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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - November 21, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Tuesday november 21, 1939the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina Page seventh Enterprise Page of entertainment for the family venerable Monarch horizontal i pictured King of Sweden. 7 he is past years of age. 12 heavy blow. 13 apis action. 16 to entice. 17 beverage. 18 Industry. 19 native Metal. 20 violin player. 22 childhood sickness. 24 Ell. 25 tiny particle. 26 Street 27 Indian. 28 murmur of pleasure. 30 Fern seeds 31 you and i. 32 Light. 33 tired. 35 alleged Force 36 South Africa. 3r Tennis Fence. 39 Southeast. Answer to previous Puzzle a la Urb Ril n q Tia. A a a a a j of their 40 to slumber. 42 Beret. 45 instrument of Harp class. 47 turkish officer. 48 to mimic. 51 sooner than. 53 fabulous Bird. 54 to decay. 55 god of War. 56 to do wrong. 57 he has been a sportsman or All his life. 58 his parliament is the a a. Vertical 1 to leave. 2 As far As 3 bean. 4 customs. 5 male servant. 50 three. 6 spider s Home 52 unit of work. 7 Itin ration. 8 science of language. 9 to throw. 10 elms. 11 you. 14 marched formally. 15 Gypsy. 20 banquets. 21 card game. 23 settled. 27 Eye. 29 owned. 31 moist. 34 to go to bed. 37 conventional jargon. 39 saw like Organ 41 every. 42 to quote. 43 preposition. 44 couple. 45 to drip. 46 Long grass. 47 Constellation. 49 Pithy saying a serial Story 5 would kill by Tom Horner copyright 1#3i. Nea service. Inc Uncle Ray s Corner Longfellow watched Village Blacksmith Quot Harrison in Hollywood Hedy Lamarr is interviewed while husband cleans Shotgun in Corner Quot gone with the wind will run 3vt hours producer insists on l of prices for year by Pacl h a Shiho aka service staff correspond11 Hollywood nov. 20.�?Short take a screen Magazine scribbler went to Hedy Lamarrt a Home the other Day for an inter-1 View. She reclined on a Rug and talked. The reporter asked Polit question and took careful i notes. Over in a Corner sat Gene Mal key the artless husband meaning a Shotgun Hay Kyser on Hollywood a if s screwy place. Picture run in1 Rye Lea and producer run in circles. Everyone who in t an inlaw is an final cutting on a a tone with j the i Udo gives it a three and a half hour running time. Not counting the intermission. For at least a year contracts will require twice a Day showings Reserve seats and top prices. Ifs told now that one of the prominent aspirants for the role of Scarlett was Elizabeth Bergner who never has made a picture in this country. She wrote David Selznick. Saying she was confident that she could assume a satisfactory Quot soul ii american Tyrone Power who has endured my survived More mis casting than anybody in town. Now is slated for a remake of a the Mark of zorro.�?�. And Hedy Lamarr of she and her studio Ever Settle their quarrel May he starred in a Post Hays office version of a flesh Sud the that was. If you remember the first of the diets Garbo John Gilbert adventures in sensuality. Bantel Mav Htay in Hick in action Freddie Bartholomew s contract was not renewed by metro because the company said no roles Are available for him. He doing All right on other lots though and currently is fighting the lath i believe suit brought by hit parents for a share of i earnings. Freddie has about Given up the idea of quitting pictures to study Law a few Mote court squabble and hell he All ready for his bar examination. Eight months in retirement Warner Baxter May stay there although scripts Are being sent him to read. Jeanette Macdonald in Quot new Moon a will be seen in an ornate 18th Century Bathtub on wheels. After the pictures finished maybe they could sell the tub to Sally hand for a trailer. Models representing movie stars were photographed the other evening attending a premiere and the pictures will be used in advertisements it Ham. New York mayor la Guardi apparently is serious about trying to coax part of the movie Industry balk to its old Home town Hollywood hears that Ben Echt and George Jessel Are in a huddle to form a production company there and Heht already has decided to produce and direct his Side glances �?