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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - November 29, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Wednesday Novra Stirr 21939the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina Page seven he Enterprise Page of entertainment for the family Kenney on Bridge three opener shows strength and invites partner to bid no Trump b v William k. Mckenney America c Ard authority a serial Story Weaver of tales would by Tom Horner copyright. 193#, inca service. Inc this is tile ninth of a series of 18 articles on Tim Vanderbilt club Contention. All opening three bids Are trend the Howing hut deny at least the desire and almost allays that ability to open with be Iii. In other words. What n a tree bid is made the implication is conveyed that tile hand is not Nile Strung enough to open with be club or the player wishes to Snake a strength hewing bid. Flitch at the same time is design a to shut out opponents bidding t the lower Levels. The bid us by conveys the impression that he strength is largely if not altogether restricted to the suit am ii if the opening bid is three clubs or Iii 1 diamonds it has ate conventional meaning of How no such a suit As a ii la j 2 a q j 2 possibly a k j 6 6 2. The bid does not guarantee by Side strength but As a Rule Iii hand contains a stopper in nether suit or partial stoppers a two other suits. Such a bid is constructively a Strong invitation for partner to id three no Trump and such an invitation could not profitably be extended lacking support in any Ither suit it would be tempting Fate too much to expect your Hurter to hold stoppers against by possible Adverse opening it our own hand were a Blank out Ideth suit in which three were id. Exception should be made however with Spades 4 2 a arts 3 i diamonds 2 2 dubs a k q j 4 3 2, As the Cong suit from a defensive Stan Pat might be opened and Palter Mac Well have a weak stopper in two other stilts such a and for instance As Spades. K 4 hearts qui diamonds 9 8 7 clubs amp 4. With a Spade or possibly a heart opening. Game would be made. In major suits the opening three hid strongly invites a game contract with that suit As the Trump. Partner should raise three Spades to four with such a holding As Spades 4 3 2 hearts a 3 2 diamonds k j 5 4 clubs 4 3 2. Should the % partner choose a his response three no Trump he should he prepared to face the probability that the opening bidder will rebid to four Spades if the distribution of the hands suggests that such is the More Likely contract to succeed. The opening bid of three in a major conveys the Strong inference that the hand is restricted to the suit named. Although with some holdings upon which such a bid would be made a three no Trump response might Well he passed. For example Spades a k j to 3 2 hearts 3 2 diamonds k j to clubs q 9. But with Spades k q j 0 4 3 2 hearts. A diamonds q to clubs a q 2. The opening bidder would certainly rebid to four Spades. The Singleton heart the shortness of diamonds Are both compelling arguments for the greater safety of the suit Conli act it is found that the opening three bid in a major often shut is out the opponents Atid in any event it restricts their action particularly when the High cards held by then a divided. It is especially effective in Spades. Where opponents May enter the i bidding Only at the Leve l of four and somewhat effective in hearts where an Adverse three Spade Overall May easily suffer a three til k penalty. Next t Rump. Harrison in Hollywood barrage of dishes and bottles menace to spies on film set Harry Langdon i Akes up old role As slapstick comedy comes Back by i us Harbison Sfa ser let Suff correspondent Hollywood. Nov. 2 be producer Lou Brock Bead of tis shorts department at Kho repeatedly has threatened to close to sets to visitors because spies from neighbouring stages have been sen lurking around obviously intent on stealing a few comedy gags to bolster the big matures most of the time though no such precautions Hie needed. Only the nimble St spy could steal anything on stage a Golf be escaped the barrage of crockery land bottles lied probably Tetra pled in a Stampede of cops and Crooks missing that Fate he d almost certainly be beaded he one of several viciously Whir Ling miniature Ait planes your correspondent ventured in stage 3 and sustained Only minor bruises but i still have met Cly the foggiest idea of what was supposed to be going on there. All i know is that somewhere in the Middle of the excitement was a bewildered look ing Little Man named Harry Langdon and that for the first time in 11 years he was Hack in Tho character that made him a Mons. Ile wore an old fashioned police uniform and an Ait of pulled harassment Langdon is of a re years old now and ext. Opt for a Rinall paunch he Hasni to changed perceptibly. His special Stylo of comedy he told to during an armistice Hasni to changed at All. A after talkies came in Quot to said 1 never got a Chanco to do my character. Slapstick was out but ifs Hack now. I worried some Side glances of a ,1 it a Gss ii iter Nia a a a Ici. Two. V m Sto. U St Ess a this is my son and daughter. In Case they Ever try to charge Gas i