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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 2, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather sunny and Warner Mort data on Paga 3a 88fh year a no. 276 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. A monday afternoon october 2, 1972 22 pages Call us circulation. 882-1719 classified ads. 885-2177 All other departments 885-2181 daily 10c, sunday 25c in for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every Book shortage q. I just read the article in the paper on tuesday september 19, Quot what about the books Quot i did not Call this in but i had been intending to. My child is in the 9th Grade and goes to Ferndale Junior High and does not have a history Book. They give them out for each class and take them Back up and Don t have a Book to bring Home. I Don t think this is Good. I think we pay the Book fee and pay our taxes and think they should have the books and Don t know what the problem is he just says they Don t have a Book they have to give them up after every class. I think they should be Able to buy enough books to go around and we Are trying to give these kids an education. He does bad enough with the books that he has and when he does t have any it makes it that much worse. It suits him Fine but i Don t like it. Anon. A. This is a year of transition in the social studies area in Junior highs according to principal Gaither free. The curriculum was changed in order to include Africa. Asia and Pacific studies in the 7th which moved part of . History to the 8th to be completed in the 9th. This has resulted in some 8th Grade texts and supplements being used in 9th Grade rooms too. The teachers met to outline the programs and provided time in class to do the Reading but if any child wants to Check out a textbook overnight he can do so. With the a a Multi Media Quot used More and More in classrooms a films tapes Library work a the Reliance on a single textbook for a course is considerably less than it used to be. The state incidentally does have a free textbook system it or to be precise our tax dollars pay for free Quot textbooks. A student will be charged if a Book is lost or mistreated but the Book fees we pay actually go for supplies and supplementary books other than texts. Tom v Willie q. How eau i got in touch with Tom Stover and Willie Mays with the new York mets and please hurry and you better hurry because other things i have asked Ain t been in the paper yet. Thank you. . A. A lot of other folks questions ainu to been in yet either d c. You can write the new York mets at Shea stadium. Roosevelt Avenue and 126th st., Flushing n y. 11368.unicef office q. What is the nearest address for a Unicof office a group of Young people want to take children trick or treating for this cause and could you give us the address or the necessary information thank you. . A. Mrs. Ralph Miller of High Point says she is probably the one you re looking for. But she has not received any material yet. You can let her know of your interest so she can Contact you when it comes. Your question is timely because a United nations Day workshop is being held on october 4 at the top of the Mart to which the Public is invited. Under the sponsorship of the High Point woman a club or Lisa Sergio nationally known news commentator and lecturer at Columbia University will speak at two sessions one at 10 30 a in. And a luncheon meeting at 12 15. The subject will be fhe United nations and the new Power Triangle ., user and reservations for the luncheon meeting can be made by calling 454-2106 or 883-9255.correction q. We appreciate the article that appeared in the Enterprise on sunday on Urban ministry but i think one thing needs correcting. The reporters stated that on this methadone detoxification that methadone was used because it was not addictive. Methadone is addictive. It is used because it does no to produce any euphoria and the length of time they Are on it will not addict them and they can get off of their heroin you know physically. Bob Weant Urban off q i wonder Why there should be any hesitation by the Board of education As to the use of the Leonard Street school. As Long As it can be used for educational purposes there should be no question As to the use of it. The Day care and the kindergarten program Are both in the Field of education and therefore in my opinion and Many other people in High Point the first consideration should be Given to these two projects. Why should the Young children of High Point be denied the use of the facility in favor of the Myca just because the Myca just happens to have Money to pay for it and this is the same As Selling the children for Money. If the y had a Hundred thousand dollars to buy this then they can buy facilities and build any place in the City of High Point and if the school Board has any trouble making this decision i say put it to a vote and let the parents and people of High Point vote on it. . Newsman pilots tour roads North Viet ant Power beats u. S. Technology by Peter Arnett a special correspondent if you have wondered Why the North vietnamese can continue to fight on despite the biggest bombing Campaign in the history of War then ride with three Pilots and me Dawn the roads South of Hanoi and find out. Our destination was Nam Dinh City and the Phat diem Cathedral both severely bombed and showplace of the destructive Power of the american air Campaign. Jane Fonda and Ramsey Clark had been there. Now it was the turn of the three pilots just released from a prisoner of War Camp a Navy its. Mark Gartley and Norris Charles and air Force major Edward Elias a and myself. But Long before we reached our destination we were shaking our Heads in wonder not at the destructive Power of the bombs from the sky but at the survival Power of the people on the ground. The pilots previous View of North Vietnam was from the skies above. For years i had watched from the Vantage Point of South Vietnam. Now Here on the ground As we rolled along the narrow highways in the dark hours before Dawn the cliches came True. Here was the Quot ant Power Quot that Pentagon experts theorized Lay behind Hanoi a ability to keep supplies and men moving to the Southern