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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 7, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Saturday Ortor 7, 19.19the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center no Industry High Point. North Carolina Page five Drunken driving Cost this fellow Thomasville Man pays three fines losses Drivers License Thomasville oct. 7. A special a Troy Gray of Thomasville fared rather badly when tried in Thomasville municipal court Friday on several charges which were the result of trying to mix liquor with driving. Gray was found guilty of Drunken driving by judge c. W. Gilliam and was ordered to pay a Fine of $50 and the court Cost. His Driver s License was ordered revoked for a period of two years instead of the customary one year period. On a charge of reckless driving he was ordered to pay the court Cost and pay into the court the sum of $4 1.50 for the use of i a a it i canard As the result of striking the car of Hoard while driving on another charge of drunkenness. Gray was ordered to pay the court Cost. On a Barge of disorderly con duct Willard Everhart and Jesse a handler were ordered to pay the court Cost. Asma i i Tase Scott Short was scheduled to he tried on a charge of assault on a female which in this Case was assault on his w Ife. His wife How j Ever refused to testify when the Opportunity came and prayer for j judgment was continued for a pe-1 Rind of two years. Bob enabler was convicted of speeding and was ordered to pay Oue half the court Cost and pay into the court the sum of $17.25 i for the use of Anna leu meanies As a result of damage done by Embler to a bicycle. Theo s Wilson was convicted of driving without proper License and was ordered to pay one half the court Cost. O. Kenneth Taylor was found j guilty on a drunkenness charge and was taxed with the court Cost. At amp uvula j it out inned Kra a editorial Page j user reveals Bone of Contention with allies fire department operating under two shift system Pender company honors 20 year employees at huge dinner in Stem clock inaugurated today depart the High Point fire men at 8 . Today began one rat Ion under a two platoon system and firemen Many of whom have seen service for decades. For the first time since they became members of the department started to work under a system of two shifts a Day. Platoon a went on duty at 8 o clock for a 10-hour stretch and a 8 o clock this afternoon will be relieved by platoon b. These shifts will continue for a seven Day period a the end of which platoon b will daytime duty for a week. Each company has two divisions or platoons and either a Captain or a lieutenant la in Barge. The promotion of two privates to Lieutentan cles was required to give each company a commander for both shifts. Chief k. K. Ingram said he Felt certain that the 19 recruits recently appointed and drilled were sufficiently trained to give adequate fire fighting personnel in each company. Many of the recruits have had several years of experience As volunteers. Divisions will be stationed Over nation continued from Page one a general View of the City auditorium in Norfolk. Virginia and some of the guests at a dinner Given on september 2> by the David Pender grocery company in Honor of thirty three employees who have a record of Twenty years or More smite with the organization. Officials executives and specially invited guests of the company Are seated on the platform while employees from both Virginia and North Carolina More Are at tables on the main floor. Another dinner of 500 employees was held simultaneously at Greensboro. North Carolina. The awards handsome Silver sen ices for the women and solid Gold watches for the men were presented by David Pender who founded the company thirty nine years ago. The Slons get her Era to five new ? organized with a tote a Quarter streamlined cd i v i last month to-1 corps and Gen troops. Comprise fully organized Lim e the world i knifed states by avoiding in opulent in the existing War. To this motive we must steadfastly hold in Alt events the policy outlined in the Biti is not so much one of airing England and France As j it is one of not contributing to he plane of Germany and her associates. And it is because it is considered that the existing Law Cloes unintentionally so contrib j Ute to those plans that we have for months been setting about to revise it. Since we Are unwilling to Ald England and France Aure-1 july we must see to it that we not assist Germany and her associates