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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - November 13, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Monday november 13, 1939the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina Page seventh Enterprise Page of entertainment for the family colossal Arena a serial Story horizontal i pictured ancient Homan Amphitheater. 9 its ruins stand near the a in Home. 13 declaimed. 14 rubber Pencil end. 16 otherwise 17 Market place. 19 Strong taste. 21 to allow. 22 merciful. 24 chum. 25 pronoun. 26 Ell. 28 in truth. 31 carried. 34 shows displeasure. 35 Mohammedan Nymph. 36 formal state agreement 38 abstract beings. 39 rumanian coms. 40 railway. Answer to previous Puzzle biurinl3 Eola Lerit w1 i Oleir Feins Foi Priete a in Lilie n Kip Pep am at att s to Emow a Egypt pulp a Abl. Iris a Lla Fuit. Iione Mieia in u a 41 policeman. 44 Traduce. 49 one plus one. 51 so be it. 53 ear parts. 54 wharf. 55 italian coins. 56 gown. 57 sound of so now. 58 it was built by and Vespasian. 59 its name is often applied to s. Vertical 2 shield fillet 3 to endure. 4 single thing. 5 Street. 6 with Wax. 7 Border. 8 nothing More than. 9 note in scale. 10 malt Kiln. 11 to Harvest. 12 liquid measure. 15 hurried. 16 pertaining to an Ellipsis. 18 Mystic a syllable. 20 fought beasts in this Arena. 22 having a Chest. 23 animals feeding chains. 25 pertaining to a Seta. 27 foolish. 29 neither. 30 owed. 32 be still. 33 silkworm. 37 submits. 42 to leave out 43 fairy. 45 because. 46 to foment. 7 net. 48 actual timing. 49 glazed Clay Block. 50 to have on. 52 Tennis Fence. 54 to stroke lightly Joan of Arkansas by Jerry Brondfield copyright. 199ft, la service inc. The family doctor recently developed drugs help in cases once thought hopeless Harrison in Hollywood Jean Arthur takes Success silently after 14 years of disappointments actress is shy dreads meeting people remains aloof from film Colony affairs cast of characters Joan Johnson a a rays Ter to us coed Glamor girl of the tech Campus. K kith Rhodes a techs slur fullback headed for All America honors. Dan Wehrer the Block. Lug Hack who clears Leith s Way a steady industrious student. Aaa saturday Dan and loan arrive at the stadium just before the game begins. Pitts smashing offence pounds tech. When a Pitt Hack gets away for a Long run Dan races to Stop him. Ile is lilt by a Blocker As he makes the tackle. Pain shoots through his hand. He has broken the Bone again. Chapter xxix the pain in Danes hand was intense As they lined up for the almost impossible task of baiting the Pitt juggernaut on the two Yard line. Dan damped his Teeth together and hoped the hand would get numb soon. No trick stuff now. Just Plain straight brute football. Hal Forrest look it and a mashed Between guard and tackle for a split second a Hole appeared there but Dan came up fast and messed the play for no gain. Again Forrest this time on a Cross Buck. Good for a Yard. Third and one. The tech guards were on their hands and Knees. Tony Mangano raged tip and Down behind the line slapping pleading threatening. Pitt came out of the huddle into a single Wing to the right. Mccarroll on a Cut Back Over tackle hut Dan and Hank Butler a mashed into the interferon e. Barney Hughes nailed the runner six inches from the line Forrest in the tailback now. The hand on the flock said two minutes of the first half remained. The two lines locked. Piled up on the goal line. Forrest hurtled Forward plunged Over the mass but Dan hit him in midair desperately the referee plunged into the mass. Reached for the Bali. It lacked two inches of being a touchdown. Tony Mangano embraced Dan kissed him Iii i Atin emotion hut they weren t out of danger yet. Johnny White had to punt out from behind his own goal line. He barely got it away. But the kick was Short. Mccarroll taking it on the text h 30. He almost got Loose hut Barney Hughes brought him Down with a desperate lunge on the is. And then it started All Over again. Forrest. Forrest. Mccarroll. Smash. Smash. Smash. Over guard Over tackle. Crunching Power plays Over Center. And Dan Webber reeling on his feet plugging the gaps until he no longer Felt pain but just a Dull throbbing ache ail Over his body. First and goal to go on the eight. Eight Short Yards packed with Dull misery and punishment. Hal Forrest Wasny to human. He hurtled Over tackle stepping on his own interference driving his 200 pounds with the Speed and Force of a projectile. Marty Gallagher stopped him once after being dragged for two Yards. A minute to go. Forrest again. Spinning like a top and crashing through a slight opening Between Center and guard. Dan saw him coming. Smashed aside the Pitt guard who had slipped through to Check him Ami poured his tired body into the Hole. Stopped again. But How much longer could they stand it third and four. Mccarroll this time almost As bad. Hitting in there like an express train. But Joe Donchek. Sobbing submarine blindly nailed him in midair. Still fourth and four. But the great Hal Forrest