want you to refuse them. The opening one no it ast of it Hailu ter8 Arnold Bem Hohne a l Ive persons wished him dead. Helen Henthorne his charming Young wife. William Alston a Hen i Homes father in Law and Busine associate. Joey Ditorio night club owner and gangster. Ara Johnson the mystery girl. John Rodelas \ Young mining Engineer in love with Ara. A fat in Dawson a de Testivo who likes to listen. Yesterday Dawson studies the cigarettes. Ara Cornea tells him that site saw Bent Honic earlier in the evening. She came to kill him but or. Bent Home interrupted their meeting. Dawson asks us she wanted to kill Lle Thorne. Slowly Ira answers a the was a fatties a chapter Xiii for a moment there a silence As Asa s word seemed to Echo throughout the room. I he girl lid Bear a resemblance to Bent Honic Dawson realised now wondering How it had escaped him the expression of hate death had Frozen on Ben Thomes face was reflected however softened in her features til Ere was t ii same downward slant to the Corners Ltd a the Mouth the Aamy determined set of the jaw. And Ara almost unbreakable control her ruthlessness it purpose a there were Benthos no a heritage to his daughter. A you have proof of course Quot Dawson asked explaining a you May share in the estate. Ara Shook her head. A i done to want his Money every Quot she said bitterly. Quot he offered me that. A Hundred thousand to go away and never let mrs. Bent Honic know. I laughed at him. I wanted to make him suffer As we had suffered Mother and i. Quot you must have some proof the detective persisted gently. A a i be plenty of proof right Here in this room a Ara answered. Quot pictures letters a marriage certificate. They were on the desk when mrs. Henthorne came in. He stuffed them into a Book and put it on the shelf quickly hoping she had t seen them. But i told a suppose you Start at the beginning and Tell me All about it. Well get to the proofs later if Dawson guided her to a chair then stood Over her waiting for this unbelievable fantastic Story. There was nothing sordid in Ara account of her Mother marriage to the Man the world a to know As Arnold be Thorn of was merely the old old Story of an impetuous daughter an attractive Young Man and an elopement to escape parental objection Quot Mother her name was Ara Johnson too Quot the Cirl began. Quot was the daughter of a wealthy Montana cattleman. She was a Beautiful girl and she had a dozen proposals before she was is but John Douglas Quot a Dawson glanced questioningly of tile Young Man. A the mention of the name a Quot really won her love. A the was handsome wealthy apparently an adventurer when he came to Montana. So one could find out much about him. Or where he had made his Money a but that did no to bother folks out there much. He did no work received no mail and apparently had no interest in if until he me Ara Johnson. Quot the old Cowman Boss Johnson. Had Little liking for the stranger the Cirl related and less when he discovered i daughter was seeing Douglas. At last the couple eloped to Salt Lak City. The marriage lasted three months. Then Douglas disappeared. Leaving his wife penniless and alone. She was too proud to go Back to her father too Independent to ask for help. She found work. First As a waitress. Then in a laundry but the hour were Long and the pay Small Ara was born in a Charity Ward. But the months of work the agony of loneliness climaxed by the birth of the child had taken too great a toll of her mothers strength. A before Mother died she wrote All of this in detail. Then she put it with a1 lot her pictures of turn self and her husband her marriage certificate and some letters John Douglas had written her before their elopement. On one of them his Finger must have been smudged with Ink was an almost perfect fingerprint. She also wrote a letter to her father in Montana. A she left instructions that her father should be notified in ease of her death and that the packet of letters should be kept for me. But something went wrong no cml Ever told her Tattler. And Tho packet was forgotten. A i was raised in an orphanage apparently no one Ever wanted to adopt me. When i was to i went j to work As a housemaid. The family i worked for were kind j and helped me All they could. It was through their efforts that i was Able to Trace my birth record and discover my Mother. A one of the nurses who bad cared for Mother remembered her. And told me about her. She remembered the packet of letters too and when she Learned i did not have them she began a search that finally uncovered them in an old file Cabinet in the a a but finding her father was no simple the Quot a. Ara Learned after Long years of vain searching. She might have gone Home to her Grandfather lest finding her father became an obsession. Site had been alone All of her life a few More years could not matter. And Tho years Pas cd any affection she might have had for j Lier father turned to hate. Her Long hours of work were blamed on him. The pleasures she was forced to forego and the hardships she endured were charged up to i neglect hers a a Long fight. For an education for a Job even for a living. Detecting her father a he re used his name adopted that of her