by following a policy recognized the world Over Asun necessary to neutrality As defined i by International Law. I could Well Stop Here but i Jam impelled to add thai i deeply desire that this country shall not pursue an abnormal policy j necessary to neutrality the j Ion sequin be of which would be to uniter the plans of the German trader of he should succeed i not wish it to he said that we Aid Ert him. Xxx have in account to give to posterity Aud to the god if nations to the righteous rub r of the nations who exacts St j last of every nation and every tiler and indeed of every human being even to the third and ninth generations the penalty Chi he is a covenant keep. I lug god and requires that rulers Hall keep their covenants lie j Joes Justice and loves mercy and in due time visits his judgment Pon All cruelty and ii lion Siho persecute Sud oppress his Spring of every condition race j and Creed. The creator of men rested also the moral Law. It is Elf a a Euteve. This moral Law is1 he Warp and Woof of civilization. Myers May forget but we must i ways re Mem Lier that it under i Lea and sustains All abiding Law. A own or late it blesses All who serve it and overthrow All who Ftp regard it these considerations to not justify it in taking step hat might involve us in this tar but they would rebuke us if should maintain a policy in Cee aaa by to our neutrality the on sequence of which would be to contribute to the plans of the Erman Leader. We must make it Plain beyond ii question that under no circumstances or temptations will lend Money to England or a Ranee or engage our country or its sons in this War. Finally let me say a word of to fort to those who Are fearful hat we will by some Means be me involved in this War. I pot think we will be involved one of its can forecast the Long tit tire. I Spe no likelihood that it Hilt two years we will be involved and two years from now. Hope we will he Able to look Forward to another two years of at Iona i peace and Security. Our eople Are determined upon year let them maintain this it mint inn. With All Good wishes. Very truly yours. J of i a w. Hailey. The army s first cum Bat division War. The War department said that when the four new streamlined division Are created they will be formed into a second corps. The first corps to be organized already has been designated As the fourth corps. To in Khz i Al t training Secretary Wooding said it was essential that Quot in View of the extremely limited numbers available for the defense of the United states As an initial protective Force the training of this nucleus j should be perfected in such a manner As to insure its maximum of a at fort Benning and probably i at the initial concentration Points i the troops will live under tents because of a shortage of perineal i ent housing. President Roosevelt announced i this week however he had reeled the army to ignore cob Agre ional limitations and provide i necessary housing. Wood ii no said permanent bar Racks vacated in the North by 1 troops moving to Southern Points would be used for organization and preliminary training of additional units provided Congress j approves their formation. Power attack sends Thompson to showers continued from Page one sea Omi inn Inge a a x k eem Gordon sent a High foul to Lombardi in front of the screen. There was activity in the Yankee Bull pen now. Rump Hadley portly right hander started to warm up. Dahlgren lofted to Frey on the grass Back of first base. Gomez fanned Oil a three two pitch. In swinging at his second strike he swung ail the Way around and momentarily grabbed his right Side apparently in pain. No runs no hits no errors none left. Protested to the in was Safe with the no runs no hit eos rth in ninth in j that he Mal result. No errors. Rehm Georgia thrill murderer escape with wife s Aid Myers shot a ground single through second and into Center Field and tile stands once More clime to life. F Coni inned Thompson Laid a Hunt Down the firs end was thrown out Gordon who covered going to second. Dahlgren took Wei or and tossed to covered the hag for Myers reaching third Gordon made a or of Frey a Bounder him out. No run one hit one left. Net Lenin from Page one to a series of Dickey is llah j to Lier hound Cadley who the cutout Dutiful Stop and threw no error Mei on Llen Xingu reds Hadley a right hander in to pitch for the Yankees. Apparently Gomez was not yet fully recovered from the injured Side which sent him to a Hospital for several Days near the end of the regular season. Hadley