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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 6, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather scattered showers More data on Page 3a 88th year a no. 280 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. C., Friday afternoon october 6, 1972 28 pages Call us circulation. 882-1719 classified ads. 885-2177 All other departments 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c smelly dogs q. Now that we have cleared up the problem of fungus under the House maybe you could help me with my feet they stink. I have tried every single thing to keep them clean powders sprays alcohol Rube and nothing seems to help. I would be very grateful if you could help me because i cannot afford buying new shoes often. Stinky. A. A local podiatrist says it could be caused by any of a number of things nerves psychological stress a glandular problem obesity. The odor comes from the bacterial breakdown sweat and most treatment is on a palliative basis trying to absorb As much sweat As possible. Sometimes medication has been effective and a Ray therapy has proved acceptable or corrective in some cases he suggests that you avoid synthetic fibres like orlon or Nylon in socks and stick to Cottons or wools which absorb better and change them often. Some cases Are very hard to cure but a foot specialist May be Able to help the condition with medication and treatment. A License less Lassie q. I am a taxpayer of this state and i have insurance and License plates required by the state. I would like to know Why it is that some women can drive their cars up and Down the Street without License plates. This one does t have any plates on it at All front rear or in the window end she has been driving it for Over three months up end Down the Reed. A. A. Traffic Captain j. E Staley reports that the person who owns this car has been found and told not to operate the car on the Public streets. It was parked in the Yard at the time they checked. Of pregnancy amp education o. I am a girl age 16 years eld end want to know Why i cannot get Back into Public school. There Are girls my age going to school right now who have babies. Some Ere married end i cannot understand this problem about school. I pm a girl who needs education like other girls in school. I have not heard anything like this before in my whole life. Can anything be done about school problems. L. D. A. The schools Are very Liberal in helping students continue their education if it is interrupted by pregnancy. The usual policy is to allow the student to finish the semester in which she becomes pregnant drop out to have the baby and come Back to make up the lost work in summer school or at git or by whatever Means is Best for each Case. If students can to attend at least 150 Days out of the 180 in a school year chances Are they get so far behind their classmates it is hard to catch up. Get in touch with the principal of the school you would be attending or the guidance counsellor and make plans with them to continue As soon As you can. For answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every emptor o. We had a letter claiming we Are a treasure Chest Winner. It gives us three nights and four Days at either Disney world Miami Beach or Las vegas. The letter came from marketing development corp. In Cincinnati Ohio. We have to Send $15�?that is All we pay. I would like for this to be checked out and see if it s Legal. Mrs. B. A. The land sales pitches recently described in the Enterprise should Cool your credulity if common sense does not. A better business Bureau newsletter dated May 31,1972, says this particular offering is made by a Man who operates under half a dozen other company names. He has been subject to Etc action most involving a bait and switch activities. Since he had refused to answer bbb inquiries As to the nature of his vacation venture they caution All Consumers to understand the offer thoroughly before sending the fee. They add that any vacation certificates must have the letter a a add preceding the registration number otherwise they Are not registered As required. A see the registrar q. We Are in the process of organizing car pools to take people from Jamestown to Register and vote. Is there some place we can take them after five o clock i know we can Register in High Point Between 9 and 5 but it is impossible for us to do that As most of us work and can t get there before 5. L. J. A. Citizens can Register Transfer or change party affiliations by appointment with the registrar of their precinct. If anyone Isnit sure which precinct they re in or who the registrar is the county Board of elections can help. A Eno no Knock Law q. Is there a no Knock Law in North Carolina of there is what Steps can be taken to secure a warrant a or a no Knock entry anon. A. North Carolina does not have a no Knock Law says the police department officers in this state Are required to Knock on the door announce their authority and purpose and then depending on the circumstances of their purpose and refusal of the resident to allow Entrance take whatever Steps May be necessary to gain Entrance. A North Viets build new pipeline Washington a North Vietnam is building a new coastal pipeline which defense experts say will increase and Speed the flow of vital gasoline and other Oil products from China. . Analysts