Grandfather. And All the time so waited for the Clew that might Lead her to her father. It came unexpectedly. Yes she was working As cashier in a Coffee shop where she first noticed him an open faced red haired. Smiling youth who paused to talk about the weather and the baseball games As he paid his Check. A build up for an invitation to show and supper Quot she warned herself. There were Many such requests and invariably All met with the same smiling refusal. But this time Ara wondered if she really wanted to class this genial Young Man with All the it hers. For a we k she watched for him each Day. Waited for the inevitable a How about seeing a show tonight Quot but it did not come. Then late one evening just before she was ready to quit she looked up from counting her change into those laughing Blue eyes and that disarming Grin. A have you lived in Salt Lake Long Quot he asked pleasantly. A i a born Here Quot a you must know a lot of people Quot Quot not Many and Only a few of those who really a a in a looking for a Man Quot he continued. A i Don t know much about the City. In be sear bed for i a week and i m no farther now than when i started. You be been Friendly More so than any other person Ive met a i wonder if you d help me Quot there was no denying his straightforward Appeal. A wait outside until i m through Here. We can Stop at the Library Check into the fifteen minutes later they hurried toward the Library. Suddenly Ara paused. Quot this Isnit a habit i of mine you know Quot she said. Quot but you do look honest and i May he Able to Quot i know you the Young Man insisted. A May i introduce myself i am John to be continued horizontal i 7 Treen a doubly popular writer of last Century. 12 roof finial. 13 to spout Forth. 15 self. 16 Crucifix. 18 some. 19 flabby. 20 suture. 22 father. 23 rodent. 25 to entrust. 28 Small Island. 30 a gratification 31 lieu. 33 sphere. 35 it is. 36 Tennis Point. 38 falsehood 40 mister. La scampered headlong. 14 mama. 46 footprint. Answer to previous Puzzle 47 does wrong. 49 pertaining to the Sun. 51 tribunal. 53 a David Copperfield is the Story of his own 55 to make lace. 56 a Sot. 58 to observe. 59 he was an English 6jd Sheen. Vertical 2 pronoun. 3 disciples of Christ. 4 to ascend. 5 electrical unit. 6 health resort 7 arid. 8 neuter pronoun. 9 Parrot. 10 ovum. 11 wooden pin. 14 one who ruins another. 16 his Well known Story a a 17 sorrowful. 19 baseball stick r 21 intersected. 22 cavity. 24 stirring. 26 preface. 27 fur. 29 each. 32 dating machine. 34 maudlin. 37 tube cover. 39 fish. 41 condition. 42 crease in cloth. 43 scum. 45 tree. 46 slovak. 48 Mutton fat. 50 Indian. 51 Public Auto. 52 right. 54 Golf device. 56 musical note. 57 Ell. The family doctor a bout making the character speak but my Normal voice seems to fit pretty Well and anyway i stick mostly to pantomime. A i a to be Bai k told Joh Quot this is a two re Eler. Bag k in the Days when i was in the big dough wed take maybe a month to do stuff like this and now Thev a it it it Down to three Days i a glad to see that tile stories still come easy. The character practically flow along by himself All we have to do think up some new motivation to get him started. I Hope it goes All tight. Anyway it s the director called for action again and Langdon grabbed a Fly swatter and began Hatting at the Model air planes Whilt h were zooming around on invisible wire attached to aching poles manipulated by prop men on the i at w Alks overhead. Three heavies started tossing vases and dishes with an aimless frenzy i ducked behind a table offstage and found myself sharing the shelter with a Bulky extra dressed As a cop. He was Frank of Connor who used to direct Bola Negri and t Iara Bow. Is Street scene the cow town on Universal a Shack lot has been dressed up with a coat of paint and a couple of new swinging door for a Saloon. They re Call ing it the Mae Western Street because she Aud w. C. Field work Titer occasionally in a my Little saddled horses stand at hitching Racks. Extras strolling on the Board sidewalks Wear Beaver hats Hustles spurs Hap and cranium crackers _ i pneumonia and influenza cause Uncle rays Corner 5?= ten per cent of All deaths in u. S. To id m r in men people Aren t Nelv to forget a president of the t cited state Tor Many fears of Tat he a retired from flier hut Cabinet of Titer frequently drop into obscurity who they uni Conder their portfolio. Each of the following men were inned state Cabinet officers within the att 15 years. Simply fill in the blinks 1. Curtis Wilbur was Secretary of under Coolidge from 1924 to 1929, 2. Frank b Kellogg was be rotary of Nuder Coolidge Between in j5 and 1929. 3. Ogden Mills solved in 1932 and 1933 under Hoover As Secretary of a a4 w. M Jard inc a Secretary of Ender Coolidge from 1925 to 1929. 