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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 6, 1972, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper Randall b. Terry president co publisher mrs. Cd. Lockwood vice pres. David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. . Rawley co publisher Joseph p. Rawley . Joe Brown editor Page 4-a Friday october 6, 1972 the apathetic the More knowledgeable politicians a or at least the ones who have been in the thick of it the longest a Are becoming increasingly perplexed that the current election Campaign is having no More apparent Impact upon the nation than it is. While the Guilford county elections chief is confidently predicting a turnout of record proportions those out on the Campaign trails report More apathy than is healthy. One told us the other Day that the Only time his casual conversations turn to the candidates and the election is when he raises the Point. When he does not do so people talk about their work their pleasures and which professional football team is going to be on television this weekend. Obviously the most visible single Factor is the Lack of enthusiasm for either presidential contender. Newsweek Magazine has just taken a poll which discloses an alarming Lack of Confidence in either Nixon or Mcgovern. The Magazine posed several propositions and asked voters which if either of the candidates appeared Best Able to handle each proposition. On ending the War 36 per cent thought Nixon was Best equipped 35 per cent believed that Mcgovern could handle it Best. That was the Only Issue on which As Many As half of those polled had Confidence in either Man. On contending with the High Cost of living Nixon got 24 per cent Mcgovern got 19. That left 57 per cent who had no Confidence in either. On the subject of unemployment and jobs Nixon 14 per cent Mcgovern 23 per cent neither 63 per cent. And so it went. There was no Confidence in their ability to contend with drug abuse with crime and lawlessness with problems of environmental pollution with tax Reform with defense spending with women a rights and on and on. We would Hazard a guess that a similar poll run in North Carolina might reflect about the same thing with the gubernatorial hopefuls. Here at Home the National election year poll run by the Enterprise resulted in a smaller return from the double postal mailing than should have been the Case. In our first mailing three weeks ago Only one of every three cards mailed out brought a response. Subtracting a few because of mailing list inaccuracies although the voter registration list is the latest available there were far too Many who were disinclined to Mark a few choices and drop the pre stamped card Back into the mails. The next month will bring a pretty heavy diet of politicking in the press on television and from the campaigners stump. It is not unlikely that it will be so heavy that it will turn off even More of the electorate. In the meantime somebody had better worry about this oppressive Lack of Confidence. When people think that none of those nominated Are up to the Job then there is an underlying Lack of Confidence in the future of the nation itself. Somehow somewhere we be got to find the formula that will mean More than just muddling through the present and hoping faintly that the Long distance future will be better. The medical examiner four years after its establishment by the general Assembly the medical examiner system is now in effect in each of the too counties of North Carolina. This is the system designer to replace the Coroner As the official who makes the first ruling on the cause of suspicious deaths in the county. An elected official the Coroner often was untrained in medical knowledge and unskilled in diagnostic procedures to determine the precise cause of deaths. It is not surprising that coroners often ruled violent deaths accidental when they were in fact murders. The examiner system in contrast makes use of a doctor to determine the cause of death. Precise and expert medical rulings Are quickly available to guide Law enforcement officers in the performance of their duties. In a speech to the Thomasville rotary club this week or. Page Hudson or. Of Chapel Hill the states chief medical examiner said that 25 projecting the news per cent of the deaths in North Carolina each year Are suspicious unattended violent or unnatural in their causes. The medical examiner system makes it possible to come up with a Complete explanation As to the cause of such deaths or. Hudson said. One other important advantage of the medical examiner system or. Hudson pointed out is that it makes the investigative process non political. As an elected official the Coroner often was subjected to both political and social pressures. Such pressures Are avoided under the medical examiner system. Or. Hudson noted that in some counties the Coroner system is still in use overlapping with the medical examiner system. Randolph county for one has expressed some dissatisfaction with its medical examiner system. To our knowledge however the medical examiner system is working Well in Guilford county. It should do so in every county in North Carolina. Symbolic meaning London a signs and symbols can be just As meaningful or misleading As words. Since the Tower of Babel people who speak different languages have tried to communicate non verbally through symbols. In today a world of International air travel and increasingly Complex machines the need for universally understood symbols is More urgent than Ever. London a Heathrow Airport illustrates Why. The Airport terminal is now festooned with strategically placed wordless signs that Are intended to direct travellers of differing languages and nationalities to where they want to go. The no smoking and no entry signs Are readily understood but Many others might As Well be hieroglyphics. One of them seems to say according to to economist a my Valise is struck by As machines become Ever More sophisticated the task of operating them grows correspondingly More difficult. Written instructions Are too cumbersome for the advanced machine tools now in use. Accordingly the British standards institution is working on a symbolic instruction and feedback language that May some Day become the Standard for machine tool operators All Over the world. A civilization