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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 1, 1972, High Point, North Carolina 2d High Point inter Orlu Sun Jay october i 1972 director de Horner pets sesquicentennial stars through their faces Suh by it rec aul director of Davidsons spectacular is showman by Ven Carver ent Prim staff writ a Thomasville a Little Over to years ago. De Horner director of a the Davidson legend decided he would give up show business. Hving had experience As a dancer Singer Horner said he Felt a the glitter and the Glamour of the stage had been vastly overrated. So he joined the army. He found however that the army did no to Cut him off from the world of show business. Instead he got his first Opportunity in army shows to move from parts in the chorus to the More challenging behind the scenes roles of choreographing and directing. Shortly after his discharge from the military. Horner worked with Jenny Carson and some other entertainers on a musical revue a we did a couple of shows with him Carson Back in 62 before he was nationally famous a Horner said a then at the end of 62, we did a Benefit together for the National red Cross. A the was a comedian and i was a dancer and Singer. Barbara Mcnair was in the show As a Singer. There were about 15 people. A a we be come to find out that Barbara Mcnair made a name nationally for herself As a nightclub Singer Broadway Singer Etc. Carson finally made it big time with his tonight show. And Little de Horner is still sitting Here shooting for the he does not seem bitter about the Breaks he has missed. In fact concerning the project Here which he is directing As an employee of the John b Rogers co. Of Fos Torii Ohio. His enthusiasm is almost unrestrained. A to me its producing these historical presentations like taking a piece of Clay a Horner said. A when you take a piece of Clay you Start with nothing you have nothing and All of a sudden you become creative and in the end you turn out with something Beautiful and Gratifying a Horner was born in Minnesota to parents in show business and each of his ten siblings is gifted musically he started performing himself when he was la exactly 21 years ago. Since then he has attended the University of Minnesota graduated from m c p h a i i school of music and he has taught dancing at a Boston Ballet school employed by the Rogers co. For the past several years he now spends As much Asio months out of the year travelling around the country producing plays. Horner has been offered a leading role in the Road company of the Broadway musical air and the stage manage ship for the Road company of a Jesus Christ he had to turn both Down though because of conflicting engage fonts. Yet he is philosophical about his missed chances. His ambition is a to take life As it is should something come along that he a enjoys More. Not necessarily pays More a he says he might just accept. Kangaroo Kourt culprits prom Page i d tract the largest number of people possible. Trials of prominent people seem to go Over Best. Thus far the Kourts have handled cases involving Wilmer Quot vinegar Bend Mizell for allegedly assaulting mayor Richard Daley of Chicago county commissioner Joe berber Mot wearing a Beard and being too ugly Hargrove Bowles and others when Public figures have to Grovel Elliott said Selling toilet paper and straight pins. It puts everyone in a Good mood. What happens if somebody appeals his Kong petion. A that s simple a Elliott said. A the judge just stands up on his chair a that Way it was explained he is presi it my Over a higher Kourt. May not reduce your premiums Don t count on no fault concept by Bryan Haislip Assn. Of afternoon dailies Raleigh the tar Heel policyholder can to count on the no fault concept to reduce his Auto liability insurance premiums. The likelihood is that rates will go up. Even if no fault is adopted by the 1973 general Assembly said sen. F. Of Neil Jones of Anson chairman of a study commission dealing with the subject. He voiced the cautionary note last week in a preliminary report to democratic House candidates meeting in Raleigh for a briefing by state officials and others. A a done to paint yourself into a Corner by promising dramatic changes in rates a Jones advised. Six other states which have gone no fault had substantial Premium reduction. He said but projections do not make it appear in the cards for North Carolina. What would he benefits he added Are certainty and facility of claims payment and Assurance that a larger share goes for injured parties rather than fees for attorneys and other costs. No fault probably will be the Pivotal consideration when the next legislature takes up the perennial subject of Auto liability insurance. Hashed Over by one study commission and legislative session after another it remains a topical and controversial Issue. Jones said a no fault Bill will be drafted by the study panel and ready for introduction when the legislature convenes not january. It will provide a sound Legal framework within which legislators can debate Ard select options he said. A it is not our purpose to dictate insurance legislation