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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 2, 1974, High Point, North Carolina 6e High Point Enterprise wednesday october 2, 1974 they la do it every time to your Good health of commit with the pm cd qff�#/n6 of cd a the Guy who wag telling Hig troubled to the Gat Teupe in the Gatlon a i Ai pc amp yeah he spent Gix sucks on Psi pkg Ano trip the see sucks on Flowers to jux they re a 7 the two who 7 were Holles Lnu at each other a waiting Fos x the 7 52 this swing Quot a _ pts a a v Are muscle liniments any Good by George Thosteson . Dear or. Thosteson concerning analgesics a muscle Ruby preparations and such liniments Are they useful worthless but harmless or harmful i have used some of them for Many years to alleviate aching Muscles and they have definitely helped me. But now i have been informed by somebody that he was a told by a ship s doctor in the Navy Back in �?T44 that they Are worthless and perhaps a e d. Liniments a for Man or beast have been around a Long time. Most contain some ingredient classed As a a counter irritant which creates a warmth of the skin. Used to excess this could cause skin irritation it is doubtful if this surface democrats new worry Rocky warmth penetrates deep enough to affect Muscles and joints but there is some stimulation of circulation. Any form of heat is soothing for aches and pains but in the Case of liniments the Massage action in apply ing the liniment probably is As helpful As anything in the stuff. The same Massage and a hot Bath plus rest usually will do As much Good As the liniment a but if the Lini ment bottle is handier and quicker and it serves the purpose for you. Go ahead and use it. In a word. I can to Call these liniments either useless or harmful when used within reason. Dear or. Thosteson my 4-month-old baby insists on having his pacifier for naps during the Day and throughout the night although he rejects it immediately in waking hours. I am at a loss As to How to break his habit of sleeping with it. I originally started him on the pacifier when he was a few weeks old and Colicky. Then he was in the Hospital for surgery and they let him have it during the night also. When we brought him Home he was hooked on it. The problem is that he wakes up around 6 a m. And discovers he has lost it. I get up and replace it but he loses it again and this goes on every to or 15 minutes until i finally get up. I seem to walk around in a Daze. I hate being an Early Bird mrs. R s. Why not let it Dangle from a ribbon tied to his crib. So he can find it if he wants it at four months i would t try to break him of liking the pacifier since he does no to want it during the Day he a not a a hooked on it. Give him a Little More time and hell abandon it dear or. Thosteson could you please Tell me the exact time during the month when a woman a Fertile period begins i understand it is a certain number of Days after the first Day of the menstrual period please answer soon As my husband and i desperately want a baby and want to know when the Best time to try would be. A mrs. Go. No the Fertile time is not necessarily some rigid number of Days after a period begins. Rather it tends to be 14 Days before the Start of the next period. To determine that you must do a bit of record keeping to find the Likely time and con1 firm it by watching for a slight Rise in body temperature finding the Fertile time is. Of course just As important when you want to become pregnant. I suggest that you read the Section on rhythm that begins on Page 19 of my Booklet a the twelve birth control methods. A you can get the Booklet by mail a Send 25 cents and a Long stamped self addressed envelope to me in care of the High Point Enterprise. Dear or. Thosteson can a deviated septum show up on an a Ray does the septum have anything to do with the Bone in the nose do your nostrils have an effect on the Way you breathe a mrs. S. B certain exposures of a Skull a Ray will reveal a deviated septum that is the a a partition Between the nostrils is out of Normal position. The septum consists tit very thin Bone in its upper portion. The lower portion which is visible by direct observation is cartilage. And that is the usual site of deviation. Of the septum is badly deviated or if there Are polyps in the nose it can cause Mouth breathing and a sense of obstruction in the nose. A you can Stop sinus trouble a is the title of or. Thosteson a newly revised Booklet explaining what sinus trouble really is and encouraging sinus sufferers to do something about it. For a copy write to him in cafe of this newspaper enclosing a Long self addressed use zip code stamped envelope and 25c in Coin to cover Cost of printing and handling. George Kentera n a n a a troit twi Washington the democrats have a new worry. That a bad. Rich Yankee a Nelson a. Rockefeller is co toning up successfully to his old in to apart enemies the grits a atm gop conservatives in the South. What would have been inconceivable a decade ago the year of the Coldwater disaster for the Republican party is fact now. Rockefeller and the party s Southern Wing have met and decided on Friendly coexistence. A we told him that if he d Stop putting sugar on his grits and learn How to say we could get along with said . A a Tommy Thomas. Florida Republican state chairman Clark Reed the Mississippi state chairman who is also head of a 13-state group of state gop chairman from the South put it More significantly. Rockefeller