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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 7, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather rain to end Mort data on Pagosa 88th year a no. 281 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. C., saturday afternoon october 7, 1972 18 pages Call us circulation. 882-1719 classified ads. Ms-2177 Al other departments ms-2141 daily 10c, sunday 25c map a v a i Jin adjournment hears busing Battle flares by John Chadwick associated press writer Washington a a last ditch fight Over anti using legislation is under Way in the Senate in the midst of a drive for adjournment of Congress a week from today. Supporters of the House passed Bill which would All but end busing to desegregate schools hoped the pressure to end the session would work in their favor. But they acknowledged it could work against them. A vote is set for tuesday on cutting off the debate. But with a two thirds majority required senators on opposing sides agreed the move is Likely to fail. If it does a second vote on putting the Senate a debate ending cloture Rule into effect would take place on wednesday. If necessary still a third vote could come on thursday. Sons. James e. Allen. D-ala., and Robert p. Griffin r-mich., leaders of the fight for the Bill did not claim they could Muster the necessary two thirds majority. However. Sen. Jacob k. Davits r-n.y., and Philip a. Hart i -mien., leaders on the other Side said they did no to know if they could prevent the Bill from being brought to a vote. Griffin said he expects a lot of help from the White House. Only two Days ago president Nixon emphasized anew that he is against busing and wants Congress to act before adjournment. Emergency vehicles swarm to scene of wreck shown in this air View. A wire photo Man jailed for holding hostages mount airy no. A Roy Duncan. 31, of Pilot Mountain was in Surry county jail at Dobson today facing several charges As officers investigated an episode that eventually led to six persons being Heid hostage in the sheriffs office. Sheriff Jim Taylor whose mount airy office became the scene of Friday s drama said Duncan walked in carrying a gun and accompanied by his 4-year-old daughter. Taylor who was outside in irs patrol car at the time said Duncan threatened to kill his daughter unless officers produced his wife within 12 hours. The Many a wife whom he reported missing last saturday was found in High Point and was brought to mount airy and Duncan then surrendered. Taylor said Duncan was jailed at Dobson on two counts of assault on an officer involving two deputies held hostage. And seven counts of false imprisonment which was explained As detainment of persons against their will. His daughter was included. He was held without Bond pending a hearing. Authorities said Duncan had held at gunpoint three women employed in the sheriffs office the husband of one and two deputies who came in later. Taylor said Duncan earlier in the week had been served with a warrant charging no support while his wife was served Friday with a warrant charging child abandonment. Mexican Railroad wreck kills 149 by John Platero associated Pross writer Saltillo. Mexico a huge crowds of somber friends and relatives remained in front of the City morgue and jammed hospitals throughout the night waiting their turn to identify the scores of dead and hundreds of injured in the second worst train wreck in mexican history. At Midnight Coahuila state gov. Eulalio Gutierrez Trevino set the official death toll at 149. But said another passenger car was found completely squashed under a pile of other cars. He added the death toll was expected to Rise. State chief of police Geti Aro Gutierrez Davila said 471 persons were hospitalized while another 345 were treated for slight injuries and released. An estimated 500 lives were lost almost 30 years ago when a train in route to a pilgrimage in Queretaro state crashed into another train in the worst rail disaster in the nations history. About 8,000 persons stood in a solemn line in front of the Saltillo morgue waiting to try and identify the rows of bodies some mutilated almost beyond recognition. Reset Crews continued to probe the rubble of the 24-car train where personal belongings of 1,564 adults also returning from a religious pilgrimage i a y scattered Only six Miles from Home. It was unknown How Many children were aboard the special train when it sped off the tracks and caught fire about Midnight thursday. A spokesman for the mexican National railways said a preliminary investigation showed the train was travelling about 75 in p.h., twice the Speed permitted on a downhill curve such As the train was approaching. The official said the brakes apparently worked but could not slow the train enough because of the Speed. The Drivers of the two engines pulling the train were Only slightly injured and were being questioned by authorities. At the