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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 5, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Page eight Sec. Athe High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point. North Carolina thursday october 19.tj local real estate men to have role in state meeting every finn member of focal Roan i no ill re represented at session High Point Roal estate men trill have important roles in the annual convention of the North Carolina association of real estate boards. Inc., which will he held in Charlotte october to and 7. Every firm holding membership in the High Point real estate Board will he represented at the meeting. E. C. Cridlebaugh of this City is a director of the state association. De Mendenhall is state Counselor. Meldon Holjes is chairman of the resolutions committee. And h. V. Koonts is chairman of a committee to plan for a full time state Secretary. Those who will attend the convention in addition to the above trill include j. C. White. J. E. Amos j. Curtis Smithdeal Paul Sanders. 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Min., 2.10 2 a to 3 in., car 2.55 Bushel baskets. U. S. No. I Yorks 2 i in. Min., few 65 cents delicious 2 i in. Min., few 1.00 i car High color 1.18 Grimes. 2vi in. Min., 70 to 75 cents. Raleigh Market steady. City Market truck sales Bushel baskets North Carolina u. S. Utility primes 2u in. Min., 85 cents Virginia Northwest greetings a. S. No. I 23g in. Min. 90 cents jonathans. C. S. Utility 2 and 21a in. Min., 65 to 75 cents. W York Market a lion t Bushel baskets and crates u. S. No. I Pennsylvania delicious. 25a in. Min., 85 cents to jonathans 2 v4 in. Min., 60 to 65 cents West Virginia delicious. 2% in. Min., 1.25. Philadelphia Market Dull. Rushel baskets and crates no. Is and unmarked. 2% in. Min. Pennsylvania smokehouse to to 60 cents jonathans. 60 to 76 rents delicious. 65 to is cents new York Northwest a greetings and wealthier. 6,5 to 75 cents. Sweet potato a shipments october a California 4 Delaware i Louisiana to Mississippi 2 new Jersey 2 North Carolina 3 Relief Tennessee 3 Virginia 6 freight i total 28 freight. 4 Relief. York Market about Bushel baskets u. S. South Carolina Porto rl-1.12 h to 1.25 Eastern of Virginia Goldann 60 cents Jersey Type. 65 to Porto Picans 85 cents stave barrels. Us s. No. I Jersey Type and Golden mostly 1.50 Porto Picans 2.00. Pittsburgh Market Dull. Kir Ginia Jersey Type. It. S. No. I. Bushel baskets. 65 to 75 cents stave barrels. 1.90 to 2.00 i Louisiana barrel crates. Porto Picans la s. No i i 40. Washington Market Dull Vir 1 Ginia Hushel baskets. Nancy j Halls. It. S. No. I 75 to 85, j mostly 75 tents locally packed j 65 to 7 5. Mostly 65. Cleveland Market slightly for limited time Only i this new of. Range simplifies the Fine Art of Good cooking and makes it easier to stay Young. Join the swing to electric cookery and enjoy better tasting foods and a cleaner cooler Kitchen. Electricity for cooking it cheap. Rational Range exposition Genera stronger for Virginia Stock Dull on other Stock Virginia stave barrels Golden a s. No. I 2.35 to 2.40. \ Philadelphia Market firm. Hushel baskets medium to Large sizes. Maryland Golden no. Is. Washed 75 to 90 cents unwashed. 50 to 65 cents Vir Ginia Porto Picans unwashed. To cents. Snap reads new York Market steady on Best Stock Dull and weaker on Ordinary Stock North Carolina a Peck hampers. Bountiful 3.00 Eastern Shore of Virginia and Maryland mostly Ordinary to fair Quality Bushel baskets Bountiful string less Black Valentines and waxed 1.00 to 1.50. Cabbage Rochester n. A Market slightly weaker. Carloads and truck loads tuesday f. O. B. Usual terms and f. O. B. Shipping Points based on delivered sales. Less All transportation charges sacked per ton danish Type 24.00 to 26.00 Domestic Type 24.00. New York Market steady. New York 50 Pound sacks danish Type 75 to 90 cents dome tic round Type 65 to 75 cents red Type 9u cents to 1.25. Philadelphia Market slightly weaker. Pennsylvania 50 Pound sacks danish Type. 70 to 75 cents Domestic round Type 6o to 65 cents. In 4tatoes Presque Isle. Arts Smook county Points Maine demand fair and Market slightly weaker. Carloads tuesday f. O. K shipping Point i based on delivered sales less All transportation charges Presque Isle rate. Too Point sacks. Green mountains p. S. No. a 1.20 to 1.26 mostly n 23 to i 26 few 1.29 chippewas 2 in. Min., i ear. 1.22 Chicago Market weak. 426 t ars on track i ii5 arrived total it. S. Shipments tuesday 677 cars. Carlot track sales sacked per too weight. Idaho russet Burbanks no. Is. Washed few sales 1.55 to i 75 Nebraska Bliss triumphs 90 per cent no i Quality i car. 1.45 Colorado Green mountains. No. Is few sales washed. 