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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - November 25, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Page fourth High Poust Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina saturday november 25, 1939high Point Enterprise published afternoons said sunday morning Quot j p Bailey publisher Mhz 1915-1937_ h. B. Terry. A a a president let. A. Rawley Sec a and treas. Hamm Etc a. Cecil pen mgr Carus m Waynick. Editor subscription rates Nail and sunday by Carrier in High Point and nearby to a a Walt months. L2 is six Mon til. J is three month. Of one month. One week. J carriers in nearby town Are not permitted to collect for More than one week in Advance. Carrier in City Are not permit us wicca pm i for a Vertod of More than five a a lt.uo2cr.pln lot. Iou. Pm it a u a. Payment a Tould be niacin Auget to the radiated Presa u exclusively entitled to the use for republication of All news dispatches credited Tolt or Job Oun Wise credited in this and local news published therein Mem amp a of audit Bureau of m circulation entered a so con class matter at the pm Tim a a . Fow. A a c in a a a act of Congreve of match 8. 18.2. _ National adv representative thu John Budd to. 420 Lexington Ava. New York Julty saturday november 25, 1939. To j bought and of skid to David thou Art More righteous than i for thou Hast rewarded me Good whereas i have re warded thee Samuel 24 17. A a a to love an enemy i the distinguished characteristic of a religion which is not of Man but of Rojas. Keady to Call on or. Average citizen at warm Springs president a Roosevelt says a a we be got a Little Over a year left. Few Are ready to judge by the remark that the president will not in again. At Wilmington one of North Carolina s keenest National politicians Lindsay Warren expresses the conviction that the president will not seek a thud term. Or Warrens opinion May arise from Hope. It is Well known that the first District congressman is a close Friend and admirer of the vice president. There is need for Little speculation As to his first Choice for next president. Of or. Roosevelt meant yesterday to suggest that he intends to relinquish his responsibilities Early in 1941, he showed no disposition to tidy up the premises and prepare quarters for comfortable occupancy by his successor. On the contrary he stressed the need of new Federal exp Wendi Tures an additional half billion must lie raised by taxation or borrowed to carry out the materializing administration defense program. The a a people Are called upon to decide which it shall be. What the a people Quot will have to do with it in View of the fact that Congress As constituted now is Likely to make the decision is not quite Clear. One thing is Clear there is less talk about getting the Money from the Rich and an increasing threat of a general increase of the levies on income taxpayers than we have heard for several years. The Small Man seems about to get his special Call fro i the tax collector. A plea for sanity thanksgiving for this state has not arrived and Christmas is a month away but already suburban boys of High Point in the spirit of wild West Days Are making All the noise they can with firecrackers. Last Christmas and for Many Holiday seasons past right in the very heart of the City even around hospitals where there were fever racked or suffering patients it was the very old Nick to pay in the matter of noise making fireworks. We Grant that there Are citizens Here who freely say that boys must have their fun. Possibly some of our Law enforcement officers thinking of the Days when they were boys regard the noise making business somewhat leniently. But in View of the Many accidents Here to boys who have persisted in handling fireworks the annoyance to a pedestrians motorists and shopkeepers the fire hazards to local property and information from other cities As to Large establishments burned to the ground All on account of fireworks we Aru certain right now that we should use All the god Given sanity we have in stopping this infernal business in its incipient by this season. All use of fireworks is supposed to be under municipal control. The ordinance now on the books of the City in reference to the Sale of fireworks and their use should be enforced to the letter even if some adults and Young hopefuls Are hailed before the judges. The state has had an Opportunity to put the ban on the Sale of fireworks Guilford county has had a similar Chance. Nothing tangible save in municipalities has been accomplished. Action will come by reason of necessity. Until that Day arrives parents should absolutely refuse to give Money to their children to buy fireworks. Situation not hopeless d. Hiden Ramsay in an address before the Asheville rotary club thursday predicted that the present so called phoney War in Europe will glow into the most devastating conflict that Ever ravaged Europe a one that will end with perhaps with european civilization hopelessly