which should he passed not at All a he explained. A we expect to offer an assortment or package from which the legislature itself can make the Jones View of the study commission role is unorthodox. Traditionally it has been the vehicle for the formulation of a set of recommendations to solve a problem. Its report tended to create an adversary situation inciting opponents to attack and advocates t o defend the outcome often has been stalemate a commission report filed on the shelf and no constructive action taken wha Jones wants the insurance study commission to do is act As an unbiased broker of information for legislators. Rather than trying to sell a specific course of action he explained it should attempt to educate lawmakers to make decisions in a highly technical Field. A i done to anticipate our results will so much recommendations As the articulation of alternatives a he said. A instead of telling the legislature what to do we will show them ways to do for example on no fault versus tort liability the commission can Point out what can and can to be accomplished and How to draft a statute which will have the desired result he said a we would lose our credibility with legislators if we took a stand on controversial issues. What we be got to do is make available to them the expertise we have gained through our study a Jones said. Contest singing planned at Owca a baby contest and a gospel sing will be held at the Owca on fourth Street sunday starting at 3 . The events will be held in the gymnasium. Taking part in the sing will be the Tommi ettes t h a Jubilee chorus and the mighty Kings. Anyone for a tailor when the budgetary word went around to trim the fat at Duke University a few months Back you might have gotten the idea that Charlie Braswell left and Earl Wolslagel took it literally. They went on the a Workingman s diet and when they recently donned the not so trim trousers they wore three months ago the results were plainly evident. Braswell is director of radio to services at Duke and Wolslagel is a staff writer in the news Bureau. There s one going on every Day in the classified Section of the Enterprise refrigerators ranges washers dryers freezers appliances of every description Are featured in today s classified ads it s a great place to save and if you want to be a part of the big Sale place your and today by calling 115-2177. 3 lines 8 Days Only 3.60 it seems like years too Workingman s diet trims Oft fat at Duke University by Earl Wolslagel Duke news service Durham a pair of trousers rediscovered last Spring when a sudden warm spell sent me searching for lighter clothes has completely changed my Way of life. It is fashionable these Days for american males and females to be on somebody s diet. But fashion Wasny to on my mind that warm Day when i tried to zip up those Long lost pants. It was immediately apparent that zippers done to zip up fat stomachs. I know now that i was the last to realize or to admit to my own fatness. When the Zipper zipped up Only two inches it could have been less it was difficult to Seemy initial reaction was that the dry cleaners had shrunk my pants. A ooh. No a said my wife from the safety of a wry smile. A you is gotten fat. My dear. And you have been too stubborn to realize just How Gross you be become a a thanks a i answered. I slipped quietly into the bathroom to reacquaint myself with the scale a spinning whirl of numbers greeted me the dial shot past and rested on the figure �?o242 a my mind was spinning too. As it raced backward to the last weigh in months Back was it 200 or 203 pounds a the old Days flashed by in a hurry. I remembered the 185 i weighed at the time i retired from military service. .188. .194. .199. 201. 205 somewhere about then i read of a newly devised diet by a Duke University medical Center doctor a not the one with the Rice recipes and a flock of rotund Recreant a hut Anither one who called his the a a Workingman a diet a i was sure that must be something for me what or. Siegfried Heydens a a Workingman a diet Quot is a in his words a is a a psychologically satisfying and nutritionally sound program aimed at a three months away target of 30 to 40 pounds weight reduction. This initial target of Hayden a is one he sets up in his and your mind As realistic. Ifs put on a sort of Pedestal for you to shoot at with the eventual target the weight you carried at the age of 25, or thereabouts. Once reached the Job of maintaining that weight is ail on your shoulders. Reaching it is not too hard. But he May revise even the initial target after he sees How Well you do at the outset of the program. Hayden s approach t o weight reduction combines intermittent fasting and cutting Down the number of calories you eat. The fasting comes after four or five Days of Low calorie dieting a a lows Means not just the prescribed 700 calories a Day and the less than 700 the Day before the fasting begins. It also Means a Complete change in life style a eating style a a designed to re educate you on foods and their values As the basis for future weight maintenance. The fasting Hoyden says is what Burns up the stored fat in the body and