estimate the new pipeline supplementing a twin line Laid earlier from the Hanoi area to China could be finished by Early november. The Hanoi government started building pipelines to China after the United states mined and closed seven North vietnamese ports in Early May. These pipelines together with hundreds of trucks using Many roads have enabled North Vietnam to continue receiving vital War supplies from China and Russia although in considerably smaller quantities than before the mine blockade and bombing of the country a rail and Road links with the outside were ordered by president Nixon last Spring. The first four Inch diameter pipelines connecting the Hanoi area with the Railhead town of Ping Hsiang in Southern China carried about 20,000 tons of Petroleum products to North Vietnam in August according to . Intelligence. No estimates Are available yet for september. Pentagon experts have calculated that North Vietnam a minimum gasoline and Oil requirements can be met with a flow at the August level which was about 40 per cent of the country a monthly imports of fuel for aircraft trucks and tanks when soviet ships were free to unload in Haiphong. Expands benefits social Security Bill approved by Senate by Joe Hall associated press writer Washington a a momentous $18.5-billion social s e c u r i t a welfare Bill has emerged from the Senate carrying dozens of new benefits and higher taxes. But it stalls Reform of the welfare families program indefinitely. Capping a 17-hour session in which 40 separate amendments were considered the Senate passed the Bill 68 to 5 Early today. The 989-Page Bill would a provide or increase social Security benefits for widows chronically ill old persons who need maintenance drugs persons who want to retire at age 60 others who want to work beyond age 65 All male retirees who now get lower benefits than women with the same earnings records disabled persons elderly men and women who need glasses hearing aids and dentures and other groups. A substantially increase Bene fits and set a National income Standard for aged Blind or disabled persons receiving welfare. A continue the program of Aid to families with dependent children while three Reform plans Are tested. A aim to hold Down the steadily rising costs of the two big government health programs medicare for the elderly and medicaid for the poor. On the other hand the 90 million persons whose paychecks Are tapped to finance social Security would pay More into the program As would their employers. A worker now pays a maximum of $486 a year into the fund the figure would go to $648 in 1973. A Large portion of the tax increase is due to a 20-per-cent hike in social Security benefits approved by Congress last june. The fatter checks became effective this week. Senate passage sent the Bill. Unemployment declines in september Washington a the nations unemployment edged Down last month and the total number of americans at work increased the government reported today. The total out of work declined 200.000 to 4.7 million for a rate of 5.5 per cent of the labor Force said the Bureau of labor statistics. This was Down from a rate of 5.6 per cent in August it said. The total number of employed actually dropped 1.5 million to 82 million but since it normally drops More than that for the month the Bureau figured it As an increase of 250.000. The Bureau also reported that average earnings of some 50 million rank and file workers Rose six cents per hour to $3.71 and $1.51 per week to $138.75. A Large part of the hourly pay increase was technical caused by the Many school youngsters leaving lower paying summer jobs to return to their classes and thus raising average pay. On a seasonally adjusted basis the Bureau said the earnings increase was Only two cents per hour. The unemployment rate for men edged Down from 3.9 to 3.8 per cent with a total of 1.6 million. The rate for women declined from 5.5 per cent to 5.4 per cent with a total of 1.8 million. The jobless rate for teenagers declined from 16.9 to 16.5 per cent with a total of 1.2 million. The Bureau said the unemployment rate for the third Quarter of the year averaged 5.6 per cent. The report said the unemployment rate for White workers declined from 5.1 to 5.0 per cent while the rate for nonwhites mostly negroes Rose from 9.7 to 10.2 per cent. The unemployment rate for Blue Collar workers dropped from 6.5 to 6.1 per cent lowest in More than two years but the rate for workers in service jobs Rose sharply from 6.3 to 7.3 per cent the report said. Peace conference sensitive Nixon Washington a president Nixon says the secret Vietnam negotiations a Are in a sensitive state and he will not forecast whether or when there will be a peace agreement. A i cannot predict and will not predict that they the peace talks will or will not succeed a Nixon said thursday when asked about prospects for a settlement before election Day nov. 7. A i cannot and will not predict when they will Nixon a news conference remarks combined with reports from Paris and Saigon gave Little indication of any current breakthrough in the lengthening behind the scenes discussions or. Ending the Indochina War. North Vietnam a Xuan Thuy who met with presidential adviser Henry a. Kissinger last week said in Paris that the two sides still a Are far apart on military and political from Saigon following a meeting Between president Nguyen