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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 6, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Ioc High Point Enterprise wednesday october 6, 197f seniors have pictures taken the Allen Jay annual staff has begun the year with a Quick Start. The seniors have started Selling ads to local businesses and the top seller at the present time is Maria Zachary. This years editors Are Marla Zachary and Anita Gardner. Business managers Are Terri Blackburn and Karen Mills and circulation managers Are Joy Garner and Tim Coggins. The seniors have had their environmental pictures made for the annual which will be in color this year. Seniors will order Caps and gowns this week. On sept. 28, to Fla members and their advisor attended a meeting of District v held at Trinity High school. Present for the meeting were the Fla state advisor state chairman and several state officers. They discussed with local members and advisors plans for the coming year at the District and state Levels. Ideas for local projects were also exchanged. The Civin ettes had their new member initiation at school this year. These members were dressed As Allen Jay by Kyle Auman to your Good health pc to stage studio shows High Point colleges Tower players have scheduled three studio shows to open the fall season. All three plays will be presented tonight thursday and Friday in the old student Center empty space theatre. The first show begins each night at 7. Directed and produced by students the three plays Are a freudian slips a a directed by Rick Moore a the bridal night a directed by Sylvia Petrea and a a Kennedy a children a a directed by Tom Cope. A freudian slips is a candid View of the subconscious inner Workings of Uncle Remus As shown in his stories. A bridal night is a tragedy dealing with the mis guided love of a Young boy his Mother and a school teacher. A a Kennedy a children a while set in 1974, involves people who were politically Active in the 1960s. Each character gives a different Point of View for the major events of the decade. The productions Are open to the Public without charge on a first come first seated basis. A Brief intermission will be required Between the plays for stage changes. Good investment some cities spend Money to abolish their slums a others spend a much greater amount dealing with the results. In. Jacoby on Bridge double brings toil trouble by Oswald amp James Jacoby we have to sympathize a Little with poor West. He really had a pretty Good double of South s four Spade bid. He certainly had no reason to suspect that South would score an Over trick. West opened the King of diamonds and continued by leading his Singleton club. South won with the Ace and decided that West s double indicated he would hold All four Spades and the Ace of hearts. South confirmed this by playing his Ace of Trumps. Then South led his Deuce of hearts if West had ducked he would have saved the Over trick but West took his Ace and led a heart Back. South was in Dummy with the King he ruffed a Diamond led a Trump and played Dummy s King after West put up the to. Then South ruffed Dummy a last Diamond and led his last Trump. It did no to matter what West did. Dummy a two Trumps were Good South Dis on the move carded a club on that last Trump. Where did the Over trick come from everyone was Down to three cards. Dummy a were the Queen and two Little clubs. South a were the King and a Small club and the Jack of hearts. East was squeezed and had to Chuck his Queen of hearts to keep the club stopper. North akq92 v k 8 a q 8 2 q732 West East a j to 8 6 a a a v a 6 5 4 v q 7 3 2 4 a k j 3 # 10 9 6 5 4 a 5 a j to 9 8 South i a a 7 5 4 3 v j 10 9 a 7 a a k 6 4 both vulnerable West North East South i a pass 3 a pass 4 a dbl pass pass pass opening Lead a k a answer to previous Puzzle across i go from Here to there 5 wanders 10 goes through water 11 tropical Shrub 13 worship 14 Star m Scorpio 15 roman emperor 16 Compass Reading 17 pipe joint 8 Seine 20 ancient name of Tokyo 23 journey 26 Muse of Lyric poetry to raw Metal 31 greek letter 32 polyp 33 Irish Export tem 35 yellow Bugle Plant 37 presidential nickname 38 uttered 39 roam 41 unit of Energy 43 watering place 44 Wing like part 47 Equine Titbit 49 went by plane 63 goes from place to place 66 burning 57 landed properties so african Antelope 59 sea Phenomena 60 withered Down 1 manufactured 2 scent 3 italian City 4 Compass Point 5 hindu Queen Var 6 