had pitched for the Yankees in the 1936 and 19.17 world series winning the first year and losing the second. Berger was called out Al Kwh inning yank eth ing was a Clinia hold ups for thrills Gallo Giyu a family contended ten j Yeai s in prison had wrecked his j life. And last Spring the youth end tired a third Appeal for clemency. He had been in the Hospital several months mat lying miss Vera j Hunt there in May. His clemency plea was withdrawn yesterday and soon after a Ward the guards set out with him i for the prison inspector Mann said his family had asked that he be i placed in a Fulton county Atlanta Pron amp but the Fulton Warden refused to accept him. It a Crom out at Myers toe went i threw him Steps. Rolfe slashed a a into right Field. I attempt at going to strikes As pitch nicked m ver s is in thought better of he turned to r he got up just Back to first a the relay Keller with tin on one. Lined his sex Alt Rij it pkg rued the announcement a made without mention of the european War or the limited National emergency proclaimed by president Roosevelt a month ago officials asserted plan for mass Maneu vers had been in existence for five years but could not be baffled out for Lack of fund it the Southern training this Winter will continue until late Spring and officials contrasted this extended period with the two weeks allotted the War departments Skeleton first army in August at Mananas va., and Plattsburg n. Y. Senate declares truce in neutrality Battle continued from Page on the third straight the outside Corner. Cd a single through into left Center and stands took up the a i s roller and St by three round single in a tide an second then and fell As in to first time to get in front of amt out and Home run it to the right no Rolfe in th1 Yankee really under to w her it Mason foul Abd Dickey to but i Mph he Wii lot he tipped a third maimed he held i Summers Hiland said the Ball in Rickey Glove. Senator said afterwards it would have been difficult to maintain a quorum today. Senator Dow Ney d., Alif. I. Who denounced embargo repeal in a three hour speech yesterday involving disaster for Domestic Economy in event of a War Trade Boom will conclude his address monday. After that the Senate will have before if a motion by senator to Bey pc n. La. I to split the Bill. Tobey advanced his proposal with a View to having the chamber pass at once upon the proposed restriction on american shipping Lcy my the embargo question for decision later. Manager Mccarthy of the Yankees ran out to get into the argument but the Umpire remained firm. Thompson resumed batting and looped a Texas league single in Short left sending Myers to second. Werber slashed a single to Center Field scoring Myers with the tying run and advancing Thompson to third and the Din was terrific. Dickey conferee with Hadley on the pitching Mound. There was More activity in the Yankee Bull pen Frey bounced to Dahlgren who threw to Dickey to retire Thomp a son at the plate. Werber went to second and Frey was Safe on j the fielder Choice. Goodman slashed a single Down the right Field line scoring Werber and sending Frey to 11 i third. Gordon ran out on the Outfield grass to haul Down Mccormick s High Flop up two runs four hits no errors i two left. Ide of the r a Home Irth four r thump and the Paw rend 33 games is season. The won pitches Long Fly Board in nor seek to Avoir leaders of the n Bairn repeal made Day they wished to i emt position to pm known yester avoid ii ii an Panama i trying to induct it linkers to consume Panama err. I Early test. Privately Soma ex-1 j pressed the opinion Hie motion i would be Defeated and that this would Lead of it a prompt demand i for a final vote on the Bill. They i have been pinning their Hopes Oil marshalling Public sentiment against repeal by considerable fur i i Titer debate. J since any member May ask for a vote on the motion opposition j Leader conceded some one on the i other Side might Force the i Ssue. J however because Many Seua a tors will still be out of the City i monday they believe the vote will i be deferred until the following Day. J fifteen senators have asked for time to speak next week. After Downey finished and disposition is made of the Tobey motion Hen i tors Dana her r., Conn wag a Ner d., a and Clark in. To Are Down for speeches. Dan-1 Aller and Clark Are against re peal. Wagner has not announced j definitely but he is counted in ad-1 third inning v \ n k eem a Rose to fouled to Wilber Halfway Down the third base Hue. Goodman raced Over to