designed Road track and sensor devices out of the space program to evaluate behind the wheel performance of Drivers with a record of violations. Through t h e research data will b e accumulated for use As the basis for rehabilitative programs for licensing standards and for improved Driver training. The a automobile death synd on a has received attention in medical journals avid other publications in recent years As the profession has attempted to come to grips with Accident prevention. A it is the physicians responsibility to Deal with the fatality prone Driver As he would any other patient with a potentially lethal illness a by n Axium use of his own clinical judgment and skill and by proper referral to the resources within his area a wrote or. Stuart l. Brown. He reported on a Houston Tex study of consecutively skilled group of 25 Drivers who were determined to be at fault in their fatal crash. Eighty per cent lie said a showed serious obvious impairment in Overall personality or. Demaria cited the Texas study in noting the Impact of emotional problems on driving performance. An estimated to per cent of the population suffers with some form of personality disorder h e observed. Medical factors such As physical condition and the use of prescribed drugs also relate to driving performance. Another element involves the social background of family and environment which shapes the individuals discipline and attitude towards self and others. A the investigation program proposed for the National department of uniform standards for physicians to make their judgments pertaining to a Drivers competency a or. Demaria explained. A these standards Are essential if the rules Are to be firmly applied through Legal Means through the Driver licensing procedures at a National valued at $31,965 for improvements to houses two permits valued at $4,345 for repairs to houses six permits Worth $2,786 for roofing work and two permits valued at $230 for fencing. The Southern die casting co. Received a $54,600 permit for construction of an addition to an existing building located on Albertson Road. The Hendrix batting co received a $16,000 permit for construction of a storage building located on Surrett drive old Dominion truck leasing co. Received a $5,000 permit for a truck Wash on Albertson Road and the High Point business development corp. Received a $6,000 permit for an addition to a n. Centennial Street Structure. Mendenhall Moore inc., received a permit for a $25,000 addition to an existing building on Church Avenue. Southern furniture exhibition building received a $10,000 permit for Interior alterations to a s. Main Street Structure High Point National furniture Mart received a $3,000 permit for alterations to a s. Main Street building. The following received permits for new housing the Westminster company for 17 houses ranging in value from $13,073 to $19,054 the structures will be located on Middle Woods court and on River Meade drive. Greenwood Charles received permits for nine houses valued Between $14,250 and $18,174. The houses will be located on Warwick drive and on Colony drive. Charter Carolina received a permit for a $19,000 House to be located on Kensington. Of these were in critical condition and 42 persons were examined and treated and released from t he Hospital. Also five children were struck by automobiles during the period. One of them was admitted for treatment. All four of the fatalities occurred in accidents outside the City. Three persons were killed sept. 29 in a Freak Accident on Flint Hill Road. Walter Fletcher Barker 60 operator of Barker s Gulf on s. Main Street Anna sue Dorsett 19. Of Lexington and Marilyn Willette 19. Of it. 4, Lexington were killed when hit by a truck. The victims were standing beside a wrecker which was attempting to Tow in a disabled car. The other fatality occurred wednesday when a car entering 1-85 North of High Point was hit by a tractor trailer truck. Killed was William Gray Dunlap 27, of King Street. Both accidents also resulted in serious injuries to others involved in them. They were admitted to High Point memorial Hospital. The records division of the local police department reported that 61 wrecks occurred in the City during the week ending at 7 . Friday. Thirty one persons were injured in those wrecks. The High Point Enterprise established 1884 published every afternoon and sunday morning Aki Independent newspaper published by the High Point Enterprise. Inc. 210 Church Avenue High Point . 27261 member of the associated press rates by mail Poy Oble in Advance i or. 6 to. 3 to. I to daily Ond sunday s31.20s15.60s7.80 $2.60 sunday Only $13.00 $6.50 $1.15 daily Only s23.40s11.70 $5.85 $1.93 by Carrier wkly $.60 monthly $2.60 or. $31.20 Moil subscription in . Subject to 3% tales tax. The associated press is entitled to the use for reproduction of All Loco news printed in this newspaper As Wall As All a news dispatches. Entered As second class matter of Tho Post office High Point . Under act of March 3, 1879. Second class postage paid at High Point . All carriers dealers and distributors Ore Independent contractors end Tho High Point Enterprise inc. Is not responsible for Advance subscription payments made to them or their representatives. For Homo delivery Roto Contact your local Carrier. Word Griffith company National advertising representatives /

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