Van Thieu and . Ambassador Ellsworth Bunker Nixon duping americans says Hanoi Hong Kong a North Vietnam said today that president Nixon was a trying to dupe american voters when he said secret Vietnam peace negotiations had reached a a sensitive Nix of made the remark in Washington thursday adding a i cannot predict and will not predict that they will or will not succeed. I cannot and will not predict when they will radio Hanoi said a the True fact is that Prospect for a peaceful solution of the War is still far the broadcast said the Paris peace talks had made no Progress because Nixon a maintains intact his stubborn stands of supporting South vietnamese president Nguyen Van Thieu and bombing North Vietnam. Radio Hanoi repeated previous statements that the communists were not trying to take Over in South Vietnam but that they would not accept any peace settlement or coalition government that maintained Thieu in office. It was reported that there had been no agreement thus far to any of the communist proposals. In saying a the negotiations Are in a sensitive stage a Nixon used language similar to that employed by the White House in mid August after an earlier Kissinger trip. Nixon seemed to be aiming his Vietnam remarks both at Hanoi and at his democratic challenger George Mcgovern w to is slated to spell out his Indochina views in a speech tuesday. Nixon outlined these views a a under no circumstances will the timing of a settlement. Be affected by the fact a hat there s going to be an election nov. 7.�?� a former president Lyndon b. Johnson in arriving at the 1968 bomb halt Deal with North Vietnam just before election Day a made a very Yery great mistake in stopping the bombing without adequate agreements from the other Side. We Are not going to make that mistake a Hanoi might be holding off on a peace settlement until after the forthcoming . Election in Hopes of getting better terms should Mcgovern win. A a the mining and the bombing will continue of course until we get some agreements on the negotiating held hostage at it. Airy mount airy . A an unidentified Man carrying a Shotgun and accompanied by a child walked into the Surry county sheriffs department at mount airy late this morning and held five persons at gunpoint. Three women and two deputies were held initially but later the Man permitted two women to leave. Still held inside were deputies Mitchell Davis and Wallace Creed and Martha Hensley a department employee. Highway patrolman and City police surrounded the area but had no Contact with those inside. The Telephone sounded a Busy signal when callers sought to make Contact. Early this afternoon two hours after the Man entered the office the officers remained outside waiting for his next move. Nuclear sub ship collide Norfolk a. Map the nuclear submarine tul Libee and a West German merchant ship collided in the Atlantic today off the North Carolina coast the Navy said. A spokesman said there were no injuries and damage to both vessels was minor. Washington Post says Nixon s aide got watergate reports Washington a memos describing wiretapped conversations of democratic party officials were sent directly to president Nixon a assistant for congressional relations and two officials of Nixon a Campaign committee the Washington Post reported today. The newspaper said it Learned that the memos were addressed to William e. Timmons the presidential adviser Robert c. Odle jr., a former White House aide who now is director of administration of the committee for the re election of the president and j. Glenn Seldom general counsel of the Campaign organization. White House press Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler denied tint Timmons had received the memos. Timmons has refused to comment. Ziegler turned aside other questions on the Case saying the president had addressed himself to the subject in his news conference thursday and that he had a nothing further to a spokesman for the committee for the re election of the president also denied that either Odle or Seldom had received the memos described by the Post. In a related development Friday democratic Campaign chairman Lawrence f. Of Brien called a court order against Public discussion of the watergate Case a a gag in a news conference of Brien declared he feels neither he nor the democratic presidential and vice presidential candidates Are bound by the order. He said the court was being asked to say so. Of Brien repeated his charge that the bugging was financed by and information from it went to a High places in the committee for the re election of the president. And i still say there is a line to the White tile Post Story related a fresh link to the White House in t h e tangled developments stemming from the june 17 break in and alleged bugging at democratic National Headquarters in Washington a watergate building. At a news conference thursday Nixon was questioned about the watergate episode and replied a the Fri has assigned 133 agents to this investigation. It followed out 1,800 leads. It conducted 1,500 interviews. With its landmark changes in social Security and welfare Laws to conference with the House which last year passed a smaller $8.2-billion version. A conference on the measure is expected to be held next week and sponsors say they Are sure a Compromise version can be worked out and sent to president Nixon before the 1972 