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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - November 9, 1975, High Point, North Carolina 18c High Point Enterprise sunday november 9,1975backyard fish farming May ease grocery Bills by Seth Mydans associated press writer Falmouth mass. Apr the red sails of a homemade Windmill Flap lazily in the Breeze. Below it lie a geodesic dome a solar Heater and an artificial indoor River alive with tropical fish that feed on fleas algae and an occasional handful of Bright marigolds. On a quiet 12-acre plot in this Cape cod town two dozen dropout scientists Are building what they Call an it Ark a a scientific Lifeboat that we May All climb into one Day if the highly technical and chemically based methods of modern agriculture fail. If the novel fish farming and crop growing methods being tried Here succeed the scientists say they could be adapted for use in Urban areas or could allow a single family to sustain itself in a suburban Home with a Small Yard. The self sustaining Home is no gimmick says John Todd director of the project called the new Alchemy Institute. He charges that modern agriculture with its Reliance on chemically based fertilizers and pesticides is slowly killing the Earth and that increasingly specialized technology is moving farming too far out of the grasp of the Ordinary person. A we Aren t anti science or anti technology a Todd says. A i think its essential to save science and technology. But it can and must be done on a human scale so each of us can control our own the new alchemists ideas Are grounded in traditional science and their methods Are basically scientific. Todd 35, has degrees in agriculture parasitology and tropical Medicine. Many scientists Are doubtful that Todd s human scale approach can make much of a Dent in the world s vast food needs and Many question his doomsday analysis of modern agriculture. Or. John Ryther a senior scientist at neighbouring Woods Hole oceanographic Institute who also conducts fish farming experiments Calls the new alchemists a serious Well trained hardworking Young scientists a and says the Basic concept of Pond produced 50 pounds of fish in year their work is one that ought to be looked at. But he says it is hard to project the practicability of their Type of work on a Large scale. The respected journal of science in an article about the Institute concludes that a there is some Way yet to go before they match their record to their rhetoric. But if fresh ideas and seriousness of purpose Are any guide they May soon be proving that they have something to teach the the Institute is experimenting primarily with food production although related work with wind and solar Power also is being done. Besides Falmouth the new alchemists have similar farming projects in san Diego calif., and Costa Rico a Windmill Experiment in India and another project planned for Prince Edwards Island in Canada. The Institute is supported by More than 1,000 associate members who pay at least $25 a year. It has received Grants from the Rockefeller Brothers fund and other foundations. The Centrepiece of the experimental Ark is a backyard sized project which Todd describes As a a River powered by the wind and heated by the Sun a commodities available to everybody. It consists of three 15-foot-Square greenhouse covered Ponds on a slight incline with a school of fish in the Bottom one. Although its exact yield has not been determined several families undoubtedly could live off the output if they had an enthusiasm for fish. The fish Are tilapia or St. Open sunday i til 6 so we re offering these after the Market specials palms.24.95 Wen $50 a $60. Scheffler 9.95 amp 15.95 a $40. 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When the Sun is shining the water pumped by the homemade Windmill is warmed for the tropical fish by a Small solar Heater simply constructed of Glass panels. Trie water then flows Back into the top Pond where its purification process begins. Earle Barnhart in charge of the farms wind and solar research says a Unasa would throw up their hands in despair Over this kind of thing. They want to build the perfect solar collector. We done to care about perfection. We just want equipment that will work that anyone could duplicate with Only a basement in the top greenhouse the water wishes through a bed of crushed shells permeated with bacteria which detoxify wastes and degrade certain chemicals excreted by. The fish. The ammonia in the fish wastes is converted to nitrites and nitrates which Are used to fertilize algae in another part of the Pond. 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