derailment site doctors injected Tranquili Zers into persons trapped in crushed passenger cars. Eight of the cars were destroyed by fire. A cars Are piled up on top of each other a said Davila late Friday. A we re digging tunnels to get into the cars at the Bottom of the pile a. The police chief directed operations and remained at the scene for almost 24 hours. Ambulances from Monterrey 70 Miles away arrived to transport some of the injured. At the local hospitals injured Lay on floors and sat on chairs waiting for medical attention there were hardly enough Hospital Beds to accommodate All the injured. Identification of the dead was almost impossible Many bodies were burned beyond recognition in some of the passenger cars that caught fire almost immediately. Other bodies were dismembered. Two women survivors said there was Complete darkness when the Accident occurred. A Only the flames of the burning cars illuminated the wounded the mutilated and the dead entwined in twisted Quot we ran from the they said a but we did no to know where we were running to. There Wasny to anyone t0 ask help from. We were soldiers and police cordoned off the area from those searching for missing friends and relatives. Late Friday night a Railroad Derrick arrived t0 help separate the wreckage but there was insufficient Light at the scene. O Brien Over to Durham no. A democratic National Campaign chairman Lawrence f. Of Brien predicted Friday night that a the 1972 Campaign will go right Down to the and he said a in the closing Days of this Campaign i expect George Mcgovern to electrify this country with the most dramatic come from behind Victory since Harry Truman was reelected president in 1948 of Brien made the comments in a talk during the 12th annual North Carolina democratic women a convention. He said his presence in the state meant that he. Mcgovern and Sargent Shriver Quot have by no Means written off North Carolinas in the election race. Of Brien said be could read the polls like everyone else so How can the democrats erase the Lead president Nixon holds in the polls. A the answer As or. Nixon likes to say is perfectly Clear a of Brien added a it is the same answer that brought John Kennedy from behind in 1960. And tha nearly carried Hubert Humphrey to the White House in 1968 a a last month As in 1960. Or. Nixon announced that our party had deserted its o Brien said. Quot and he Nixon Calls upon democrats to join him in a new majority. That was pompous nonsense in i960 and its is pompous nonsense now. A most democrats refused to desert the Kennedy Johnson ticket and they will not desert the Mcgovern Shriver he added. Of Brien managed Hie successful Campaign of John f. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson in i960. Of Brien asserted that Nixon a Only strategy is a to try to make the nation ear the democratic party by making Mcgovern appear to be an extremist. But he said the real issues Are that Mcc Jovern will provide jobs will curb inflation and will Reform the tax system to the Benefit of the average working people of the country. A George Mcgovern Sargent Shriver and other spokesmen in foresees shift Mcgovern team the democratic Campaign will carry the message across America that Richard Nixon remains a full fledged paid up and totally committed card carrying member of the Republican party a of Brien declared. A and when this message sinks in when the millions of americans who Call themselves democrats get the word we Are going to have Richard Nion on the upon his arrival at Raleigh Durham Airport o Brien declared his intention to continue to discuss the hugging of democratic National Headquarters in the watergate building in Washington but his press conference statement came before word was received from Washington that Federal judge John j. Sirica had modified his earlier order prohibiting discussion of the Case. The judges new ruling allows political figures and tile press to continue discussion of the incident. O Brien said there is a no question in my mind a but that there is a direct line in the watergate affair directly to the White House and to the committee for the re election of the president. Nixon announces tax Reform plan by Gaylord Shaw associated Pross writer Thurmont map after faulting Congress for a a overspending and renewing a no tax hike commitment president Nixon details his own tax Reform views in a political broadcast on National radio networks today. The chief executive scheduled the paid political broadcast at 12 05 . Edt Over three nationwide radio networks Abc. Lbs and Mutual to outline his views on tax Reform and the nations Economy. The 15-minute broadcast was the first in a series that Nixon plans on the major issues of his Campaign against democratic nominee George Mcgovern. The radio addresses will come As he awaits the adjournment of Congress to begin in Earnest his personal campaigning for re election. Nixon flew to his Maryland