5 Roy Lyman Wilbur held the Post of Secretary of under Hoover from i 24 to 1933. A newer on want a Page. How can i i Anne Ashley q How can i relieve tired get is a. Try bathing them in a hot Epsom Salt solution before retiring. Dissolve a half Teaspoon of Epsom Salt in a cup of hot water and apply pads dipped into this solution just a hot a can be borne. Repeat several times and the strained feeling will Digap Pear q How can i remove an Ido Dinc slain from Wood y. How can i add attractiveness to the appearance of plan custard a. Serve the custard in tall Glass garnishing with whipped Cream and pieces of currant Jelly. Flowing skirt. In front of the hotel horse handlers ankh deep in dust Are placing a Carriage with a skittish team of Blacks. Mae West Dols mor work a Black 16-Cylinder limousine slightly smaller than a Pullman tar. Oozes a i beside the Carriage. Chauffeur Footman maid and Hairdresser alight As a couple of flunkies spread a length of faded red Plu h carpet. Now miss West emerges. Director fiddle Clin his assistant the makeup Man. The Start stand in and Hulk Dick Koran the latter holding mins West a Lacy parasol practically lift her from the car. Club lung or Forant a hand she walks three Steps on the carpet goes up a set of portable stairs which the flunkies have placed beside the Carriage and seats herself. Koran swing in from the opposite Side after climbing Over a wheel. Tine yells. A action Quot the camera turns and Koran clucks to the horses. They move ahead to feet out of camera Range and the handlers seize their bridles. The stairs and hit of carpet Are put in place a Iii limousine moves into position. The Star and her entourage arrange themselves and Glide away att is West has done a morning s work. Alexander s Small routed persians with i Clear Blue eve his curly Golden hair hid his Well shaped feature. Meander was a Man who would have seemed handsome whatever place he held in the world partly he Caus a of i handsome face but More because of his conquests the Story spread that Alexander a a god. It seems there were Many persons who really came to this belief. Lathering an army from his own country. Macedonia and from Greece the King marched into lands which now make up Turkey hut whih at that time were parts of the persian Empire. In one of the Early Battles a persian it away part of Alexander helmet with a sword and a Spear Cut through the Armor Cov shaped features Alexander was a Erling his right shoulder. The Bat re was won. However and the shoulder wound was healed before Long. Before fighting that Battle the King and his men had a crossed the Hellespont Quot in other words they had passed Over a narrow Channel dividing Europe from Asia minor. Today people speak a if the Channel a a the Persia lost the Battle hut Darin the persian King was not ready to give up his country. Hoping to crush the invader he formed on of the largest armies which Ever had been known. We ate told it numbered a million men. A conflict known As the Battle of Arbela took place on a Plain near the Tigris River. Alexander had Only 47,900 soldiers to face th1 mighty persian Host. Numbers do not always decide a Battle. The skill of a general May do a great Deal to bring Victory to a Small army fighting a larger one. Alexander a the skilled general needed in this Case. At the army portrait of Alexander. Age of 25. He was a master in the so caled a part Quot of War. He knew where Best to place his foot solder with their Long pikes. Where Best to Send i 7,000 cavalry charging with their Spears tin persians had 200 chariots and these were driven toward the enemy each Chariot had a Long Blade at either Side a Blade which might Cut Down men a a scythe cuts tall gras Alexander gave orders to Iii Soldier to seize the bridles of the advancing horses and this was done. The armed chariots did Little damage Alexander s men won the Battle of Arbela and the persians were put to flight for biography Section of your scrapbook if you want a free copy of he illustrated leaflet a True adventure stories Quot Send me a 3 stamped return envelope in care of this newspaper. Uncle Ray. Tomorrow capture of Tyre a a a Owasso Mittu the words you Are about to look it. In the split seconds that they hit your eyes form a new kind of reporting. This will take sixty seconds to read. While you Are Reading these fads the events they uterine Are actually taking place. What happens in is in motion. Destiny in be minute on Earth. A world folds itself Star Reading passenger autos in the i nit a states of America Ere increasing in Sale and manufacture the ratio for the balance of the War in America All for an inn East average of a car coming off Assembly line every minute of every hour internal Revenue collection of tobacco taxes in America Are in creasing at a rate of $3o a min Ute americans Are now smoking Sci much. Nazi Germany involved in the second world War has now stopped exports to Japan on dyes Aud synthetic fibres. To find substitute fur this stoppage the japanese government is spending $2 every seconds on research North China was self sustaining on wheat Bourm the Seco no world War but now is obliged to import a ton of wheat each minute of the Day and night. Since september of 143s, the English government a been spending $200 every time the second hand on that watch of yours turns around just once., on air raid precautions. Std Reading. Tug i Hie fifth ii a a a rules of la article by or. Leg ii be i it on die nine principal cause of death in the i listed states v hide. Morris Fishbein editor journal of Hie american met do a1 in Dation and of ii Kola die health Magazine rated