the process of Many a development beyond More animal existence has been achieved largely by his ability to use and invent symbols a Arnold whittick wrote in symbols signs and their meaning 1960. Hans Jensen author of sign Symbol and script 1969observed that Rock paintings and tree markings were among the earliest forms of human communication. Their message usually was Clear and pragmatic a As in a slash denoting a Good Hunting such intellectual disciplines As chemistry mathematics and physics have Long employed specialized but internationally accepted sign languages. And now motorists have a similar language of their own. The stylized traffic signs that Are found in the Hobo symbols a Good prospects x bad prospects l cop lives Here a you la get kicked aaa sob Story will pay Oft to bad water q take hts Road a a i i to fit the Clink is certain <8> gentlemen countries of Europe Are now beginning to appear in the United states As Well. The most successful symbols Are the simplest. A Cross implies christianity a six pointed Star Judaism. Sometimes though an ancient Symbol can acquire a totally new meaning. The Swastika is an old religious device suggesting Fertility and Good Fortune. But since the Hitler Era it has come to symbolize nazism and anti semitism. The Hobo subculture is based on a series of simply and usually hastily rendered signs that convey important information to fellow wanderers. An a scrawled on a Boxcar Means a get away a Squiggle suggestive of a coiled Snake warns a cop lives a of sure. I know anti pollution devices Are necessary. And Good but i sure miss the Ole a snort growl a stylish traveler Washington a congressman James Aloysius Byrne the Lam Duck from Philadelphia is planning a final fling at the taxpayers expense this month. A Cable has gone out from the state department alerting our diplomatic outposts along the Mediterranean to Roll out the red carpet for Byrne and his entourage. He will be accompanied says the Cable a by mrs. Byrne miss Virginia Maxwell Niece miss Christine Brown Niece and it. Col. Charles l. Moore Usa with the lieutenant colonel to carry their bags Byrne and his ladies Are scheduled to leave this weekend for Paris. Then they will head South for Nice Genoa Athens Istanbul and other Mediterranean vacation spots. They will also visit Vienna Berchtesgaden Munich and Berlin. As a member of the House armed services committee Byrne is authorized to make military inspection trips at government expense. However he was Defeated in Philadelphia a democratic primary and wont be Back in Congress next year to make use of the military insight he May gain in such places As Nice Genoa and Berchtesgaden. Unbowed in defeat Byrne is determined to go out in style. He has demanded for instance that he be met at every european Stop by High american officials. The state department Cable signed by undersecretary of state John Irwin explains a request to being met by High officials is due to congressman himself who has made it Clear that this is his desire. Suggest that the highest ranking military member be present on at some stops Byrne expects to go through the formality of military briefings. But on these occasions according to the Cable he has requested a suitable separate itinerary and English speaking escort for mrs. Byrne and that Isnit All he wants. A request government Sedan be provided during visit a continues the Cable. A where not available provide assistance in obtaining train tickets. A request that detailed itinerary including overnight accommodations and travel arrangements be prepared in coordination Graffiti to to ii 11 72 met night synd it Etc in. By Jack Anderson with local am embassies Mission consulates. The necessary accommodations to be made Are for two doubles a Bath and one single adds the Cable meaningfully a news Media coverage not footnote we made repeated Calls both to Byrness office and Home for his comment. He failed to return the Calls. Mcgovern and itt senator George Mcgovern has been fed apparently by the hand he a biting. While he has been denouncing itts offer to help finance the Republican convention in Exchange for favourable settlements of antitrust suits he has accepted a $100,000 loan from Alva t. Bonda chairman of the itt consumer services corporation. This happens to be a wholly owned subsidiary of the great it conglomerate that Mcgovern has been railing against in the presidential Campaign. Bonda however is currently on leave from itt to work on private financial matters. Bonda not Only loaned Mcgovern $100,000 but gave him another $3,000 As an outright contribution. Reached at his office in Cleveland Bonda said he delivered his Campaign offerings to the Mcgovern organization in july. This was several weeks after the Senate hearings into the gop itt connections. A spokesman for the democratic presidential candidate said that Bonda volunteered the Money that no strings were attached and that the contributions were a out in the sweltering sick while sick veterans at the fort Hamilton veterans Hospital in Brooklyn sheltered in the summer heat veterans administration and its contractor managed Between them to delay air conditioning for three years past the contract Date. Now the contractor Blackhawk heating and plumbing is asking for More than twice the $4,888,000 contract award for goofs changes and other woes it blames on the a or outside circumstances. These Are the findings of a confidential general accounting office report ordered by rep. John Murphy d-n.y., whose investigators found patients at the Hospital this summer sweating through their garments and walking on floors Slippery with water from a Leaky system. The Gao says the contract was awarded Blackhawk More than six years ago. The Job was supposed to be completed by june 14, 1969. But the a confirmed to us that the finishing touches Are still being put on the work. The a has already paid out an extra $2 million for change orders on a Blackhawk claim but the company is demanding another $5.3 million according to the Gao report. Blackhawk vice president Gordon Sutherland told us a rescheduling change orders the weather a strike and other unforeseen factors caused the delays and sent the costs of the Cooling system soaring. Spying game by Henry j. Taylor United feature Syndicate behind the scenes our Fri has uncovered a further link Between Frances