the boxes along the right Field foul Tine. Leaned far in Aud made a sensational catch of Rolfe High foul Fly. Keller worked the count to three and two. Then walked. It was the third base on Halls Givi no by Thompson. The count Oil Dimaggio rear lied two Aud one then lie smashed a Home run Over the 383-foot Mark on the Center fled Wall scoring Keller in front of him Aud pudding the Yankees in front again. Dickey was thrown out by Frey. Two runs one hit no errors none left. I Hird in Ning Lombardi hoisted to Selkirk in left Center Dimaggio loped into Short Center and pulled Down crafts Fly. Berger sent a High pop up to Tosetti. No runs no hits no errors none left. Of the game Dot Field bleachers so front of hint an powerhouse seem Way. I Maggie Hiopp on the infield grass Dickey plot ked a one and smashed it about ill on the renter add s right Field bleachers to run the Yankees foe Bagger of tie game. That was enough of nut and lie Fly i be Gri reds eccentric South placed him on the Mou Grissom appeared in during the regular ii pitched three comp nine and lost seven. Selkirk walked on fix Berger took Gordon in front of the acor i left Center. Three runs three i j mrs. One left. Kieth inning Herm Crosetti danced Back to the fringe of the Outfield grass for Goodman s High pop up. Dickey took Mccormick s High Toul Iii front of the boxes off the heat base line. A inside pitch bit Lombardi on the left shoulder and he took his base. Craft lofted to Selkirk in left. No run no hits no errors one left. Sixth inning tinkles a Check of the record Book showed Keller became the seventh Man in Diamond history to hit two Home runs in one Gene Dahlgren sent a Long Fly to Craft who had to Back almost to the Wall to make hit catch. Hadley bounced to Myers who threw Bim out by ten feet. Raced in. Made a pick up of Crosetti and. Without straight threw him out in a play. No hits no errors Werber Bucella ii slow roller cuing up spectacular no runs none left. Reds ministration polls As a supporter of the Hill the administration forces picked up a vote last night in Tho announcement by senator Bailey i n. C that he was for the Biti bul senator Wheeler a. Mont returned to the Senate from a Cross country journey and told reporters ii a Agama repeal. Koi huh inning Yax Keem Selkirk walked on a three two i pitch and Lombardi told Umpire i Summers to did t like the Deci i Sion. As huh the protest did not work. Myers look Gordon s Bounder j and threw to Frey forcing Bel i Kirk at second. Gordon was Safe on the fielder s Choice. Thompson tried vainly three i times to pick Gordon off first. Dahi rep fanned swinging Ai a j Low breaking curve. Frey fumbled Hadley founder momentarily rut recovered in time to throw to Myers at Sec Load lot cig got Dom got Don sixth inning with the count two and one Berger hit a Long Fly Over the left Field Wall and onto the roof of a laundry across the Street. Int the Umpire ruled it foul by inches. Berger thou fanned swinging at a knee High pitch. Lloyd i Whitey Moore Young right hander was warming up in the reds Bull pen. Atter taking two straight strikes. Myers walked on four balls in a Row. Nino Ron Giovanni. Reserve outfielder and left hand hitter batted for Grissom. Bongiovanni bounced to Hud w Iee mix pistol inspector Mann charged Gal lowly s wife slipped the pistol him after he left the Hospital. A i watched him dress As he got up from the Hospital Mann said. Quot and i am sure he did not have the gun with him then. I Ani cur1 i wife furnished it to him. As mrs. Yankey has shown every Effort to cooperate with the state Mann said Gallogly officially was in the custody of Roy a. Matthews. Special guard and Freeman had Gem along mainly As a chauffeur. Driving the inspector automobile a Light Green Sedan. He asserted responsibility for the escape rested with Matthews who had guarded Gallogly at the Hospital since lie was brought Early this year from a Bibb county work Camp. Amk kor ski free said Gallogly was Riding in the tear seat Between his wife and Mother. When the machine was Stoi Ped. He related Gallogly stepped to the Side of the Road. Drew the pistol and ordered the other two men out of the car with their hands up in front of the headlights. A was we got out of the car a he continued a mrs. Gallogly scrambled into Tho from seat vacated by guard Matthews. Gallogly stood on the Side of the Road arguing with his Mother who remonstrated with him. A lift pleaded with her to get in the a with him and hts wife but she refused to i hate to go off leaving you on