Canadian province a i 7 Mindanao native 8 commercial Center 9 Koko s weapon 10 pallid 1 1 vegas Nevada 12 peer gyms Mother 16 printing direction 19 More balanced 21 run 22 Gold up 23 voyage 24 City m Nevada 25 Den 27 seed covering 28 accept 29 Spanish cheer 30 chemical suffix pm 34 out supplement 36 extensive 40 foil 42 wounds with horns 44 deep respect 45 ultimate 46 against 48 beast of Burden 50 Prev Aricatar 51 Irish River 52 married 54 family member Coll it 55 summer it 56 roman Bronze a mph i 2 3 4 5 6 a 8 9 in toll 13 t4 15 _ 16 of Quot a 19 20�?o 21 j 23 24 28 26 27 28 30 in 31 32 33 34 r St b 38 �39 40 r d no 43 a a Ltd 46 it Baim by uial 53 54 55 1 56 a i _ i 58 a i 59 in w i Well known characters. Present were Pippi Long stockings Fonzie and Pinkie Shirley Temple the siamese twins and Bozo the Clown. The new members Are Sherri Blackburn Suzanne White Angela Johnson Kim Hawks Anita Gardner Debbie Deaton Terri Loving Teresa Ferguson Tammy Thomas Joan Gilbreth Jenny Davis Kim Smith Renee Hazelton Donna Bradley and Sherry Whittington. The seventh and eighth grades Are going to participate in intramural sports this year. This will give More students an Opportunity to participate. The volleyball games continue with the leading homeroom being those of mrs. Reynolds or. Brown and miss Chambers. We wish each homeroom the Best of Luck in the upcoming tournament. This week the football team won its first game. We would like to thank the supporters that came to the wet stadium to watch our team beat Southwest Randolph 6-0 in overtime. Congratulations to the team and coaches. Dear or. Thosteson i had a fistula removed close to my anus and have had diarrhoea and flatulence since. I also had my Gall bladder removed. It seems As though certain foods cause this More than others a cabbage Beans Fried foods and spicy foods. I take an antacid. So far no Relief. Could you Tell me Why i have this condition and what i can do about it r r. Both the operation for the fistula in your Case i assume a break in the anal Wall and your Gall bladder removal could be contributing to your problem. The muscle controlling the rectal opening might have weakened. The Gall bladder removal would require some dietary changes at least at first. Fatty foods Are dependent upon the Gall bladders storage of the bile needed for Complete digestion. Undigested fatty foods can cause both diarrhoea and flatulence. The bile duct normally takes Over for the Gall bladder following its removal. However you May have to avoid fatty foods and those others you mention at least temporarily. Usually flatulence is a symptom of Gall bladder trouble to begin with and this can be exaggerated temporarily following removal. But it generally subsides. If there were stones in your bladder there Well May be stones remaining in the bile duct i mentioned above. That should be investigated dear or. Thosteson would you please write some time about rna ribonucleic acid ? i got a Catalon praising this for the aged. I would appreciate knowing if it is Worth getting also More information on them. A mrs. Is. Rna is one of the Basic materials of All human life having to do with How cells grow. It works at the cell level quite obviously and i am not aware of anyone a a bottling it for consumption. You should read the pamphlet very carefully to find what exactly is in the pills mentioned. If its rna let me know about it. Dear or. Thosteson what do you doctors mean when you use the terms a a sterile and a a impotent a . Sterile refers to a woman a inability to conceive or in the Case of a Man to impregnate the female egg and make a woman pregnant. Impotence Means the inability to perform the sex act. A Man who has had a Vasectomy is sterile but not impotent. Are you having a Gall bladder problem to find out How the Gall bladder works and what kinds of trouble to look for read or. Thosteson s Booklet a you and your Gall my it a a. Jan thinking Small City Street sweepers cannot clean privately owned streets so that leaves the High Point housing authority a land off the City a Street beat. To make things a bit easier the High Point housing authority recently purchased this rather Small $8,000 Street sweeper for use at Clara Cox and Daniel Brooks apartments. Before now the work has been done by hand but from now on this gasoline powered machine will be making the rounds every week or so. Photo by Art Richardson read the Enterprise classified ads. 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