degraded. The Hickory daily record says that or. Ramsey general manager of the Asheville citizen times is regarded As one of the keenest observers among the newspaper men of North Carolina. The record is in Accord with another statement on the part of or. Ramsey to the effect that Woodrow w Ilson was the greatest Man of his generation and that to achieve a lasting world peace the nations must eventually form an organization drenched in the vision that led the world War president to formulate his plan for a league of nations. We like that phrase a udi encho in the vision but of Europe is to. Be hopelessly degraded by her present struggle of what use would any splendid vision be it is possible to lie practical without timing Overly optimistic As to the outcome. Here in America gangsters had the idea that crime paid and Many Are still of that opinion. Rut a Large number either dead or in prison have Learned for a surety that this nation is winning its War against crime. The tycoons of past Days who made sporadic efforts to a Cor Nero the Market on such commodities As wheat and Cotton in the United states Learned to their sorrow that did not pay. Complacent humanity bears Many ills but hot a for it lies in the fact that it refuses to he everlastingly submerged and Browbeaten. Past bloody wars in Europe and the rehabilitation which followed indicate that no struggle Over there will hopelessly degrade the people unless ail Hope of survival and the love of Liberty die in the hearts of men. Just now a the parliament of Man the federation of the world seems a Long Way off. However that the nations should not somehow muddle through to something better seems unthinkable. War with the allies on the losing end. Ambition exposed a Guilford member of the general Assembly or. Carruthers has announced his candidacy both for reelection and for the speaker ship of the House of representatives. Several experienced legislators could be found who might warn the Greensboro Man that it is better to run for one of the honors at a time. Jack Morphew of Graham and Thomas Hoyle of Guilford were among those compelled to recognize the fact that an aspiration towards the speaker ship does no to always help induce the Home folks to Send a candidate Back to Plain membership. Or. Carruthers will not run for speaker in Guilford. He will he dependent upon a state wide Campaign among members of the House for that Honor. Therefore his first concern or that of any aspirant for the privilege of presiding Over the House is to persuade the Home county voters that he is the proper Man to represent them in the houses deliberations. Which is not the same As expressing an opinion that or. Carruthers will fail of election or that he Shoi Dnn to let the world know the extent of his Hopes. So i to 1 lost shipping when a nation is fighting for its life it is not Likely to be meticulous in Obser Vance of International rules for the conduct of War. As hideous As the consequences of mining the sea lanes May be the German menace must be met by the allies with efficient counter moves rather than verbal castigation. The blockade which is designed to shut off food and other supplies from the German people is to succeed if at All against every device Germany can use against it. We doubt whether the Neutral portions of the world expect anything else or would expect anything else from a nation less Likely than Germany to break the rules. The Success of the current German attack on shipping suggests i hat the effective new mine May lie the mysterious weapon which Hitler has been threatening to Loose against England. Undoubtedly it is a punishing weapon but one with which the English will be Able to Cope. It is not Likely to reduce shipping to a Point that would Force a conclusion to the with dal Carnegie author of a How to win friends and influence people when Jack London married he took i wife to live with his Mother Flora. Flora had always taken care of her son. Cooked for him and looked after him. Now she bitterly resented the fact that he had brought a strange woman into the House who insisted on doing for him a woman who had already. As she Felt taken her place in her son affections. The Mother jealous Wrath broke into a storm of neurasthenia. She quarrelled constantly with Bessie the wife. The angry voices of these two bickering women Reverter Ted throughout the House and distributed Jack so that he would have to Stop working on his novels and dash Down the Street to get his Stepsister to come up and Stop the snarling and snapping. How could these distressing scenes me been avoided Here is the answer Twenty years after Jack London death his wife Bessie London confessed to Irving Stone. Jack London s biographer tha she should have handled her Mother in Law differently a i should have catered to Flora Quot she confessed Quot and petted her and made her the Boss and we would have gotten along Fine. But i was Young and wanted to do things for my husband. So we clashed. Close your eyes for a moment and