1.70 to 1.80 unwashed. I car 1.75 North a Kola cobblers. 90 per cent or better no. I Quality very few sales. 1.10 to 1.15 Wisconsin Kata dins. No. Is. I 35 to 1.40. New York Market ebon steady. 100-Pound sacks. U. S. No. I in my Island cobblers i 60 to i so new Jersey cobblers i 60 to i 65 Maine Green mountains. I so to i 90 Leah. Russet Rurbank. Rakers in. 2 25 to 2.40. Inventor s new Gadget bursts at bad moment Asheville. a counsel for George Moore an inventor told the court yesterday that it was a a working Model of h burglar alarm and not a pistol that exploded in hts i clients pocket causing Moore to grab the seat of his trousers and Dame around the Street. Moore originally was charged with assault with a deadly weapon on j. B. Ligon but judge 8am m. Cathey found him guilty of simple assault continued prayer for judgment or 12 months and remitted the costs. Witnesses testified that Moore and Ligon started exchanging blows after an argument and that Moore reached into his hip pocket. The explosion followed and witnesses thinking he had a pistol held him. Flashes of life by the act flite pre Neier see Kendallville. a Johnson s automobile turned Over several times and hit a pole. Johnson climbed out unhurt rut while walking around the car to ascertain the damage he stepped into a Hole and Tore ligaments in an ankle. Tragedy stopping at the a Trident bile had then was his i. U Hillock scene of an Learned an Antonio struck two women. He saw them one Mother mrs. Mary Whitlock to the other her sister Nils. Josephine lame tit. His Mother died. His aunt is seriously injured. Competition Houston. Tex. A the City Council was All set to order a municipal Bond election of. 28 then someone recalled that s the Date Rice plays Texas it. At a Ustyn. Fearing too Many voters would go to Austin instead of to the polls it ordered the vote nov. 4 Rice will be playing Ford Aiu in faraway new York that Day. High Point hardware co. 127 South main Street phone 3327 let Mem have it International Falls. Minn. A the state claims it onus the City Hall Here for nonpayment of laves hut the councilmen Aren t worried because City Vito Iney l. F. Bitont iodine says municipal building Are not taxable it was state tax commission or Rev which resulted in a 9700 Levy they re about to move into a new City Hall anyway. All Blit 12 of the 1,474 Motoi trucks registered in the Philippines in the first seven months of this year were made in the United states. Thirty seven International Telephone circuits Are in operation. By mrs. Nor m \ i Max Nea service staff correspondent october brides anxious to have a wedding breakfast that their guests will remember with pleasure can take some tips from the chef of the Pennsylvania hotel in new York. He suggests this menu which he planned exclusively for readers of this column. It serves 25. October wedding breakfast Clear Green Turtle soup celery hearts gaited nuts Ripe olives sweetbreads Chicken Virginia Ham and fresh mushrooms on Toast served from chafing dish. Hot Finger Rolls assorted sandwiches. Tomato aspic salad with celery watercress tarragon dressing biscuit Glace wedding cake Coffee. Green Turtle soup can be ordered from a caterer or a High class food specially shop. Order 5 quarts for 25 people. Sweetbreads of a Birken mushrooms and Virginia Ham a la Newburg serve 25 thirty five medium sized sweetbreads 4 pounds White meat of Chicken 2 pounds of Virginia Ham minced 1-2 pint Good Quality cooking Sherry wine 8 quarts 30 per cent heavy Cream 2 Pound 4 Cut mushrooms 3 dozen egg Yolks seasoning to taste. Mince sweetbreads Fry in pan five minutes add whate meat of Chicken and Virginia Ham with