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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - October 6, 1974, High Point, North Carolina 4o Enterprise sunday october 1974 Tsas students work industriously As ants Thomasville Little ants in an ant Colony Are known1 for their constant activity and preparation Well it Doest take a biology Stu Dent to Tell you that Tsas students Are hardly ants but then there is still a profound comparison Between an ant Colony and bulldog country especially in the past week growler staff members were bustling around most of last week As individual Pic Tures were taken for the yearbook a first and a new senior privilege at senior High is that of environmental picture settings for the seniors member on the staff also collected senior statistics from the i Tsas class of 75 which will also appear in the growler Junior class members must have found the right sales pitch for Selling magazines last week As they suddenly lurched closer to their goal off to 9 slow Start at first juniors proved that the spirit of 76 is still Aliye at Tsas As they totalled Over in sales As of Friday Jamie Jackson Selling Worth of magazines is the new highest Salesman Ever at senior High breaking a record set in 1958 congratulations Jamie and Good work juniors we have Confidence you can meet your goal within the next few Days of final sales like the ants Thomasville High is looking ahead with Busy preparations for this week Homecoming week monday starts off these next special spirit Days by being plans for Homecoming wind up at Andrews this week the final trim mings of the floats for Homecoming Day will be put on the clubs worked very hard last week to get the floats ready the Homecoming court was voted on Friday the participants Are As t senior attendants Teresa Cox Lisa Everhart Susie Glen Vicki Michaels Sharyn Moore Jami Peters Vicki Strawberry and Nancy Turner Junior attendants Are Joyce Allen Janice Craw Ford Amy Davis Martha Evans Susan Kidwell and Pearl Legrande Sophomore attendants Are Sharon Braxton Cindy Brooks Mirielle Mcdowell Gracie Pemberton and Lynette Williams the Homecoming Queen will be voted on monday out of the senior attendants who Andrews by Thomas Delaine f were voted on Friday deca and fat will be the clubs from Andrews to do a room in the haunted House fat will be doing a room on Dracula and deca will be doing the room of the unknown these clubs Are eligible for the prize be ing offered by the High Point youth Council this week the band will perform without the services of or Bell he is in l Richardson Hospital with an allergy he Hopes to be in action next week for the Homecoming game get Well soon or Bell tryouts for to play Flowers for Algernon were held on tuesday some of the people who were selected were Jimmy Gar Vin Nancy Brooks Allen Brooks Susie Glen Teresa Cox and Robert Hoke the play will be performed nov 2223 if the new auditorium is finished if not the play will be held on dec 6 Only Junior and Sophomore Pic Tures arrived on tuesday if you have not bought your Pic Tures remember the whole packet Only costs that includes the tax player appreciation Day with All students honouring the football players by taking their lunch trays carrying their books Etc tuesday is Tacky Day All students and teachers Are to dress As Tacky As they possibly can class decoration Day is wednesday with All four classes being Given a bulletin Board to decorate for Homecoming thursday everyone is to Wear bulldog country official red and Black colors Friday will be noise Day students Are to bring any and All noise makers for the Pep rally at which the mock Homecoming court will be presented to the school the traditional Climax of the week will be reached Friday night As Thomasville meets Concord at Home the following 10 girls have been selected to represent Tsas on the Homecoming court an will be presented at the ballgame during half time Mary Jane Blackwell Janet Gail Burroughs Erma Caldwell Diane Cox Kathy Dixon Annette Hawks Enid Mcgill Catherine Maley and Gloria Watkins immediately following the game alumni teachers and present students Are invited to attend the Homecoming dance which will be held from 10 to 1 in the school cafeteria brotherhood will provide entertainment for the dance tickets May be purchased resale before Friday for Stag couples with the prices go ing up at the door foot Ball players can get their tickets resale for half Price four senior from senior High have been chosen to vie for the Morehead scholarships to unc Chapel Hill Joe Dorety Resa Durham Janie Lee and Gran Plyler Are the nominees will enter District Competition congratulations seniors and Best of Luck by youth Council decorations set the first full month school has finally come Toan end and with the beginning of october halloween draws nearer and Nearen Well aware of the future deadline for haunted House preparations members of High Point youth Council met last monday at Park club Otise the meeting opened at pm Frith a vote on club applications submitted during the past two weeks All idea were carefully considered and the following were adopted from Central the clubs awarded a room to decorate Are futurists club drama club sub juniors and key club those from Andrews Are deca club and fat future teachers of congratulations to the winners if the finished product turned out to be As Good As All the gruesome ideas turned it then this should be the Best haunted House yet if there Are any clubs from area High schools which have not had the Chance to apply for a room and still wish to do so note this there Are a couple of extra rooms still not filled by clubs so come on and sign up this is your last Chance to participate in haunted House and we need to have All rooms occupied work on the House has already begun so final applications should be turned in As speedily As possible the radio show com Mittee of Pyc also met on monday night a discussion was held on the immediate problem at hand finding a new station on which to broadcast the youth Council radio show mfr As