ask yourself if there in t an idea there that you can use. Are you having trouble with an older person in your Home. Or with a More experienced person at the office if so. Why not profit by Bessie London mistake Why Don t Jou do now what she wishes she had done Twenty year ago Why not pet the older person and let him or her be the Boss remember you will be old yourself some Day and. When you Are. Vou won t want the younger generation crowding you out and neglecting you and ordering you about. Remember fools quarrel and Bicker and insist on having their Way Why Don t you Rise above fools Why done to you use tact diplomacy and finesse a tools that fools never use. It will be a lot More fun. It will a in friends for you it of will gain influence and. Deep Down inside of you. You will take Pride in the fact that you know How to Deal adroitly with people last August in peking. China i met Douglas Carr who was travelling around the world on loss than forty dollars it or month. To told me that one of the most valuable lessons he Ever Learned was this As a Young lad of ten or eleven he swaggered Home from school boasting about his Brilliant examination Marks. His father listened said nothing then reached into Fps pocket for a card and on it wrote these words Quot let him that think eth he stand eth take heed lest he Young Douglas was so impressed that he kept the card for years a a Hook Mark. Quot it was the Best dose of Medicine i Ever took a he declared Quot and How i needed it a the Home political Waters Joaa 9n Yisun Len he ii labs blowers blow in at it Rac k in Broadway Airow Abolt their a lost Art new York. Nov. 21�?mayor la Guardia who suddenly plunged into the movie whirl has accepted the invitation of the film critics to serve As master of ceremonies at their annual award giving shindig in the Rainbow room. Jan. 7. In ladies and gentlemen they pass the remark that longhand writing is a lost Art like Glass blowing and Gilbert Millers office still is warding off the blow of protests struck by Active Glass blowers. An enterprising promoter has dug nut the old Dempsey Willard fight picture for re release. They once were forbidden by Law. Phil Epstein the Hollywood scenarist is telling the Story a Otic the two indians who were debating tether to join the a. F. L. Or the c. I. O. Hie if the indians grunted Quot or no like a. F. L. Too Many urns maximum minimum minimum maximum. Me like c i. O. He has Only one a urn to hell with urn to he evil a meaning for theater one of the suburban dailies is soliciting a coverall an for All the legitimate Heaters to Hail the thanksgiving Day matinees. Rut nobody on Broadway will Buju since the Masthead is illustrated with a Large sized tur key. The customary Emblem of a Flop show. Speaking of fiascos and turkeys there a the tale about Charlie Washburn the drum beater who was in Chicago with a foregone Flo Peroo. It opened two night before thanksgiving and Drew a round of pans. So to advertise the Holiday Charlie wrote an and which said Quot have your Turkey dinner at Home. Then come Down to the Loop and enjoy another at the theater a a whimsical w ire outfit is producing a new wastebasket for editorial Chambers. Its labelled around the rim Quot filing Cabinet for War said it these things for keeping ones country out of War providing for the aged and so on Are of course admirable but the difficulty with the pacifistic tendency of american youth today is that it is so . William Allan Neilson. President emeritus of Smith College at 50th anniversary Celebration of Barnard College. A truck crashed in California and 10,000 pounds of sugar were strewn Over the Highway. Spectators stood around waiting for a Strawberry truck to come along. Alabama a pig crop this year is the biggest in years. We re going to get our Ham and eggs after All. Each golfer in a Friendly foursome in Illinois turned in an 89 on his card. Maybe they were too Friendly. Portland oregonian after thirty of Arv it i still looking for a Light Tam in the Moue. There exists in this hemisphere a Large potential amount of capital available to that kind of employment which offers a sufficiently assured Reward. A Sumner Welles under Secretary of state before inter american financial and economic advisory committee. Noel pm Aid who a been attached to the British legation in Paris since the beginning of the War is going to have his two play those he completed before the hostilities produced in London anyway with the Sanction of his superiors. Remember the nails Hullabaloo about Quot degenerate a Art which was replaced throughout Germany by the Naii notion of a elevating Quot Art Well not so Long ago a great Deal of that Quot degenerate Quot Art was sold in Switzerland at Tjien auction to bolster the German War Ehr it. Whiteman realism Paul Whiteman almost got knocked Down by a cab outside the radio station a few nights ago ten minute later he was on a red Cross broadcast. A Row among the members of the housing authority a Federal threatens again. This time