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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 1, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather sunny and cooler today and monday 88th year a no. 275 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. C., sunday morning october to 1972 112 pages split ticket voting indicated in governor Senate races Call us circulation. 882-1719 classified ads. 885-2177 All other departments 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25cpoll shows High Point voters favouring Nixon by Robert Marks Enterprise staff writer High Point voters apparently Are going to favor president Nixon with a nearly unanimous vote in election on nov. 7. Republican voters to a Man a and a sizeable majority of democratic voters a prefer president Nixon Over his democratic opponent sen. George Mcgovern. These preferences among High Point voters Are indicated in the first results of the Enterprise election year poll. The results Are based on a return of one third of the number of postal cards mailed to voters in each precinct in High Point. Just slightly Over one fourth of the democratic voters in High Point Are apparently going to vote for their party a presidential candidate. They will manage to give Mcgovern less than one fifth of the total vote in High Point however against the combined democratic and Republican support in the City for president Nixon. Below the presidential ballot High Point voters say the will split their tickets on nov. 7 Between democratic and Republican candidates for governor and Between democratic and Republican candidates for the Senate. Hargrove skipper Bowles the democratic candidate for governor has an la percentage Point Lead in High Point Over his Republican opponent Jim Holshouser. In the race for the Senate however Jesse Helms the Republican candidate has a narrow four Point Lead Over rep. Nick Galifianakis the democratic candidate. A mailing of 265 cards was sent out on sept. 19. Through last Friday 86 of the cards had been returned to the Enterprise. On two of the cards however husbands and wives together indicate their choices in the upcoming election. They did no to entirely agree this initial response is in the pattern of previous election year polls conducted by the Enterprise. The polls have proven surprisingly accurate in measuring actual voter sentiment on election Day. Latest voter registration lists Are being used to conduct the poll. Voting strengths in each precinct. And democratic Republican minority party ratios Are determined. Cards Are mailed according to these strengths and ratios. Voters Are being asked to indicate their preferences in the presidential gubernatorial and senatorial races. They Are also being asked to indicate their preference for or against Abc stores in High Point election rather than the appointment of the High Point school Board and a change of the Law to permit opening of retail stores on sundays. Results of voter preferences on the three local issues will be reported in other stories later this week. In the presidential race 82.9 per cent of the voters responding in the poll indicated they will vote for president Nixon. All of the Republican voters responding said they were going to vote for the president and 71.1 per cent of the democrats indicated they will vote for Nixon. Only 17 per cent of the voters responding All of them democrats a showed a preference for Mcgovern. Among the total number of democrats participating in the poll Only 28.8 per cent indicated support of their party a presidential candidate. Every card returned in the poll showed a preference in the presidential race. In some instances however no preference was indicated in the gubernatorial and senatorial races. In the gubernatorial race Bowles is the Choice among High Point voters Over Holshouser by 54.1 per cent to 43.5 per cent. Among the democrats 70.6 per cent indicated they will vote for Bowles while 30.3 per cent of the Republican voters prefer the Democrat. Holshouser is preferred by 66 7 per cent of the Republican voters who responded to the poll and by 27.4 per cent of the democratic voters. Helms the Republican candidate for Senate is favored by 51.2 per cent of the voters against 47.6 per cent who indicated a preference for Galifianakis the democratic candidate. Helms is favored by 75.7 per cent of the Republican voters and by 34 per cent of the democratic voters in High Point. Galifianakis meanwhile has the support of 64 per cent of the democratic and 24.2 per cent of the Republican voters in the City. One card returned in the poll carried the indication that the voter was an Independent. Preference was shown for the Republican candidates. On one of the two cards returned by husband and wife the couple had checked the space for indicating they Are registered democrats. Both favored Nixon and Bowles but they split in the senatorial race. The wife prefers Galifianakis the husband Helms. The other couple divided on party lines one democratic and the other Republican except in the presidential race. Both favor Nixon. Another sampling in the Enterprise poll will be put into the mail to voters on oct. 16. The results from that mailing will be reported in the Enterprise on sunday nov. 5, just two Days before the election. Football scores Duke. 37 Virginia 13 Ohio state. 29 Carolina. 14 Georgia. 