War fronts. Where bombs had scored direct hits on railway cars on the tracks paralleling the Road dark shapes hammered at twisted wreckage while other figures carried Materiel and dumped it into the craters. As Dawn came and we passed through the Railroad Junction of severely bombed Phu be we Caw that the dark shapes were women and they weren to even using buckets they were carrying mud in their Bare hands to fill the craters in. And they seemed to be enjoying it. This Quot ant Power was everywhere. Whereas in South Vietnam the War has denuded the Countryside of population and sent people scurrying into the cities in the North it is the reverse and they swarmed on the Highway. Walking or Riding bicycles lonely roads in Sou a Vietnam at night can mean death or capture. But in the North nighttime is the logical time to travel for the fainthearted. Or for the Supply convoys because it affords Protection from the planes that Fly above. The key to the use of the night is simply that there Are no guerrillas to harrass the convoys or blow up the supplies. In North Vietnam the War is Only from the air. That is Why i observed no barbed wire anywhere no barricaded militia outposts or fortified bunkers. Except for when the planes came Over the editors note a special correspondent Peter Arnett the Winner of a pulitzer prize in eight years of War reporting from South Vietnam has just completed his first visit to North Vietnam. In the following Story he describes the Quot ant Power Quot of the North vietnamese War Effort and the wonder of a visitor at the survival Power of the North vietnamese. North vietnamese Countryside looked positively bucolic. But few things Are Ever what they seem and Elias who piloted a reconnaissance plane before he was shot Down five months ago. Enlightened me. A see those grave Mounds Quot Elias asked As we waited under the Trees for a ferry to Cross a River where a Bridge had been destroyed. About too Yards away Buffalo grazed quietly around the heaps of Earth. A they re antiaircraft pits with the muzzles Down Quot Elias said. Quot let a plane come Over and stick up their snoots in in Peter Arnett and blast away. And those things Are difficult to spot in pictures. It would take a very expert and very Lucky i photo interpreter to see the discovery of the flak Sites and the industrious people were possibly predictable enough. Enough american planes get shot Down each week to adequately suggest the extent of the antiaircraft fire. And Quot people Power Quot has Long been known As North Vietnam a most important commodity. What was min bending to the freed pilots was the extent of North Vietnam a visible Supply Chain. From the time we left the outskirts of Hanoi at 4 a in. One morning to our return at 8 the next night we constantly encountered vehicle convoys rows of stacked ammunition alongside the Road Ste North on Page 2-a oxen draw rails through Nam Dinh to repair damaged Railroad lines a wire photo on tuesday or wednesday vote on welfare Reform assured Washington apr a Senate vote on a liberalized welfare Reform plan was assured today As sen. Abraham a. Ribicoff. D-conn., called up his proposal for debate. The Roll Call however will not come until tuesday or wednesday. Ribicoff offered his proposal As a substitute for a pending amendment which would provide for a test of All the various Reform plans to Deal with problems of welfare families. This procedure guaranteed that his substitute would get the first vote. In the end. However the Senate is expected to resolve Nixon confers with Gromyko the controversy by deciding for a two year test of the plans before anything substantive is done. The test amendment first was offered saturday by sen. Harry f. Byrd jr., . However today Byrd withdrew his proposal in favor of a slightly different test amendment sponsored by sen William v. Roth jr., a Del. Ribicoff a substitute is a liberalized version of president Nixon a family assistance plan which passed the House last year. It provides for a guaranteed annual income for welfare families on a National basis but fixes the payment level at $2,600 for a family of four 8200 More than the Nixon proposal. It would provide subsidies for the working poor As does the presidents plan but would give More fiscal Relief to the states than Nixon offers. This is the moment of truth for welfare Reform Quot said Ribicoff As he called up his substitute. A but i sense there is very Little interest in the Senate or in the administration any longer in this the Nixon plan Calls for a guaranteed annual income for welfare families and Aid for the first time for Tkac working poor. The Senate finance committee conservatives a majority on the panel have never been willing to accept these provisions. Washington a president Nixon and soviet foreign minister Andrei Gromyko conferred at the White House today and will Dine together at Camp David tonight. Tuesday they will join in formal ceremonies to put into effect the historic arms limitation agreements that were signed in Moscow by the two nations. Nixon was extending unusual hospitality to Gromyko whom he invited to Camp David for an overnight stay on the eve of the agreement ceremonies to be held in the East room of the White House tuesday morning. A wide Range of subjects from Trade negotiations to the problems of soviet jews were on the Agenda for the talks. Nixon and Gromyko launched their sessions with a 70-minute meeting in Nixon s Oval office this morning. Secretary of state William p Rogers top National Security adviser Henry Kissinger and soviet ambassador Anatoly Dobrynin were in on the session. All of them were to be at the Camp David working dinner and to stay overnight there the then soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev. Out of their talks emerged a Brief Era of Good feeling that was labelled a the spirit of Camp Camp David in Maryland s Cato tin mountains some 65 Miles North of Washington was the site of a 1959 Summit conference Between the then president Dwight i. Eisenhower and administration officials said the soviet foreign minister and the president would Deal largely with two matters commercial relations and the european Camp t treatment humane by the associated press Navy it. Mark l. Gartley the first of the three recently pleased american pilots to hold a news conference in a he United states says his treatment in a North vietnamese prisoners of War Camp was Gartley told newsmen sunday that conditions in the Camp had improved and were Quot much better now Quot than they were when he was first imprisoned Aper being shot Down in 1968 Quot my treatment during capture has been humane a he said Quot i have not been mistreated. Prisons anywhere in the world Are no bed of roses. This was no exception. A but when you take into account the Standard of living in the country in which we we so prison on Page 2-a .