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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 31, 1972, High Point, North Carolina 26c High Point enu Prist wednesday May 31, 1972like automobiles drugs Are Here to stay by John Wykert nerf i american How Mph Alisa not new York a Calm understanding look at the troubling world of drug use a All drug use not just the illegal kind a was recently provided by the president elect of the american psychiatric association Apa. Or. Alfred m. Freedman of new York medical College urged fellow psychiatrists to adopt an ecological viewpoint towards drugs. A one cannot draw conclusions about the role of the automobile in american civilization merely by focusing on engine pollutants and their effects upon health or on the fact that of tee years of struggle to Rise in the world the Purchase of a Cadillac gives one the greatest gratification. A these considerations do not encompass the crucial role of the automobile in t r a n a por tation economic growth and patterns of social life. Although plans Are afoot to limit or ban the private automobile in the Central City few people have come out for the total elimination of automobiles next year. Like automobiles drugs Are Here to stay a or. Freedman pointed out. A we May propose to limit their use or to make greater efforts to ensure their safety but we should be aware that their proliferation will continue. In this context we need to develop an ecology that deals with the relations Between Man and drugs viewed As a specific feature of Many a the psychiatrist pointed out that the interaction Between Man and drugs has a Long history. And As the past May or May not have taught it is very difficult to Label a drug either a a beneficial or misjudgments in this area have abounded so that opium and morphine were once readily available Over the counter at local pharmacies a j and even grocery stores a while heroin was a cough syrup Staple for years. But it has also worked the other Way the harmless a a drug was considered dangerous. Tea. A turn of the Century textbook noted was a especially efficient Ini producing Nightmare with i hallucinations. Alarming in their intensity. Producing a strange and extreme degree of physical depression. Speech May become weak and Best years of life May be Coffee makes the imbibed a tremulous and he loses self command j he is subject to fits of agitation and depression. Has a Haggard appearance. A renewed dose of the Poison gives temporary Relief at the Cost of future the trouble has been that researchers have focused on single drug investigations. A complicating Factor is that psychiatrists appear to be working in a two drug Cul i Tures a one devoted to treating the emotionally disturbed by use of drugs the other consists of helping addicts drug users and abusers. A we study a drug and learn All about its origins pharma zoology and the mechanism of its action. If it is a drug we prescribe we Are interested in whether it benefits this individual or not. Does his behaviour improve or get worse a we never ask what effect introducing a drug to this individual will have on the rest of his family or society. We do not think of the Long Range consequences of pre the questions that need to be asked and explored Are More far reaching ones a what is there about the Structure of society and its i institutions that make it necessary for Large sectors of the population if not the whole j population to ingest a deliberately or accidentally a quantities of substances that affect to nervous system a what Aire the circumstances indications agents situations that initiate use a what Are the vulnerabilities of various groups in society what Are the consequences on the individual and society or of efforts to suppress drug use first or. Freedman sup of t classification of i drop according to their history and origins and social uses a naturally occurring or derived substances whose use has always been primarily recreational such As tobacco i Alc Bol Tea and Coffee. A naturally occurring substances of great Antiquity and varying Potency originally used for some combination of therapeutic and religious purposes a opiates marijuana cocaine peyote and mescaline. A naturally derived o r chemically synthesized substances such As opium derivatives morphine and heroin synthetic analgesics such As methadone certain antidepressants Tranquili Zers and Antianxiety agents even the predicted enhancers of learning. A synthetically derived substances spin offs from other research that were found to have an effect on the brain a Ltd chlorpromazine and the amphetamines. A finally substances that Are concomitants of technological Advance gasoline and glue among them. Both have had a Vogue for ingesting by sniffing the psychiatrist explains. A the proper study of a drug has to include its history pathway o f introduction original social or technical use the subsequent course of events the mythology surrounding the drug As Well As the political climate a Freedman Points out. Or. Drug use must also be viewed in terms of recent history notions of Marks perfectibility self actualization As a personal goal and other considerations such As the concept of the injustice in not finding a sense of personal Worth and identity. A the urgent demand that the institutions of our society be reformed not primarily to assure essential comforts but to guarantee a sense of per Sonal Worth is a new and recurrent theme in society. A it is no Accident that the preoccupation is initially in the psychological sphere. The problem of alienation and a sense of worthlessness is most poignantly the problem of the Youthful generation. The unparalleled Freedom and capability of the Young Are not matched by an institutional Structure that facilitates their self actualization. A adolescence is peculiarly a no persons status and yet it is the very period in life when technical skills and new freedoms Are growing the fastest. The same sense of Justice is understandable in other groups a in particular minority groups and women who experience the same failure in their quest for personal Worth and dignity. It is part of this sense of injustice entwined with a feeling of powerlessness from which a variety of behaviour patterns emerge one of which among Young people is the wide use of or. Freedman also urges a comprehensive View at the efforts to intervene in drug abuse. Such efforts often take on a life of their own he noted. A drug delivery groups like t h e Law enforcement bureaucracy May Well become self protective and s e i f perpetuating and thus fail to eliminate the problem they were formed to concludes or. 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