High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives May 31 1976, Page 18

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 31, 1976, High Point, North Carolina We High Point enter prow. Monday May 31, 11 66 furniture by amp Ament �?�7 Hoil Rry to Alma desk co a immediate openings Tor. A Cabinet assemblers a plywood Lay up a rip saw operators App a be san Vav Green an to a i Tkv a t Vui Iti to by Nufi by it m a i Tiff to i an i in Vlf a i in paid a two a a color stylist Man experienced in developing furniture Fiona future management a qualified individual to a pvt guardsman chemicals inc. 883 7126 an Quai Cerut Tusit uni org cwt re us to a a to if 4 a Quot a Ltd run a i new the a a a a. # is Fri fwd a a a a it a a a Quot. A it in it i a am Eison a ates "w1# a �ml##9# #1 ,k�4#> i a a a a it Al i Opp Quot Quot is a a a a a. In it �?��,.< # iu0�f i a to is a to a a i Quot m a a a a wow ii it a Quot. Sutt Quot j i a #>4 la my ttt�?Ttt1 vend it Quot a kit. Of i it one a a a m a to Quot my Davis n Imti he imm strips a shipping room workers a desk assemblers a drawer builder a Case Damp operator a drawer Sanger a finishing room workers a Case fitter a furniture assembler met my my to a a a a a pc Maine Ina a a Quot apr in Twat san mos feb i Centena at Trull Oenea tvs tip a Reg Ttyler experienced Cushion sole knitters 17 65 per hour apply in person Moulin Hosino 7611 Uwharie re High Point n c experienced hosiery Mill k Nitti no room m Wikman to Mikul Shih Send resume to Box l 38 i i tar Lolff Panf knitters and pc 3rd shift apply personnel office Silver knit ind. 401 s Hamilton my to a it .9 technical ii tit employment 72. Miscellaneous Hal jobs wanted engineering dept. Positions at All abit us Trush to him iss Pai Fitta a 00 in a Odd a riot Quot ii i Kart Tiff Aijo Mai Lintt Al b it b Wadlowe d i it i f iffi⻻4 Mac in rom. Ape y a a 5 Frame co a fib it Ait get it Tref n Quot it n a room Ner Owdea a Quot Quot a a lately apply in per n Bier wooo products two a Ami him a but Quot ill a lift now angina j a vie Panay pin Nam a a but a Prate i a Bat tar Lelum Mill in vote in i i it a non Tes i a a a a Quot Ting talk lung Aula an i amt Winnai White in i grated cd mite. Lew Quot items Ana i a a Teg a c Vos Ana tit j in uti a Hist muss Pui us 11 by in vol #4 a a Al drawing 04 j id Ittai a i painted a a Quot a j i 4 a Samb r Gene Ayi a Teri Quot Quot to 1 a Tiiu. Mamone room help a offs Para in i Nina i 3a i v i p m. Mil i Prodi to 1208 Lincoln to a Mon Calls plus ass to childcare a l att a Childre one Block Eft n a a a i Bim Quot a Lovington Cai la classified want ads sell ii i f �1 Noto a be Baptist Enie a can non it yrs Law Ana ski a pm 0 5 Job Quot hs43 Al to cant til Dale St Bool area. Afr it re it and in my ship phone to _ Aiu Aff 7 children. J in Angus room Ala pot a Quot Date Alt 3 i tap 0 a Aap cd Stenn my Opp sown in a Bacin it All mini ?5 imn emf Roger Walser placed this and. 1972 Yamaha 650 cd Good condition Sissy Bor High in Hoodie Bori $850 phone 475-xxxx. And s01d his Yamaha in 4 Daysi a i puce your and today Call 885-2177 it a a -�?