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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 3, 1974, High Point, North Carolina High Point Enterprise thursday october 3, 1974 3c ultouoottod0 a a i get creamed after the fight Murr amp Polderman the Tipoff Lance Rentzel besides making his comeback As an Active wide receiver with the los Angeles rams is polishing off a football novel that he says will rival Pete gents Quot North Dallas forty a and adds that he a already close to a movie Sale. Q. The Way newspapers write about the difficulties of staging the Foreman Ali fight in Zaire i get the impression its being held out in the Jungle somewhere. If my geography is Correct Kinshasa the capital City where its being held used to be Leopold Ville a cosmopolitan City of More than a million people. What Are the problems a Robert l., Elizabeth . Feeding the flood of fight fans for one thing. The intercontinental hotel the Only luxury inn in that City of 1,288,122 people is flying in More than 120,000 pre Frozen meals at the request of the Zaire government to feed the 6,000 anticipated visitors during their six Day stay Only 500 can be put up in the 280 rooms of the hotel q would you please clarify who announced baseball for Cincinnati on the radio in 1956-57? a r. L. Stone South Lake Tahoe Calif. That would be Waite Hoyt who was a great Pitcher on the great new York Yankee teams of the 1920s and was known As the Brooklyn Schoolboy because he pitched briefly for the new York giants at the age of 18 before settling Down to a career which produced 237 victories and election to the Hall of Fame. He was the reds broadcaster for 25 years q. I have always thought that the league Winner of the w orld series gets the weekend games the following year. Which would mean that the Oakland a a would play All the weekend games this year. Am i Correct a Mike Cihalski Pleasanton Calif wrong the world series openings Are alternated annually from league to league last year it was the american leagues turn with the series opening in Oakland. This year it comes up National league so the first two games slated for oct 12 and 13, and the last two if necessary will be played in the Home Park of the National league champions. Could result in some football schedule juggling if St. Louis wins the National league title because the football cardinals Are slated to play at Home that first sunday q. We have talked to officials in Little league All Over and can to find these answers 1. In professional and Little league Ball can you change your Pitcher to another position and then bring him Back to pitching 2. What percentage of major league players once played Little league Ball a Ken Newman Redland Calif. In big league Ball As Paul Richards once showed you can shift your Pitcher to another position and then bring him Back to the Mound but ifs verboten in Little league ranks. Because of the transitional nature of major league rosters Only a guess at the percentage of Little league spawned players can be ventured 30 per cent. There were 200 Little league grads in the majors this year and at least three on every roster parting shot Joe Namath a disdain for the press is As Boorish As that of Frank Sinatra but nurtured by the by jets special treatment of their by Ira Berkow Nea sports editor what must have angered Muhammad Ali More than anything else about his postponement with George Foreman for the heavyweight title is that Ali a chronic ice Cream Lover now must stay in training and avoid his passion that much longer. It could make him a mean Hombre. A a upon retiring from pro basketball Willis Reed said a i have played basketball for the past 18 years in High school College and the pros. Now i must learn to be human talk about Tough adjustments. A Cleveland might be the appropriate place after All for the first Black baseball manager As soon As the California Angels sold Frank Robinson to the indians rumours spread that Robinson would soon succeed Ken Aspro Monte As team manager. Cleveland was where Larry goby the first american league Black began his career in the summer of 1947, a few months after Jackie Robinson broke the major league color a method athlete of the decade for Smoothie swing avoid grounding Cli b1ikad if your swing feels rough and Jerky or if you sometimes stub your club head during your Takeaway Here a a gimmick that is sure to help instead of grounding your club behind the Ball at address merely Start your swing with the club head already a fraction of an Inch off the ground. By not dragging the sole of the club along the ground during the Takeaway you avoid stubbing. You will also experience a new sense of swinging your arms smoothly and freely during your stroke. Finally without the club resting on the ground you be forced to hold it with just the Correct amount of grip pressure. This Man Euver will seem strange at first. You fear mis hitting the Ball. I know however that it will All feel perfectly Normal after just one or two practice sessions. Hau n�., a Barrier with the Brooklyn dodgers. Cleveland also has precedent for hiring unusual managers. In 1942, for instance Lou Boudreau the Fine Young shortstop was thrust into the Job of player manager a role Robinson was rumoured to be considered for the fact that Boudreau was player manager was not terribly unusual Cleveland had another former superstar As manager at one time outfielder Tris speaker but Boudreau was Only 24 years old the second youngest manager in a a modern big league history. Roger Peckinpaugh of the 1914 new York Yankees was 23li when he was named manager Boudreau eventually led the indians to a Pennant and world series win Over the Boston braves in 1948. And was also named most valuable Flayer in the american league