�7 j Eon in hav no a evict wig t m sic u ear to n a you May think he a ugly and goofy but he a smart and handsome to me i Toigo thinks fast fast of characters Arnold Henthorn f a five persons wished him dead. Of. Len Henthorne his Channing Young wife. William Alston a Ben Thomes fat Lier in a Law and business associate. To v Ditorio a night club owner and gangster. Ara Johnson the mystery girl. John Douglas a Young mining Engineer in love with Ara. Captains Dawson a a detective who ukes to listen. Yesterday j ii Meson tile in i Ler shows c attain Dawson a Side Entrance which was unlocked at the time of the murder. Later questioning Alston Dawson accuses the motor truck magnate of not liking his son in Law. Alston regains control of Alston motors through Benthos Nice death. Flynn brings in Joey i Tori. Chapter i a hello there was no cordiality in Dawson greeting. A listen Dawson a a what s the idea of sending that dumb Flynn Down to my place in the Middle of the night just when my party was a a i doubt if you be met or. Alston Dawson interrupted. A emr. Alston this is Joey Ditorio owner of the club chateau. You be probably been Alston Rose to acknowledge Joey a nod. Neither Man made any move to shake hands. A if you Don t mind. Captain Dawson id Uke to get some sleep a Alston said a if i can a a would you mind if i ordered some sleeping tablets i left Home hurriedly and forget to take a Tell Flynn to get you some or. he waited is Alston moved slowly across the loom. Out of the door then called after him. A Good night a hut Alston apparently did not hear Dawson turned Back to Ditorio. A Cigar Joey a he offered Ben Thorne s Box of Perfecto. Ditorio took one. Lighted it puffed vigorously. For a moment both men sat smoking saying nothing waiting Ditorio belied the popular Conception of a gangster. He was Small and his italian ancestry evidenced itself in his Black darting eyes. And dark complexion. His clothes were Well tailored and he wore them like a Model. He looked More cranium crackers knowing Norway Here is a test to review your knowledge of Norway lately prominent in the news. Designate each of the following statements As True or false 1. Stockholm is the capital of Norway. 2. King Haakon Vii was elected by the people of Norway in 1905, 3. The Industrial workers arc engaged chiefly in the production of food products machinery and Metal work. 4 Norway was on the Side of allies in the world War 5. The Krone is the unit of currency. It Wen on want a Page modern etiquette by Roberta Lee like a musician or a Gigolo than a killer. A listen Dawson in be got work to do a Joey began at last. Quot i was just getting ready to close when Flynn comes in and says you wanted to see me. He said Arnold Bent Honic had been killed. I tried to Tell him that i Haven t been outside of the chateau All evening but he listen. Said you wanted to talk to me and that was that. What do you want. Dawson a a you know Arnold Henthorne pretty Well Joey a Dawson asked slowly. A sure. I knew him. Half the night clubs in town knew Henthorne by his first name. He used to come to the chateau a lot. But i did no to know he was dead until Flynn told me. Why pick on me a a Zweren t you and Henthorne asset a Ted a Dawson paused at the word a in business together once a a yes a Joey a answer came slowly. A but that was Hack in prohibition Days. You can t dig Back that far to pin a charge on a what was this business. Joey a a a Henthorne backed my first speakeasy. You used to get free drinks there yourself. Henthorne bought a yacht cheap ran the stuff in from the Bahamas and i unloaded it. Henthorne was smart too. He always stayed outside the limit made me take All the a you Haven t had much to do with him since then a Dawson queried. A Only As a customer. When liquor went Legal. Henthorne decided there was no Quick Money in it and we dissolved our our partnership a a Ditorio pursed his Mouth devoted hts attention to smoke rings. A a you re lying. Joey Quot Dawson said calmly. A you and Henthorne never dissolved your you and Henthorne have been mixed up in half the rackets in this town. A you and Henthorne have been running the numbers game Here for three years. Last year you branched out into narcotic. You be got agents in Chicago. Kansas City. Denver and san Francisco. Within the last six months you be arranged to smuggle 200 aliens Over the Canadian Border at $500 a head. You be a Ditorio s fare was White his Calm self Asur Anoe shattered. A How did you know a a rent Home had the habit of keeping records private records. Joey. He had a Little Book in his desk Here. You thought it was in the Safe did t you. Joey Ditorio Joey Henthorne guessed that and kept it almost out in the open an innocent looking Little diary but i could t miss a by a our la never make it stick in Joey said Confidence returning a a it a the word of a dead Man against mine. That Book does t prove a thing Quot a it May prote a murder charge Quot listen Ditorio said condescendingly a i told you i was in my club All night. I was with a party of friends. They la Tell you a a Are you sure you did no to leave the club last night a a Titi take that Back a Joe said. A i did leave but Only for a few minutes. Dave Watson was having a party. I thought i d drop by and pick up Marl or a you know Marlin White but her apartment was dark so i drove on Back to the club without stopping. Dirt la remember and so will Pete. Pete s my a so you just went out for a ride Joey All by Dawson Shook i head. Quot no. Joe. I thought you could think faster than that. A listen. You left the club chateau you drove up Here to Henthorne a you could make it in a few minutes you came in