president Ford s nominee for vice president could do a great service in his reconciliation of the North and South that was begun in the administration of president Nixon he said and what a behind this Jovial kiss and make up session Between representatives of the party a badly divided wings Why its the Fine political hand of or. Ford busily engaged in bringing together a party whose liberals and conservatives have Long been at least As badly divided in the gop As they have been in the democratic party. Some of the Southern chairmen came Here for their recent meeting in a bad mood Rockefeller was not their idea of a proper vice presidential nominee not by a Long shot. The new Ford administration with the Rockefeller thing and All this talk about conditional amnesty was Drifting leftward. But the president sent Over a Stream of aides to the Sheraton Carlton hotel where the chairmen were meeting then Rockefeller dropped by for a 40-minute Chat and suddenly the atmosphere was As Sweet and Friendly As a mint Julep. A i think the president plays consensus politics even better than Lyndon b Johnson a said an aide later a because he plays Man to Man and does t twist any arms a and the president is politicking since he is head of his party As Well As head of the nation he was careful therefore to Send Over to the southerners such staff people and advisers As Interior Secretary Rogers c b. Morton. Counselor Robert t Hartmann and Dean Burch and Anne l Armstrong outgoing White House staff chief Alexander a Haig or. And Bryce Harlow a figure in the Nixon administration and the night before those chairmen who came to town Early were guests at a party in burches office in the old executive office building where they met other administration officials. One while House source agreed that or. Ford was being careful to treat the southerners with every consideration a after All he said Quot in recent Days we be had Rocky and amnesty and a presidential meeting with the congressional Black caucus those things did t go Over too Well in but in the face to face meeting with the chairmen Rockefeller apparently went Over very Well with Mississippi or at least Mississippi s chairman. Reed a moderate among the conservative band. It was Reed who has been quietly voicing some support for Rockefeller for a year now who said he Felt the new yorker could do a lot to wipe out the Southern ideas of the a bad Rich he even went so far As to say that Rockefeller would now be Well received in Mississippi As a campaigner because among other things the South is becoming More like the rest of the country. A what plays in Peoria plays in Greenville miss.,�?� Reed said a a we re not asking for special treatment. We re just Here today to learn who the new players Are in the new administration. And what of Rockefeller who earned the enmity of Southern republicans for what they considered to be his Lack of support for the candidacy of sen. Barry Coldwater in 1964? a a j of us agreed that this is one nation and one Republican party and that we can All work together in that spirit a he said. Moreover the former new York governor asserted that it just was t True that he had failed to support Coldwater strongly. He had made a Strong endorsement of Coldwater presidential candidacy but the speech in which he did so was not widely reported Rockefeller said. He offered to Send the southerners copies of the speech during the Rockefeller chairmen meeting Harry Dent of South Carolina a former White House aide and now counsel to the Republican National committee came out of the meeting room just As a burst of laughter erupted inside. A there s a lot of amnesty going on in he said. That this kind of Exchange can take place these Days is due to several things perhaps the huge Coldwater loss of 1964, the political instincts of or. Ford and. Probably most of All the fact that Southern republicans have gained great ground in recent years under the Banner of or. Nixon and of course the changing South where a Lester Maddox could be resoundingly Defeated by a candidate who has the support of a Julian Bond As happened in Georgia s gubernatorial primary tuesday. The Southern chairmen who gathered in Washington last week were political descendants of other Southern chairmen who in late 1963 when Rockefeller announced his candidacy for the Gor presidential nomination just gathered that much More closely around Coldwater for the gof to Exchange vows with a me too candidate like Rockefeller one of them snorted at the time would be like a gentleman marrying a women of proven immorality. Well morals have changed in recent years the sociologists Tell us and that apparently includes political morals. Pibroch in plastic Glasgow a the skill of the pipes May soon come from plastic instruments because Uganda has banned the Export of the african Blackwood traditionally used to make the chanter which produces the Melody Sermus Macneill principal of the scottish College of piping said he has heard plastic pipes in Canada and they a seem to play just As Well a Laygui idea the fashion stores thursday Friday saturday cd save 20% on our own value priced Brand men s Long sleeve dress shirts �39 719 799 Reg. 7.99 Reg. 8.99 Reg. 9.99 Long Point or medium spread collars. Stay neat Dacron polyester Cotton in richly textured White on White Blue on Blue Ecru on Ecru. Solids of Blue White tan yellow Basic and classic stripes of Blue Spruce Brown and Many More. 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