the Side of the Road a a the prisoner was quoted As telling his Mot her. Mother reprimanded a Well i think this is the most foolish thing you have Ever done and r cannot go with you Dick a a the Mother replied solicitor general John a. Boykin of Atlanta. Who prosecuted both Gali ugly and harsh charged a the apparent Lack of sufficient guard Over Gallogly climaxes a 10-year period of coddling this j a if he state had exercised the proper treatment Over this prisoner. He never would have escaped Boykin said. After the Airest of harsh and Gallogly in 19 28. The former was i tried first Aud sentenced to death. I to o attempt to convict Gallogly i ended in mistrial and finally lie entered a idea of guilty in order he said to save Lite life of his 1 Friend. Harsh then was Given a life term along with Gallogly. He is serving time at a Fulton county Camp near Atlanta. Germany awaits response from Allied Powers con. From Page one the fuehrer a speech must he studied carefully abroad and to fee that Only patience can find a solution. The reaction of British prime minister Chamberlain waa awaited in the meantime other unfavourable British rec at Ion was girded a a authoritative. We Ell informed sources said Hitler looked preferably to president Roosevelt As a Neutral who might Start negotiations to end the european War. In these quarters the present situation was described As a a great Opportunity for he president but it a appreciated that past offers of his Good offices for the mediation of european quae of rein had been rejected by Hiller and that the rejections were fold j Lowed by propaganda directed ii against the United states. It j the history of president Boose it j veitus appeals gave rite to a Gen-1, j eral belief that the Best qualified y i Neutral in sight who might be e persuaded to try mediation under i the conditions Hitler Laid Down objectives gained with German help soviet wanted \ Sui Ranee in Baltic no l lighting on Home soil by Whitt Hancock Moscow oct. 7.�? apr reliable though unofficial sources said today soviet Russia through her Deal with Germany apparently had realized two objectives for which slip j might have fought on the Side of great Britain and France. These were concessions in the Baltic and the right to Send her i armies into the polish Ukraine and White Russia areas on the soviet Side of Quot the germ an re Sian Frontier drawn through conquered Poland. A Brit Ash French plan to use soviet Ruhfass a base of operations in defense of Poland these sources said. Failed because of a breakdown in military talks Here last August As a result of the russian demands made of kit great Britain and France they said had proposed sending Large j supplies warplanes and troops to Russia in preparation for go j Ling quickly to Poland s Aid in the event of the War which then had not started. Poland they reported had Are sued that British and French aircraft should not he shipped to j j polish territory in peacetime lest j Germany be provoked. As an alternative these source i declared it was proposed that j the air plane be sent to Odessa i soviet port on tile Blat k sea. And from there distributed along i russians Western Border. Wanted guarantee Russia they said wanted a guarantee that she would not j re i have to fight on her own soil Laud that she be permitted to j Send armies into White Russia and Hie polish Ukraine regions i of former Poland that Border on the a 8 5 r they said she also wanted concessions in the Baltic which Britain and France were unwilling to Grant. Now through her treaty with Germany establishing a Frontier in former Poland she has regain last minute bulletins Kake a moxie Talen i a Slayer to pay no 11 la Kike xxx emt Palm Rexer. Ila oct. 7.�? to a Charles Jefferson 20, a sentenced to death in Florida a electric chair today for the Livinnie say Long of Day for the Hammer slaying of japanese army Mph re Birthplace of i n x it so n Shanghai oct. a the japanese army a non ii need today it had captured it Hung Allan Birthplace of Hun at men. Father of the chinese Republic which has great sentimental value in the eyes of the chinese. Similar efforts a year ago were repulsed. Lutherans meet in Thomasville r astern Olivette in Grace i diet will for one Day Church Thomasville. Oct. 7. A special a the Eastern District conference of the Luther league of North Carolina will hold a one Day meeting at the Grace lutheran Church in Thomasville sunday with representatives from 3 4 lutheran churches in the District in attendance. The Eastern District