Mountaintop Retreat late Friday. The broadcast live from the same Camp David cottage he has used for other radio addresses in the past two years comes against a backdrop of Bare Bones tax pledges made by Nixon and White House aides. Presidential advisers said last month that if Nixon were re elected there would be no tax increase during his second four year term but they talked of possible tax reforms without defining what such changes might encompass. At a news conference thursday. Nixon responded to questions about taxes by saying he was making the commitment that a there will be no tax increase in 1973 a he qualified the commitment to say that he could accomplish the pledge Only with the cooperation of Congress now under democratic control. Nixon said he plans to stick close to the White House until Congress adjourns in mid october although aides said he would go to Atlanta on thursday for a political appear Ance the chief executive was expected to remain at Camp David until sunday night. The measure passed by the House aug. 18 by a 282-102 vote goes further in some respects than legislation Nixon recommended. It would make busing for school desegregation a last resort. And even then would permit busing a child no farther than the school second closest to his Home. In addition it would permit the reopening of court ordered school desegregation plans to bring them in line with the Bill s busing limitations. Government gives busing position by Barry Schweid associated Prass Urbar Washington a the government has told the supreme court that a significant disparities in education for Blacks and Chicano Are unconstitutional when they Are the result of intentional action by school officials. But. The government added in a Brief filed Friday in a Denver school Case. The preferred Solu Tion is to improve the Quality of education and not to bus the children out of their neighbourhoods. The Justice department s position could become crucial As the court takes up the Case beginning with Oral argument next thursday. It is the first from outside the South and from a District without a history of segregation Laws to be heard by the justices since the court declared racially separate schools to be unconstitutional in 1954. The government said it agreed with . Judge William Doyle of Denver that higher dropout rates among Blacks and Chicano and their lower test scores could be taken As evidence that officials Are providing a inferior resources for schools with predominantly Black or Spanish speaking students. And the government said there is solid evidence that Denver officials were at least partly responsible for the Black concentrations in some schools. But the memorandum went on to say that judge Doyle a busing order was too sweeping. A we do not concur with the District courts Assumption that the Only effective remedy. Is to eliminate the racial concen Standig neighbourhood school t rat Ion a and therefore the Long policy by transferring the affected students a the government said. Mig fails to end dive Saigon apr two . Phantoms destroyed a North vietnamese Mig without firing a shot Friday. But one of the american Crews almost crashed coming out of a dive North of Hanoi the air Force reported. The two phantoms along with two other . Jets were assigned to suppress North vietnamese antiaircraft fire when they were attacked by a Mig 19 and a Mig 21. The air Force said the Mig 19, with its guns blazing chased the two phantoms into a Steep dive but it was out mane Vered and pull out. A the Mig slammed into the ground and exploded about 50 Miles North of Hanoi a the air Force said. During the Aerial engagement the two phantoms were below 1.000 feet. Capt. Charles d. Barton 30, of Greenville s c., Pilot of the second phantom said he was subjected to at least eight times the Force of Gravity while coming out of his dive. A i almost did no to make it myself a said Barton. A i Felt like kissing the ground after being Able to pull out of that flying with Barton was 1st it. George d. Watson. 25. Of Trenton mo., his backseat radar operator in the two Man phantom. Maj. Gordon l. Mouser. 32, Norman okla., Pilot of the other phantom said he saw the Mig 19 As it was firing away and also saw the Jet plow into lha ground. Despite Lavelle Case Mcgovern hits Trail with sen. Eagleton committee okays Abrams by John Lengel associated Prass writer Washington a the Senate armed services committee has recommended confirmation of Gen. Creighton w Abrams As army chief of staff after concluding he was not to blame for unauthorized bombing raids against North Vietnam. The committee voted 16 to 0 Friday to recommend approval of president Nixon a selection of Abrams for the army Stop Job. The Senate probably will vote on the question next week. At the same time the committee rejected the Pentagon s largely symbolic promotion of Abrams one time Deputy air Force Gen. John d. Lavelle who was blamed for violations