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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - November 29, 1925, High Point, North Carolina High Point Enterprise sunday. November 29. 92-> Page la ring includes Grange and self on an All american football eleven l l year old Center Wise enough not to slight red who by the Way got his old Man sheriffs Job through unique doughnut episode to the editor in response to demands from practically All Over our Yard i will take this occasion to make Public my All american football selections for 1925 first team d. Kitchen Copen school end. A. Merrill Chicago tackle. R. Lardner copt Niles High guard. J. Lardner Green Vale Center. E. Lardner Smith guard. B. Lardner great neck tackle. J. P. Lardner great neck end. Grange Illinois Quarter. D. Lardner great neck halfback. P. Zinsser great neck halfback. B. Kitchen great neck fullback. For the first time in the experience of myself it is a pleasure this year to pick an All american team. Soon As you have chose Grange and a Center to pass him the a Hall you done to need or want no More football players and can take advantage of the Opportunity to fill out the other positions with relatives and congenial friends. Comical Gal at end j. Lardner who i have selected for Center plays that position with the Green Val team at Glen head Long a Island and can pass the Ball pretty Good which is All that is necessary. He has got a Good head and would never make the mistake of passing the Ball to any of the backs except Grange. I noticed in the Illinois Pennsylvania game that the Orange and Blue Center slipped up on several Occa Siom and passed to Britton Green and Daugherty and wasted a Good Deal of time As these 3 men would Stop after they had went 4 or 5 or 20 yes. Whereas Grange considered that he had been thrower for a loss if he went lest than 1-2 the Lenth of the Field. J. Lardner knows the other backs on my team too Well to pass to them. One of them is his brother David 6 yrs. Of , while miss Zinsser and miss Kitchen is a it in the daddy c watched red also about that old and have been selected because they Are in David s class at great Neek preparatory school and would keep him from getting bored during the times Grange was away somewhere with the Ball. However to make insurance doubly sure As they say i would insist on the team being Learned Only one signal namely 77 which Means Grange. I have appointed myself Captain of this eleven As a Token of respect for age. The Madam is placed at the other guard As it has been reported that she feels Hurt at not being mentioned when i am in the throws of giving the family a Little publicity. The Gardners at tackle and end Are the other two kiddies and while they both play football them self they Promise that they would not attempt to stand in grangers Way was he to come through their Side of the line. D. Kitchen who i have placed at the other end is a sister in Law of Mino that married one of the Kitchen boys. She is a Nice Gal to have along on a party like this on acct of the comical remarks she makes sometimes sending the crowd into an uproar and keeping them there. Like for inst the last time i seen her she said a what does that expression mean. A so is your father a a beside her at tackle i have put Alice Kitchen Merrill As they both live in Evanston 111., and Are sister in Laws to one another and get along pretty Good and during the lulls in the game they could set Down somewhere and disgust Evanston social life. Ring ignores opponents it is hardly necessary to Point out that four or five of these players would find football something of a Novelty but seven of them can play the piano six with both hands and two pretty Good moreover the guards one end and one tackle could get up a Bridge Gam and let Grange Cut in which they say is one of his specialities though the Day i seen him at Philadelphia he either went through the Middle or Way outside. The team would be Well balanced with five blonder five brunettes and one doubtful. Now a word or 2 in regards to Grange himself. He is a native of Wheaton. 111., and it seems that a few is. Ago the mayor of the town was leaning from his Dormer window and seen red come running out of the House with some fresh doughnuts and his daddy after him and the daddy cached red and relieved him of the doughnuts and the mayor says to him be Well if lie can catch red in the news of the Day i have appointed myself Captain extol batteries the oxide service station is in better condition today to serve than it has Ever before been in its history. W e have doubled our eight hour Battery charging equipment Iii order to take care of the increased demands for service that has been our pleasure to receive during the past few months. This additional equipment makes it possible for us to serve just double the number of patrons As heretofore. It is our constant aim to always give our patrons the fastest