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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - November 22, 1939, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina Page ten wednesday november 22, 1939 Blondie cold Cash by Chic Young by Fred Harman another disturbance coming up red Ryder Mot tmpe5 dollars7 and fifty cents dear cd ii. K it to ree j a / a f Hundred it vat i pry it dollars j i la heat you some a water por a --7 Mot Bath Jet Voo Cam take the coat Home i and show it x a a to your j husband. Mrs a i Bumstead a. Do Mou like it it Dagwood the Price is it three kit fifty three zip tvs sure keep t it r it All his fault we Ura big yell butt the give heft whip Lack in of Telic school / Phat will teach you the it paean i in 6 of to Mac Pune a Little je3eavet3. And Here it after a ill take Cape of tbsp Tow and Swah shaking Uke a / in r Leaf he a probably St la pouting Esca use i punished Hiey por cau6 no a Quot a stors Ance a the Sweet a a cold. Howdy team wheres Little it reaver Mandrake the magician Here Hiti Cooke now Kegu Stum Alose plenty Yoo j0etchurk/ a strange Echo by Lee Falk and Phil Davis Mandrake climbs Back into the sorcerer s Box. A Tricky one Besa. But that Box is an olo stunt. Besa s /#4, a i probably been a i fooling the is ill Kwh natives with in it for Mph a Ltd years there you Are forgive me,li6ie, for leaving you like this Buti i did t have time to uni of i you. Stiffl what s that then. From a dark Corner of the sorcerer s Den \ comes a Low i moan., ohm that i awful Besa Quot and Down into the sorcerer s Oen. Freckles and his friends a narrow squeak with major Hoople our boarding House by Merrill Blosser just think if n hed scored and Kiocho goal. We woul a been skimmed f i reckon that All there is til next tear boy you Shore came close / mice tackle nubbin you saved a / touchdown r f gee who Lukens we Shore had a and if the principal haunt okayed Kay examination paper. X could t be been in there to make that tackle it s nightmares from an overstuffed r Gullet Tuat keeps you awake Hoople i my Tessy is the most considerate cat in m town Oya maybe she makes a Little up it purr or Coo mow Ano then but not men of go to disturb tue missus and me a and we both sleep so Light a y if you Cam i falling Leaf snore throu6h v bounces us Tuat cat s concert very about of bed jul you must sleep in like \ \ your ear muffs $ y it Popcorn y i a Tuat Hyena j is7? v / i would bring \ a amp a Osk. General n Szuy amp a 4 Grant out re of his Tomb egad Baxter slumber v is a lost Art in this j neighbourhood with / i Tuat bewitched cat \ of yours crying to tue Moon at All j hours a Pap far dec plaintive meowing it indicates tue poor puss must be starving a a Don t j it you Ever feed her ? 6 Kingston 20 Shadyside 26 Mph his a no St dict. Inc t m Oft u Quot Donald Duck on pins and Needles by Walt Disney eat my plants will a outside and stay out i lout f look a Pussy in t making a sound w-21 Llast to it Fenny i co in or in of Wackiff. Boots and her Buddles \9 \ tu006utc to o of ave 6000, to slap Tut top the site Coats 09 Matt of Ove of Twat 6 boy on set to vat swe. Oese. To too a Sefc a 50st \ orgwa6 Yawn on j puff Tutt by Edgar Martin Ano in Sope swe s n9ve.r Novin ave one. As real Anoe Neas he. So not in that gang Suke rows around Vostel Tae smart thing to of is notvwn6 Aust wast Tell be 1 Eidos user out j mares me so too gone Mao i by j. R. Williams out our Way Olain j Yeh put a pig Ike a parlor. It makes him More of a pig a All this wont help i Well i done to know it might Start Tou to thinking a Little but you got to have something upstairs / to Start j. With y Yeh i took Down All the fighters football and a Asey Ball players and put up famous big business men an nothing but Good books they say your end that is. Your surround Quot v in a makes Sou / Don t keep them waiting link Wash Tubbs by Roy Chane a i ill 6iv6 his another hour. If he has it the gumption to Maxe Hay while the sum i Shiles thew ill have to euc0ura6e him j a i but he never washes / All the More ree Coloci his own wishes r / reason Why he \ 7t 1 fyn mus Tut see ours. F ih6ett1kg a a Mau marries \ v pm the first time v Mamaj for love my Pear x 7/�? pm 1\ Bot the second / we a flail time to get a / \ housekeeper / a a it Bills Sills. Bills i vaio awake half the Wight wouoerw6 if old huk Tubbs Cau j afford fur Coats Aud y�?7----------- �?7 a maid i f Dout forget a a the roadsters ii a Tif l we v mama by the was. 60lwe, you d bet Tei sweep the uviu6 room. Aud hide the breakfast Aud supper dishes. Or. Tubbs May prop by this Fornino avid it will life a la do toy let him think we re / i us Tupy identity known Mickey finn by Lank Leonard out of town Amo i vib just come Soo Miles to Seghini a bout a / Etc Deal / ii Cherie is he i m not at h0ectw to Gay Gicz f 6tep in please. And ill Call his Secretary Tell my min More ui8carfe-qe= that his old pal. Philip finn sorry is Here to sir but see him for min More i is out of it rom la town a very a quoth Philip a asst p nil butt la Leph Wpm of a i Law Otto been a i i Alliv top by Hamlin that oldster who 13 i Godf i \ or. A our Eod Pessy k Thep of a w Asp her i Kjer Vas Elbow Der Sel her Loose Counsi i co 7 \ Vij goddess / / fat Shes a f 1 v Jyll y mortal just j la the same / no Mirage Joe Paloska by Ham Fisher look at a Hawf Haw Haw that we Quot that aint water must be passim \ at All. We re the Pacific Jseeie what Oce an.me0be \ they Call a were on the Mirage. Ever wron6 Road. A far of one ? Don t be silly. X Tell a it s a a Mirage a we re still 1 of the desert. C Mon Stop the la prove a a it. Sure. People it on tue desert see that s not a a what a Call it Quot it s rilly r water. J. There s a sign right he re says this is great Salt Al Lake. An that youse p0r�e vacant sink Don t Voe y s worry. A think you / certainly a mortal v not but fist could i whats that Black a / got to do godly i with this Quot i eve plenty that slight discoloration on our Minerva a starboard / lamp was Hung there a by the fair Helen Why Don t. Of Troy / you mind your it i own business a dry Bronson f watch Ooola you re Riding foe fall , a a a

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