top secret counterintelligence apparatus and the ghastly International dope smuggling traffic. It involves the highly hush dece service de documentation Exter Eure it de country espionage directly under the minister of the Interior. This was the organization of Brave col. Pierre l. Tharaud Devosjoli who served for to years in Washington As chief Liaison officer Between dece and our officials and who came to see me in new York and provided valuable revelations regarding soviet missiles in Cuba. The dece is housed in a Complex of drab guarded buildings off the Boulevard Montier near the Porte Des Lias in Northeast suburban Paris and was the employer of former agent Roger de Louette. De Louette was arrested in new Jersey on dope smuggling charges and implicated col. Paul Fournier a professional alias at the dece Paris Headquarters. Colonel Fournier was and remains a High ranking a Case officer a meaning the masked connector Between Headquarters and the agent in the Field. Our country is the Only major nation whose secret agents do not Deal in assassination. In the soviet Kab apparatus James Bonds fictional Smersh does exist but the official title is the chant any Todel group. The British services have an equivalent group headquartered outside Coventry the italians at Caserta the West germans at Gullach Bavaria. And colonel Fournier had been associated with Frances equivalent designated within the dece As Section five. The French refused to allow colonel Fournier to testify in our department of justices Case against de Louette and even the intervention of Able american ambassador to France Arthur k. Watson could not Budge the minister of Interior. It was an outright refusal As startling to our Justice department As it was inexplicable. Now the Fri Arm of the Justice department alleges a connection Between colonel Fournier and not the mafia but the Union Corse. This is a brotherhood of corsican the expanded descendants of the Brothers of Ajaccio Corsica a capita the sons of the vendetta. It is still the biggest organized crime group in France a older and even More dangerous than the mafia. Never having emigrated to America and elsewhere like the mafia they have avoided the publicity. But they run Marseilles and most of the South of France and spread their tentacles far North and into Paris. International dope smuggling is their largest most lucrative and protected occupation. For example three members of this group whom our Fri and excellent Bureau of narcotics and dangerous drugs agents happily helped to intercept and imprison sentenced to 15 years in Zurich were in route from Rangoon Burma to Havana with a $2 million Load and $200,000 in american currency in a single suitcase. Castro scuba along with Mexico City is a chief relay station in our hemisphere for drugs smuggled into the United states. Colonel Fournier is an ardent gaullist. So Are the ranking authorities in the French ministry of Interior. And twice the followers of Gen. Charles de Gaulle have Allied themselves with the Union Corse and rewarded it. The Union helped de Gaulle a Landing in Southern France and helped him again against algerian settlers and the revolting French army officers which made it possible for de Gaulle to leave the wilderness and return to Power. Some Union Strong Arm members later joined the gaullist party a Security service and then the dece and this hat created Complex and sometimes embarrassing relations. On occasion it has embarrassed even president George Pompidou a gaullist. Our Fri alleges at the same time a connection Between colonel Fournier the dece the higher ups in the Interior ministry and a gaullist member of parliament edouard Charret. Deputy Charret the political Boss of Lyon Frances second largest City is presently involved in what is known in France As a a la affaire de in this affair three influential French politicians and 17 others Are under arrest As the result of a Brothel scandal bribe taking the suspicion of murder and suspected heavy involvement in the International dope traffic. Unrevealed our Fri is now depending on investigator Jacques Saunier of the Interior ministry in Paris to tear off the Sham and secrecy in the dope traffic which deeply impairs the relations Between the United states and France. Also unrevealed so is president Nixon. Letters to the editor Story of murder Shames sex editor to the editor i spent 53 years As a journalist from copy boy or office boy in the mid teens to managing editor before illness took me out of the greatest of All professions in 1959. I wonder and in a willing to be told if in Man old fogey or is there a Lack of in depth reporting in this Modem Jou Malisha Day of All the sorries reporting it has been my displeasure to encounter in the More than 75 years i have lived the Noble associated press report covering the Raleigh double murder wins the a Booby prize. Police authorities have arrested a Man and booked him on a double murder count but As to motive for the killings All that has come from authorities is a motive not having been in my time a police reporter i feel that what has been termed the staid a should be termed the incompetent a. Naturally Law enforcement authorities do not care to expose their hand. However instead of the Over and Over and Over about the time of the murders circumstances leading up to the trip to the resort etc., it seems to me that any half Way Good reporter would have questioned Law enforcement officers and the interview carried along this line reporter what is the motive for these killings in your judgment officer we have found no motive. Reporter Why then did you arrest Laprade quotes Are Good Reading matter even though they May result in negative answers. A Good a hard digging reporter is journalism a designation for a reporter determined to ask questions and get negative answers. At least if not affirmative ones. Law enforcement officers a crack cases. A Good reporter can make a readable Story by continually asking questions even though he gets negative answers. I myself am a former a staffer out of the Charlotte Bureau in 1929, and i hang my head in shame today to think that a Man wearing the a badge would be guilty of such Sloppy reporting As is being done in the Raleigh double murder Case. E. V. Oakey Mitchell 1015 Barbee drive

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