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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - November 4, 1939, High Point, North Carolina We in 00 Iii she s the neat Type by Chio Young Blondie by Fred Harman unmasked hed Ryder now a Jet la see Emo Yaj really Werewolf f Bab of dumpling it a come i x Home and get j i Fri cleaned up j m pop supper i jux Low do u you keep _ yourself so. Clean. I mama p a a it top thay fight / ret it dbl s killing Aat j. Husband a 1 gee we kids were having a r swell times it mama / husband so cum. Ilk a Ltd it f to face ? of Only half face it lookup re horrible / a a private property no trespassing Mandrake the magician by Lee Falk and Phil Dav Ano inside the Cave at the Entrance in the Cave of be a file sorcerer the tree of death15 Besa s idea of a Welcome Doormat. No doubt that s where r m he gets his poisons. A wbk , in a j l to we go Rry j h Joss get out from under this tree Poison tree the sap is deadly Poison. V that s what s 8een a a or i burning r a 1�?you. R another one 1 something fall on me sting like fire a or stuff p nth Start it we r m put Oft next week the Den of the sorcerer must be interesting by Merrill Blosser freckles and his friends with major Hoople our boarding House Well moly smoke my sosh is that any language for an essay Winner. To. Use ? freckles i freckles you won tub National. Essay contest anyway x think j you Dio j Joie fwu. I m a a a a a cant believe no just because you to behind by three touchdowns Arent you even a going to open it r ? / Okay Jav m mom ill open or look at this coach / ool that s find mom j they can t miss by Walt disne1 Donald Duck Tou re Good when it a can make a Shadow picture Uke this one come and see the swell one wave oot v. Una i Donald by Edgar Matt boots and her buddies Vivo y f is. Stans of y Kam imagine. �?�"7\ f sic. Ter one mope. A Askok a u too. Avith f Hinote the non Taw scream. Guy v Honorio bocks l a cd Horr one Msj tar n a Autv Fer to vol cd Loe. To Jav a a a v a / Al i done by j. R Williams of a vent Wal ? doors in t the Only one. Yoho is Watchung a pith Ween interest Ano aviation / he. He i \ Theani v a an to it v Hale. It Sao i they Don t look peaked Wash Tubbs what a tvs idea swe an up y i just dropped by to i on me bus pc pc git j ast if you d loan me s5 i in Olita my Yard Quot a Una. So i in suy my j m Ulm my sump a to eat j since i 60t \ Sou newer the Lumbago i cocked anyway i aint bin you Lazy a Fth. Able to Mork / Soud Cather i j sit in the Shade 7--�?ia and let the i v weigher \ feed our kids but every body knows you got a kind heart tit. Hilll. I. I of he to in a to it a inc inc j r Willems la a Why Woy Heus get a say f. M a u. A it Ott. A Coto. I tit qty a a a it a a of by Lank Leonard fighting Back micke 8 it fog tech \ it do you Mepen i Tyyri sorry,1 you refuse j Lav 12by�? but to loan me / that a just the Money / what i mean i need / we cast loan s. A Tou a cent too Laurey King a uce a but it la has gotta / be Duck soup Tav by from \ Fob a Guy Uke scratch aug Assn him he can pm Phil y to boo w a la the s. Dough he wants �o--1 and be Back oni \ is v top a year. I i m sube glad Toh sube Tom my King Ain t in he s one of Gonna give a the Best up without a y construction eight Mickey i engineers in of you really the country think he can the wont have come Back / any trouble losing his \ yes it was. Lbs Fortune at finn but you his age must should see have been a \ How 0bave he terrible blow he worked to your Uncle j All night Labby Kitty / making new is plans / Good old Doc 15y Hamlin Alley top Job a a c that nay friends i f Tut Tut be spent 7coj�?Tt is just. A lifetime. In study of the Tell. Us Vidu what i i what ancient Rast,., and after want to go do wish Why. Good j by recent Epperle Tjce but Mackto -4 Toto / heavens Kil. In Troy a v kirov a \ Asan. J what Sein you Baca so soon Roctor. V amp Conson by Ham Fisher the Low Down Joe Paloska she s some Hight Quot flyer. Been pm ayin around Peno Fer years. Was out with or a Coupe a times. A is Gay i Tole you t shut your Mouth i Wunt make / Joe he aint a Mother it it Gonna marry remark like in that Dame that if i was Fer the youse Knobby s Juvva Pete Gonna marry a she s a miss Durfee nyx phoney pc she s Only Aie so clout Fer Yowk is a Jav i $ 2 dough youse have the wrong t lady v Willie. A with the possibilities opened up by your consider it my duty to posterity to tahe / advantage of it y can you expect me to be Content with Only a few Rusty old relics some Bot Hunter h digs up t a and then it confidentially i never had so much fun in All t. Vyv life Page eight the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry Bige Point North Carolina saturday november 4, 1939 gosh Rupert a a i can t Flogger what happened to the Bounce the crowd f is Sor of could we a fix up a i substitute i Natac h ? j we want action. Where bad Bounce k Baba bring on the other bum egad Buster this unseemly delay is most noxious if Baba does not appear shortly i Suall demand the match be forfeited la Tell Mem Baba is sick Rand ask if anybody in the House will fill in maybe we can save the show j Don t run up the temperature major / referee Rafferty says Well give him to More j minutes a i to get l. Here / on t Leavi folks there s More coming Vav a Mah a Ici my t m to u a it off

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