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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 2, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Pm Ami i s your Horoscope by Jecmen Dixon tuesday oct. 3 i Jost walked ri6htin,Anc? 5aip/Hoo to Vou to Mal Quot n out our Way this is or my Pinal \ All rights but this time it la be cigarette Ive Hadji j the final last of All. The lasts it period take the rest of this rack this la the last. You be involved me in i hand me the one Vout re about to licht add come Down to witness my putting them All in the incinerator i done to want Tou following me around a in a panic needling me about what i did with them it \ ath heroes Are made not Sorn to a our boarding House i never Shulda Cowe. Back to this Pum pm Upu Haft a melt the Silver in yer Teeth to make a dime Arflin Here Rihawi Wisht i could stick Saroun an see. What he says i to them Nomen when they come after their Vough Al but at least i ii go out in style Amos is a Lamb in business. But he got Holt of some Sre at Wool your birthday tuesday the years events Are quiet but meaningful Steps in spiritual and material growth. The last few weeks of the year Are an Experiment in seeing life in less grandiose terms. Today a natives often lend their resources to Public causes the care of children and the like. Ares March 21 april 19 not a Day for explaining plans i for the single a Lively spurt of romantic excitement for j the married a moment of ten a Sion. Taurus april 20-May 20 it May be time for your answers As publishers lawyers Distant correspondents come to closer attention. Express your gentler Side. Gemini May 21-june 20 you Are Well advised not to act hastily. Taking care of family needs while you think things Over is helpful in get i Ting insight. Cancer june 21-july 22 whatever attention you now pay to your appearance and Public image pays off. New i clothing helps and it be expensive. I Leo july 23 aug. 22 the mornings fights run their course into reconciliation by Nightfall a if you let them do so and get in a sound Days work. Virgo aug. 23 sept. 22 less pressure should inspire you to More thorough quieter Effort to Advance career. Confidential arrangements should be concluded Early. Libra sept. 23-oct. 22 being somewhat less Busy gives you a Chance to notice some Fine Shade of meaning in the stories you Are hearing. Scorpio oct. 23-nov. 21 participation in your Community a welfare brings recognition cooperation worthwhile new contacts. Invite friends to your Home. Sag Tarius nov. 22-dec. 21 Early hours Are fruitful if you exert yourself. Taper off As the Day progresses make evening hours a Holiday. Capricorn dec. 22-Jan. 19 you May think you have full agreement about jointly held or managed resources. Keep exact records and give matters time to Settle. Aquarius Jan. 20-feb 18 you May stir rumours with unexpected behaviour. Friends have financial ideas with Little hard information to Back them. Pisces feb. 19 March 20 gather All who Are willing to help Early in the Day get something done but quit Early As communications go awry in Early hour Al t fool 0, com. Lessee in Swift of Hoo. If a c it it new kit umm in i funny business i by Nia inc. Ake likes quiet i i a departures f. /01 How Moch arc u Twat i Oor haircuts j depends. Do Wco Lami me to i discuss politics i sports the Marke Ide 6eoeral topics a Mary Worth is yes we mrs. Viking k we was mud amp pm do Cohl for dlr f a very scared Flowers when she found she Tomas Gill Quot had left her purse m ii l Here w1� me t Loor Darling the whole neighbourhood is expected to be at party i m 5ure it would be Okay if i do not go to parties if i a purposely not invited Candace Archie v you Wanna gee Whiz Hoit sir. Sum body to a just j full of the hot air / Captain easy i what 5ipnev harrows marching for a we p better find Vaw the Mannion Wall May be amp toll n \ a phone and chec co/a/5/.but is he Comino pack \ a phone and Check it i Motel came Here while we were till at the Gazette j Ca office i y9 yes. Or Harrow 1$ still registered Here at the Olp Oak Motel by Quot is room does not answer r i recall seeing him go out. Around 4- Ooi i to a rub a Laura fat cd i 10-2-Sci High Point Enterprise monday october 2, 1972 9a Beetle Bailey hello Mav r Pepsak to sorry Bur or. Mottle sailed thie morning on one of his yachts for an inspection tour a his Diamond mines. A a very excited Avan from some place Calleo internal Revenue wants to talk to ecu. Re. Of Nuj 10-2 Alley top peace Man i Dunno. Probably hold it my lord who s someone Here for j this a a restricted he j the tournament area Mou can t go in there in like that a very Mou figure on unfriendly attitude i doing some Nian j thing about it Buz Sawyer pm my gosh Pipper. X cant Wear tour clothes _ t0 package for i to the dance. I mls a Ltd Rafiee. He or hey jacket Ano Slacks i groovy Man when did you did to buy them look. T 7 this Hote in m _ i ome of the f \ pockets. Quot you really clobbered those Mucins Danny boy these Are surplus items from one of my stores. Thought maybe Tou could us them the born loser Mitres. I a a a i i was never so Ems. Massed Blo nols May is is Goto a movie i Aga n with Mou j Nally i St l s o j l you not Only want to sle Quot a b it you fell out j. 0� you seat. I i was wondering a. To How got Popcorn f in my a r v a re i of Short ribs j br�<sam�ssa6fww tre Oleen sire a old / we a what 7srr ? Dick Tracy the badge Guys a we victim wag shot Fobtv-7hkee times stabbed seventy eight times. And hed to Concrete and dropped in the River. Him menu /c-2 we poor boy he a trying so Ward to Chance his his Mother he a trying to break All his old habits

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