had been stopped cold Pitt called for a place kick. The stands screamed a mighty Crescendo. Quot Block it Block that that kick a As if they had to be told Barney Hughes poised himself for a Quick dash. Tony Mangano looked for a spot he could knife through the line. Mccarroll was kicking. The Ball came Back to the Man holding. Mccarroll stepped Forward. Right foot meeting the Ball squarely. Marty Gallagher smashed through leaped High. The Ball grazed his fingertips and continued on its Way. It split the crossbar for three Points just As the gun ended the half. Dan kept his hand hidden Dur j ing the intermission so its swollen condition would go unnoticed. They sat around and sucked 1 on Lemons As Bill Slocum talked j softly encouragingly. They almost dreaded going Hack on the Field. It would Only be a repetition of the first half. And it was. Grimly blindly they fought Oft the Power that was Pitt. If Only they could get the Hall in de-1 cent offensive territory. Ten minutes to go. Eight. Four. And then Dan Webber hurtling in to Stop what looked like a weak Side reverse lunged through the air and deflected a shovel pass. The Ball popped into the Clear. Joe Donchek smothered it i to his Chest on the Pitt 4 5. Quot now or never a Johnny White j panted a a it a yours Keith. ,. I yours on old 62. How a bout i it gang a two minutes to go. It was Keith Rhodes on a reverse. Joel Donchek and Dan Webber led. The Way. Joe hit the end with his last explosive gesture. The end tottered. Went off Hal j Atlee and out of the play As Keith i and Dan swept by. Wide. Barney Hughes had gone j through cheeked the tech linebacker on that Side of the line. They were through the secondary. Down to the 30 ,. The 20, Hal Forrest and another member of the Pitt last line of defense Tore across the Field. A. Headed to Cut Keith off at about by Imi ill % Brison Al Bervie staff to Hollywood. Nov 13 Jean Rthur has licked Hollywood just t she vowed she d lick it. Studios a bidding for a Chance to Star and Broadway wants her to a me Hack. Critics have polished it some Nice adjectives to Frame Lair verdict that she s a swell a Tress and agents and producer be sending her scripts to read. Miss Arthur has beaten Holly Ood Affet some 14 years of disjoint ments but those same a ars seem to have cheated her the capacity for enjoying her Humph. Today she s a scared Ottery introvert huddled in an cry Tower and biting her fails. When she Steps in front of a Meta everything Dandy there warmth and Confidence. When in director says Quot but a Slit looks of lid for a place to hide. No her player even the Breata a rho offers so much contrast. Here is such a dearth of pleas it anecdote about miss Arthur at ii was considered big news Hen she co operated in a big suds birthday Celebration for Auk Capra on the set of Quot or. Ii la it goes t it it she red hint to come to her dressing no to explain something in the rip Aud she detained him a Tuple of minutes while other Rill hers of the cast arranged a be and refreshments. That s All Ere was to it. She gives no interviews hut is too shy to refuse them Point Blank any Suc i requests must be referred through her own studio to her husband. Frank Ross vice president in charge of production at tile hat Roach lot. If miss Arthur is working at the a Lime. She is said to be a too of she Isnit working she is said to 1 tie Quot not in Bei i ski to pose for i still it i la eras Ross. Whom she married in the a a a ast in june. 1932, when he was a realtor and builder is believed by most of Hollywood to have coached her into her attitude of aloofness. Just As Good a guess i though is that he merely is shield Jing Lier according to her own 1 wishes. Miss Arthur dreads still Camj eras Aud will not pose for Fash ions or the publicity inform is which Are accepted by most actresses As routine chores. Only the other Day a news photographer snapped her at a party. She j called him an ugly name. He yanked the Holder from his camera. Pulled the slide handed her i the him and said a there s a picture of you saying it a Jimmy Stewart twice teamed with Jean Arthur believes she a truly a great actress Quot Shes warm site feels her i part Quot he said. Quot you Tan see it in j her eyes the Way they Well up cranium crackers of. On imn Ada american interest in Canada Lias increased since the Dom in i iou followed England into the War. See How much you know i about your northerly neighbor j fill in the Blanks in the follow ing statements from among the i series of words or figures Fol i lowing each sentence. 1. The prime minister of can a Ada is. Tai Norman Rogers. I by Mackenzie King cd James j Lorimor 11# Ley. Id Mitchell f. J Hepburn. 2. The governor general is. Ital lord mar Ley by Earl of i Sussex cd Duke of Gloucester j do Laird Tweedsmuir. 3. Canada has. Provinces. Tai 36. By 9. C 14, d i 48. 4 Banff Aud Lake Louise tourist attractions Are in the province of. A British co i i Umbra by Alberta cd Nova j Scotia do Quebec. 