of air War rules in ordering the unauthorized raids. The committee inquiry into circumstances surrounding the raids last november into March delayed action on the Abrams nomination. Though Abrams was the . Commander in Vietnam and Lavelle s Superior officer at that time committee members expressed the opinion that Abrams was not responsible for the raids. Chairman John Stennis d-miss., said. A no testimony put a hand on Gen. Abrams or put a speck on As for Lavelle who was fired As commander of the 7th air Force when the raids came to Light Stennis said the com Mittee consensus was that a the had not obeyed orders. That he went beyond the according to the air Force investigation there were 28 raids involving 147 aircraft hitting targets in North Vietnam under the Guise of protective reaction strikes. The raids other unofficial accounts put the figure at 75�? came before the White House ordered renewed heavy bombing of the North and some were carried out without the enemy ground fire required by the rules then in effect. Lavelle had said his interpretation of the air War rules was a lawful one. That he had been told by higher officials to be More aggressive and that the raids had he encouragement of the joint chiefs of staff in Washington. A there was no evidence we had or could get that put the responsibility on them pcs a Stennis said in response to a newsman a question Stennis said the committee next week May Issue recommendations on the Lavelle situation in general which has been presented As a test of civilian control of the military. A a in a like to think this has been a lesson to them a Stennis said of the military command. Stennis was asked his reaction to possible allegations that the committee actions were a Whitewash. A i know its not a Whitewash. A deliberate attempt to cover up. There was no disposition to protect Stennis said. Lavelle was relieved of i command in april and offered a Choice of a lesser assignment or retirement. He chose retirement. Lavelle was an acting four Star general at the time and was granted by military Doc tors a 70 per cent disability status several weeks after passing a flight physical. His permanent rank was major general but the Pentagon proposed that he be granted the higher rank of lieutenant general in retirement. By a 12-2 vote the committee refused to approve it. Because of service rules and la veiled a disability status the action has no effect on his annual retirement pay of $25,000, the sum a four Star general gets. In related actions the committee unanimously approved the promotion of John Mccain to full Admiral rank in retirement and the promotion and new assignment of maj. Gen. Alexander Haig. Mccain at the time of the raids had been the Pacific commander in chief and was in Over Aii charge of the Indochina air War. Haig has been the Deputy to Nixon a National Security adviser Henry Kissinger. He is being promoted to full general and appointed army vice chief of staff under Abrams. By Walter r. Mears a political writer Kansas City. To. A democratic presidential nominee George Mcgovern is going campaigning today with his deposed running mate. Sen. Thomas f. Eagleton after saying that anybody who votes against him because of the ticket switch a is betraying the National interest and betraying his own Mcgovern a first Campaign visit to the Home state of the vice presidential nominee he dropped 67 Days ago in favor of Sargent Shriver Drew a cheering crowd that overflowed a Kansas City Railroad station concourse Friday night. Police estimated the turnout at More than 15.000. And Mcgovern said he had not seen a More inspiring one. Eagleton was to join Mcgovern in St. Louis late today for a Campaign rally and an awards dinner honouring form e r president Harry s Truman. Eagleton himself was to be honoured As Missouri a Democrat of the year. There was a special drama to the Normal political amenities of Mcgovern a Kansas City speech. A a in a glad to be in a state that has sent two of the most Able members to the United states Senate Tom Eagle ton a Mcgovern said. At the mention of the name the crowd in Union station set up a cheer and Mcgovern never got around to adding the second name sen. Stuart Symington. Mcgovern discussed the Eagleton affair Friday in a Chicago television interview and said if he had to face the same situation again he would have no Choice but to make the same decision a the Eagleton Issue should be set aside in this Campaign a Mcgovern said. We ought to focus on what Are the key problems before our Mcgovern dropped Eagleton on july 31, after the Missouri senator disclosed that he had been hospitalized for mental depression three times Between 1960 and 1966 and had undergone electric Shock treatment. What s inside amusements. 4-5b Bridge .4b classified ads. 4-9b comics a crossword .48 editorials .4a obituaries a sports .1-3b television .5a weather a

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