that Side Entrance you always used and you found Henthorne in the study. A a you be been holding out on Henthorne blackmailing him. And you knew Henthorne would t let you get away with it. That s Why he made out this record. With that Book he figured he could keep your Mouth closed until he i found a Way of closing it permanently. A but you beat him to it Joey. You shot Arnold Henthorne As he sat in this chair. Then you jammed that straight chair there against the door rifled the Safe and finally when you heard Flynn and Krone taking the door off the hinges you went out the window. Its a closed Case Joey and it will Send you to the 9fc Jedi Torio was silent studying the glowing end of his Cigar. At last he spoke. A a you be missed one thing in your murder Case. Dawson. What time was Henthorne killed a a the Coroner s Deputy said it was right around Midnight. It took Flynn and Krone a while to get the door a that proves Ditorio smiled. A i can prove by half a dozen witnesses that i did t leave the club chateau until after Midnight. It was almost 12 15 before i could get away. Arid you had already found Henthorne body by that a How does it happen you remember the time so Well Quot Dawson asked. A in my business. Captain just As in yours it s a Good idea to keep your Eye on the clock. You can never Tell when some dumb cop is going to try to hang a murder charge on a Titi let that one pass Joey Quot Dawson said a until in be checked on this Alibi of yours. Are you sure your friends will remember the time with equal facility a a i Hope so a Joey laughed. A they should. Dave was complaining that he was t getting any kick out of his drinks so i bought some Champagne for him. Pete la remember the time. Too. A a and there one thing you be forgotten. I never thought it of you Dawson. I m saving your Job by telling you this in Advance. Theres the Little item of a gun. A your cop Flynn lifted my automatic out of this shoulder scabbard on the Way out Here. Have you found the gun that killed Henthorne yet a no a Dawson replied a but a Flynn probably has it in his pocket a Don t he too sure about that my Joey went on confidently. A i carry a .38 automatic and it has t been fired in six months. And when you get that Bullet out of Benthos new a head. There a one thing More to remember a ballistics tests. Burely you be heard of them a to to continued in Cambridge mass., not far from the Home of Henry wads j Worth Longfellow was a Large Chestnut tree. When the poet went for a walk he often passed the tree and sometimes stopped to watch a Blacksmith whose shop was partly covered by the Trees branches. By and by Longfellow wrote a poem about the tree and the Blacksmith. It has been read by millions of children in school and has been Learned by heart by Many of them. A the Village Blacksmith Quot starts with the words a under a spreading Chestnut tree the Village Smithy it is a Short poem with Only eight stanzas and 48 lines hut there is a swing to it which has made it popular. In one of the stanzas we read a and children coming Home from schools look in at the open door they love to see the flaming forge and hear the Bellows Roar and catch the burning Sparks that Fly like chaff from a threshing another of Longfellow s poems sprang from a place even closer to him from his own Home. Which contained three Little daughter. He called it a the children s it is told in a charming Way. And runs in part like this a i hear in the chamber above me the Patter of Little feet. The sound of a door that is opened. And voices soft and Sweet. A from my study i see in the lamplight descending the Broad Hall Star grave Alice and laughing Allegri. with his daughter Edith Quot with the Golden and Edith with Golden hair. A whisper and then a silence yet i know by their merry eyes they Are plotting and planning together to take me by Surprise a among the longer poem of Longfellow is one jailed a the song of it was written to put into the form of poetry a number of Indian legends. A the song of Hiawatha contains More than 4,000 lines la was based largely on notes shout Indian life made by a Man named Schoolcraft who had visited a number of tribes in their own villages. Longfellow however seems to have obtained part of the material from an ojibway chief who came to Cambridge and talked with the poet in his Home. For a biography or a general interest Section of your scrapbook. Of you wish a copy of the leaflet a flying machine just Send a self addressed. 