~.>x-x-X�x&Lt&Lt&Lt-x- a a a it x x by a a a Assam by draw a banal layout new i a Lii dn4is Nam ten i. Us Hnott ii a Quot Ity and a rat. Quot Wawa Actton dial i ii i t it to r Montc a a win let 10 a a a Seebt Bitt a vat a f aids Elk. A Al att y owl niuta a t t h a a kit it i a . A Dell i a Quot a a t a a a i it Buitta a it a font Quot i a amt i a i a an a a a i to a a Atta and m, not tit a land . And a Abs Muto a a Fem co division Guiton industries inc e in it to Wmk i m g Balai 4 f. Jwj a attn my a in it to a it a Milt a Wnm l l int Ushii pan Oyana f do so a by Quot youth you toss youth la pet a gtd supplies Van int ant cd p up a full a Hoad Tan Atta Nae ii cub 43 Minim i manic Nan Tad Cater. Lean t Tauai do Gaad aeta 141 tsar by Quot a a Par Jar tar a Quot if a a to air a 1 in mb4h4ta. St Powe a Tompot tatty evict i in a m a St by 77 Mitt Cellaneous Oitt a at Dani Day Rya pan rent Vai omd in Bild am 77. Miscellaneous it a a xxx xxx Ltd it 77. Miscellaneous a hit alb Phi shop Tamata a pigs a i t tabb1 a Quot mad pupa a so Tynt is a foe i a is a a a a 41# ibis a Ira in a in. Ill it a a att a a Mei Tian #1 y Tai Paap in i data e if a e no Manj la i but a m3 i by a Beni no in it taut amal it Nidzyn a a a a Nufi it a Foca y a to a Daparma. Chi i Tony Ai i a a Fayann but pm a a Quot a to aum myi a ilk s 11 iaoul0 it 0 Yovu Bema f i a Aga is it Tina i hat Ltd mint i Tea n a Annat r i i u Nomad Arf a a Quot a Mon Vivai f a. Bot away a a re a in avg a a to an Rora a Quot to i Quot a Mai a a a a Anoa f. A attn a it 0# i n jail Par land i Rufra a i la c q Fnu in v machinist i a Plata Apa att la gig Anri ii a away Quot i Lama Attl Itig t Gnia 4 apr fir a #4 Vamp y a a a a i a apply a a a Quot a a Vatn no con Kotti Jota a a Quot in Pena 3tmp fat Tea Ai n an a it j a Pai . In a Njaa an a a age it t Good Niay apply a a a i in 00 i 11 Yon Ava i laut is viral a Nayf pfad ajar i Taru. Razaf rap if i clfanabn<-0 # a. I a a d a a a Awa a Rattan port it \ att u i Itta i von ii , a Al hand a a Nyat my 77 Blit g Naan i Polo Tai a Day a Bam to pm jaw is i Tim a a Dan a Cotta Nan ,.pliant Matt i i amp Aan r a Affa it a re Quot a grief Lobin a a a a a fir graph to ipod Vitt i n a Rani Aurant Quot a con a in Mala mat Tan a anything t4wbhitaiti�4 Yotanya gnaw in tto a Valt a Linton h do Otto my cad i a a Ca. Agr a n Naggiar non draw a in a a i to Jot to salad Tarot a a wit i a c att melt Oit Tyr i Pat utta look no Tor a Meagh apr can Tao Kytta Oyd a a m4 a 7. Pet Veslock a try to amp to move to it by it it Prosan Nona Meiji put pm la�4 hah 4 Mota train Tryc fir aka a �70s to i a Pony Bonatz a % a Matt a Ham ayin Naf 30 thana a new to a 4ta 4io mops a boarded Manta and a a u a a Yaw a Quot a baft Ray Quot tax fro n id ail Mut an Klimt Patty a a Mam Amer Taic to in n t Rar let a it to a Aaaanda Tard a Coutt a i Odan Ltd a a. For to i it Aifa Noa Quot a fad oaf ton apply a u it vain Pia Ano say focal gotta. A a 4ll 773 a tto pm a a a a Dolly Reutt in a pc r r Day to am Mon in Alao Natt by attn not a Mapait 4 pm Rad Pac to Stylc f a pm 68 Sale to att fat. 4 App a att