-soviet space venture outlined Man arrested in Raleigh murders Raleigh a a 24-year-old Man was arrested today and charged with murder in the slayings of two Raleigh residents Wake county sheriff Robert Pleasants reported. He identified the Man As Michael Arnold Laprade of it. 5, Raleigh. Pleasants declined to give out any additional information. The arrest followed by several hours an announcement that a $5,000 Reward was being offered for the information leading to the arrest and conviction of the killer of Patricia Grimes woman a editor of the Raleigh times and Peter Williams jr., son of a Raleigh real estate Man. The Reward was announced sunday by Frank Daniels jr., president of the news and observer publishing co., which publishes the Raleigh times. Wake county authorities said sunday no arrests had been made and no motive found for the slayings. The bodies of miss Grimes 23, and Williams 27, were found saturday at Raleigh Beach a fishing and picnicking Patricia Grimes spot on the Neuse River abort six Miles from Raleigh. Miss Grimes had been shot four times and Williams three. Funeral services for both were scheduled today. Services for miss Grimes were to be at 3 30 . At sacred heart Cathedral with Bur Peter p. Williams or. Ial at Oakwood cemetery. Services for Williams were to be at 11 30 a m. At Christ episcopal Church with burial at Oakwood. Chief Wake county Deputy l. W. Kelly said sunday that the two were shot with a .22-caliber Rifle. Deputies were called to the scene about 2 30 . Saturday by a resident of the area who discovered Williams body. Kelly said the Many a name was being withheld to protect him. The Man told deputies he had heard several Rifle shots fired in rapid succession about 1 30 or 1 45 p a and had heard a woman screaming he said he then heard another burst of shots and a Quot Man the Man said he then heard an automobile drive away at a High rate of Speed. Miss Grimes body was found near a Patch about four feet from the door of an old Mill building. Williams body was found about 30 Yards from miss Grimes Aud blood spots Dong the Trail indicated that he had been standing near miss Grimes when he was first shot. The two had left about noon saturday to go bicycle Riding in the country. Miss Grimes Small foreign car with two bicycles on a rack on the rear was found about 15 Yards from where Williams fell. By Roger Leddington associated Pron writer Moscow apr a Veteran russian cosmonaut discloses that the first soviet american manned space venture will last three Days and include a 48 hour linkup of the spaceships and an Exchange of Crews. If it is successful it could be the forerunner of a joint Soviet expedition to tile planet Mars by the end of the Century. Vladimir Shatalow commander of two soviet manned flights said. Shatalow 45, disclosed in a report released sunday by Tass the soviet news Agency that plans for the first joint manned space Effort Call for an american Apollo space cd of with three astronauts and a russian soyuz capsule with two Crew members to be linked a a a single spacecraft a for two jays while the spacemen perform joint scientific experiments. Shatalow did not give the launch Date. But his information was the most Complete made Public to Date Here on the planned space spectacular and indicated a definite flight plan and schedule had been worked out although Points of common design on the two spaceships had been resolved it was still necessary a to study How expedient the decisions were he said. Space officials and technical experts from both countries have been meeting for nearly two years to map out the historic adventure. Members of the National aeronautics and space administration Nasa and the soviet what s inside amusements 6b Bridge. 4b classified ads 7-hb comics 9a crossword 6b editorials. 4a financial. 2a obituaries a sports. 3-sb television. 7b women s news 6 8a weather. 3a Academy of sciences were believed to have Given the Green Light on the joint flight earlier this year. Shatalova a disclosures apparently meant both teams were Well advanced on Hie subsequent planning stage. A a soyuz spaceship manned by two cosmonauts will first be launched a he said. Quot in seven and a half hours an Apollo spacecraft manned by three astronauts will be launched from Cape Kennedy. A Twenty four hours later the Apollo will approach the soyuz ship and a linkup will be performed the system formed by the linkup will then be operated As a single spacecraft. A for two Days specimen will Transfer from one ship to the other Quot Shatalow continued. Quot scientific and technical experiments will he made and there will be television transmissions to Earth. Quot at the end of the third Day. The spaceships will be unlocked and will proceed to land on their respective the two spaceships will be fitted with compatible lighting and communications systems for the rendezvous and Docking. Tie Tricky Docking procedure has been the principal obstacle in planning the joint makes gains in new poll Princeton. No. A the latest Gallup poll shows Democrat i presidential candidate George Mcgovern inching up on president Nixon but still 28 percentage Points behind. Tie Survey released sunday showed an improvement of six Points for Mcgovern Over the previous Survey. Taken sept. 22-25, the new Survey said 61 per cent of the respondents favored Nixon and 33 per cent Mcgovern. One per cent preferred other candidates and 5 per cent were undecided. The narrowest spread Between the two candidates was in the Industrial North where Nixon a Lead was 59 to 36 per cent

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