the quarrel will be Over alleged discrimination against certain would let a tenants. Televised fights Are going to make one factorial detail compulsory for All combatants. One is going to have to Wear a Black Belt the other White it s the Hest Way to Tell them apart. When Era Stone quit see my lawyer and went West the other Day for a fling in the movies he gave up $1000 a week from his radio jobs. A new fireproof film will be placed on the Market in the next few weeks. The no inflammable celluloid is said to guarantee against project Ion room blazes. Thornton Wilder Quot our town Quot was written with the idea that tile scenes and props would Cost a producer approximately $25. If not less. And the physical production of the play could not have Cost Jed Harris much More than that. But it is to be made into a picture soon and or. Wilder 1s going to be surprised to learn that his scene less play will be budgeted at considerably More than the Ordinary a Pic Ture Detroit new the halt in is the latest worry of the map maker Quot How a they ask weakly Quot did the red sea get Way up there Quot a United states attorney says 95 per cent of All lotteries in this noun try Are fakes. It seems the first bit of Luck you must have is to get a genuine ticket. A 3�?Ta-year-old boy san Francisco turned in a false fire alarm and waited for the engines to arrive. It appears offender will shortly have to he wheeled into court in aging father time ten years ago local news bad weather does not keep local citizens from going to the Library. In saturday 247 books were hundreds of people have viewed the Louis f. Voorhees paintings at the Emery Wood kindergarten. Several citizens have been arrested during the past few Days for driving with improper lights. About people a Chart showing All the taxes col Lee re by the state of North Carolina has been compiled but Garland Mcpherson of this City for the new York state tax commission. Frank Sizemore of the local chamber of Commerce says that More Xieo be Are looking for work in High Point this year than at other time since he became Secretary. They come from other towns. Mrs. John s. Welborn has returned from the , convention at Biloxi mrs. T. V. Long has returned from a visit to Raleigh. Mrs. Alexander Rankin or. Will arrive this evening from Statesville. News briefs failure for the passage of Tariff legislation by Congress has in n blamed on president Hoover. Raymond Hitchcock actor died suddenly today of heart failure in los Leaden Kies today in Paris Clemenceau was Laid to rest. Twenty years ago local news thanksgiving Day is ill lie observed in most of High Point churches at 10 30 o clock. Thursday morning. November 27,�? Mckinley Pritchard of Asheville will deliver the elks memorial address at the auditorium of the City High school sunday. December 7, at 3 of clock. About people Walter Rapp of Thomasville spent yesterday in the miss Janie Edwards has arrived from tie Williamston school for the holidays. Mrs. W. D. Burgess and Ray Burgess of of. Airy Are spending a few Days in the City with relatives. New briefs hundreds of citizens of Burlington vt., have recently purchased bottles containing a slightly coloured liquid and marked Quot Canadian club they paid $8 a quart for the stuff it was water. A world conference of financiers is being urged. A armenians Are saying that they would prefer death to turkish Rule. Roosevelt wont Tell whether he plans to vacate the White House in 1941. Usually under the Law Only 30 Days notice is required. I believe that criticism favourable or unfavourable is Good for Public officials. A gov. Luren Dickinson of Michigan. A new York state resident went Squirrel Hunting and bagged a Monkey instead. With everything Elo mixed up in the world there a nothing mysterious about that. This is a War not of Man but of materials and that is where we will play a big part.frederick a Prince Boston financier upon returning from Europe. Modern instruments have been Able to measure planet temperatures very accurately and that of Mercury registers 621 degrees fahrenheit. New York nun with superficial optimism. It is announced that the nations Supply of turkeys is 22 per cent greater than last year. The nation Supply of thanksgivings however is up by or cent. Norfolk virginian Pilot Italy s War policy Lias Germany guessing one Day the noises Drifting up from Rome sound like the . But the next Day they sound like the gum Iliof. Till Way to Moscow twin City Sentinel Homer l. Chaillaux head of the american legions americanism program. Declared the soviet government should not have been allowed to have a building at the new York worlds fair. He dubbed the soviet exhibit As Quot the most elaborate propaganda display for communism in the world or. Chaillaux a description May do full Justice to the soviet building. The cohorts of Comrade Stalin no doubt made every Effort to depict Russia under communism As a Utopia. So perhaps we should not have permitted them to dazzle and allure our intelligent american