28 no. State 22 Syracuse 16 Maryland 12 for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or a von acknowledge every one. Recipe repeated q. I want to Mako some dried Flower arrangements to put in frames and i was wondering f you would put the directions in one More time. I Promise you i will Cut it out and keep it. Please a wry As some of the most Beautiful Flowers Are Tow in Bloom. Anon. A. Were in Bloom right the directions we be liven before were for preserving full blown Lowers for arrangements not framing. In skim Ning through a whole Book on the subject the Only reference we found to pressing was for Oliage which is placed Between several thick Lesses of unglazed paper like old Telephone books r newsprint and then weighted Down. The methods of preserving Flowers to retain heir color and form might work for framing if of carefully flatten the petals out for the drying process. The centuries old technique of Sand in Yang Calls for White Sand like that sold for semites placed in a Carton or plastic or tin openers. The Flower is placed on the Sand and Nore Sand is gently sifted on it to a depth of at a ast two inches. The Container is kept in a warm iry place such As an attic and depending on the thickness of the Flowers they will be dry in ten lays to two weeks or so. A faster drying medium is Silica gel. As it is extremely absorbent the Box or Container must be sealed during the drying process to keep it from Licking up moisture from the air. The drying time s variable with this method too but generally Akes 3 or 4 Days More or less. Rapid drying ends to intensify the colors Sand drying is variable in dehydration and resulting color. Some Lowers should be dried by both methods to get a Hoice of colors. Dark colors turn Darker Light nes lighter. Sometimes Whites turn Cream color and Rose Pink can change to Lavender or Magenta. For natural form not pressed arrangements he fresh Flowers have to be wired through the tem and Flower head with a six Inch length or so f 24 gauge florists wire. If you want to do it right it would pay to get a Ood Book on tile subject to be prepared for next ears Spring Flowers. The one we referred to is the decorative Art of dried Flower arrange Lents by Georgia Vance Doubleday. Besides illustrated step by step procedures and directions n How to wire glue petals necessary for roses of to place in the drying medium and remove hem without injury this Book has a guide to the est methods to use for 155 varieties. Senate votes lower Ages for retirement. Widows Ion flight the House is dwarfed by this 7-Story High balloon As Mike Adams and Harold Carter inflate it for tests before trying to make their first balloon flight flight Over Atlanta ga., saturday. The two men built the balloon in their Carport. They said it Cost Over $5,000 and Many weeks of hard work but they believe this is the coming thing. Map wire photo Washington a the Senate voted 29 to 25 saturday to Cut the social Security retirement age from 62 to 60 and to reduce from 60 to 55 the age at which widows can draw benefits. But the initial Cost of the proposal estimated at $1.7 billion leading the Bill a managers to indicate it would have to be dropped in the Senate House conference on the social secur Ity welfare Bill. The Senate adopted 52 to 3, another amendment to provide for payment tinder social Security the heavy costs of treatment of persons suffering from chronic kidney disease. Before the debate ended. Sen. Harry f. Byrd jr., ind-va., offered an amendment which May turn out to be the solution of the dispute Over rival proposals to Deal with the problem of welfare families with dependent children. The Byrd rider would eliminate from the Bill All of the operative provisions to handle this problem and set up a test of the various plans to be conducted Over the next two years. The vote on this however was put Over until monday or later. The amendment to reduce the retirement age and the age needed to receive widows payments was sponsored by sen. Robert c. Byrd . Under the Law now men and women can receive retirement checks at age 62 but at a level reduced actuarially below what they would receive at the regular quitting age of 65. The age 60 provision in the amendment Calls for a further reduced payment so that the recipient would receive Over his remaining lifetime on the average the same total amount he would get if he waited to 65 to begin drawing benefits. Widows at present can receive benefits at age 60 based on their former husbands social Security coverage. The widows applying for benefits at 55 also would get actuarially reduce payments under the amendment. Sen. Russell b. Long. A la floor manager for the Bill said the initial Cost would be $1.7 billion in a year and that Mon Mcgovern and Agnew toss burrs sen. George Mcgovern walked the streets of Baltimore saturday and said president Nixon is ignoring the needs of cities to finance the Vietnam War. Vice president Spiro t. Agnew strolled among sugarcane and Magnolia in Louisiana and said Mcgovern has evicted conservative democrats a from their traditional political it was a full Day for Mcgovern returning to the hustings after four Days in Washington and at his Retreat on Maryland a Eastern Shore. He also has a packed week coming up. Concentrating on Eastern and midwestern Industrial centers. On offensive weapons president signs Resolution backing Salt agreement Washington a hailing it As a step reducing the danger of War president Nixon saturday signed a congressional Resolution approving his agreement with soviet leaders limiting the two superpowers offensive nuclear arsenals for five years. A this is not an agreement which guarantees there will be no War a the chief executive said. A a. This is a beginning of a process that is enormously important that will limit now and we Hope later reduce the Burden of arms and thereby reduce the danger of sitting beneath a Crystal chandelier in the White House inside heading Davidson birthday. Page id Cates at mail Call. Poge 2a photo feature. Page 3a 4a women a news. Section b sports. Section c television. Page 20b 19,20, 21b obituaries. Page 3-1 3-22d treaty room. Nixon affixed his signature to the document As la congressional leaders and six administration officials looked