mentioned before is being considered by the committee youth by Laurie Kerr hic5h Point fingers Are Reiml cited by David Williamson Duke news service Durham eighteen year old Doug Rushton a re cent High school graduate from Greenville so was earning Money for his freshman year at Clemson University by working on a Road Crew when the Accident occurred As he adjusted the engine of a steamroller in the hot South Carolina afternoon the Large machine which packs Asphalt into spa Beds lurched a few inches and Doug fell toward the unprotected Cool ing fan the whirling Blades sliced into his right hand severing his thumb an making deep cuts into his ring and Index fingers his Little Finger dangled 6y a thin Flap of skin coworkers rushed him to the emergency room at Greenville memorial Hospital along with his am Putteti thumb the physician on duty who treated Doug knew of highly specialized re Plantation work being done at Duke University medical Center 250 Miles away in Durham no coincide entry the youths parents had read a Story same Darin the Greenville newspaper about Paul Stewart a Fayetteville n c youth who had a similar Accident and whose thumb was saved through surgery at Duke parents and physician agreed that every attempt should be made to save the boys fingers a Small chartered plane carried Doug and his father to Durham surgery began at 7 pm Friday and lasted for 16 hours by 11 am saturday All digits including the severed thumb had been replaced not Long afterwards a team of tired orthopaedic surgeons went to bed As recently As four years ago an operation such As the one Doug Rushton underwent probably Wouldhave been unsuccessful and the Young Man would have had to adapt his lifestyle to compensate for his injury now with the Aid of new microsurgical equipment and techniques currently be ing perfected surgeons Are doing what they once thought impossible frequently the hardest part of the operation is simply finding the ends of the severed arteries veins and nerves Urbaniak said because of tissue damage we have spent As Long As four hours searching for a vessel which Only took us 15 minutes to stitch together after the vessels Are located and labelled Bones arteries and veins Are repaired in succession fre Quienty the surgeons wait for several weeks before Reat Taching nerves and tendons to spare the digits further Steps to take Durham no it int a pleasant subject to Ponder but knowing what to do when an amputation Accident occurs at Home on the Highway or at work can mean the difference Between saving a severed digit or limb and losing it the first Rule keep Calm then says or James Urbaniak of Duke medical centers re Plantation team administer first Aid to the amputee and place the severed limb or digit into a Salt solution in a plastic bag the bag should then be packed in ice and rushed to the nearest Hospital with the injured person there the decision May be made to Send the patient to one of the referral centers which has a re Plantation team on Call 24 hours a Day the important thing Urbaniak says is that peo ple know that these limbs can be saved trauma during the critical period after the operation Urbaniak said the wound is bandaged either with the skin left open or Only partially closed to decrease the chances that the veins and arteries will be compressed then everyone physicians family nursing staff and patient Waits anxiously for about 10 Days to see if the replant will take Doug who developed several serious com plications during his recuperation kept the Duke team moving he required three Days of Roundt Hemlock care As various medications were administered dressings were changed and his hand was moved to different positions another patient had to be wheeled Back to the operating Roo three times when blood flow to his injured fingers stopped each procedure lasted 12 hours and involved re severing arteries and veins Flushing clotted blood from them and then joining them again the fact that the patients fingers survived such continuous trauma amazed the surgeons As much As anyone v and one team member characterized the final Success As a Miracle Urbaniak who said he haunt expected such a favourable outcome added its cases like this one which have taught us to be first of the week specials prices Good thru wed oct 9th Quantity rights reserved none to dealers Premium Quality card tables chairs with washable Ebony Black cushioned table chair seats heavy duty steel frames seat Abe finished in Beautiful Harvest Gold metallic enamel tables a chairs 11000 or More food order or Register tapes a How Strong but Safe bleach cracking Good salt1nes Thrifty maid vegetable soup Dixie Darling Gal Jug you 2 boxes 88c can Macaroni cheese 4 Dixie Darling layer cake mixes Heinz bbl sauce Thrifty maid beef Stew Best dog food chunk or ration 2mb3oz boxes 88c is or my Btu 29c Dixie Darling better bakery products enriched made with Buttermilk bread Brown to serve seeded or Plain dinner Rolls English muffins 3 loaves 1002 2 pkg 3 baby food beechnut strained 4v4o2 Jar 7c Gerbers strained 4v4oz Jar we Brand u s Choice beef Chuck roasts la 98c we Brand u s Choice beef Boneless top or Bottom round roasts lewd Brand u s Choice beef oven ready e z carve rib roasts lewd Brand u s Choice beef whole tenderloins 57lbs Cut flee into steaks trimmings we Brand u s Choice beef family pack by strip steaks 5 1602 steaks or 10 8oz steaks we Brand u s Choice beef family pack Boneless Chuck so Sunnyland Georgia Brand pork sausage Talmadge farm Franks we Brand Young Turkey breast quarters we Brand Young Turkey leg quarters sliced select beef liver Roll 21202 Jaq pkg in 79c ie59c la 79c Palmetto farm Chicken or Ham salad 8 of cup Boneless turbot fillet Superb ramd sour Cream le69c 29c Harvest fresh produce Frozen food dept All purpose apples Harvest fresh oranges fresh Green cabbage red Tokay grapes kit my Astor 100 pure Florida Frozen abo89c Orange juice Astor 59c pm my Nairn es89c Broccoli Spears shoestring lbs 29c potatoes m my taste sea fish Sticks

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