5. The Only walled City in North America is. Ai Quebec by Winnipeg cd Montreal i t d i Victoria. Uncle Ray s Corner Crookes tube led to a Ray the 12. But they ran too close together. A Cut to the right a Dan yelled to Keith. Quot toward the sideline a and then lie Flung his body Forward in a Long Roll Block. He caught them both at the same time. Smashed them to the turf. Blackness. Deep and Welcome engulfed him but not before he heard the tremendous Roar which told him Keith had crossed the goal. # his Arm bandaged from the Elbow Down and smelling from rubbing liniment. Dan found Joan waiting for him outside the dressing room. Then he noticed she was with someone. A tall Well dressed Man whose Arm she clutched posses sively. A Dan. This is my Quot great game Young Man a j g. Homed As he took Danes hand. A great i the Way you watched Over my daughter. Too these last few Days. Won t forget it. You be got to have dinner with us tonight. Just got Dan grinned. A i should be doing All the thanking for what Joan did for me. But the dinner Dale sounds swell. See you at the hotel after i go Back to the House and change it took him a half hour to fight his Way through the wild i Jamboree at the Gamma House. They almost tote him apart j. And might have had he not held up his bandaged hand in self defense. He was almost dressed when it he found the letter on his deck. It was from Acme pottery products about his Job. Perhaps. He Tore it open eagerly scanned it rapidly. When he had finished he j crumpled the letter up into a Ball and tossed it into the waste Basket. The de was a bitter exp pres is on on his face As he stated moodily out the window. To in concluded this minute editor journal of the american medical association Ami of Hygeia the he Silli Magazine before the recent introduction of Sulf pyridine and sulfanilamide the patient stricken with pneumococcus meningitis almost invariably died. For instance in a Large Baltimore Hospital Between 1930 and 1936, 29 patients were treated for pneumococcus meningitis and not one lived. From december 1936. To october. 1938, 17 patients were treated with sulfanilamide and one recovered. In other words out of 46 patients treated in a period of eight years Only one recovered. Between october. 1 938, and May 1939, 17 patients with the infection were treated with sulfa pyridine and eight recovered. The survival of eight out of 17 is obviously a tremendous Advance in the treatment of this disease. Other medical records Tell of i i persons with pneumococci meningitis who were treated with Sulf pyridine and eight of them recovered. In meningitis a germ gets into the spine and attacks the membranes which cover the spinal Cord. These membranes Are called the meninges. The various germs which May bring about such an infection include the streptococcus the . The pneumococcus Nad even the gon Coccus. Quite certainly the use of sulfa pyridine and various preparations of this drug has greatly improved the Outlook for tile patient with pneumococcus meningitis. For some of the other forms there Are special serums which Are use Lui. Physicians in Baltimore who have been studying the effects of Sulf pyridine and its sodium Salt on pneumococcus meningitis found that regular administration of the drugs would increase the concentration within the spinal fluid. When they gave the drugs regularly in proper amounts in their last four cases All of the patients recovered. The drug can be Given directly into the blood. This constitutes one of the greatest recent advances of scientific Medicine. Mckenney on Bridge Wem new card game sensation is answer to Aii your Bridge troubles by we. K. Mckenney americans card authority this 1� the first of a series of sit articles on warm the new individual Bridge game invented by Williarm e for Throe four five or six player Quot invented by William k. Mckenney. Nea Bridge columnist. Start now play the game that is the nation s new sensation. Side glances Coss Isi it a no or evict inc. T m to. Of t. Sat of n-7 a the grocery just phoned. Jean they wonder if you la let i hem have their boy on want and Page riots Over tile starting of the european War caused policemen of Johannesburg. South Africa to remain on duty at Hie Central station Day and night for nearly two months until peace was restored there. In Ilia will disposing of a $ i 130,000 estate. Sir Walter Forrest., former Liberal m. P. In England directed that Trust moneys under the will should not be in a vested in Russia or the Irish free state. I j when she comes into a Howard Hawks who directed miss Arthur in Quot Only Angels have wings Quot found a Little difficulty in adjusting her to a slightly Sampish role. She w As inclined to act with too much Assurance i and Independence. A see she Thien hard to he congenial about the off stage Arthur i Hawks said a she s just awfully Aby can t talk to people Aud dreads meeting them i know it hurts her More to turn Down an interview than it would to give it. I sometimes she cries from sheer nervousness a nobody doubts that shed like to be congenial. During the filming of a you a an t take it with Ann Miller the