it is the burning process which provides Energy and produces weight loss. Heydens program Calls for eating certain vegetables fresh fruits and enough protein from lean meats and fish. To be Are essential to Success in the Workingman s diet he save. The program recognizes a slight deficiency in vitamins and minerals at the 700 galore Range so a Multi Vitamin Pill or capsule is a must for maintaining Good health As the fat leaves the body. The doctor put me through All his preliminary testing a a thorough medical examination. There were no indications that the extra poundage had affected the state of my general Good health. But. The medical profession is Well aware of what can happen a and usually does in time a to the Over weight per sen and a word to the Wise was enough. I bought the prescribed Small scale to weigh meat. Fish and cheese precisely in Grams and ounces not the half Pound portions t was used to a and i started carrying and learning the contents of a calorie guide to Given amounts of foods not considered a no not so in the Workingman a diet. Heyden says a Dieter a almost always guesses on the Low Side when he does t use a calorie counter. My first encounter with or. He Den after starting the diet came at the end of the first week a after a 60-hour fast which followed five Days with a total intake of about 3.150 calories. I was proud that my scale that morning showed a loss of about to pounds a somewhat More than he had predicted. However. I was greeted with a Clam expressionless stare As the doctor checked the Scales Reading and sat me Down before him. A aha a he said. A that s a Little better than the Normal weight loss the first week. Or. Wolslagel. I guess now that we have gotten rid of All the water from your system maybe we better go to work on the a was no to that fat i lost a i asked. Assured that it was not a just Basic loss of water from fat cells a i sighed and looked Forward to the task of shedding maybe 30, 40, or even 60 pounds. Sure there were hunger pangs ahead just As there were during the first 72 hours on the diet when i thought i would starve to death. Certainly there had been moments of fatigue a apparent fatigue we Hen i Felt like i did no to have the Energy to fall Down a flight of stairs. And of course i missed that eating for recreation a that Bugaboo of Many who Start on fad diets and get tripped on such lures As the Candy machine in the lobby the soft drink machine Down the Hall the office Coffee break and the peanuts and potato chips with the before dinner cocktail. It Wasny to Long however until i realized i had psyched myself out about dieting Here i was with a Complete mental conviction that diets Start not with the Mouth and Gullet or the stomach per be hut with the human brain which controls your drives to succeed. T found that going without food during the fast periods was not nearly As hard As imagined. All the non caloric diet drinks allowed during those periods made up for what started out As hunger pangs. I discovered that by dividing my 700 calorie ration a going overboard occasionally with a 250 calorie breakfast instead of a 110-calorie Orange juice unsweetened. 8 ounces and no calories Coffee in sugared in creamed a and saving the other 450 calories for lunch and dinner the Monotony of dieting could be relieved and even be fun. There Are Many ways to allocate those 700 calories across the recommended thrice a Day eating sessions a if they can be called eating. And when you get into the swing of the thing and see what it is doing for you a in looks and ego the Workingman a diet becomes your teammate in the game to beat a avoirdupois us Ever wonder about that cocktail. That highball Hayden put it directly and succinctly at the outset a i recommend you not drink alcoholic beverages at All a they have empty calories which do you no Good. If you must just realize that one ounce of whiskey Gin or Vodka is 80 calories. Take two ounces sir and you will have Only 540 calories left for food the entire Day a its new three months later. Dropping regularly three to four pounds a week and sometimes As much As five and a half pounds in a single seven Day period. I have reached a 180-Pound a a plateau in my diet a Down some 60 pounds. Its a weight that is Only five pounds More than i carried at age 25 and is almost within the Ballpark recommendation set by or. Heyday when a started. None of my former wardrobe fits. But some new Slacks a sport coat and a new double knit suit look great. That a what my colleagues Tell me one of them Charlie Braswell has become a fellow working Man. He a gone from 269 to 220 in seven weeks. Some of my colleagues have no inkling that ill be 60 on my next birthday. I feel just 39 two found guilty of drunk driving Thomasville two Thomasville men were convicted Here Friday in Davidson county District court on charges of Drunken driving. One of those found guilty Daniel Owen Batten 34, of Pinnacle Street was Given a three month suspended sentence fined Hoo and told to surrender his Drivers License. The other Man Brady Emmanuel Hill 26, of Center Street was fined $200

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