3 cent stamped envelope. Address to me in care of this newspaper. Uncle Ray. Tomorrow Mckenney on Bridge Vanderbilt club bid is variable easily adapted to Many situations by we. E. Mckenney America s card authority the family doctor chewing found l o reduce tension does not interfere with efficiency this minute q. Should parents include their children in introductions a. Yes. If the children Are ten years of age. Or even younger. It is Well to train children White a before i die in the East. George Kaufman and Moss Hart might Well do the same with their hit play a the Man who came to they have declined Hollywood bids up to $230,000 because they say they want to film it themselves. Incidentally Monte Woolley the Star of that sensational Success. Hung around Hollywood three years and earned Only about enough to keep his Beard trimmed. In bit parts As a Diplomat scientist or judge he was just an occasional Flash on the screen. Now he s the most publicized lame in show business and movie town is telling itself that it always thought that Guy Woolley had a great future. A sweepstakes Winner Back As stand in cocktail conversation a Chol Lywood quite a melting pot. At the party last night i met frenchmen russians. Italians norwegians hungarians and two years ago Marilyn Kempner was Grace Bradley a stand in. Then she won a $13,000 sweepstakes prize and quit. Today miss Bradley a staud in is Marilyn Kempner. In his new picture Charles buggies complains of a Glamor girl. Quot three years ago she could t even write her name and now she has to approve her writer Robert Harari uses a rubber stamp for the last paragraph of his screen plays. It reads a the. Takes her in i arms and kisses a by or. Morris Fishbein editor journal of the american medical association and of , the health Magazine it has been suggested repeated j by that one of the chief benefits of j looking and chewing gum is their value As outlets for increased ten-1 Sion it has been said that most j habitual movements of the body represent release of such inner tension. Fidgeting wriggling and gum chewing Are example of move a ments w hich May be beneficial to the human body because they release excess pressure. Recently psychologists at Columbia University made a study of 20 people Over a period of 2 Days to find out just How much chewing served As a Means of relaxation. Each of the persons Eon-1 corned was studied first while not chewing second while chewing Ordinary hewing gum and third while allowing a Flavoured Candy wafer to melt in the Mouth. It was necessary first of ail to find some measurement of tension or Strain. This was done by Watt Bing each one of the persons concerned throughout a working Day and recording restless movements in Many of these subjects it was found that ten Ion As measured by decrease of restless movements was decreased about to per cent during chewing. Studies a re also made to determine whether indulgence in such s habit had any relation to fatigue. Fatigue produce increased psycho logic tension. When people. Are tired from overwork and Over Strain the use of Tea and Coffee seems to increase tension. On the other hand it was found in these studies chewing tended to decrease tension. The amount of muscular Effort involved is hardly sufficient to increase fatigue. \ study wits Abo made to find out whether chewing during work would interfere in and Way with the work output because of this decrease of tension it was found that with the possible exception of work in which a wholly new performance is being Learned chewing while working does not interfere with the output. Indeed in some kinds of work like number checking and typing the work is Aid to be facilitated. This new scientific evidence will be Good news to the manufacturers of chewing gum prof. H. L. Hollingsworth under whose direction these studies were made says that perhaps these studies throw some Light on the striking fact that during the last ten or More tense Veals chewing gum manufacturers have enjoyed greater Prosperity. Young How to acknowledge an iut Rod act Ion. Q. Is it Good manners to Supply a word which seems to foil Ano ther person who is speaking a. It is perhaps a Friendly service if the speaker is a foreigner but it should never he done with a countryman. A is it necessary to tip a waitress in a restaurant who merely carries your tray from the self serving counter to your table a. No it Isnit necessary but some people do. How can i by Anne Ashley q. How can i remove lacquer from brass Beds when it has been partly worn off and has permitted the Metal of become tarnished a the lacquer can be entirely removed try sponging with alcohol. Then polish the Metal thoroughly and Ai ply a fresh coat of lacquer. Q. How it an i make a Cement for celluloid a. I be i part camphor 4 parts alcohol. Dissolve and add to this solution an Aqua Quantity b i weight of shellac. J. How can i keep sandwiches j fresh a. Wrap in a dry Napkin then 1 in a Towel wrung out of cold waiter and put in the refrigerator. Lessons in English by w. L. Gor i Hon words often misused do not say a we had a sight of work to do a say a Kwa had a great amount of work to often mispronounced. Hoop. Pronounce the of As in too not As i in Hook. I often misspelled Abdomen abdominal min. Synonyms establish stabilize Settle fix make firm. Word study a use a word three times and it is let us increase our vocabulary