amp vut1 a papa it a-,.aa appt a a.,. A Awn i i r i nit Mant Hon a to a my i co to tits ttys a a Unco Foca fad Ita Aad Pac apr to a us Ana Marni Atn n a it pm Quot to a j Mac to. By a Good Tutu # Cia a Taat Graf a company apply in a am Eia Sylici Cone 3loc map la cd Quot in Rod a 4f�&Quot latin h c a to a att a Natida a n a Matt 7 any t App y in Par ton a i Penny Ham Tam apr a to taif so r a Fittl a std sex his it i in Eon lot it no a Opan ton a daily lir no Coyna a a atty dual aia Ouid nay Aall i. A Quot to i a0-t Ngay fat in opt Colet jgaa4�dta read in Bon a Laott to a lion Tratt attic str Aazaad Cain p in i Jua it Opp Lima t in a Nora ooh it oaf y Japan Datt Naan Gay Alf i a a to Atli i Day a a a Cill a nyx Slaty at 431 it 4 a i att Gad would Ila a ii Fiji do add to in coca att Call tar., Alana a 3j4 tonal a i Cla n Jinyi a d l a to a n inroad to a a mfr Tratta a run Tom any Tatai aloof Ca f c Cut orca a a by#0 Alit Zoep it a id in Onitt Ana a any Aga try Pix not a a Cah Macy i Roc it ten Aga la Ai �7 i oui d a a baby it a a it to tto att a a a Bratty Day Maffia co Oak it agy u by Cha lad in Abott l Izbi d a bom m a Ltd a Ain it up a a a is baby to a Dong it can in pm a oui Tarp a term mph a a a a Boot Aga i a Naoi aum a Pona a a Man and Val y Aga a a Ttaha Itai it Iai Quot i i it if i amt cot Trana 431 r4 Infa ii a a cum be t the a bubbles a Mai my a a Macb Mont a 237 i Iii t Tummy Mon fyn toil Iota pan Lima i Quot and sea tint it a Jan Ascot Aga la a no a in a my to i Lima oot Oman any �?~�?�1 t i Aid con do a Ltd co Quot Ana Ltd u4 Only deign it a 4 i mama Aga a a Maya Tom tut at typing ate try Tabbott sf7 so it g att. Of any a capita a Gail it Tapia tot Tam pm iou it no a Toyah a it Sib a buy ii and u my o.,m a a. A 4 Palm Dnn cd a co it a Gay Typo orc f Ai Tony f to f no Tai to Lite att &Ltd.#1,1.r a ont Dpi no Job Nepf min i oaf in a c a a Fen a to pm Mort pc do it cry my Baya Otga i a a an Rob to to r am old Tam att Yob Ito nay no in tonality and not t f All a Agria f a no Isa inf to my in Quot a i la Tiff i Yow Tutt pot. Ohr a rated y a ago no cud flip by a Davis Al a Nett re ind Strus 602 Linden St. T a Opp. Ngh pfc <7. Hosier in apply in person Daisy hosiery Mill 2118 n main St be. But Cha i Ana boat a if As i Crft in you i Boyum a air a met Doc. At a it a it. Quot no , a ode it ll1 Tatoo you Typo la Guy i ime4m a my Btl sin for men a. Women Abu oaf a Moo Manor Bottom pry Tutti a a 4 tto Nott co to y i Lam opt Ltd a is 77? ii a ii i Olin for Lull Poi i a a toot no no 4 Titer Al Tatumn Aaan i a Colt f Oneat by 17774 n m ill 1 a Tyr Tok Loc Al Vatty a Moony Atwo not Epa it not Tov 7 toot pout Roodt to n fwd a cwt Tat Tam and bin Cam in to tact unum and a Proa uni Tim App in to von Ito n a n St a a it Bijj by Tolan ill a v Munday Mihi i nay Ion a i c y a now Comba a t oat Boatwr Gua Onia 4 in agr ton a t i i a i Neh Moke open nine Appau atut nato Long Anan at Pott Quot card to a in 4 Quot Lima tot it tack v f p a to a a a an at foe an sgt pm Nannt Tau St a Ltd it Bam 4 Mil comb Iii in Soi re it i pm tis Burin a uti Soi is Good benefits