embraces several counties Iii North Carolina from Lexington to Wilmington. The meeting will open Aill of clock in the morning with a Sermon by Rev. Charles Patterson pastor of the Grace lutheran Church. This will be followed by a lunch picnic style at l3o o clock in the afternoon. The Moon sessions will Hemlock and will be pre by Dolan Calhoun of who is president of i District. The devote it led by Paul Cobb and m Welcome to the Vasiles will be delivered by Stet Ritchie. The retie Given by miss Evy be for the afternoon la be a Christian youth Ley who joins to Werber went. Out threw a him second. Walked and to Confer wit out Myers Dickey Hadley stands for the on the Mound As started whooping it Home team. Johnny Murphy Veteran right hand Relief Pitcher started to warm up Iii the Yankee Bull pen. Kiev bounced the fit St pitch of got Don who threw him out. No run no lists no errors two left. Mex in in inning Yan Keem yesterday in i reit Stag speech was Premier Mussolini. Duce to break k there was no positive information or substantiation in Berlin but the expectation in informed circles was that the italian Leader would make an address in the j next few Days to bring Hitler s i Continuer offer a step nearer to realization. J it was acknowledged that Daly s i the same military Alliance with Germany j tonally by somewhat compromised mud so a papers. Only Hills standing a the head of a communist Neutral state but it was Emma Bere a Pha sized that from the Start of the War his attitude had been moderate his efforts to localize the polish conflict also were cited. Casting about for other Neutral states which might attempt the delicate role of mediation some German Leader looked to Sweden. There was even an unsubstantiated Rumor that Sweden already had consulted other scandinavian countries to see if a conference at Oslo might be acceptable. Hut German leaders did not expect such a momentous matter i to be determined Over night. It was said Hitler expected to wait at least a week and possibly longer for world opinion to crystallize before judging for himself the general reaction to his Reich Stag speech. Peace or War in it he offered a cessation j of hostilities based upon an exclusive German soviet russian determination of the future of to i land or War from which he expressed certainty Germany would emerge unbeaten. He also envisaged in International conference at establishment of europ i eau Security. In quarters close to the government it a said that if. Dur i ing hitlers waiting period an j enemy should go out of his Way i to make a hostile demonstration 1 against Germany a for example bomb a German City or sink a German ship the Reich would com dude mediately that Hitler s outstretched hand had been rejected. Then it was said. Germany would set her War machine into action in the West. During White Russia and the polish j eating Ukraine through non aggression j out of treaties w Ith Estonia and Latvia j she has won concessions in the Baltic. Both have been accomplished without formal War. Russia was expected to resume talks Over the weekend with Lithuania and Turkey continuing her policy of spreading her influence in Eastern Europe through a a negotiation and neutrality. British Cabinet gives address thorough exam a his Church and his an t address on a this Church will he i delivered by Rev. L. Boat a Hamm inf Kings Mountain and an addles Ion his state will be delivered by Hon. Bismark App of Gastonia a a meeting for the children of the Eastern District will also be i held in the basement of the Church same hours. A ram is being meeting also. I inter worked Roosevelt not Likely to take Lead in peace it in oui oui Page in View was taken Edi most British news among the minority and pacifist groups sympathetic response right hander was the new reds Pitcher. He had appeared in 4 2 games during the regular season pitched nine Complete won 13 and lost 12. Two of his victories were shut outs. Rolfe slashed a hot grounder to Myers who made a Nice pickup Aud tossed him out. Keller fanned swinging at a Lew fast pitch and the stands i cheered Moore Moore picked ii Dimaggio j sit Bounder near tile Box anti j threw him out easily. No runs no hits no errors none loft. Seventh inning reds Selkirk raced into left Center Field for Goodman Fly. Mccormick silted a ground sin i pie into left Field and As he r n Down to fit a thumbed his nose at the Yankee dugout. Apparently j the Yankee famed As libbers of Ord. I. It. Debate Chapel Hill oct. 7.