that season. Another example of the indians off beat managerial policy they and the tigers were involved in the Only managerial Trade in history sending Joe Gordon to Detroit for Jimmie Dykes in mid season 1960 a a reflecting upon his second straight season of leading the National football league in Rushing . Simpson said that nearly As satisfying As the record 2,003 Yards he gained last season was the fact that he won the Rushing Crown without blemish a the year before a said o a Larry Brown was leading the league and then got injured the last two games so i came on i wanted to win a title with no strings 9 golfer Dave Stockton who has played in pro am meets with president Ford said a the president could be a to Handicap if he worked at the game but i Hope he does no to. I mean id rather have a Good president in the White House than a Good golfer a the Way things have been going on Pennsylvania Avenue perhaps the latter would be better. Mike Reid Cincinnati bengals All nil defensive tackle who is also a concert pianist has a standing musical offer whenever he hangs up his Elbow pads the Beach boys with whom ried has played say they will keep a spot open for him Lon Irons from through. Pitching from Woods. Uphill and downhill Litsy Lime and other shots a detailed tor you in Arnold Palmer s Booklet. Quot trouble for your copy Send 20& and a stamped sell addressed envelope to Arnold Palmer in care of this newspaper Bill Walton the unconventional first round draft pick of the Portland Trail blazers is so concerned with i diet that he constantly checks with friends to locate the Good health food stores in at of the National basketball association cities. A the Queens College new York menus basketball team is called the knights. The women steam is called the knightes. No Tennis toe is not related to Tennyson. The former is an affliction that comes from constant pressure particularly in regard to serving pro keds has come out with a Tennis show that they say alleviates the problem. Puma Adidas Fred Perry tre torn notwithstanding. A Lou Piniella. New York Yankees outfielder no longer even tries to Correct people on the pronunciation of his name he is of Spanish Basque ancestry and the name should be said. A Loo a a that a a Lousy joke the Correct pronunciation a Peen yeah a a Bob Lanier of the Detroit pistons has his shirts monogrammed Why a a that a what my fans Call me a he says. Why do the networks insist on hiring superstar a athletes As color commentators7 the two latest lacklustre talkers Johnny Unitas and Oscar Robertson Why done to they look for Good reporters articulate and with a sense of balance and courage who can bring Joy and insight to the games7 the Best by far happens to be a former ballplayer though no superstar Jim Bouton who does local new York television sports news. A clip and save a .889-7867 to report All drug pushers Call Day or night report any facts to help identify a Pusher you Don t have to identify yourself and Calls cannot be traced High Point i to innit f pm Muff i gain it fug i hoi to 4 a a motorcycles motorcycles motorcycles Brand new 1974 models must sell erf tire Stock 750cc. $1599.00 400cc $899 of 250cc $859 of 125cc $619 00 90cc. $389 of soccer. $1,199. Of Quot 350cc.$879.00 175cc $689 00 100cc. $499 of 75cc$290 of buy now and save hundreds of dollars for information Call. I -919-629-0974 now on display new fall amp Winter materials for your custom tailored suit sport coat amp trousers a double knits a Wool worsted in plaids stripes solids amp Many patterns a drop by at your Congo Gionco save big Snall Auto needs Sale ends saturday a Bonny double belted Whitewall tires 4 nut mutism co of j Mitt it Fimmie All these sizes �78-14 g78-i4 g78-1s �78-14 h78-14 h7815 l78-is keep your Battery fully charged 4 amp a 6-12 Volt Battery Charger new shocks Advance Auto sound dept. Standard mini 8-track stereo integrated circuitry slide controls of volume balance and tone 88 34000 5 Inch round speakers in 0v stereo sound mud and show f 78 14. Gas 14. Is 14. 1s49 18 99 19 49 Whatu Tou drive 30021 44 pair Electra a replacement Auto Antenna Mast easy to replace lint Uke Oft broken Matt and attach new one. 99 3/11 31? Advance Auto j Quantity rights reserved visit our new service department component Home system a Timo a track Tari re a vim with pm am sumo radio 0% qf3 Auto and manual telethon slide of control was Nul Iamb Abms Liv of Boot buy Cash inst charge it on ride smooth Barf w replacement air filter should be changed every to too Miles 188 114 a 7 Bendix super Premium Brake shoes set of 4 tor two wheels 4&Quot 41451-71 each retread tires a Premium Quality rubber a period casings a Long mileage a minimum Cost per mile a i a88 guarantee i a j j sw1sits is h78 is a plus f f 431 to to it but Tach lire Whitewall i 99 Mort a. A track Spirto component Hom Cinter Plinio Cartri Doi Ricord Lavir Amo in stir to pm am tuner a Sti Rio control a an a us cinotto Aith two a r Rayj 3r10d air jl99 9s Spiak Imi m wiper Blades refills natural rubber Blade a is 177 is in i pair Riconoci Titonio starter motors $ of off 42629 41 our Reg Low 17 95 27 95 each prices now Savi Gas Locking Gas Cap Chrome snap on Hulk in pc. 1/4�?� Orvit socket wrench set i Nile plated built Las a retune �?�10 77 �7s42 Brake combi hardware kit no Complete hardware Tai 2 wheels 5�?% a i Quot a in 30700 ,3 always carry a spare fan belts for most cars a replace non lot safety 77 3/10 iss new voltage a regulator of a silo in Iii 66 38410 42 Schorr Sial Brake fluid for Siler braking 12 02 can us War Mays track Miao cleaner tape it i int we a i umm 340m convenient credit plan i 142 South main St., High Point a 882-2012 a open 9-5 30, mon.-sat., Friday til 7 30

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