amp wages Hetu. Flirting amp i huh him. Ina a i car fat d 72. Coob ii in Fyfo a i a cd gent butyl a 1 t id an i t oat i a Quot nov it 4 it it no not a to Alanl Monog att pc Mott can f a Aarn tag Mua a a Oil a Ca aft i Sipai Tao to put caul a Sii a att Katf is 4 1 Abc net Tannd 11 not a i toy conc att i to Numay Yixin too Ign i. Of tit a a r/7 Jim Safoian 4 Ipp Jet Foo Japan Datt lady in amp i a a my Vui Joff Day i to nyy yet i Dorp pay by by f a Muncy Sibori a a i att rat a if my Aga Arcata ? jew town if oar a Quot a Napi fat att i i to add a a and a a. Cau mob Jon Koll Van Tok Al. Bow it toy i buy Silva Panay t a Patof Quot 11 by to tet hic Al chemical oar Baton Blan a 1 in Mer by pts apply in Pac ten a Isaac spa d it Yadao int Ulayn 4414 needed experienced folders Lent i folding. Bagging 4 Seal experienced diesel my automatic sealer us Llesh amp to Liker Mec h anic Tor infants children s 4 boy s hosiery apply in person Daisy hosiery Mill 2118 n main St no Bonf Call by a ase pols to Jim flare entry. Trxnsp0rt i Vtha Road High Pumi a Kong 88.v0i7i u i a i Ion Mer j old la la am 4ba pm 4v/m4 _ i inf d do attend. A act i a a to Tel put a t �0"g t at Toutt ii fijan t u Jan Cen go 4 i Tref i Neoma a not itt ant Community us hut Auk Tif pot i it Cai i Attal Jha action 7?4 Impi mgt ment available for All positions. Apply Between 3-5pm monday a thursday. Man Dys old fashioned Ihmi Geks i Mio n main is it Abl Mobil met service station attendees needed for 1st 4 3rd shifts s. Main Texaco ?04 s main ii a no machine acc manic assistant Mac not a Oil Tom a a Ina ame a too Ord n learn undo pry Tan Ai c l Ann name hopi Niiya Ion in n inc leading apr it Don t. In Malim Vontur Ai and l b am a Day Ca bom i n add1 con to and Cut Tom to in mob a fully in Bey ton Al i Abi Roalf co Ini l in i ism Bomio Quot Point no Iha v i 4 b v sewing machine operators manuf Al Tutti b at loyalty Lingo a Sian Onya Nanoto at to a. Jaiaitjai. Stu Onca act Wdig min us Quot try a Van Vao it Cai 4 lit Apoc a Tom Jancin Satut in ado non . F Bint cent mat to nut a ult in ton a Archdale mfg co inc. A a a i l nol is Quot to High Bolt no ill a m Wilt v shipping Rece iving warehouse work Ait maw Una int for Abo j. Peao y bait 4 to to Houri you i taut in a Ca 4 mom Ebony manpower inc. Phone 883 6173 a ,.,.i to 5 f Nan t Ynaga old trip Tow to Ayu a Aget Lobba d bang tto Taw bib ii a att a f it in syut tent a Quot Wien i an clo y j t 4 to put a in to ,� can a Quot Lonel if y b and go a Ltd to baby Quot my jew amp a in Otto a a i a heaven a to sab4__ Bam Logam it Gat it top who Arock and i in ten stand in Kitty in ayus k j cry Anfort Odd a a i Occam do a �0 a i maid 0 a ctr a a rout t Udan Iyenga tabla Tom la Rao t Otto Maya can Civ 4 age b tall titles no Java Xiba Hunt Tell boarding pain oort i can indoor door bunt Matty 4j4 la b a Fob Sale said if 4 Peidt Quot Ciudad lip 4jf by. Illy i boo at in j latin a wat a in j Matte j to motto goo ipod Duma i inf it to pm Omi _ cd scottish Taftt Bftts nationally a att Quot acc Champion blood a prod fica tit it a Yam to go to pal m f i toc in no a met male Beagio a a bit dogs in ail tis a Lay b v will Quot a Ai a fcb Zoub pet you a a a Quot att a a a a rata f to a melt to a i a get in Wil to in a Quot top a rpt to cab 1 a cult non Lur Yucai limited Spata and at i a Agna Quot att Brady �?