by mastering one word each Day. Today sword herculean requiring the strength of Hercules hence j very difficult. Pronounce Hur Kule an. First u As in fur second u Asiu Rube e at in me unstressed accent second syllable. Quot it required herculean Lores to subdue by Howard Merrill the words you Are about to look at in the split seconds that they hit your eyes form a new kind of reporting. This will take sixty second to read. While you Are Reading these facts the patents they describe tie actually taking place. What happens in is in motion. Destiny one minute on eat the. A world folds itself Start Reading they re now manufacturing seventy Pound of a dry ice Quot a i minute in War stricken England. The air in England is heavily Laden with sulphuric acid and it affects the Stone on buildings j there. The buildings of the British government alone suffer a loss j of a Dollar a minute because of it. The whole country has a combined loss of $-0 every sixty seconds because of the smoke problem american railroads have a colossal problem with illegal riders or persons trespassing on their property they claim that they remove eight such persons every minutes but done to arrest them thefts on american railroads cause an average loss of a Dollar a minute astoundingly enough even though China is devastated by War flood panic and disease. They re Selling a Bible a minute there. Because of War the Rise in prices of Copper and nitrate have helped two South american nations by jumping profits Over $18 a minute. Stop Reading. This is the second of a series of 18 articles describing the Vanderbilt tub convention the earliest and one of the most widely publicized of All contract bidding systems it is an authoritative presentation approved by the author of the system. Harold s. Vanderbilt and by his favorite partner. Waldemar Vonzedtwitz. This is the method they use in handling the convention and its corollaries. The opening hid of one club i made conventionally with 3 a Quick tricks or better hut the whole hid is very flexible and adaptable to conditions arising in both rubber and tournament play. The bid in itself has several features. It i forcing for one round thus you should bid one club on any hand on which you want the bidding kept open by your partner. That in turn implies the invaluable distinction that if you make any other bid. Such As one Diamond one heart one Spade one no Trump two clubs. And so on there is no obligation on partner and such action As he takes is voluntary. You opening hid of one club tends to indicate Cue several or possibly All of the following your hand is aggressive in character and you think there is a Good Chance for the Success of one or More game contracts As Spades and no Trump hearts and diamonds or the like. In most cases there is a weakness in one of the four suits and this weakness implies that you Are moderately desirous of offering a Choice of game bids if your partner holds any real values. Normally a club hid is not a minimum but can he used for strategic purposes. Thus with a part score it can be shaded for the reason that you need Only two or three Odd to Complete the game and if. The opponents bid strongly your partner can readily deduce that the opening Poluh hid was in part or All dictated by Tbs exigencies of the scoring situation it follows therefore that your partner has no final guess As to the action he should take against aggressive Opp position bidding. As a Rule he should leave to you the final decision As to whether or not Thorp should he a double of the final Adverse bid. Examples of sound opening bids of one club in any situation Are by Srno Spades a k j 8 7 hearts a q 4 diamonds j 8 2 clubs. 32. Spades. A k q 5 hearts Aki 2 diamonds a 4 3 2 clubs 2. Spades. A k q j 9 8 7 hearts none Diamond a j to clubs k 9 8. With a part score the opening hid of one club May be and often is shaded with extremely satisfactory results. For example with a part score of 40 and 60, the hands below although Short of the full Quick trick requirements May Well be opened with one club Spades Kyj hearts a a diamonds Vjio clubs. 7 5 3 2. Spades a j to 9 8 7 hearts a a a diamonds Hajj clubs 4. Next what determine response to club hid. Flapper Fanny by Sylvia Coes. Ism in at Nav Kcf. Etc t m ate u i sat oat distributed of Esquire features inc reproduction strict prohibited. Copyright Isch Esquir in nun me look and learn by a. C. Gordon 1. What is the literal meaning of the expression Quot per cent 2. Who were the four major prophets of the Bible 3. What acid is present in sour milk 4. What people bought Manhattan from the indians 5. What u. S. City is known As the a mile High Quot City answers 1. Re Hundredth 2. Isaiah Jeremiah Ezekiel. Arid Daniel. 3. Lactic arid. 4 the dutch. 8. Denver. Colo. A Hasni to she had any dancing lessons of i think everybody ought have Horn so. They oui be poised and a

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