and Best possible service that can be rendered. With this end in View our or. C. B. Mitchell will leave tonight for a trip to the oxide factory in Philadelphia pa., for an intensive study of the new methods of Battery manufacturing and servicing. Give us a trial we guarantee to satisfy. Auto electric amp Battery company 217 East Commerce Street phone 2589 Grange they wont nobody get Awa from him so he appointed the old Man chief of police. Illinois Summers is generally always unbearably hot and people who can afford a trip goes up to the lakes in Northern Michigan and Wisconsin to Cool off. Grange ainu to got that much Money so he spends i july and August in an ice Wagon. This must of been forgotten by the j Guys that greased Franklin Field. 1 thinking red do nothing if it was Slippery. One of my operatives once asked red if being an ice Man had any-1 thing to do with his Success As a i Back. A no a a replied Harold tugging at j his Walrus Mustache a the 2 sports i is entirely different. If you carried i a football with tongs what would j happen to the bladder a a what a asked the operative j who was hard of hearing. A a i said. A what would happen to i the bladder a a repeated the j Wheaton Clown. The writer has been asked Over the radio to compare grangers style of running with that of Heston and Mahan. Well it always seemed to me like Heston and Mahan got there by straight arming and dodging and knocking would be tackles for a Ghoul. Red wont have nothing to do with them. He treats them like strangers. To is customary to select More than one team for All american honors but dinner is nearly ready so suffice it to say that the second team plays is. The first team lots of times and when you play is. Grange you generally get humiliated so we will leave the picking of the second team to our Host of readers to who i suggest that they pick people they ainu to got no use for however i have often thought that they was one Man who might Stop red and that is volstead of Minnesota. Look How easy he stopped drinking. Copyright. 1925, Bell Syndicate Christmas gift suggestions shop Early in the Day and in the week save yourself time trouble and annoyance. Mail Early in the month save the Post office clerks and carriers and assure the Safe and Early arrival of your packages. Notes these suggestions pins of All kinds vanities Cigar holders rings watches cuff links cigarette cases cigarette holders diamonds charms tie clasps glassware lieutenant general Jose Sanjuro Saranel has been appointed High commissioner of the Spanish armies in Morocco. Major general John f. Of Ryan world War Veteran looms As the next head of the new York City police. Cole Blease senator from South Carolina declares Entrance by the United states into the world court will jeopardize the sovereignty of the american people Barbara Kemp american Singer stands staunchly by her husband Max von Schilling whose resignation As director of the prussian state opera has been demanded ghz Adna per ass i re. Or. Harbison is Back from old Home real sportsmanship by Francis quintet former open and Amateur Champion sized what was that the other to recall those two Fine shots according to rules covering such a situation but he was so disturbed he made a sorry mess of the Hole the time he played Iii his proper turn and he eventually lost a hard fought match. This was a bit far fetched and i seriously doubt whether or not it was just the thing to do under the Circum Rev. E. J. Harbison pastor of East end methodist Church returned yesterday from Morganton where he spent thanksgiving with his parents. Enro Ute to his old Home or. Stances. I am satisfied he had a Harbison took Carlton Manly of perfect right to recall any and All Cable street., to the methodist or shots played out of turn but i won Hanage at Der whether it. Was the sportsman or. Harbison attended a Union like thing to do. I thanksgiving service at Morgan copyright 1925, Bell synd Ca Eton and heard a splendid Sermon by Rev. Bower pastor of the Bap and Many other items too numerous to mention. Our prices Are right and we guarantee each Sale. Chas. E. Hayes amp co. Too North main St. At the Railroad there is no substitute for satisfaction our service is distinguished by the careful attention we to every detail however Small that can add to the impressiveness dignity and reverence of the occasion. We can be depended upon to omit nothing that can or should be done. Yows funeral homely 71 Nom i directors % v a few Days ago in England a match was played Between Ted and men who has taken the place of some of the stars across the water that proved conclusively that there is something More to the game than the Mere winning of a match. These golfers were engaged Iii a hot match of thirty six holes to decide which of the two should have the Honor of having his name go Down in the record Book As hav no finished second in the British pen championship of 19 25, which