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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 30, 1974, High Point, North Carolina High Point Enterprise thursday May 30, 1974 of flyers Shero likes his players Young and angry Philadelphia Fred Shero is the coach of the Philadelphia flyers the Man responsible for loosing this menace on the rest of the National hockey league. They Are a violent lot rampaging for 50 regular season victories finally winning the Stanley cup Over the Boston Bruins. Fred Shero s eyes close tightly when he hears All of this again. His forehead wrinkles in thought. The steel rimmed eyeglasses the Wavy Gray hair make him look like a kindly Grandfather. Quot the reason i lost my Job when i played for the rangers was that i would t fight a he said. Quot id won a lot of fights in the ring. They knew. I d fought in the ring for to years everything from flyweight to heavyweight won seven or eight titles even fought pros in the service. Quot anyway that was different. I make myself hit someone in a hockey game if he did t have a Chance to hit Back. I was t what you d Call a physical player. But my reputation from the ring stuck with me and the rangers Only recently two muggers jumped him outside an Atlanta hotel. He was Only scratched but he was so shaken he did t go to the game. He flew Home to. Philadelphia. Somehow Fred Shero does no to fit the image the one of him As or. Frankenstein monster maker. Or. Frankenstein had prizewinning parts to work with a master pianist s hands the brains of a Genius an athlete s body. Fred Shero got the reject parts in creating his team. Quot i always say there Are three things to look for in a hockey player Quot Shero explains a Speed skill strength Quot what he is stuck with is a lot of strength not so much Speed and skill. In such a situation he made most of what he had. Quot Dave Schultz for example Quot he continues. Quot he knows he a not fast or skillful. But he knows he s up Here for some reason. That a Why he set penalty records not Only for the regular season but also in the playoffs particularly against the rangers a series that went to seven hard fought games. Quot its a funny thing about Schultz though. He improved so much this season. His reputation his toughness created vacuum around him. Left him open so he did no to have to rely on Speed a once not so very Long ago the Bruins were not used to winning Stanley cups and they relied on muscle too. After awhile the Bruins discovered that they no longer had to destroy their opponents they could simply beat them. The flyers Are not unlike those Bruins. Philadelphia has a nucleus of pure Talent most importantly goalie Bernie Parent the Best in the nil Quot during the last two months of the season. I could see they were playing the system i wanted Quot Shero was saying Quot i Don t know where this team will go in two or three years. I would t have been disappointed too much if we Hadnot beaten the rangers in the playoffs after All. I did no to think we d finish any better than second in our division and we were in addition to strength the flyers have youth and the attributes that go with it. Enthusiasm persistence. But mistakes Are another attribute and the mistakes Are what Lead to the penalties despite the record number of penalties they rarely take a penalty that does no to make sense let an opponent too close to the net then have to Hook him to prevent a goal. Mayhem is legislated into pro hockey if the league Luik fix denture repair kit works every time at Home in minutes available at All Mann drug stores for let us help you with practical gifts for this years graduate it. Shoes by Rand in solid or two tone styles with elevated heels shirts dress or sport styles with Long or Short sleeves in solid colors or patterns Slacks by Campus permanent pressed tropical colors for Spring jeans it jackets always a favorite with the graduate by and much much More store of better Valdes i to e Kivett Tei. 888 9971 formerly Jio i Washington 68 it ars of continuous service to this Community really wanted to do away with violence it could simply make them too costly either by extra time in the penalty Box or fines and suspensions. In the meantime the flyers Are perfectly within their rights to take advantage of the rules of the game. Quot dirty i say that at All a Shero says. Quot we re Only a hard hitting club. My players have got to be willing to hit. I done to think Ever be Able to take the fights out of pro hockey not with the Money at stake the tempers. I mind if they tried but i done to think they can. It would be Worth a try. Quot the other Day i walked in on an Amateur game 12-Vear-Olds, and i had to leave because there was so much violence. To me the amateurs Are different. I like the Way they play that game in Minnesota. There if a kid causes trouble he a out. Quot but the pro game Well if you took six football players put them on ice and put clubs in their hands there would be fights. Someone gets hit in the ribs with a stick and his opponent Isnit caught so he says he better do something so it does no to happen the rangers began crying before the series started against Philadelphia. According to Shero Quot anybody with brains could see what the rangers were trying to do. They would jump the other men from behind and it worked against Montreal. But they weren to going to get away with that against us. Our players let them. And mind the first thing i Tell my players is. A if i Ever ask you to go out and fight any other Man i Hope you break the stick right Over my but defend certainly the victories Over the rangers were sweeter than most for Shero. He had toiled for 12 years in the subterranean Levels of the Ranger organization when the new York coach and general manager Emile Francis came to him and said Quot if you re willing to wait you la be coach Shero Wasny to willing to wait. He moved on to other teams getting older still waiting. And three years ago the flyers hired him. A i was disappointed because Minnesota never asked me if Jiko a c a Here a e admin. Quot but i never really wanted to coach new York. I thought Francis had done a great Job i got along Well with him but. Quot the rangers have kept some of their players too Long he adds. Quot if you stay somewhere too Long you begin to think you own the place. You become secure. You be got to have fear to perform. You be got to know that if you done to do the Job someone will replace you. 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