�?despite the War debaters from Oxford University will meet a University of North Carolina team Here this fall. It was announced today. The exact Date will be announced later. A Lloyd Whitey Moor Young i had been a needling Erakly. Hadley took Lombardi s grounder but threw wildly past second for an error in attempting to Force Mccormick and Mccormick was Safe at third and Lombardi at first on the misplay. Stanley preachy Bordagaray a left hand hitter ran for Lombardi. Rolfe took Craft s hot grounder threw to Gordon forcing Burds Gary at second and Gordon threw to Dahlgren in Lime to retire Craft in a Snappy double play. No runs one hit one error one min consid Ileal to the fuehrer a proposals. The ministry of information announced that August Zaleski foreign minister in the polish j meat government set up in Par last j Nomi week. Would visit London next week to Confer with foreign Secretary lord Halifax and other member of the British War Cabinet. Peace cd Likely this was regarded in foreign Cli t Lea As evidence of Britain s refusal to make peace at the Price of Poland the London times declared that British statesmen a Are concerned not with hitlers terms hut with Hitler himself and Hitler recalling Hiler s past pledges to Poland. The times said a against this background of falsity. France and great Britain will View the invocations to themselves with which Hitler ended. And the a peace proposals with which they Are supported a the times added that a settlement with Germany a neither can nor will lie Pun based at the Price of other nation s whither Chamberlain would be Able to announce the govern ment a View of Hitler s proposals monday depended it was said largely upon How quickly consultations with the dominions and Frame were completed. No elaboration there was no elaboration on ail official comment yesterday which said that a no peace proposals Are Likely to he found acceptable which not effectively free Europe from the Menat of aggression a a reiteration of British War Aims previously enunciated by Chamberlain. Commons is scheduled to re in a the entire Progress of he governments War Effort next week. On tuesday sir Kingsley Wood Secretary for air. Is expected to describe the activities of the Royal air Force and give some indication of Britain a growing strength in the skies. On wednesday Chamberlain probably will go before commons to deliver his sixth War bulletin and an account of the British expeditionary Force in France is expected thursday elec Ted Prim head Chicago. Oct. 7. Pic or. A. M. Caverns of Raleigh n. �?T., was elected president of the american College of proctology it the closing session of a four Day National convention yesterday. Could achieve a lasting place in history by mediating the War. Analysts wondering we at questions Hitler would lie willing to negotiate with Britain and France through the president noted that the Chancellor said in his speech to the Reich Stag yesterday that Germany and Russia exclusively would solve the problems of a final reorganization and a the question of re establishment of the polish to achieve a sense of Security among individual nations ii # declared also there must be a inc final sanctioning of the european status and reduction of Arma a Flo a reasonable and a costly tolerable he renewed Germany a demand for a adequate colonial possessions justly due the Reich and suggested that the leading nations of Europe would some Day have to come together to formulate and a a guarantee a statute insuring peace the subsequent suggestion from an informed German source that or. Roosevelt Mig it achieve a lasting place in history by mediating the struggle brought no immediate comment from the state department. Sheriffs Home is dynamited continued from Page one sheriff Woody lives about two mile from Bakersville. Woody was elected sheriff in november 1938. While serving As a member of the Mitchell county Board of education. He is the first democratic sheriff in the i Republican stronghold of itt a i Ell county in More than half a t cent my. He is a native of Mitchell county and Quot As educated in the Bakersville schools and appalachian state teachers College. The last Democrat before Woody Flection to hold the office of sheriff in Mitchell county was Solomon Hensley. He was elected in Issi. Hensley was Defeated by a Republican in 1885 and that party had held the office continuously until Woody a Victory. Jets amp ult for be there England or railway la War. Has fewer and a Lowling a a result of next week

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