Ballet dancing sister tried to bring miss Arthur from her dressing room seclusion. Friendly As a Puppy the youngster said a Why Don t you sit around the aet with the rest of us wed love to have miss Arthur looked startled then softened and said a fall right i but when she tried it the rest j of the Compa amp a were so puzzled by the gesture of friendliness that j they were ill at ease and silent. Miss Arthur went Back to her dressing room but after that she often asked miss Miller to Tome in and talk. Tile Texas Cutie even taught the Star some rudiments of Lap dancing. I while making Testa with elec Tricky a British scientist pumped the air out of a Glass tube or at least he took As much air from it As possible leaving Only a tiny bit. Two wires had been sealed into the tube one at each end. The scientist was prof. William Crookes he sent a Strong current of electricity through the Glass tube from one wire to the other. This produced a greenish i glow. In later years scientists in Many countries used a Crookes tubes in teats with electric cur rents. One Runau who did this was a German William Roentgen. He Learned that when the j tube was in action it could Send i rays through a Sheet of cardboard. This gave him an idea and he made tests to Dud Oiler things the Ray might pass i through. To also Learned a Way j to make photographs of shadows j cast by certain objects in the path of the Days. On the Day before Christmas 1895. Roentgen told a group of scientists what he had Learned a i about the rays which he t ailed he displayed a picture of a leather pocketbook with keys and coins showing through the leather also a View of a human hand with Hie hones plainly to be seen through the i flesh. J a Tartlet Coul have made a drawing of Hie sort but Roentgen s pictures were photographs. They showed that leather and flesh had spaces which a rays j could go through j soon a Ray machines were put on the Market and doctors began to use them. They were employed by surgeons in the Spau ish american War. It was found that bullets inside the body could be located and could be taken out with less pain and danger to a wounded Soldier. Another important use of a rays is in making photographs How can i in a no Ashley Roentgen. Of broken Bones. A doctor May have a hard time learning whether a Bone is broken unless he can Quot see Quot the hone with the a i a. Every up to Date Hospital now 1ms Nile or More a Ray machines. There Are certain kinds of ii 1-Ness which a Good doctor will not treat without x Ray pictures. Iii Early years of the a Ray Art. It was possible to show Bones inside the body but not itch a vital Organ As the stomach. Since then ways have been found to photograph some of the vital organs. Patients have been fed with a Quot Bismuth compound and More recently with such a substance will go into the stomach and make its outline Clear when a Rayed. For science Section of your scrapbook if you want a free copy of the illustrated leaflet. A cities of Europe a Send me a 3c stamped return envelope in care of this newspaper. Ingle Ray. Tomorrow Rny shadows. Look and learn in a. C. Gor Don a Howard Minim the words you Are about to took at in the split seconds that j they hit your eyes form a new kind of reporting this Wilt take sixty seconds to read. While you Are Reading these Faks. The events they describe Are a dually Laking place. What Napp us in is in motion. Destiny t u be minute on Eaith. A world folds itself Start Reading their Are sixty four nations on1 Earth. Eliminating the seven greatest Powers the remaining 5 7 j Only Send 25 per cent of the total amount of Money going for armaments a yet that remainder averages a staggering total of Over $8.00b every sixty second a being j spent for death and destruction. J War profits combined total i profit of the 30 most important Iron and steel companies in England alone is now teaching Over a Hundred dollars every minute Oil every hour. Mankind uses of much rope that i world production almost All of it Briti a averages 12.000 pounds of jute each minute of the Day and night. The current War Rie in woo 11 prices increases profits to the a Gentil by $75 a minute 23 a i minute to Emu by biggest worry of the minute is i what Russia w ill do to Finland the finns spend $50 every sixty i j seconds on their army. Navy and Lair Force. Two dollars every j minute just for the Frontier j guard. ,. Stoic Reading. Do Yon hold poor cards Ai Bridge does your partner Tail to defend Well against slam and game contracts does he double at the wrong time if you have had these troubles you will Welcome the game of Wem. Wem is an individual Bridge game you old for yourself Ann play for yourself. If you hold Good cards you can old for Ai Many tricks As you think you can take of you hold poor cards. You an hid Nullo for no trick. Wem is a ame you can play efficiently after thoroughly Reading the rules once my first few articles will be devoted to the general rules of the game. Players one of the main features of Wem is that it can be played by any number of