Over his shoulders. He had reached the interim agreement in Moscow Summit talks four months ago and along with a treaty limiting deployment of defensive missiles sent it to Capitol Hill for approval there the Senate after protracted debate added an amendment stipulating that there should be Equality in the number of weapons in any future treaty governing the two countries offensive arsenals. The agreement gives the soviet Union a numerical advantage in land based and submarine launched missiles a fact that prompted sen. Henry Jackson d-wash., to press for the amendment. It urges Nixon to seek a treaty that a would not limit the United states to Levels of intercontinental strategic forces inferior to the limits provided for the soviet negotiations on a permanent treaty the so called sait 2 talks Are scheduled to begin this fall in Geneva. Nixon said nothing about the new round of talks in his signing ceremony comments but he has cautioned repeatedly in the past that a these negotiations Are not going to be the Kremlin announced Friday that. Soviet leaders had ratified the second major product of the Moscow Summit the treaty limiting anti ballistic or defensive missiles. The Senate approved the defensive weapons treaty in August but Nixon had withheld action required to Complete the ratification process pending approval of the offensive weapons agreement. By simply is not available in the social Security Trust fund to pay for it. Byrd replied that there would be no Cost to the fund Over a Long period of years since those receiving Early benefits by the time they died. Would have been paid Only about the same total amount As if they had waited to the later years. The amendment to Ald sufferers from chronic kidney Dis ease offered by sen. Vance Hartke a ind would make such persons eligible to receive social Security disability payments to cover Cost of their treatment. Hartke said b.000 americans Are dying each year because they cannot afford or obtain regular use of kidney machines or cannot get kidney transplants. Hanoi offensive hitting doldrums Saigon Aid the North vietnamese offensive marked the end of its sixth month saturday with a general Battlefield Lull but officers Here done to believe Hanoi has halted its test of South Vietnam a ability to survive militarily. With the monsoons expected to move in Over the Northern half of South Vietnam during october Saigon a troops Are poised to defend their coastal cities with diminishing american air support. Some sources believe the enemy will stage a series of spectacular a of not strategically significant a attacks in the Saigon Region tie fore the presidential election in the United states. The . Command in Saigon announced that american warplanes raided North vietnamese military airfields Northwest of Hanoi and destroyed or damaged nine Mig interceptors on the ground. A die coordinated strikes Friday by . F4 phantoms were among the heaviest against North Vietnam a air Force since the United states resumed full scale bombing of the North in response to Hanoi a offensive in the South. Radio Hanoi claimed that antiaircraft gunners in yen Bai province Northwest of Hanoi shot Down a . Fida swag Wing Jet on thursday the Day the aircraft returned to combat duty in Indochina. The us. Command announced no such loss but its policy is to announce no aircraft losses until completion of search and Rescue operations for crewmen. Three fills were lost in North Vietnam 44 years ago. At a news conference in Warrenton va., defense Secretary Melvin r. Laird refused to confirm or deny the report. The last six months of the Over All War have been an exercise in superlatives.19 killed in blast on ship Saigon a an explosion ripped through a gun Turret on the . 7th fleets heavy Crusier Newport news Early sunday killing 19 sailors and injuring to the Navy announced. The worlds largest gun Cruiser was operating just below the demilitarized zone in an area some 13 Miles North Northeast of Quang tri City firing against North vietnamese positions the Navy said. The explosion occurred at about i a in. Saigon time. A extent of the damage is not known but it apparently was restricted to the gun Turret a the 7th Fleet said in a Brief statement. A cause of the Accident is under it was the worst Accident aboard a 7th Fleet ship since the big american buildup began last March 30 to counter the North vietnamese often Sive. Says control is adequate Laird defends military Warrenton a. A Secretary of defense Melvin r. Laird said saturday that civilian control is exercised effectively Over the military forces and opposed any major changes in the system As the result of unauthorized air raids against North Vietnam. Laird told a news conference that a i am completely satisfied with the system we have. A i think it would be a very grave error to make Basic Laird rejected proposals made by some critics that a civilian official be posted in each major military command reporting directly to him. A i would not want that to happen a Laird said stressing his Faith in the present system under which the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff exercises command authority and reports to the Secretary of defense. Questions about the effectiveness of civilian control Over the military arose Over the dismissal from command of air Force Gen. John i. Lavelle for conducting a number of unauthorized raids against targets in ki/�?Tvr4h Piaf Nam Kaffir or pal Dent Nixon reopened sustained bombing of the North. After the Senate armed services committee completed hearings on the raids Friday chairman John c. Stennis d-miss., said he thinks the unauthorized raids indicated no serious Challenge to civilian authority. Sen. Richard Schwei Ker r-pa., said however he think a custom in

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