citizenry in any such bodacious and Brazen manner. Perhaps we should not have allowed Comrade Stalin to exhibit his wares at the fair in any shape or form by ringing the soviets this privilege we could Advance several Pace it Bruce Catton in Washington business gain averts Relief crisis Washington. Nov. 25.Only the current pickup in business is saving the country from one of its worst Relief crises in the opinion of spa officials. Even with the pickup. Which has caused an estimated re Orn Plo Mient of 1,000.000 men spa is Quot feeling the pressure of unemployment and need As it Seldom has before. And while it is hoped that the Vav Park Relief organization can got through Catton the Winter without asking Congress for a deficiency appropriation a midwinter slump in business would make such a request certain. The difficulty comes partly because in the very nature of things spa can to get much immediate Benefit out of a sudden business revival and partly because of the reduced scale on which spa is having to Oji Erate. Appropriation g t meant Mpa slash last Winter when there were 3.000,-000 men on spa Congress voted an appropriation designed to carry an average enrolment of 2,000,000 this year. It also ordered the famous a pay less furloughs Quot for All workers who had been on the Rolls for 18 months or More. Spa slashed its Rolls heavily during the summer and Early fall As a result. There were 780, xxx of the 18-months people to he discharged. There were Many others who left the Rolls voluntarily or were removed for other reasons. During july for instance. Spa got rid of 490, workers in August it separated 7x2,000 More from its Rolls and took another 231.000 off in september. Average enrolment of 2,000.000 forecast but it had an enormous backlog of prospective enrollees people who had Chen certified for spa employment by the local Relief organizations and who were waiting their turn. So in july it got 131,000 accessions to its Rolls in August 292.000, and in september. 402.000. As of nov i spa enrolment had been Cut to 1.901 894. Since there is always a Rise in the Relief Rolls in cold weather this total will Rise during the next month or two hut on present calculations spa will be Able to get through to the end of the fiscal year next june with an average enrolment for the year of around 2,000.000. But it still has its huge backlog of people who Are certified As in need and who Are waiting for spa jobs. This backlog would be much larger As a matter of fact if it were not for the fact that Many local Relief organizations knowing that m a is not doing much hiring have simply stopped certifying people. Thone Laid off head Rauk for Rolla right no spa is conducting a Survey to find out what happened to the 18-month people who were Laid off. Present indications Are that most of them Are hurting straight Hack for spa in general they were the older or the More poorly skilled worker and hence Are handicapped in the Hunt for private employment. Economic dislocation due to the drouth and floods in various parts of the country have already thrown a Small Monkey wrench inter a pay a retrenchment program. Orders went out recently to take on 56,000 additional workers in la of the drouth and flood states an a special Relief measure. Of on top of this there is a business recession this Winter. Spa simply wont be Able to stick to its 2.-000,000 average and will have to ask for More Money. Tile Basic trouble As one spa official puts it is simply this about one fourth of the country a unemployed Are on Mpa. When there is a business revival m a can expect that its men will get about one fourth of the new jobs. There has been an employment Rise of about 1,000.000 in recent months and a pay a share of that is 250, but in that time. It has reduced its own Rolls by More than 1.000,000. The peace of fascist Italy is not a cowardly peace it is an armed peace. Premier Mussolini of Italy. Minneapolis Star Junul of you Tell a woman her Home made Cape looks ready made she is flattered. If you Tell her Thatcher Home made cake seems store bought she is insulted. Because of War horrors italian newspapers Are to include More comic strips. Doubtless certain american readers would be glad to Trade a number of theirs for Spaghetti or what-have-you.christian science Monitor. Will the congressional players in response to Public demand revive that popular drama a debt takes a Hob Day Christian science Monitor. The direction of our own Utopia. After eliminating russian we could abolish italian and German propaganda. Then we would be ready to eliminate native free speech and propaganda. After a while we would have a totalitarian state that would vie with that of Comrade Stalin. There is just one Little hitch that comes up Anent the agitation concerning foreign isms. America can do most anything it wants to do in connection with ideologies free speech and so Forth. But there Are some things it cannot do and remain a democrats America

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