vent was won by Jim Barnes. On one of the deciding holes of Tho match. Ray drove into trouble and a Spectator acc Dently stepped upon his Ball. The fact was made known to Harold Hilton who happened to be refereeing the contest and he called the players into conference to decide what should be done about the affair. Without a moments hesitation. Compston walked Over to the spot where the Ball rested picked it up and drop j Ped in a far More advantageous j place. According to the rules Ray j would have been compelled to j play the Ball in the first instance because the unfortunate occurrence would have been interpreted As a a rub of the Compston realized at once that Ray had become a victim to a circumstance Over which he had no control and we must recognize the splendid sportsmanship exercised by the former who took such Complete command of the situation. Golfers a genuine sportsmen. I am Happy to say every golfer i have come in Contact with during the last fifteen years has shown a tendency to lean Over backwards in giving an opponent the Best of j it. However there Are some cases a where players insist upon strict1 adherence to the rules and while this is not a thing to criticize any i one for doing still even this can j be carried to excess and in the j end brings about nothing but ill feeling. Springing a watch on the golfer who has lost a Ball is something we can hardly condone with. I i know of a Case where one player j searched in the rough for his Ball while his opponent pulled out his watch and at the end of five minutes informed the other that a time was up a and he must consider the Ball As lost. You could expect a thing such As that to happen in a prize ring but hardly in a Golf a match. One of the most unfortunate things i Ever heard of happened in a match Between two closely matched players. Coming to the sixteenth tee one player teed up his Ball played a Fine shot with an Iron to within six feet of the Hole and his opponent said a a i am very sorry you played out of turn and i recall that tee shot because it was my the embarrassed player quickly dropped another Ball and again played in close to the Hole and a second time the opponent recalled the shot. By this time the first player real naval Maneu vers plan for Spring will be dropped need for conserving fuel Supply has important bearing on action list Church at that place. Read about Pinecliffe on Page 12. Rcor.bro4< 8ts. Wow Poller la. Washington nov. 28.�? apr plans or Maneu vers off the West coast of South America next Spring have been abandoned by the Navy. At the War department today it was said the need for conserving the fuel Supply under the present budget allowance and other considerations of Economy made impossible any Maneu vers next year on a Large scale such As those in hawaiian Waters this year and that Only greatly restricted exercises would be held. The plan had been for the Fleet to assemble at the Pacific end of the Panama canal for the exercises and then to proceed to South american Waters for tactical problems and Maneu vers similar to the program carried out in 1921 when the Atlantic and Pacific fleets went to Valparaiso Chile and Callao Peru and then steamed out for a search problem and a simulated engagement. Once before in 1922. The Maneu vers were abandoned because of the demands of Economy but in 1923 the program of annual xer cases on a grand scale were resumed being held to test the Pacific defences of the Panama canal As Well As to provide Fleet training. In 1924 the Maneu vers were in the West indies while this year after exercises in hawaiian Waters the Fleet went to Australia and new zealand. It is hoped to resume them again in 1 927 i h the army participating in Maneu vers designed to test the defences of new England. Increased income new York. Nov. 2s.�? apr i the Southern Railroad reports an increase of $385,950 in october net of rang income Over the same month last year. Gross revenues also gained More than is Ioc Quot net for the ten months of 19 3 was $28,202,324. An inc rear it of >4,211, Over the same period of 1924. Unequalled value a a i a a the Oldsmobile Sedan is actually in a class by itself an unmatched value. Comparison and demonstration prove absolutely that no j other automobile offers you such Beauty such performance at such a Low Price. I larger news service new York nov. 28.�? apr the Ever widening popularity it of College football resulted in a special nows service to South America today on the army Navy game. In cooperation with the All american cables. The associated press sent a comprehensive Story a of the contest to Arica. Chile for the information of the Mission there headed by general Pershing engaged in negotiating the Chile peruvian Boundary controversy. Sedan 1025 Ibur ind f875 coach a 9 Price /. O. B. Lansing Fox extra c. F. Farley motor co. 332 n. Wrenn phone 8204 Olds bile

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