�k47n in 4&Quot t440 Only dog and Pael att ban but a n lean Cox la to in Ais iou 88 pet supplies oni a can it Tondt top Loam. A copy any by Nfn Upu Tattoo age to tatty work any in jul non. 4s4 4/0__ big inky Mick area Ekron Nearad a Soma boo hoop no it my snap y so ii 4/7hu i be a a map to 1 a Cotta fat Lull Lime Tummy an dorm to crept a a Quot a Quot it Alo Quot j Ona in ,-41 a cab Yard Gar Dor Moat a so a oof. Of into Bolt i i Cun a Bam a a it if i it a a y Lap a i 4 Knap i con a i pm Cai Alt 3 b v a 1 Aga i Ayan % top at a in % Una will Alto cont a i a mor ail Tob i Toub pub Ina rtt att Ltd Al b t son Gabos n Center Nii to moms bbb a Moc f be by thing if no to and a Dar a a t c a p try Vann i a by s in r a 4173 Quot Fob Sale Bony Tao Jet cub my 4wj a to pm i am ant open d Al Mon a ii i t Mica doing an acc an maw air Ratcha in Quot a to j beet i j t As Alo Aga 14 it an t in. A t a Labia it Vui Abik Quot Ama t Duratt Tay iof i am to a cd a i Quot a it Maiv Acala a la ivc id in 04 quota. Inc a att in d Manti 4j will to id i i Tup at any my a mud a Al my my Tateo Gaynar i to a and 4 typing far 3 yet Antoya i no Sam Aye k any Aga is by t att to too Abs a mid Bott hot vow Annga a ours lit Odd lot a Vuu 4 a d to not nip by air Naip in tobacco inn bad Ion to in amen canes kit and i Quot a a a a a it 7no nays Job n i a a c a1 a Neo Snag i a a 4m to aril Ltd a d a Noto Natt Pfob co Quot to lat old by by 0�?T13__ a ii to to i a re i it Nagott cat con a a i a in in n a t 0�?~d a i p711 4i i Jot la a in my . A Quot a a a us mar Oroa a la e May a re a i g comae a. A b Unkn a in a id if to old Bey a if do an. Kind by j k ult Uci in i in k Ittu urn a i it a a fun a and Battau Quot 434 ii la id Anilla Talo my bid an a n a Bema a any a in nay y school j i Quot clan # i v Lott gun Quot Agta 470 it a Aat Gronna pay Dap Tlora Eiguy i Toad a top a Batik fit if tap milk Poi i yarn a for to pm blah a Nln liable Ai i a in a att 4 tack Mead us a la t e is. Aii Lack Oil. Bunt Pacai St la s triad Long Post Hoy in is b m b 4 Sih f Man i Litvai Aptt r a. Boyd Aga to i Haj m. By Slaet Nall it top it id an Oak a Tow b a a Efana into phoning Fly Aeneas Lur a . T s3 Nagati att Todd Quot a Quot a agr it by iat a look but a a Quot g Dyl pc a Ijas f 111 a a a a % con to pit i Mai u Muni a and a it 14 Ai by a Bow Nylon Stottm ii to no re Jio a to Quot i Only a it g Loc a top at a Boti can Fay n Jbf Biratu Call Janet Aga la a Asa by thank you a a thu King in a Depa i Myna a Fathi ont a i . Aga to in i ail ung tto Nena d cab Bandy i Quot Yon agr in any a a Tea 4 by a Quot in Quot Quot to 4 a a too in 414 i Jtj i amb flout nyy Gylnn str Yitty in Lull can key 4 Tatt Par ton Aal itty ii Dan a a to Anent an Gaya to a an de lady to Nark Ltd Trad i a i a a Good howl Good i i by Quot i Edilu flt apply in a to Quot 14? s vain la i apr. Had a by