players from three to six. Your hid has nothing whatever to do with any other player s Olds. You have no partner. Of you think you can take three tricks you bid for three tricks but you had better make just exactly three tricks if you make than you bid. Or less than you bid. You score nothing in cutting cards for position the player with the highest card has first Choice of seats second takes the seat at his left and so on. In Case cards of equal rank Are Cut the players recut to determine precedence. Deck a deck of 52 cards is used with cards ranking Ace Hight King. Queen Jack ten. Down to the two spot which is lowest. The suits have no relative rank. of file and Deal any player May shuffle the dealer modern etiquette in Roberta Lee a id it poor taste for the friends of a newly married couple to make them conspicuous in Public by attaching placards to their car. And performing other such so called jokes a. Yes this is not Only very bad taste but often vulgar. Marriage is too sacred to be made a having the right to the last shuffle the player at the right of the dealer cuts the deck after the last shuffle leaving five or More cards in Cath packet. The dealer then deals the cards one at a time from left to right beginning with the player at hrs left. After the cards of the Deal Are old and played the Deal passes to Hie player at the left who returns the played cards to the deck. And the shuffle and Deal continue As already indicated. When the game begins the dealer gives Only one card to each player in the second Deal two cards and so Oil the Nura of cards Given each player increasing one each Deal with the exception ii Kui hereafter where five and Sfer players Are Active members of the table. Game the number of deals needed to Complete a game depends upon the number of players. The schedule for a Complete Kame is As follows Veirl with Deal Quot at players Trump no Trump a i i t it i i "2 i ii it j to i to a in each Deal except those played at no Trump As outlined in the next article the dealer after distributing the proper number of cards to each player turns up the next card which card determines the Trump suit. The unclean portion of the pack is placed face Down under the card turned up and is not subject to inspection by any player. Public jest by self appointed clowns. Q. At a Holiday dinner such As thanksgiving or Christmas where Tho service might be called semiformal is it All right to offer the guests a second helping of Turkey a. Yes. By All Means do so. Q. When a married woman is travelling alone should she sigh Hie hotel Register mrs. H l. Hudson or Mary Lou Hudson a she should Register mrs. H. L. Hudson and her Home City but not her Street address. Flapper Fanny by Sylvia Coes. Near n a Scacci. Inc t m acc. . Sat on q. How Tan i press a suit More i. Of a la Hie Hind sulfite of the satisfactorily Earth were divided among the in i a. Fold a Large piece of hews habitats of the world How much paper Lengthwise wet one Side of j would each one get j it and fold the dry Side Over the 2. Who were the first five Prest wet Side. Place the wet Side i dents of the u. S., in order 3. What is a Nona Genaria 4. From what state was lamp i taken to form the District of co i against the suit and Iron on the dry Side. This will also prevent a j shiny suit. Q. How can i make a Good pin j Lumina Cushion a. Dry half Coni Bizuga make a Nice filling for pin cushions. Dried Coffee grounds Are also satisfactory As they do not gather moisture nor rust q. How can i Check Hiccough. A. An old remedy which often proves very effective is to put the Iliad of a table knife on the Tongue for a few minutes. A new tire has been designed for use where Sandy conditions 5. What a a the three graphic arts answers 1. About 17 acres. 2. Washington Adams. Jefferson Madison and Monroe. 3. A person Between 90 and too years of age. 4. Maryland. 5. Drawing printing engraving. It is reported by traffic Engi exist. The tire is a Seyen-rlb1 neers that in 25 per cent of All tread design with Low inflation j total traffic accidents the Driver pressure required. Lad been drinking. Distributed of Esquire features inc. Reproduction strictly prohibited. Copyright 1939 Esquire creatures or lessons in English by. L. Gordon words often misused do not say Quot the balloon busted. A or Quot the balloon has say j Quot the balloon burst past tense and Quot the balloon has burst past participle. Often mispronounced Chic Natty stylish. Pronounce Sheek. Ceas in meet. Often misspelled Plum a fruit. Plumb a weight to indicate a vertical direction. Synonyms eager Earnest ardent avid desirous fervent zealous word study a use a word three times and it is let us increase our vocabulary by mastering one word each Day. Today s word pedant erne. Who makes a display of his learning i pronounce the e As in peddle. Quot the i scholar without g i \ j i i % c p of i t i t a a Ocee your folks Cert Only went for parties in a lug Way but did no to they Ever have anything except masquerades a t

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