session ends. That probably will be oct. 14. However sen. Russell b. Long d-la., floor manager for the Bill noting that the Senate added More than $5 billion in benefits in the floor debate cautioned that the conferees would have to make Many cuts in the Senate Bill. A otherwise i am afraid it will be vetoed by the president a he said. Originally it had been expected the Senate might devote a month or More to the Bill. It was disposed of in eight Days and nights because the Senate decided to bypass the one bitterly controversial Issue in the legislation the question of what to do about welfare families. It did this by voting for a test of three rival plans to Deal with the problems a test which could take up to eight years. The three Are Nixon a family assistance plan with its $2,400 guaranteed income for a family of four plus Aid for the working poor a More Liberal version of that plan proposed by sen. Abraham a. Ribicoff d-conn., and a Tough a a workfare plan devised by the finance committee which would take Many of the parents off welfare and Force them to work for a Federal Agency. The Bill provides $400 million a year for the tests. The House included in the Bill the presidents family assist Ance proposal. However it was understood that rep. Wilbur d. Mills d-ark., who will head the House conferees will agree to the test. The major social Security provisions in the Bill would a permit men and women to retire at age 60 with reduced benefits and for widows to get payments at 55. The present minimum retirement age is 62 widows can receive checks at 60 a provide a $200-a-month Ste social on 3-a what s inside amusements 6b Bridge 6b classified ads 9 15b comics in crossword 12a editor loll a financial 2a obituaries 16b sports 3-5b television so women s news 6-8a weather 3a draft evaders a re made scapegoats says Mcgovern awol Soldier shoots three aboard train Chicago apr democratic presidential nominee George Mcgovern accused president Nixon today of making Young americans who fled the draft a the scapegoats for his own murderous and Barbaric policies that he is following in Southeast Mcgovern called it a the sheer est kind of demagoguery. He told More than 200 people at a meeting of Black clergymen that Nixon at his thursday news conference named the Campaign issues As amnesty and busing and his opposition to both. A when the president of the most powerful country on the face of this Earth lists As the most important issues of this Campaign amnesty and busing we Are not Only standing in the need of prayer in this country we re standing in the need of a new president a Mcgovern said. Mcgovern said the Issue of amnesty Young men who fled the country to avoid the draft and of the busing of schoolchildren for racial balance affect less than one per cent of the people. Mcgovern said instead of using those issues a to whip up the fear and to whip up the anxiety and to whip up the hatred a a president should try to heal and unite the country. A the tragedy is what he left off the list a Mcgovern said. A a we hat about the War. The Quality of our schools. Crime and drug addiction. Unemployment. Honesty in government. A those Are the issues that we ought to be discussing in 1972 and not demagogue on these Mcgovern said he stands behind the supreme court judgment that busing is permissible in some cases. He has advocated postwar amnesty for those who fled the draft. Mcgovern confronted earlier with the suggestion that Many americans fear he wants to tax away their Money for welfare dismissed it As a pure Poppycock stemming from Republican propaganda. Mcgovern said he does not intend to raise a the taxes of people who live on wages and salaries by one he added that people worry about his plan to increase inheritance taxes either. Chicago Des Moines and Kansas City were Mcgovern a Campaign itinerary today. It was at a Cleveland Stop thursday that the tax and Wel fare question was put to him. Hannover Germany apr two . Army armed guards and a Railroad cleaning woman were shot to death Early today and their bodies tossed from a speeding train by an awol american Soldier German police reported. Police said the Soldier grabbed the guards .45 Caliper pistols and shot the three threw their bodies off the Alpen express and then vanished. The army said the guards had taken Thomas de Gregorio 26, of Hialeah fla., in custody at Bremerhaven and were returning him to his unit in Bamberg. The three soldiers were assigned to the 1st battalion 52nd infantry. German police first identified the dead soldiers As military policemen but . Army Europe Headquarters in Heidelberg said they a were infantrymen assigned to temporary duty As prisoner escorts. Bodies of the soldiers and the woman were found alongside the tracks near Northeim in North Central Germany. German police said the shootings occurred shortly after i a m. On the Copenhagen to Rome express train. More than too police with tracking dogs and several helicopters searched for the Escapee German authorities said. They reported that investigations began after the express stopped in Goettinger 12 Miles South of Northeim and blood stains were found in several compartments of the train. The woman a dismembered body which had been thrown first from the train was found about 500 Yards from the bodies of the two soldiers authorities said

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