Tatai a Quot a to Moat i a a Ca Quot Toath Quot d Amy in am i a Lapin Lull Lima Vata to 4 Matt a May a in by 144# the f Nai s aes any Tep Summa to k oar my by Quot d b a ilk is m go to Quot i n c pm Ajo j i new e and boy Mitt Way in shipping ii aping r Mam in i an i a a d by 5 Road age to bus a 4/5 2444 i am in Ite and ii a Tang ii Epa by # a a Wen King in Baker a was be a i was a j by. 43 to Tny i i Gall plumb Tiso Awn i a Arkes Seu a in worker a Toto Tor Quot a Tea co t Ingram ids Hines �?�784 Quot in Pont a 1/ phone i would Nee do any Lite available Ca Sun Fevo a a 4 a r t m g s p in age in plane 4jt Iii at a apr j ule port Lute too a attn fan cok egg. my Dati rat Tun Quot to it a eng pay map Quot a if Cut uak it a Tuttman Aga in to so i 11 lab eld go Snaadt turn mar a a cd Boa a Quot # no Japan Datt Niamat 4 Haada huk ctr . Matt in. Btl ays i to did a n Nava a wan a. Too any a Aoa Chut to avg in ditty is ii a i my m/-7t3? �?�6 Urga apr la Rar Viollt .Icifr in stir incan Mlih and if Taw hair doubt Harding Lim affry. Loim Klifar aah Flolly in n. Oot fat Iob Uttof Kitty Trilb no a Tat rape fat and f any Gnu Mocata. Att la a a an t agr a i i no Quot mime ,7 a old 4n co tag t Uda a amen j Watt aug j b inuit . Agy ii a Arrito p4btnei skin fed to Dnay copy pm Iluf go Quot court 4 but own m Acta land to wad Bat la to v h my Quot Bomi be Quot try prior my no 86. Lou ranch aug it.7 teenage is Doug adults least a i but by Stu fact Aptt Tito a Manip chary cab Zahat in fur Arrey by Jet wanted a in admit Loc the Quot you Mutt a. A go Al work Acord 5# Ity Proddow and a Tail Moi Vand top aant Page a a Upit a Paton. Buga Cho Ibi s Maut is _ 73. Union gotten mails null Conte b Boi Green Fly Quot Oil i to ii m. 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It Phu to in i by 4 p soul 0 a a a it in a int aunt bathing Ai tit e attn g d to tit a Kcf Tutt "04 a Green i a Quot i phone a. Cut Gouid us a a Quot no t Amman acte set fun "7 Coli but a ago 14 phone 431 473 Junior High a i would ii a Quot Lim 198. Auto Accel a Oriel equip a Tibet 4 Jophat dab Wick ii 87. Moor to loan to Xor cells a Onorie i p to a do a it to a hum a Qawiy lot Quot can to a Ongna Quick y in you hum 0iu.0 us Quot to von a to any a Spoto Oil Ai if in at Ion equity plot income Fob details Call mid South commercial co phone 887-1209 r ast 4 be Conomo agr Toast up lot so finance America 31/ s vain is am than so Tat Ion �?1 Itutti to sir old b ago 14 phone Industrial relations director Davis furniture industries hot opening lot a highly qualified Industrial relations Duel to which has expel Tenet in All Potet personnel duties insurance Osha. Also Aap program a employment procedures la you Are interested in joining a progressive and grow my institutional and contract furniture company please Contact Randall k Davis vice president 919 885 t eleven an Ait now adopting App cot any to Ila no Fattip Tivoli a Lull Nan org a re Quot pay a col Ottar Ricotta a a including pad insurance vacation cod Union 4 profit Choring a it f it Quot a a a. 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