seasoning. Mix Well add Sherry wine and let Cook for five minutes. Add Cream and mushrooms and let boil for 8 minutes. Finish by adding egg Yolks mixed with a Little Cream. Stir without boiling until thick. Serve with Melba Toast in chafing dish. Biscuit Glare pineapple and Grange ice serve 25 three and one half Pound granulated sugar. I quart lukewarm water i whole grated fresh pineapple i quart cold Irater 3 oranges grated pulp mashed Jinice of 3 Lemons 1-2 White of an egg Pinch of Salt. Dissolve granulated sugar in one quart of lukewarm water grate fresh pineapple into syrup Strain. Add one quart water Orange and Lemon juice and grated Orange Rind to the strained pineapple syrup. Pour into Freezer and add the unbeaten egg White to the fruit juice. Place in biscuit Horton cases and decorate with half Maraschino Cherry and two pieces of Angelique. Menu Brea Kei ast Honey Dew Melon Fried Ham Rice muffins Cra Bapple Jelly of fee milk. Dinner fruit cup Fried Chicken Cream Gravy mashed Sweet it Tafous Corn fritters mixed Green salad butter scotch pie Coffee milk. Is peer radishes celery Ermine stuffed eggs hard Rolls stewed fruit chocolate layer cake Coffee Tea milk. To Honor Morrison Charlotte. Oct. 5.�? Pic Cameron Morrison former governor and u. S. Senator will lie honoured tonight at a dinner on his 70th birthday. Governor Hoey and mrs. Hoey and other High state officials will attend. Additional freights cars just placed on the dido China Yunnan railway makes it possible to carry nearly three times As much freight daily As Early this year. Greensboro Man found dead in Woods near Oklahoma City i Oklahoma City okla., oct. 5.�? pm acting Coroner Everett Crismore said today that the death of a Man identified by his social Security card As John franc Doyle of Greensboro. N. Resulted from heart trouble Tbs body was found yesterday in a Woods near Here. Kidney trouble Stop getting up night to harmlessly flush Poison and i held from kidneys and relieve Lretta i dons of bladder so that you can atop a a Retting up nights get a 35 cent package of Gold medal Haarlem on capsules and take As directed. Other symptoms of kidney and bladder weaknesses May be scant burning or smarting passage a backache a leg cramps puffy Eves. Get the original Gold medal. Done to accept a Subito tute. You Are invited a a a a. -.�?m"m4a a a to attend the opening of the new Putnam bakery three Days october 4th to 6th 2 till 10 p. M. The new Putnam bakery a a a a centrally located Between High Point Greensboro and Winston Salem the cities it will serve visit. This modern Bakey inspect. Our marvelous equipment see. The entire process of bread maxing in a sanitary air washed bakery drive out today or tonight ample parking space folks you and you and to a Are to consider this your personal and official invitation to attend our opening. Come one come All loin the thousands who will go through and inspect this wonderful Moxcy Nistico new bakery where bread is made with Aladdin like quickness and perfection. Our capacity is 2,000 loaves per hour see our sanitary dough room with its giant bread troughs our a a divider where the loaves Are scaled our a proof boxy where the bread rises and lastly the marvelous rotary oven where each loaf is baked to a Rich Golden Brown. Fast deliveries to All grocers the Putnam bakery will operate 14 new motor trucks Over this entire territory insuring absolute freshness for our bread. Last word in equipment never was such equipment in a bakery in this part of the country we have spared no expend to secure the Best. Believing that the people of the Piedmont Section want the Best a we Are prepared to give it to them. W e will make a wide variety of bread baked slowly and a to a turn in our giant oven also Rolls of All kinds buns Aud Lier thing in the bread line. In All our output we use Only the highest Quality ingredients a in a word we make Holotype bread. Bread you Are proud to serve Oil your table. B. E Putnam. President and general manager is a resident of High Point. A Baker of 17 years experience. All our 70-Odd employees Are local men. Putnam baking company inc. A Bakers for the Piedmont Section i a a

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