after heart disease among the chief census of death in the United states Are influenza and pneumonia. They Are grouped together because they frequent Trike at the same time or because one often follows the Thor. In 19 37 influenza Ami Pion Monte a counted for Tivoli deaths or 10.02 Pep cent of All death in Thi country. They caused 12.6 per cent of All deaths among persons Between the Agos of 5 and 19 and were third among the causes of death in this age group. Nevertheless. A Xci it for the great epidemic of 191$, the number of deaths from influenza and pneumonia a Hee gradually declining. Now there i reason to believe that with the discovery of anti pneumonia serums Ami Eiolf pyridine As effective agents the rates will fall till lower. Influenza alone is Seldom fatal. In fad for a while ail deaths from both diseases were chalked up to pneumonia. Then came the epidemic of 1918. And a it Learned of the special nature of influenza. Under some circumstances. In that epidemic Many patients died of pneumonia but the chief cause of death was influenza which induced pneumonia. A since scientists ale convinced we Are Likely to have further epidemics of influenza from time to time we should give some attention to methods of preventing such conditions. In the la St place remember these diseases Are of the infectious Type. One of the first preventative measures is to stay away from persons who Are victims of these diseases. Remember too that the germs ire spread by roughing or sneezing. The person who is sick should not be the same Towel napkins drinking and eating utensils that Are used by the rest of the family. Certainly they should refrain from kissing or j fondling children j we do not have any a Stab j ii Hod form of vaccination or Ino it Ula Tiou against influenza and pneumonia. Prevention therefore Means that we must keep our bodies in the Best physical condition so they can resist these disease by die development of the kind of natural resistance the body a against All sort of physical disturbance. Neglect of mild influenza or of a mild cold leads to pneumonia. The first thing to do when you Are sick is to get into bed Aud Call a doctor Nen to modern treatment of pneumonia. A new instrument which allow for temperature of the motor accurately computes a mileage. During 1938, 1,957,350 new passenger cars were sold in the United state. It is estimated that throughout the nation during the month of october 214.000 new passenger cars were registered thus making the Hest october in eight years. Flapper Fanny by Sylvia Coes. In a in it a scanner my r m tee u % sat orc distributed a Esquire in a turns inc. str Chi prohibited. Copyright Hwy Squir or Turt be look and learn modern etiquette id a. Gordon he Kobert \ Lee 1. Who wrote that through a propaganda a people can he made to believe. The most miserable existence is a Paradise Quot 2. Who is the supreme diet in greek mythology 3. What was the first important action in the world War undertaken by the american army separately 4. Who assumed leadership of the children of Israel after the death of Moses 5. What is the chief Pacific seaport of Canada \ new ers 1. Adolph Hitler in i autobiography. 2. Zeus Battle of St. Mihiel sept. Ember 1918. 4. Joshua. 5. Vancouver air planes Are now being used to study the prevention of Hail formations in a Hail zone or in fog by exploding special bombs inside the fog or Cloud. J. Hen s pending the Christmas holidays at a Friend s Home should the guest have a gift for each member of the family a be by All Means and he should also give an extra tip to to each of the servants Iii the household. Q when a Man ukes a girl to a Small dance is it necessary that he dance a1 evening with her alone a. Not at All. He May ask any girl s partner of he would like to Exchange dances. J what is the Correct thing to j say when someone apologizes Over i the phone for getting the wrong j number a. Quot it plainly Quot is sufficient. Recently designed especially for stunt flying was an Ordinary Light plane with specially built Landing wheels and cockpit built on its Back thus enabling the Pilof to take off Fly and Laud while the plane is upside Down. Lessons in English by w. L. Gordon words Oft Fin misused do not say Quot we Hope to pass the ordnance at our next say Quot we Hope to Pas the ordinance Quot Tan order decree or Law. I ordnance Means military supplies. Often mis p r o n of need justifiable. Principal accent is on first syllable. Often misspelled imitate one in. Immigrate two m s. Synonyms criticize censure reprove word study a use a word three times and it is let a increase our vocabulary by mastering Otic word each Day. To Days word apostate noun one who deserts professed principles of Faith a renegade pronounce the u As in of accent follow the so file was an apostate Fao to the vows of his Church according to reports recently received from abroad production will soon be started in France on a 1500-horsepower air plane engine. The engine is an almost Flat double eight having a dry weight of enc Pound per horsepower. 11 a it a if we re Goin in the car you better put on the chains a the v sidewalks Are Slick As Glass

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